Charlie Pat and Ali after The BarCharlie Pat and Ali after The Bar


Charlie was a little disturbed at how easily he and his mother, Pat, had woken Alison up. Considering Pat had just slipped her panties down and sat on her son’s cock, right there in the booth in the crowded bar with Alison practically in physical contact with them, it became clear that she had drifted off not through alcohol consumption, though that undoubtedly helped, but just from ordinary tiredness after a long week of hard work and a long night. They could easily have been discovered by the one person in the bar who knew they were mother and son.

Charlie also had another concern. His mother may be a bit of a squirter. He could feel her wetness from the base of his cock, around his balls and along his upper thighs. When he stood up maybe everybody would see the wet patch?

For her part, Pat was glowing and kept glancing over at Charlie as they got up to leave, having to push through the crowd to head to the doors. Charlie was grateful for the crowd. If there was a wet patch at least nobody was going to think he’d pissed himself!

Once outside in the cool air, he was able to check and to his relief there was no patch to worry about.

In the spirit of his birthday celebration, Alison held one of his hands and his mum the other as they slowly ambled towards the taxi rank, joking and giggling. This too was not unusual with either of them, Alison had been a good friend to his mum for longer than he could remember and Pat had always been a tactile mum, hugging and petting him even out in public, even if not actually in a sexual sense.

They hadn’t anticipated the night coolness when they’d come out tonight. Charlie was OK, but Pat only had on a light short dress and a flimsy wrap, and poor Alison was in a short, loose skirt and thin blouse.

Ever the knight for his damsels, Charlie pulled them both close and they walked with their arms around each other for the 300 metres to the taxi rank.

A couple came out of a restaurant and passed them in the opposite direction. They heard the guy say “Score! Good on him – threesome with two hot women!”

All three giggled. Alison was flattered that she’d be considered a hot catch for her lovely Charlie, whom she adored. Pat giggled as she wondered what they guy would have thought if he knew she was Charlie’s mother, and especially if he knew she’d already fucked him that very night.

Poor Charlie on the other hand was now dealing with another problem. He had not ejaculated when his mother rode his cock in the bar, so he was pretty wired already. Then here he was hugging close in with the woman who had got him that aroused, and her best friend who Charlie had lusted after ever since he could get a hard-on.

Alison was a little older than Pat, about a year he thought, and a different body type altogether. Pat was medium height and slight build, tight bum and small breasts, and as he now knew a bald tight pussy into the bargain.

Ali, as they almost always called her, was the same height as Pat with a more rounded bum and larger breasts. Charlie had fantasized about her breasts many times while he wanked off. He imagined they were about grapefruit size, and once he’d seen her in a wet T-shirt and no bra, briefly, so he knew she had tiny sharp nipples. He thought it a little strange that his mother had smaller breasts but larger nipples, but then he thought Pat had breast-fed and Ali had never had children.

That didn’t help the incessant discomfort in his pants. Added to the unfinished fuck with his mum, the physical closeness of these two gorgeous women who meant the world to him, the image of Ali’s nipples poking through that wet T-shirt and the thought of sucking his mum’s tits, and now he had to deal with them all snuggled close in the back seat of the taxi.

The women were chatting and giggling, but Charlie couldn’t take his mind off his erection trapped in the prison of his pants. He had to squirm a little to relieve the pressure, hoping Alison wouldn’t notice, and perversely that his mum would.

It was a short drive to Alison’s apartment block. She invited them in for a nightcap, Charlie’s “no thanks” was cut off by Pat’s “OK, that would be great!”

Charlie looked straight into his mother’s eyes trying to admonish her as they clambered out of the taxi, him trying to cover the tent in his pants while Ali paid the driver. She was bent over through the passenger door and a gust of wind flipped her loose skirt over her womanly bottom. She didn’t notice at first and Pat looked away and giggled while her son ogled the fabulous sight of Ali’s arse plus a distinct camel Yenibosna Escort toe in her dark blue panties. Then a realisation hit him. The panties were pale blue. It was only the area around the camel toe that was dark. Ali was wet between the thighs.

He groaned and turned away. He was so horny, now for both of these women, and probably no relief in sight. His mum was loving it, giggling at his predicament, as Ali stepped back and her skirt fell back into place. Only then did she realise she’d put on a show, looking quizzically at Pat to see if Charlie had noticed. Pat laughed and nodded, so Ali knew he’d seen.

In her apartment, they settled in with a whisky on ice each. Pat sat opposite Charlie in an armchair while he and Alison were on the luxurious couch.

Charlie knew Ali was a bit of a minx, but she still managed to shock him when she said: “Did you see any hot women tonight mate? Or is that tent in your pants from checking out my arse?”

Pat’s jaw dropped and she laughed wide-eyed: Ali laughed hard too. They were loving his sexual discomfort and being the cause of it.

Charlie wasn’t going to take the tease so easily.

“I noticed you were pretty worked up too…”

The women froze, Pat wasn’t sure what he meant but Ali’s blush told her there was more than a quick knicker flash in play here.

Ali broke the astonished silence. “And just what do you mean by that, young man?”

What the hell, Charlie thought. in for a penny, in for a pound. He leaned close to Ali’s face, to whisper: “You’re wet.”

Pat hadn’t heard. “What did he say?!”

Alison didn’t quite know where this was going, especially since the other two people in the room were her best friend and her best friend’s son.

“He’s being rude. I think he’s flirting with me!”

They took sips of their drinks, Pat grinning conspiratorially at Alison while Charlie, still impossibly hard and beginning to think he was going to die unfulfilled, sat awkwardly. It was his mother who broke the silence.

“Well, I need the loo. Coming, Ali?”

Why do women go in pairs? So they can plot, that’s why.

Minutes later, Alison returned. She sat back down beside Charlie, this time with her thigh alongside his own. Without preamble, she put her hand on the tent in the poor boy’s pants and squeezed. “Your mum’s gonna have a little rest. You wanna share this with me?”

Hours of repressed passion exploded in him. Charlie turned sideways on the couch, one knee on the seat, and reached for the breasts he’d dreamed of so often. Ali quickly unbuttoned her blouse and took of her bra for him. He stopped momentarily to admire, then overcome with lust he buried his head in there and began licking and tweaking Ali’s nipples. They became hard and she moaned: “Ooh, that’s nice. Do you know how many times I’ve thought of this, Charlie? Don’t disappoint me mate. Give me your cock.”

He stood to undress, she unzipped and stepped out of her skirt. They looked at each other briefly, and simultaneously pulled their underwear down.

Ali’s expression told him she liked what she saw. Medium length but thick, her favourite kind of pecker.

Charlie on the other hand was looking at her neatly trimmed black bush.

“You were right mate. I am wet. And ready, so let’s not wait.”

“Ali, I’ve been horny since … er… since the taxi. I’m not sure I’ll last long.” He’d almost said “Since my mum got me hard in the bar.” Gotta be careful, he thought.

“Let’s find out.”

She lay back on the couch, spreading her legs wide as she did so, arms towards him in welcome. Her breasts settled back and to the side a little, but they were firm and round. Charlie was not going to wait. He climbed on top of her, positioned himself at her moist opening and pushed. He went in easily, and her gasp of breath and the tightness with which her thighs gripped and trembled at him told him she’d had the same electric pulse in her loins as he’d had on entering her.

She placed her hands on his bum and encouraged him to push. He tried to go slowly.


“It’s OK Charlie. I came when you put it in. And I’m on the pill.”

As he settled into a steady rhythm, he was surprised that the initial erotic rush did not end in quick ejaculation. He had a little steam him yet.

Ali pushed back up at him, their pubic bones rubbing against each other. She began to breathe heavily, moaning in the back of her throat. “Jeesus boy. If I’d known it was this good I’d have fucked you years ago…”

Charlie did not reply. He Yenibosna Escort Bayan was concentrating on her, trying to prolong the inevitable. He sensed she was going to come properly this time and wanted to at least outlast her.

Ali began bucking back in earnest, seemingly uncaring about the noise she made with her moans nor the slapping together of their bellies. Charlie knew his mother was in the next room, but he was sure she wasn’t taking any nap. So she must know and approve, right?

Alison’s crescendo approached rapidly. Charlie lifted himself up on his outstretched arms to look down between them at his rod entering this gorgeous woman’s hot, wet pussy. Her tits jiggled and her groaning became grunts. She was close. So was he.

Out of the corner of his eye Charlie discerned movement. He knew it was his mother but he wasn’t going to stop or even slow down. He looked at her as she emerged from the shadow, completely naked. She put a finger to her mouth to tell him not to acknowledge her, planted her feet wide apart, and with one hand spread the petal of her pussy while she fingered herself with the other as she watched.

That was too much, and Charlie started to shoot inside Alison, whose eyes were closed as her own orgasm washed over her. While he came inside Alison, he flipped his eyes between watching his cock plunging into her cunt and back to his naked mother masturbating for his enjoyment and her own.

Charlie collapsed back onto Ali as they basked in a few minutes of afterglow. He didn’t know if Pat was still there, but he knew he was still horny for her and for Ali, still inside her under him.

He kissed her and their tongues explored each other’s mouths gently.

Eventually his erection faded and he began to slide out of her. Ali put her hand between her legs to stop their juices dripping out, picked up her panties and used them to wipe herself. Charlie watched fascinated, having already seen his mother was no longer there. Alison really was beautiful. He revelled in this woman doing this intimate thing, her tits hanging and bobbling about, and then reality bust back into the fantasy world. They dressed, she of course no longer with any underwear, then stood kissing and fondling for a few moments. Charlie put his hand up her dress to finger her a while, but after just seconds she pulled away from him, saying :”Save it for next time, mate. You’ve got to get your mother home.”

“If there’s definitely going to be a next time, I’ll happily carry her all the way…”

“Hah. Save your strength. Save it for me.”

Charlie went to get his mother, who was laid out on the spare bed, fully dressed but pretending to sleep in case it was Ali coming to get her. She saw it was him and got up.

“Have fun?” she whispered.

“You saw I did!”

“Mmm. Home now. She’s warmed you up, I want the rest of you.”

Charlie gulped. What a transformation, from loving tender mum to sex goddess in just hours.

As they hugged their goodbyes, Charlie thought for a moment that his mother and Ali had kissed a little too fervently, and maybe Al had squeezed Pat between the thighs? Pat was flushed all right, and he got his confirmation when he turned to open the sticky deadlock on the front door. The hall mirror betrayed them. In it he saw as they touched each other between the legs for just a second, each smiling hotly at the other.

He pretended not to notice and off they went, Ali locking the door behind them. Their own house was just two blocks away so they decided to walk. After half a block they both regretted the decision. If it was cool earlier it was downright cold now.



“I need to pee. As soon as the cold air hit me I should have gone back to Ali’s…”

“Yeah I know. Me too. I can wait, can you?”

She shook her head. “Nope. Look out for me?”

“Sure mum. Where you going to go?”

“Right here.”

She nestled between two cars, hiked up her dress and hauled off her panties. As she squatted down, Charlie saw his mother’s pussy for the third time that night, this time in the dim lamplight, and this time fully open to his gaze, and this time he had plenty of time to see. She knew he was watching and she didn’t hesitate.

Her piss erupted in a long arc from her pussy to the footpath a metre away, hissing with the released pressure and splashing onto the concrete. In the still night air it seemed impossibly loud. Charlie looked around briefly to make sure nobody was coming, then stared at his mum pissing there right in Escort Yenibosna front of him. He watched her pussy, she watched his face. Ten seconds, twelve, fifteen. She had a full bladder and needed it emptied. Her pee collected in a bubbly puddle and began to run back towards the gutter. Still she peed, until the stream sputtered and stopped.

She stood and smoothed her dress down, then handed him her panties with a wicked smile that would make a dead man’s prick twitch. Charlie wasn’t dead, so his sprang to attention.

Pat took Charlie’s hand and they walked along, her part-skipping like a naughty little girl, him waddling with yet another imprisoned erection.

She asked him: “You still need to go?”

“Yeah, but I can wait.”

“No you can’t. Over there…”

She led him to a little alley, just twenty metres from their front door: “I want this night to be all hot, my son. Nothing vanilla. All hot.”

She glanced around, then undid his pants to pull out his cock. She had to whisper so nobody still awake would hear. They would be recognised by any neighbours here.

“My. It felt thick inside me. I can see it wasn’t an illusion.”

She held his cock lovingly, then took the hand in which he still held her panties and guided it to his face. With her panties held to his nose, he could smell his mother’s essence. Pussy, a little pee, sweat. It was intoxicating and arousing, but he needed to pee now, the cold air on his prick and groin helping the process along.

“Pee for me baby. I want to see.”

He closed his eyes to concentrate on the sweet heady odours from his mother’ panties while he relaxed his pee muscles. Her holding his cock wasn’t helping but in seconds he managed a couple of spurts.

“Lovely, sweetie. Lovely. Let go…”

He did. A strong stream, which she delighted in aiming around, lasting maybe half as long as hers. It sputtered and faltered. She shook off the drops and put him back kin his pants, just like she had when he was just a boy, she thought.

“Wow son. I wish I had one of those. That was fun!”

“I’m glad you don’t have one mum, and by the way? You can have mine any time you want it…”

She laughed and squeezed his hand, then pulled him out of the alley and towards home.

“I’ll hold you to that. In about five minutes. Hurry up, it’s cold.”

Once inside, they had barely locked the front door when they began frantically undressing each other. Standing naked together, Pat reached down for her son’s cock and guided it towards her. Charlie was a fair bit taller than his mum so he had to bend his knees. They wanted to fuck right there right now, but their height difference meant the angle was never going to work for long. Fortunately one of the items in the hall was an old traveller’s trunk with a vase of fake twigs in it.

Pat pulled him by the dick the two metres to the box, kicked the vase off and got up on it, her back to the wall. Now by bending her knees a little her son’s cock was perfectly placed.

Charlie pushed, and went right up to his balls first time. Pat screamed, then put her fist to her mouth so the neighbours couldn’t hear. Her breasts were crushed between them with her nipples poking into Charlies as his too hardened.

They fucked frantically, standing there in the hall. Pat was panting: “’’ll..agh..scream..ah..agh..”

“Not yet. I’m gonna fuck you till I’m ready, mum…”

“When he said ‘mum’ she tipped over the edge and stopped bucking at him for a couple of seconds while a little trembling orgasm coursed through her.

Charlie sensed it and increased his thrusts, making sure he got right up his mother’s love canal with each one. He was practically lifting her up now, pressing her against the wall. She was lost in her erotic mist as she let her son plunge into her time and again.

“Oh Charlie. This is sooo good. Fuck. I’m gonna cum again. Oooh. Ahh, SHIT. Nngh…”

This time she came big. She began to scream, low but loud, and bit her son’s shoulder in her ecstasy. Charlie felt his mother’s pussy heat up and pulse, then a flush of hot wetness all over his cock and balls. She was indeed a squirter and she was coming on him.

His balls tightened, he felt his jizz boil up from somewhere near his asshole, into the base of his cock which began jerking furiously to eject his load deep inside his mother’s grasping cunt, rope after rope until they gasped together, falling back onto the loyal wall that had supported them while they fucked.

They stood like that for some time, her pussy and his cock both occasionally twitching involuntarily.


“Mmm darling?”

“Why did we wait so long?”

“I don’t know baby. But I’m fucked if I’m gonna wait any longer. I’m yours whenever you want.”

“I think I’m gonna ‘want’ very, very often mum.”

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