The After Party 🏳️‍🌈 Casey”s Pride Parade, a story by Josh Terrence


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This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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Chapter 21 — Casey rides the two for one special 🏳️‍🌈

Laying in the dark with Reggie, I snuggled into his warm embrace and felt my heart fluttering as the powerful afterglow of our fuck radiated off my naked body. He kissed me on the lips, then he petted my head while we laid in silence. Moments later, I heard him snoring and knew he was asleep. I reached down and ran my slender fingers through his pubic bush. With a shiver, I tried to wrap my thumb and forefinger around the base of his prick but it was too thick. Still, I loved feeling his warm cock and generous bush because it reminded me that he was all man, and I was spending the night with him.

While I was enjoying my companion, I heard footsteps in the hallway and saw the bathroom light glowing from under the crack in my door. Curious, I kissed my man on the cheek, then I crept out of my room. I peaked into the bathroom, where Dan was standing in front of the toilet and letting his powerful stream hit the water. He spotted me and gave me a warm smile, making me blush a little as he finished taking his piss.

“You need the toilet, champ?” he asked, and I shook my head no.

“Me and Reggie were just in here,” I yawned. “I was awake and heard you in the hallway so I wanted to say hi.”

“Your mama and I fell asleep in the living room,” he told me. “I figured I”d take a leak before I get her up and help her to bed.”

With that, I looked over my shoulder and saw mom passed out on the couch. With a shrug, I said, “I”ll go wake her up.”

While Dan was washing his hands, I padded into the living room and sat on the edge of the sectional to try to shake mom awake. She was butt naked and her boobs were exposed, so I shook her shoulders.

“Mom, it”s almost 3 in the morning,” I said softly. “Do you want me to help you to bed?”

She blinked and groaned a little, then she smiled at me and reached out with one arm to gather me in a hug. When I melted into her embrace, she kissed me on the cheek and said, “Lay down with me, son.”

With that, she laid back down and took me with her. Giving in, I sleepily laid in the crook of her arm and let her hold me.

“How”s your pussy feeling, hun?” she asked me softly.

“It feels really good, mama,” I said, nuzzling my cheek against her chest while she explored my crevice with her right hand. “Reggie just serviced it for me.”

She used her fingertips to rub the lips of my moist asshole and gave me an approving smile, then she said, “It feels moist and warm, son.”

“Yeah, he ate me out and fucked me,” I shared as the sharp aroma of my aroused butthole filled the air. “How does your pussy feel, mom?”

“It feels perfect, baby,” she assured me. “Dan”s been taking good care of it for me all night.”

With that, Dan sat on the edge of the couch cushion by our legs and leaned down to give mom a kiss on the lips. They shared a smile, then he leaned in and kissed me too.

“You comfy, bud?” he asked me, rubbing my bare torso. When I nodded, he said, “I heard you getting laid in your room a little bit ago.”

“Yeah,” I said, nodding with a shy smile. “Reggie stroked my ass out really good.”

“Did he root out all that horniness, babe?” Dan asked, and I shook my head no.

“I”m still in the mood,” I admitted, feeling mom”s digits rubbing my asshole with firm strokes. “I kinda want to get laid again.”

“How about a kiss, then?” Dan offered, and I immediately puckered up. When our lips met, his tongue slipped into my mouth and çorum escort I moaned with passion, then he broke our kiss and said, “Roll him over, babe.”

Before I could react, mom grabbed my waist with both hands and practically lifted me up so she could maneuver my small frame. In a flash, I was laying on top of her with my face on her chest and my ass pointing upward. She cupped my head in her hands with a loving smile, then Dan slid his finger up my ass and I cooed with delight.

“My baby”s horny for more cock, isn”t he?” mom said, and I nodded. My head and face were resting against her boobs, but she didn”t fret at all. Instead, she kissed me on the cheek and said, “Let mama direct traffic at your back door, okay?”

“Okay, mama,” I sighed, my voice husky with desire. Dan twisted his finger from side to side, pulling a hot, guttural moan from deep inside me while mom spoke to him.

“When he was younger, he used to lay on top of me like this and nurse,” she revealed, and I smiled because a rush of good memories came flooding back. “I was almost positive my boy was straight as an arrow because he practically stomped his feet when he wanted to breastfeed.”

“Oh yeah?” Dan asked with a warm smile in his voice. When mom and I both nodded, he asked, “How long did that go on?”

Mom kissed me on top of the head and asked me, “Do you remember how old you were the last time you took mommy”s boob out and latched on?”

“Yeah, I think I was 8,” I cooed, then she cradled my head in her arms and corrected me.

“Actually, you were 9 the last time I nursed you,” she reminded me. “You were still 8 when daddy said I had to stop. But when I did, you got so sick.”

“I remember that now,” I said. “I had to stay home from day camp.”

She looked at Dan and said, “I couldn”t stand it, so while Joe was at work I whipped my boobs out and held him just like this so I could nurse him. He fell fast asleep and breastfed for damn near an hour. When he woke up, he was back to normal and I knew I couldn”t stop cold turkey.”

“We used to do it before daddy got home from work,” I recalled, and mom petted my messy bangs out of my forehead with a smile.

“Do you remember coming home from school and nursing?” mom asked me with a glowing smile on her face. When I nodded, she said, “I was so sad when I had to ween you off the breast.”

“I was sad too, mama,” I told her. “It was really special for me.”

“It was special for me too, baby,” she assured me as Dan pulled his finger out of my ass. “I”m so happy we have something special to share again.”

“Me too,” I sighed as Dan lined his prick up to my asshole and effortlessly pushed it through my entrance.

I moaned sissily while mom held my head and petted it with gentle strokes, then I heard lips smacking and saw that Reggie had joined us and was leaning down to give her a kiss. He smiled warmly at me, then he treated me to a mouthful of tongue while Dan rested inside me. When we broke our kiss, I saw that mom was slowly stroking Reggie”s cock while I ground my hungry ass around on Dan”s manhood.

“Do you want both cocks, baby?” mom asked me with the most loving and reassuring tone I”d ever heard her use. When I looked at her with questioning eyes, she said, “You deserve something special tonight, Casey. Your men are both right here, and your shitter is very hungry. I can tell.”

I nodded slowly, then I saw mom smile up at Reggie and say, “Go ahead. Just be careful with him.”

“Of course, babe,” he assured her, then he kissed me on the cheek again before moving in behind Dan.

“Look at mama,” she said softly, so I gave her my full attention. “You”re such a special boy. I”m so proud of how horny you are for dicks in your ass. This is going to be such a special moment for you. And for me, too.”

“I love you, mommy,” I sighed, then I felt Dan withdraw partially just as the head of Reggie”s dick touched my eager asshole.

The momentum of Dan”s withdraw caused my anal ring to throb deliciously, then I felt the most intense pleasure I could have imagined as Reggie”s glans slipped through them. In a moment I”ll never forget, I felt my boy pussy pulse with sinful pleasure as it was spread open, then my taint bulged and my little dick jumped on its own. I moaned femininely and mom kissed my cheek, then she çukurambar escort asked, “Are you okay, honey?”

When I nodded my head with a passive smile, she gave me a proud smile and told the men, “Give him some time, okay?”

I didn”t see their replies but figured they were nodding because they were both resting inside me while mom reached over to the end table with one arm and grabbed her phone. She started recording, then she said, “How do you feel, sweetie?”

“I feel so… so…” then my voice failed me and I let out a long, guttural moan that filled the house while my little dick shot hot pee all over mom”s stomach.

I gave her a helpless look while she petted my face. She was glowing like a lightbulb, smiling warmly at me while I moaned shamelessly. Almost as if I had no control over my impulses, I hooked my feet around Dan”s thighs for leverage and began moving my hips back and forth.

“Look at my baby boy riding two dicks,” mom gushed as the power of two cocks overwhelmed my senses and sent a tidal wave of endorphins through my young body. My little dick was still pulsing and releasing hot shots of pee all over mom”s tummy, but she seemed completely unconcerned with it. Instead, she looked focused on my comfort and pleasure as I rode both dicks with whorish moans and an intentional cadence. From behind me, I could hear Dan panting and working to control his breaths while Reggie hissed, “Holy shit bro, this is intense.”

In a moment of sheer decadence, I increased the force behind my back and forth hip thrusts and felt the carnal energy in my body multiply several times in a row. My moaning grew more shameless and my little wiener was dancing wildly, then it felt like my groin and my thighs lost feeling for a moment. The room started to go in and out of focus for me and my hair stood up on the crown of my head, then I anally ejaculated while a tornado ravaged my senses.

At my ultimate peak, I howled with the certainty of a boy whose sexual cup had been filled and was now overflowing. In the haze of my decadent cock ride I heard mom ask me, “Are you okay, honey?”

Wanting to answer her but unable to find my word, I made eye contact with her and let out a long, feminine moan while my anal glands expressed themselves one more time. As my body soared through the skies of anal repletion, I heard Reggie moan with pleasure and he said, “Oh fuck, oh fuck!”

With that, he pulled out and hastily moved to the side of the couch, then his load erupted all over mine and mom”s faces. Seconds later, Dan pulled out and shot a hot load all over my upper back that splattered against the back of my neck. I clung to mom”s chest and shivered uncontrollably while my tummy and chest marinaded in hot pee. I could hear her sucking and moaning around Reggie”s cock while my anus throbbed with residual contractions. She pulled off with a slurp, then she sucked Dan”s prick clean while my ass queefed loudly and my small boy boner released another shot of pee.

While I was recovering, I could hear mom going back and forth between both dicks, sucking them and moaning with satisfaction while also rubbing my back tenderly. Finally, Reggie announced that he needed to piss, so Dan took a seat on the edge of the cushion and checked on me.

“You doing okay, little man?” he asked me, and I nodded with a euphoric smile on my face. “You needed that ride, didn”t you?”

Still unable to talk, I nodded in agreement with him while mom stroked my boy pussy with her fingertips.

“He pissed all over me while he was riding your dicks,” mom said softly. “We”re both going to need a shower.”

I shook my head no and nuzzled my face in mom”s bosom, earning me a kiss on the cheek from Dan while we listened to the toilet flush in the bathroom.

“You need a few more minutes, buddy?” Dan asked me with a tender note of concern. When I nodded, he said, “Take all the time you need, okay?”

“I”m going to need you to carry him for me,” mom said apologetically. “He”s shivering so hard right now.”

“Give him a little time, honey,” Dan softly told her. “His ass literally squirted while he was riding us.”

“My little sissy was so into those dicks,” she said with a proud inflection in her tone. She puckered up and Dan kissed her again, then she said, “Thanks ankara escort for dicking him down. I wanted to loosen him up for tomorrow.”

I moaned softly and tightened my arms around her, prompting her to kiss me on the cheek.

“After we clean up, I”ll lube your pussy up so you can have it serviced again in the morning,” mom promised me. “You”ve got a big day tomorrow.”

“I do?” I asked in a small but husky voice, looking at mom”s face.

She was glowing maternally as she looked down at me and nodded, then she shifted beneath me and her right nipple was at my lips. She lovingly caressed my cheek, then she gave her breast a squeeze and offered it to me for suckling. Still feeling the magic of my decadent cock ride dancing around my face, I latched on and sighed, then I nursed furiously while she wrapped me up in her arms and softly hummed.

“Tomorrow”s going to be so special for you, honey,” she assured me while I sighed around her breast. “Nurse for a little bit, then we”ll get in the shower. Mama loves you.”

With a soft mew, I batted my eyes at her, then at Dan and Reggie as I nursed at mom”s bosom and drifted into a deep slumber. ota

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