Christina’s Journey Ch. 06Christina’s Journey Ch. 06

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Asami wasn’t quite the demure shy Japanese girl that Josh thought she was. She had done a very good job ensuring he thought that. She had become infatuated with him some time back, and had painfully waited until she knew him better, and him her. She didn’t want him to think she was easy, or a slut, so took it slow at first.

Her girlfriends at school had provided her initial sex education along familiar lines, with masterbation, and stories about boyfriends, and how far they had gone with them. They had arranged Asami’s first sex with a boy, that was after they themselves had seduced her. She was familiar with most sex, the internet was a great educator, it was there that she saw her first girl girl sex action, it had excited her, not repulsed her, so when the day came, and the girls stripped her and touched her, she was wet with anticipation. The three seducers and Asami, spent the afternoon at one of the girls parents house, Wendy Mason, her parents were away until late evening, so they could have their fun without being caught or interrupted. Asami played the game, and pretended to defend her morals, but much to the delight of the girls, she submitted to their advances. They finger fucked her, licked her cunt, sucked her nipples, and finally fucked her with a long imitation cock. Apart from her fingers, that was the first “cock” of this nature to penetrate her. Then came the vibrator, after which, she swore to make it her first purchase next day.

She twitched and jumped, as they held the vibrator on her clit.

“Oh God, she’s going to come,” Wendy chortled, her own nipples rock hard, and her cunt wet. “Fuck her good, I want to see this little goody goody Japanese chick writhing with pleasure.”

Asami had a huge orgasm, her own cum, running down her inner thighs.

“Oh fuck, look at that,” Rachel said in awe. “She’s actually cumming, I’ve never seen that before.”

Asami, licked their pussies, sucked their tits, and did whatever else they told her to. She moaned with pleasure as she felt soft female fingers parting her pussy lips, and teasing her clit. Three times, the following week, she had sex with them, and on the fourth time, she had her first actual fuck with them. Their resident cock, attended and after sucking him hard, which took only half a minute, he slid his cock into her, and fucked her hard. Being young, he had very little staying power, and it was over in five minutes, and left her wanting more. The girls took care of that, going down on her, and when she started to come, the boy mounted her again, Wendy rubbed her clit, and she had her best orgasm of the night.

At first she had been hesitant about having sex with the boy. She wanted to participate, but was wary of the consequences, but her unsatiable bursa eskort desire for sex, won over.

Her first frat type party extended her sex experience, and confirmed what she already knew, that they were an excuse to get drunk and have or watch other people having sex. There was no shortage of girls having sex with other girls, and then getting fucked by guys. The watchers took photo’s and video’s, some finishing up on the internet.

Asami was determined not to fall into that trap, but unfortunately not being a particularly good drinker, she got drunk, danced with several girls who were either nude, or just wearing a gee string or tiny panties. As she danced they fed her more drinks, stripped her nude and felt her up. She responded enthusiastically, fingering the girls dancing, and that were working her. At the time, she felt in control, you always do, even when one of the guys picked her up, and lowered her onto his rock hard cock, she knew it was okay. It felt so good. She gurgled with delight, as he fucked her, and gurgled some more, as other guys fucked her soggy hole, and mauled her tits. The night was an orgy, as she licked cum dripping cunts, whilst she was fucked. The room was a sea of nude bodies, most having sex, she revelled in sliding over wet cunts and hard cocks.

The next morning she awoke early, her head pounding. Where the hell was she? She looked about at all the nude bodies, hell, she was still at the party. She felt like shit, where were her clothes? She looked around, found her skirt, and a top that would do. She found her bag, thank God, it had a comb and make up to fix herself up a bit. She rang Hiroshi.

“Hello,” he said blearily, and then listened. “Okay, stay there, I’ll pick you up.”

Sitting in MacDonalds, she gave him a weak smile. “How do I look?”

He grinned, checking out her boobs. “Like shit, but sexy. Must have been a good night.”

“I drank too much and passed out,” she frowned.

“At a frat party,” he grinned. “That’s suicide. You’re lucky you weren’t raped. You weren’t were you?” His voice had concern. Even though he was only eighteen, a year younger than Asami, he treated her like a younger sister, he thought of himself as her protector.

She shook her head. “Of course not.”

In fact she couldn’t remember most of the night. She had been slipped a “fix”, some sort of sex drug, nothing dangerous, it just turned normally sexed girls into nympho’s, for twenty four hours, she had heard the guys call it Raver. She had little memory of the nights activities, but she knew she had had sex, a lot of sex, the crusty dried cum on her legs confirmed that. The twenty four hours wasn’t up, she was still horny, and sitting in MacDonalds, with no panties, wasn’t helping. In her bursa escort bayan case, because she was lightly built, the drug would probably last longer.

“God I’m tired,” she rubbed her eye’s.

“Mum and Dad will be gone soon,” he told her, they have that food thing on today.”

She nodded. “Great, I really need a bed, but I can’t let them see me like this.”

Hiroshi stood up. “Come outside, get fresh air, you’ll feel better.”

Outside, Asami stumbled on the steps, slightly twisting her ankle.

“Here, sit down, I’ll rub it for you,” he said, taking her shoe off.

Asami’s legs parted, and Hiroshi found himself looking at her pussy. He rubbed her foot, but couldn’t drag his eyes away from her cunt.

Asami hadn’t realised for a moment, but then instead of covering herself, she opened her legs wider, she wanted her brother to see her cunt it completed her fantasy. She had spied on him in the shower many times, she wondered if he knew, as he often had a hard on. She had wondered how she could get him to see her pussy, without being obvious, and now it had happened, accidently.

Although he knew it was wrong, Hiroshi couldn’t look away, and the thought that raced through his head, was, that this was his sister, she had opened her legs wider for him, she wanted him to look. Another thing that had aroused him when he met her, was the top she was wearing, it was too big, and he could see half of her breasts, actually all of them, when she leaned over. He looked up into her eye’s, she held them, her message was clear.

It was early morning, and very few people were about, she lifted her arse and pulled her skirt up, now the early morning sun, lit up her cunt like a spotlight. Hiroshi’s hand slid up her leg to her knee, Asami pulled her skirt higher, to her waist.

Hiroshi couldn’t believe it, their eye’s met again, and he knew she wanted him to touch her. Confusion raced through him, he wanted to, in fact he wanted his cock inside her, no matter who she was, but she was his sister. She leaned back, her cunt thrust up, one strap of her top fell from her shoulder, exposing her right breast. She took his hand and put it on her cunt, moving it, parting her lips. Her hand pushed his fingers inside her.

He felt her wetness, his cock rock hard, about to explode. He felt her start to move.

They heard voices. “Where’s the car?” she asked, standing up.

“Over there,” he pointed, and then put an arm around her, as she hobbled. Half way, he picked her up and carried her to the blind side of the car, and opened the door.

Thank you Hiro,” she smiled, that was her pet name for him. “Now finish it.”

She pulled her top off, and then her skirt. He gulped, as he looked görükle escort at her beautiful nude body.

She unzipped his pants and grabbed his cock. “Touch me,” she moaned.

There was no confusion this time. Right or wrong, this was to be. His fingers parted her wet cunt lips, and found her hole.

She stroked his rigid cock, he was so hard, and she wanted him inside her, fucking her.

He groaned.

“Oh no Hiro, not yet,” she pleaded. “Please don’t come.”

He had no choice, as she kept stroking him. The first spurt hit her stomach, then her tits, before she got him in her mouth for the rest.

He had never had a headjob like that before, not ever.

They drove the short distance home, in silence. When they got to the house, Hiro helped her from the car and into the house.

Inside, Asami burst into tears. “I’m really sorry Hiro, I should never have let that happen, it can’t happen again.”

Hiro hugged her, comforted her. She looked up at him, tears running down her face. God he wanted her so bad. Before he knew it, he had pulled her top off roughly, then her skirt, as she undid his pants. They fell to the floor, and he rammed his cock into her hot throbbing cunt.

“Oh God, fuck me hard Hiro,” she groaned.

He did. He fucked her hard and made her come, and this time she got all his cum in her cunt, not her mouth.

The sex drug definitely did it’s job. She masterbated for him, his eye’s glued to her wet pink cunt, and as she came, he fucked her again, her cunt juice soaking his balls. It was a day of sex, they had five long drawn out fucks, and Hiroshi considered the fact that it was possible no other woman would ever be able to satisfy him like his sister.

The next few days were quiet, Asami avoided Horishi, and when she ran into him, she burst into tears.

“Hori I’m so sorry, I said I would never have let that happen again,” she wept.

“It’s okay my sister, this is our secret, we will never tell anyone, not anyone, not our best friend, not anyone,” he said softly.

Asami nodded. If their parents ever found out, they would be completely disowned, banished from the family.

Horishi kissed her cheek, and held her tightly, Asami felt his hard cock, as he held her, and knew she was about to break her vow, that it would never happen again.

“Oh Hori, what has happened to us,” she looked up at him.

She had just come from the shower, and he pushed her bath gown off her shoulders. He was wearing shorts and a tee shirt, which she disposed of quickly, and stroked his hard cock. They kissed as he fingered her slit. They slid along the wall in a hot embrace. She pushed open her bedroom door, and they fell onto the bed. She felt his cock open her fuck hole and slide deep into her cunt.

“Ooooohhhhh Horishi,” she groaned. “We have to do this forever. I want you to fuck me all the time.”

“I will Asami,” he grunted. “I promise, but we must be careful.”

Chapter 7 : Christina runs into Josh, & Asami continues to seduce her brother

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