Flirting with Strangers (cuckold)Flirting with Strangers (cuckold)


Flirting with Strangers (cuckold)When my now husband and I first got together we were just fuck buddies, he was staying in my flat under the agreement we were just good friends with benefits, he would often come home after sleeping out, before he had a chance to wash I would suck his cock knowing that it had just been in another woman (I liked it) well, after a while I found this a little one sided so I decided to make him jealous in the hope we could be more than just friends with benefits, after chatting up a guy (Adam) in the pub and taking him back to the flat making sure I didn’t scare my hubby off straight away, we all started play pool and having a drink. After a while Adam started touching my bum as I bent over to take a shot but still my hubby didn’t leave so a few shots later I sat next to Adam and started kissing him and rubbing his bulging cock making sure my hubby could see, ……… wasn’t until I sat astride Adam and started kissing and dry humping him, my hubby left us alone. After a while of me and Adam nearly shagging, but didn’t as Adam didn’t feel comfortable with my now hubby in the flat, I saw him to the door and called my hubby to say goodbye, as soon as he appeared I was all over Adam once more but this time I was looking into the eyes of my hubby, really rubbing it in. Anyway this didn’t work and for a few of years after Konak Escort he still played the field, I even agreed to a number of FF/M 3som’s (very enjoyable) but then he became my man and was off limits to ALL other women It’s now been 20+ years, marriage, house, family, later and he has come up with a very kinky game to play, now I must say, we still have great sex, I always come, I have great respect for him, our marriage couldn’t be better, so I was surprised when the other day he said to me lets play a dirty sex game, he then explained what it would entail, I was to dress as sexy as living in a small town would allow and at every opportunity flirt with other men and see where it took me. At first I was a little shocked, I know he doesn’t mind other men seeing my naked body, by the photos I have posted, but for me to have free rain to do as I please…..I asked what would I do if a kiss and a cuddle went further? he said, if I was happy to suck, swallow, be fingered ect then he was happy that I was having fun and as soon as it had happened I was to come home and describe in detail what had happened. I could see that he was turned on by me even contemplating the idea and truthfully I was soaking wet by the idea I could go out and pull another guy without any consequences (we then had great Kuşadası Escort sex) anyway after sex he still said that I should play the game.Next morning, while I was looking what to put on, I felt an air of excitement, after dressing and paying extra attention to hair and make up, I was ready.It felt strange at first and I must say I was a little out of practice but I soon got into the swing, while talking with shop assistants and impromptu conversations with men I found great excitement from staring into their eyes and invading their personal space (in a sexy way) I got braver and braver and on the 5th day it happened. I was talking with a much younger man of 27 (I’m 40) I was giving him the same routine when he said what a lovely smile I had, I returned the complement, and then said (I knew the chemistry was right) that I was married but that we liked to play a game where we are both allowed to have fun on our own as long as we took photos of what we had done, this didn’t seem to shock him at all, in fact he seemed more encouraged by it.He had taken me to his car, we sat on the back seat. My first kiss with another man in 20 years and it didn’t disappoint, he was young and hansom with our tongues entwined I took some pictures on my phone then after awhile we were groping each other Foça Escort all over, I was so wet for him but my hubby hadn’t said I could fuck. He then asked for my phone and suggested I sucked his cock while he took a video, it wasn’t long before I had his stiff fat cock in my mouth, I must have cum 3 times on his fingers when he shot his huge package of cum into my mouth (I swallowed) while I kissing and licking his spunky cock I gave a message to my hubby, saying, was this dirty enough and what a good time I had had.That night when my hubby came home he could tell something had happened, I said wait until later and he would know it all, after dinner I ran upstairs and connected my phone to the large screen on the computer and dressed as you can see in my pictures and laid on the bed (dying to fuck) he opened the door and said “well what did you get up to”, at that I put the first picture of me kissing another man on, he was surprised and very turned on, he whipped off his clothes his cock was already hard at the site of me kissing another man and in a little cute voice I said “wiffey has been a very naughty girl” we fucked 3 times that night as the first time I showed the video of me sucking another mans cock and swallowing his cum, hubby and I came with extreme intensity.I asked him why he was happy to see me with another man, he explained that the night 20 years ago had been a real turn on for him and now we had a very strong marriage he felt me playing the field would add to our sex life. So what backfired 20 years ago has come to give me pleasure now. We will dine out on what happened the other day for a while but I must say I’m getting the urge to find another conquest.

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