Subject: Chuck McGraw – Part 15 The continuing story of Chuck McGraw, a big-dicked, bad ass mother fucker. Soldier. Father. Fucker. Please support Nifty! For legal reasons all of this is fictional. Feedback welcome at: [email protected] Chapter 15 – 2006 – POG – Fort Benning, GA The commander decided to throw the unit a family day. In reality it was his wife, the FRG leader who decided and planned the whole affair. Never-the-less the arrangements were made, the community center near the post golf course was rented, and everyone in the unit was ordered to attend. It was a Friday, and as a reward for attendance, the Soldiers would be released at 1400h, an early release for them, where the young men could do what they really wanted instead of a unit cookout. Most of them would probably high-tail it off post to one of the strip clubs that lined the main drag alongside Chinese restaurants and used-car dealerships. There was a sandy volleyball court, and several grills in the rec area beyond the building being manned by some of the tamer men. Picnic tables had been lined up to seat as many as possible. First Sergeant Chuck McGraw stood just in the shade of the porch of the club house. It was nearly 100 degrees, and humid as fuck. He was in dressed faded denim shorts and an old grey Gold’s Gym stringer tank top that was already clinging to him, soaked in his sweat. The shorts were worn out and a bit tattered, old cutoff jeans that ended about mid-thigh. They were tighter than what most guys wore, but it showed off his legs, ass, and monster cock, that snaked down his left leg. His tank was also getting worn out, practically threadbare, and his nipples showed with the slightest movement. His eyes were covered with large m-frame Oakley sunglasses, standard issue for deployed Soldiers, and on his feet he wore white tube socks and his running shoes. Both his wife and his kids rolled their eyes and told him how deeply unfashionable he was. But he liked to show off; his body and his cock, whenever he could get away with it. His 20-inch arms, sleeved in tattoos, bulged with hard muscle. His chest swelled, thickly muscled, and covered in hair and more ink. It was a typically hot and humid day in the South. Sweat dripped from his buzzed head and a sheen covered every bit of exposed skin. He never wore underwear, and he could feel the sweat running down his back and to his ass crack. He wanted to pull his tank top off and get even more naked and exposed, but he was already pushing the limits of propriety. He was the First Sergeant after all, and that demanded a certain level of respectability. Everyone was at Family Day, girlfriends, fianc�es, wives, and kids of all ages. A few other people were hanging around the base community center as well, but not many. As McGraw stood there, leaning against the porch post, one thumb hooked into the waistband of his denim shorts, the other arm dangling to his side, his hand wrapped around the spout of a sweating long neck beer bottle resting near his crotch, he looked around and took it all in. The commander was playing horseshoes with the platoon leaders, the other officers. Chuck’s wife was manning one of the buffet food tables, working with the commander’s wife to make sure there was plenty of everything. The kids were mostly on the playground equipment, including his own two boys, Tyler, who was nine, and Bobby, who had just turned fourteen. Some of the soldiers were playing volleyball, shooting hoops, and just drinking and eating. Behind him in the shade sat some of the wives and other women who wanted to stay out of the sun or keep their children out. Looking back over his shoulder he saw a young man, probably about 23 or so, standing in the building and looking out. He followed his line of şişli travesti sight to where the horseshoe pit was. It wasn’t hard to connect the dots. LT Fogg, the XO was there, talking the commander’s ear off, no doubt doing what he thought officers should, build up rapport, and all that bullshit. Looking back to the window, he took in the peeper for who he must be. Fogg had been sucking McGraw’s cock for a couple of months now. Taking it up the ass as well. He was timid, always a bit scared around the First Sergeant, but then, that was the way McGraw liked it. Whenever Top wasn’t around, Fogg was all bluster and business, doing his best to appear confident, and in charge around the other men. But the second he caught McGraw’s eye, he stumbled over his words, stuttered, wet his lips and probably his pants. He’d resigned himself to be the First Sergeant’s private fag. But Chuck knew he wasn’t the only dick Fogg was familiar with. The young man in the window was blonde, with hair cut short on the sides, but long enough on top to just fall over his eyebrows, and he had trimmed goatee. Not military then. He was fit, if a bit on the thin side. Almost a twink, but more athletic, like a swimmer or long-distance runner maybe. He wore a polo shirt in pale orange, khaki shorts, and flip-flops. As McGraw was appraising him up and down, the man glanced over and saw the First Sergeant. Not breaking eye contact, Top raised his beer to his lips and drank the rest of the bottle. With a startled look, the stranger turned away and went somewhere inside. “Dad, mom said to ask you if we could go to the pool.” Bobby, McGraw’s oldest boy had run up to him, stripped down to his trunks and barefoot, holding his beach towel. “Sure. But go grab your old man another beer first, will ya sport?” He asked, handing the eager kid the empty bottle. Bobby ran to the coolers as fast as he can to complete his task before headed back to his father, beer bottle in hand. “On your way to the pool, tell your mother I need to go check on something, and I’ll be back out in a minute if she needs me.” He waited just long enough to see Bobby dart to his mother’s side under the shaded food tent before he ducked into the club house to hunt down his prey. He found him upstairs. On the second floor of the clubhouse were a large banquet hall and a few smaller meeting rooms. Stalking along slowly he found the blonde in one of the small rooms overlooking the picnic area. He didn’t hear him coming, didn’t notice the large muscular man until he spoke. “It’s pretty fucking hot out there, ain’t it?” The blonde nearly jumped out of his skin. “Jesus Christ, you scared me.” He spun around, one hand resting on his chest. McGraw, putting on a sincere facade stepped into the room. He raised his sunglasses to the top of his head to see his prey better. “Shit, sorry bro.” He liked to use this sort of language to put some of the men at ease. “I didn’t mean to make you jump like that. Not yet anyway.” The blonde got a confused look on his face. McGraw closed the door behind him with a soft kick of his foot. The trapped man looked over his McGraw’s large shoulder with naked fear. He audibly gulped. “I’m gonna take a wild guess and say you’re here with LT Fogg.” As he anticipated the blonde shook his head in denial and started to voice opposition, but he got cut off by McGraw. “There isn’t any real use in denying it. I saw the way you were watching him. You must be his boyfriend. I understand why you can’t be out there with the rest of us, I do, I really do. And it’s a real fucking shame too. But that’s the Army for ya. Don’t Ask. Don’t tell.” He walked closer to the blonde, who was backed up against the window now. “I mean, it doesn’t bother me if there are gays in the Army. beylikdüzü travesti Just means I’ve always got someone to suck my dick, right? And Fogg isn’t a bad Soldier. He’s got some learning to do yet, but he’ll shape up nicely once I finish training him.” By now he stood right in front of the frightened man. McGraw towered over him by eight inches. He raised his cold beer to his mouth, maintaining eye contact. He was so close that he had to angle his beer bottle to the side in order to not hit the kid in the face. He swallowed his beer and said in a lower voice, “Yeah, he’s shaping up real nice.” He winked. The man said nothing. He was starting to sweat, despite the A/C in the clubhouse. “What’s your name?” He managed to squeak out, “Tyler.” “No shit. That my youngest boy’s name too,” McGraw said with enthusiasm and a disarming smile that raised up one corner of his mouth and mustache. He was close enough that Tyler could smell the beer on his breath, smell the sweat on his skin, and feel the heat from his body. “So�Tyler, how long have you and Fogg, Jason I mean, been dating.” “We’re not�” “Now Tyler, don’t lie to me. If you lie to me, you’ll make me angry.” He leaned in even closer. “I told you I don’t care. I’m cool with homos. For some reason they like me. It probably has something to do with how this fat cock of mine tastes.” Using his free hand, he hefted his crotch. Tyler looked down almost involuntarily, eyes popping at the massive bulge. “So how long? You and Jason, Tyler. How long have y’all been dating?” Tyler tore his eyes away from the First Sergeant’s crotch to look at his face. “Three years.” He stammered. “No shit. And you moved all this way to be with him? Ain’t that sweet. Must’ve been pretty�hard�when he was in Korea.” “Yeah, it sucked.” Tyler responded. “Funny you should say that, Tyler. About sucking. Has Jason told you about how I make him suck my fat uncut married cock almost every day now?” McGraw draped his right arm over Tyler’s shoulder, the weight of the muscular limb locking him in place. “Has he mentioned me at all?” It was immediately clear that LT Jason Fogg hadn’t been very candid with his live-in boyfriend about his extra training and new duties at the unit. Tyler was too stunned to speak, both by the revelation that his boyfriend was cheating on him, and by the massively supreme specimen of a man that he was conducting the cheating with. “It’s alright, Tyler.” McGraw sometimes like to repeat the name of someone he was intimidating, a technique he’d picked up years ago. Each time he said their name, he’d pause for half a beat to let it sink in. “We’ll make sure he doesn’t keep anymore secrets from you. And I’ll provide the corrective training necessary so that he is truly living the Army values. Integrity is very important. But first, I think I need you to help me out with something.” McGraw used his free hand and unsnapped the fly of his denim shorts, letting each button of the old 501’s pop slowly as he yanked his pants open, never breaking eye contact with his newest conquest. Tyler broke eye contact first, looking down between them. When he did, McGraw reached in and pulled out his massive meat as it swelled past 8 inches on its way to full hardness. Trapped in the jean shorts on a hot day, the musky smell that rolled off his crotch now that his jeans were open hit Tyler’s nose and his nostrils flared at the raw masculine pheromones. “Go on, now, boy. Do what comes natural.” McGraw exerted the tiniest bit of pressure on Tyler’s shoulder with his arm. But it was hardly needed as Tyler quickly sank to his knees, mouth already opening. McGraw smiled and raised the bottle to his lips and took a long drink of the cold beer while Tyler worshiped his cock. istanbul travesti The civilian worked the massive meat missile to its full ten inches of rock-solid hardness with practiced ease. He let the cold beer bottle graze his own nipple on the edge of his tank top, feeling the chilling stimulation. While he was getting his cock sucked, he could look out the window at his unit enjoying the mandatory fun. He could see his troops laughing, talking, playing a few games with their families, those that had them. He could see his kids playing in the pool with some of the other children, and his wife talking to one of the other women. He could see the commander and LT Fogg now making their way over to grab some food. He ran his calloused hand through the cocksucker’s blond locks. It wasn’t often he got a blowjob from a guy with long enough hair to grab, so McGraw took advantage of the situation and gripped the fag’s hair and used the leverage to face fuck him. He got rougher and Tyler started to fight him. That just turned him on more. He’d make the boy choke on his giant cock, eyes watering, bulging, and frightened, snot coming out of his nose as he struggled to breath, his throat convulsing. And right before he thought Tyler might puke, he let up on the pressure so the boy could pull back, gasping for breath, long strings of saliva and precum linking his cock to the cocksucker’s face. After a few seconds to catch his breath, McGraw would slam his cock back into the mostly willing hole, repeating the process. Although he was fighting to breath, Tyler was eager to dive back in, out of lust or fear or both. “Suck it, Tyler. Show me you’re a better cocksucker than Jason.” Tyler’s enthusiasm increased as he tried to do just that. When he orgasmed, Chuck roared and held Tyler back at arm’s length by his hair as he pumped his own dick until he shot a powerful load all over the pretty blonde’s face. With his tongue hanging out, the boy tried to catch as much cum as he could, thirsty for that First Sergeant load. But try as he might, much of the cum covered his whole face, and polo shirt. Chuck used his cock to sweep much of the cum from Tyler’s face and into his mouth, where he eagerly slurped up every drop. “Whoooo!” Chuck shouted. He shook the last few drops of cum that had covered his fist, flinging it onto the kneeling faggot. He stood there for a moment enjoying his work. He cock slowly softened, nuts and dick hanging out of the fly of his cut off 501’s, still throbbing and slick with cum and spit. Tyler kneeled before him worshipfully. The boy was destroyed. His immaculate haircut was completely messed up, his eyes were bloodshot and watery, his face flushed, sweaty and smeared with the a man’s DNA. His orange polo shirt was rumbled, sweaty, and cum stained. Glancing further down, Top could see where the boy’s cock strained against the khaki shorts, his dick still trapped. A large wet spot had formed, large enough that Chuck wasn’t sure if it was just precum, for if he’d cum without touching himself. “You’d better clean yourself up before anyone sees you. You’re a fucking mess.” Chuck said, tucking his cock back into his denim shorts down the left thigh. “You wouldn’t want to wander around these men looking like such a cocksucker. You might get more than you anticipate.” He turned away to walk out the door and back downstairs. He paused and looked over his cannonball shoulder and said, “Oh and one more thing. Don’t say a fucking word to anyone. Especially Fogg. I’ll decide what he knows, and when.” He lowered his sunglasses as he walked into the hot sun and over to the tent where his wife was manning the food table. He leaned down and kissed her on the mouth, grabbing a handful of her perky ass through her sundress. She handed him a hot dog and fresh, cold beer. Then he made his way over to the CPT and LT Fogg, wondering how he could fuck with the young LT’s head, and planning on how to get him alone before the day was over. He was already getting hard again. Feedback welcome at hoo

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