Chapter 04: Sarah Jane and the Road TripChapter 04: Sarah Jane and the Road Trip


Sarah Jane stood outside her apartment building, with a duffel bag in her hands scanning the roads for any signs of her friends. She was going on a road trip! She was so excited. They were going to attend a wedding of their friend from the University. She bent down to put the bag at the pavement, not knowing the spectacle she was creating with the people around her.

There she stood wearing the tightest white crop top, bra-less, and her nipples looked ready to pop out. Her shirt was too short that it showed a lot of under boob from her F cup breasts. She was wearing a pink frilly skirt only two inches from her pussy. Since her butt was large, people can see a peek of the lower half of her butt. Sarah Jane doesn’t believe on wearing underwear. Her step father once told her that wearing those awful bras would make her sick and not be able to breath and it is much more comfortable and breezy without panties.

A car pulled up and her friend, Jake stuck his head out. “You ready?” he asked with a leer as his eyes swept Sarah from head to toe.

Sarah squealed, happily and walked inside the backseat, giving people a nice view of her large ass.

“Hey, Jake..Mikey,” she smiled at Mikey who was sitting at the driver’s seat. The boys’ eyes immediately went to the rear view mirror as Sarah sat, exposing her hairless pussy to them. They both smiled, excitedly.

For the whole week they had been looking forward to the wedding, not because of the party but of Sarah asking them for a ride. Sarah was famous in their campus for wearing next to nothing clothes and her large tits. Boys would fight to sit right next to her so they could ogle her tits and their Professors would count themselves lucky to have Sarah as a student because they can just look up and find Sarah sitting there…and her pussy. She was already making a name of herself in campus without her knowing it. For her, not wearing underwear was completely normal and the boys love it.

Their plan was to make the road trip as long as possible and to stop as many motels as they can.

Sarah was also naïve so they were sure they can get away with it.

“I’m so excited,” Sarah gushed stretching her feet urfa escort at the back. “I can’t believe Cassie’s getting married. She and Darren have been together forever.”

“Yeah. I heard there’s gonna be an open bar,” Mikey said, his eyes still at the rear view mirror.

They chatted for a bit until they grow silent and Jake put on some music. Sarah was already asleep at the back. It was almost five when they stopped by a motel.

“Time to get some sleep!” Jake chirped, parking the car at the side.

“Yeah, we need some rest,” Mikey said with a grin.

Sarah opened one eye and yawned. “What’s the time?” she looked at her watched and raised an eyebrow at them. “Isn’t it too early for sleep? There’s still daylight and it’s only gonna slow us down.”

“Nah, we just need an early start tomorrow and it’s gonna be dark soon. Who knows if there’s a motel by that time.”

“There’s always a motel,” Sarah argued. “It’s too early.”

“Trust me, baby. You don’t want to travel in the dark,” Jake said, getting out of the car.

Sarah sighed and shrugged. She was a little tired anyway and road trips make her sick to the stomach after a while. She got out of the car and breather deep. “Ah, the air smells so fresh! It’s never like this in the city!” She raised her arms and stretched, giving the boys an incredible view of her ass and pussy as she looked at the sky, oblivious to their reactions.

Jake was almost panting and Mikey was already holding his cock from his pants. They can’t wait to get inside. But first they need a plan for them to fuck her.

Jake got their bags as they made way to the front desk. An old man was sitting there watching television. He didn’t look up when they reached him.

“Hey. We need a room,” Mikey said.

“How many rooms?” the old man didn’t look up.

“Two,” Sarah answered, brightly.

At the sound of a female voice, the old man looked up and his eyes nearly fell off their socket. He was staring at one of the largest tits he has ever seen with nipples poking up her blouse.

“We’ll just have one room,” Jake said, hastily and looked at Sarah. “I think balıkesir escort one room would be okay. You don’t have to pay for a room, Sar. We have it covered and we don’t hog the bathroom much.”

“I bet you don’t,” the old man muttered, still looking at Sarah’s tits.

Sarah shrugged. “Okay. If that’s what you want.”

After checking in, they all went to their assigned room as the old man followed behind, looking at Sarah’s exposed butt at the back, his cock already straining from his pants.

“Thanks again,” Jakes said to the old man wanting to get rid of him so they can have Sarah for themselves. The old man grunted, still staring at Sarah’s tits.

Jake closed the door in his face and smiled at Sarah. “You can have the bed, Sar.”

“Okay!” Sarah sat down and lied down. “Ah, this feels so good!” She rolled around, stretching. The boys’ eyes were glued to her exposed pussy. Her shirt rolled up, exposing a large nipple. They gulped and thought they came right there.

They boys showered first and then Sarah. They watched television while she showered and they whispered excitedly with each other how they can possibly lure Sarah to have sex with them.

The bathroom door opened the boys immediately looked, excited to see Sarah on her underwear but what they saw made their jaws drop.

There standing before them is Sarah completely nude, while rubbing her hair with a towel. Her large melon tits were out and her hairless pussy which was still wet from the shower. She blushed when she saw them gaping at her.

“Do you guys mind? I usually sleep naked.”

The boys shook their head and replied almost gasping their words. “No we don’t mind.”

“What are you guys watching?”

There was silence and Jake was already stammering when he answered, “T-television.”

Sarah laughed. “I can see that. What’s the show, silly?” She sat next to Mikey, still staring at the TV.

“W-we don’t know.”

Sarah watched Project Runway while the boys watch her. It was already getting dark and her hair was already almost dry. She turned to Jake who can barely concentrate on the show, trabzon escort “Can you do me a favor, Jake?”


Sarah looked embarrassed. “You see, my stepfather always massages my boobs till I’m sleepy and since he’s not here…”

The boys were slient as they processed their words, still staring at her. “Sure!” Jake croaked and Sarah happily crawled at his lap facing him, presenting to him her F cup tits with large nipples. He began slowly massaging it while she sighed with pleasure.

“Does your step father really do this every night?” Mikey asked, going closer to Sarah.

Sarah nodded, happily. “Yep. It puts me to sleep.”

After lots of massaging, Sarah’s slutty body was already getting wet, staining Jake’s pants. She looked down and exclaimed, “Oh no! You’re getting your pants wet.”

“It’s okay, Sar!” Jake assured her quickly, afraid Sarah would end the sweet torture.

Sarah began to think for a moment and grabbed the waist band of his pants. “Let’s just take this off so your pants won’t get wet.”

The boys can’t believe their ears as Jack almost threw his pants and boxers at Mikey as Mikey gave him a dirty look.

Sarah stared down at his naked cock. “Uhm, I only meant your pants..”

“But you’re gonna make my boxers wet too which is kind of more important to me,” Jake argued.

Sarah nodded. It did make sense. She settled again in his lap, her pussy now above his straining cock as he continued massaging her breasts. She was getting wet again.

“You know, Sar,” Jake said. “You’re really getting wet. How about I just plug this in so you won’t drip everywhere?”

Sarah was already lost in the sensations from his hands as she nodded and Jake quickly plugged his cock deep inside her wet pussy. Sarah cried out from his invasion and grasped his shoulders. His hands grabbed her large butt and pumped on her some more.

“Oh my God… Jack..” Sarah moaned on his shoulders.

Jack can’t believe he was finally fucking Sarah. They fucked until he finally came inside her and he arranged another position that her back was in front of him so Mikey could enjoy the view. While he fucked her again, Mikey was massaging Sarah’s massive tits. He was also naked now, his cock jutting out.

After cumming the second time, Jake changed another position and Sarah was now sucking his cock as Mikey fucked her from behind.

They fucked her the whole night and slept until there was daylight. They had a late start the next day.

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