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This is my first ever submission. I’ve been a regular on Literotica for years and I’ve read some amazing stories. I’m open to criticism and advice. If anyone wants to help me edit please do contact me!

I will follow this up with subsequent chapters. I’m still not sure how it will unfold, but I do have a few ideas in mind.

This is one of those slow building stories.


Heather hurried up the stairs of her office building. She had 5 minutes before her sales call with a large IT company was due to start. She was supposed to call Tim Beck, Innovation Head of AutoTech at 9 AM. Having stayed up till an ungodly hour the night before, she wasn’t surprised that she would make it to her cabin with not a minute to spare.

She swiped her ID card and a glance at the digital panel told her it was 8:58 AM. She rushed past the reception, flashing a brief smile at the freckled redhead manning the desk. She made it to her cabin, took a sip of water and dialed Tim Beck’s number before occupying her chair.

“Hi Tim, Good Morning! This is Heather, from Bridge Consulting. Hope you’re available for the call we have scheduled now.”

Heather had worked for Bridge Consulting for almost 3 years. It was a mid-sized consulting firm employing 600 odd people. She knew about 25 of them by name. She was reserved, not inclined on making conversation with someone unless she absolutely had to. She’d happily make an exception for an interesting person, however, she hadn’t had to do that yet.

Her reservation didn’t extend to her interaction with clients though. She was the perfect balance of professional and charming. She’d never overstepped the line, always keeping it to the point and her clients appreciated that.

She swept her dirty blonde hair away from her eyes as she scribbled notes while talking to Tim.

“Absolutely, Wednesday 2 PM works. I’ll meet you at your office with my boss, Vanessa. I think she will be the right person to take our discussion forward with.” She penned a final full stop on her note pad and put her pen down.

“Thanks for your time, Tim. We’ll see you on Wednesday.”

She hung up and quickly typed out a brief minutes of the meeting to give Vanessa a heads up about the upcoming meeting. She always found it easier to write down notes rather than type them out during a call. It was easier to concentrate on the call while writing.

She hit the send button and stepped out of her cabin to get herself a coffee and a bottle of water. Heather wondered how people worked on the floor. Having had a cabin since the day she joined, she couldn’t imagine getting any work done surrounded by so many people.

Her phone buzzed while she was on her way back to her cabin, a coffee cup in one hand and a bottle of water in the other. She knew Vanessa must have replied, prompt as always. Heather entered her cabin, set down her coffee and water and opened up the new mail in her inbox. There was a one line mail from her boss.

“Sounds good, let’s meet at 11 today if you’re free.”

She checked that she was in fact free at 11 and replied.

Vanessa was the founder of Bridge Consultancy. She’s started the company 15 years back with half her savings. Today, having grown the company manifold, she was just as down to earth. She had simple tastes. She drove a Ford, was dressed in basic business formals. Here only indulgence was good wine and rare books/vinyls. She was the perfect boss. Heather idolized her.

Heather spent the next hour sending out some emails and getting her to do list for the day in place. She saw Vanessa walk past her cabin at 10:45 with her bag and a giant cup of coffee. She knew her boss would take 10 minutes to get things in order. Having worked closely for almost 3 years, she was very familiar with Vanessa’s routine. She could picture the sequence in her head.

Vanessa entered her cabin, set the AC temperature to 22 degrees on the panel on the wall and set her giant iced coffee on her table. She took off her blazer and hung it on the hook she’d got installed in her cabin. She unzipped her bag and pulled out her MacBook and charger before plugging it in. Opening her calendar, she made a mental note of everything she needed to get done between her many meetings. Vanessa took a big sip of her iced coffee and sat back for a minute, getting herself ready for another day at the office. Out of habit she pulled a tissue from the box and wiped dust from the only photo frame on her desk. It held a picture of a beaming 4 year old girl. Vanessa couldn’t help the smile that Casibom tugged at the corners of her mouth as she disposed the tissue.

Heather walked towards Vanessa’s cabin and reached right on time to see her boss toss a tissue in the bin. Vanessa gestured her in and gave her a smile.

“Hi Vanessa, hope I’m not too early.”

“Right on time, Heather,” Vanessa said looking up at her. “Come on in!”

Heather closed the door behind her and sat down. She let her glance linger on Vanessa. Her style was feminine but understated. She wore a beige blouse that set off her prominent collar bones. A delicate gold chain with a turquoise pendant graced her neck, Heather had seen her absent mindedly fiddle with it on several occasions. Her dark hair fell naturally around her face, looking effortlessly perfect. Heather moved her gaze towards the beauty spot above Vanessa’s lip just and just then Vanessa looked up, meeting Heather’s eyes. Dark eyes looked into Heather’s hazel ones. Vanessa smiled when she noticed she’d startled Heather out of whatever thoughts she had been lost in.

“Sounds like you had a good call with AutoTech today. What’s his agenda for Wednesday’s meeting?”

They wrapped up their meeting in 20 minutes. They discussed what they needed to prepare for Wednesday’s meeting after which Heather updated her boss on her other leads and some proposals she was waiting to hear back on.

“That’s good Heather. Let’s look at closing the two proposals this month. If things go well, the team should be working on another proposal on Thursday.”

“I’m quite confident Tim will share the HD surveillance technology research requirement with us on Wednesday. He was keen on meeting us in person and sign a non-disclosure agreement before talking about it.”

“Let’s go in prepared. I’ll ask Steve to put together a few slides on how we can potentially approach such a study. It should help us make a better impact,” Vanessa said as she dialed Steve’s extension on her desk phone.

Steve was a part of the research team. He was Vanessa’s go to guy when timelines were short.

“Hey Steve, do you have five minutes? Yes, my cabin please. Thanks!”

“That’s a good idea,” Heather chipped in just as Steve walked up to the cabin.

Vanessa ushered him in and briefed him on what they needed. She didn’t spend any time on pleasantries, glancing at her laptop to check the time. Having communicated what they needed she gathered up her notebook and coffee as she stood up.

“Sorry guys, that’s all the time I have. Have a meeting with the product team in 2 minutes. Let’s circle back at 4 in case you have any questions Steve.”

Vanessa walked out followed by Heather and Steve. Heather’s eyes moved to Vanessa’s calves. Toned without being too muscular. No matter how much she worked out, Heather just couldn’t get that definition in her calves.

Heather was jerked from her thoughts the second time that day when Steve said something.

“I’m sorry, what was that?” she asked.

Steve chuckled. “Where are your thoughts? You’re always like this after a meeting with Vanessa. I’m glad she doesn’t grill me as hard.”

Heather smiled at Steve as she made her way to her cabin. She wondered what about her boss made her so alluring. She was friendly enough but was also reserved. She hardly ever discussed anything personal and their interactions had always been professional. Heather smiled as she realized she was the same with most people. But there was something about Vanessa that made her want to get to know her better.

During the day she caught herself replaying her conversation with Vanessa in her head multiple times.

“Quit it Heather!” she berated herself. “It’s like I’m 12 all over again, wanting to make a good impression on my English teacher,” she thought. Shaking her head she tried to focus on the unchecked items on her to do list.

The rest of the day went by quickly. She munched on her salad at her desk and made sure she finished at least a liter and a half of water. Later in the evening Vanessa stopped by on her way out.

“Hey, I won’t be coming in tomorrow. I’ll meet you at AutoTech’s office on Wednesday. Steve will share the slides later today. Let’s connect tomorrow at 2 if there’s anything to discuss.”

“Sure Vanessa. I’ll see you on Wednesday!”

Vanessa gave a slight nod as she turned around and walked out. Heather caught herself looking at her shapely calves again.

“Sure. Be the creep who keeps staring at the boss’s legs,” she muttered to herself, Casibom Giriş turning her attention back to her laptop.

Next time she looked up it was 6:30. Her to do list was down to its last point. She drank the rest of the water in her bottle, checked off the last item and started packing up.

On her way home she stopped at the supermarket to pick up fresh produce for her salad. She wasn’t much of a cook but she could whip up a mean salad. It served her well. She tried to eat raw as much as possible, including eggs and Greek yoghurt with an occasional grilled chicken breast or fillet of fish for protein. She picked up veggies to last her the week, eggs, chicken breasts and some packs of yoghurt.

She’d worked hard on her body over the last year and she made it a point to eat clean. In the last year and a half she had turned her lifestyle around completely. She’d quit smoking, given up hard liquor, sticking to the occasional glass of wine. She has also eliminated processed and packaged food from her diet. Cans of Diet Coke were no longer a part of her shopping list either.

Heather referred to the list on her phone. She needed Vitamin E oil. Her weight loss was giving her stretch marks. It didn’t bother her much but she thought an occasional massage won’t do her any harm. She also needed batteries. The ones in her vibe were running low. The last time she used it she was afraid they’d give up before she came. She’d made it though, as the vibe sputtered, almost teasing her, keeping her at the edge longer than usual.

She paid at the counter and walked out to the car. Dumping her bags in the back seat she got into the driver’s seat. Home was a fifteen minute drive away. Heather smiled as she realized that she’d driven past her ex-boyfriend’s house without realizing yet again. She remembered the time when driving past Adam’s house was enough to reduce her to tears. She’d keep an eye out for him, her heart racing, tears stinging the corner of her eyes. It had taken her more than a year, but today she could say without a doubt that she was over him. In fact, she was glad that they had broken up when they did. It had been painful to say the least, but she was in a place where the thought of going home to an empty house was not unpleasant. She enjoyed spending time by herself, sometimes not leaving home all weekend. Being single was the happiest she’d been in a long time.

Their relationship had lasted 3 years, the longest and the only serious relationship Heather had been in. During her 27 years she had made a meaningful connection with only a handful of people. She’d had 3 good friends in her school and college days. The only other person she’d ever had a connection with was Adam.

She parked in her designated spot and carried her grocery bags into her apartment building. Heather lived in a small flat on the 7th floor. She’d lived there for over 3 years now, having moved in to be closer to Adam’s place when their relationship was going well. She loved her place, it got a lot of sunlight and sea breeze throughout the day.

Leaving her grocery bags on the kitchen counter she hopped in for a quick shower. Her mint and eucalyptus aromatherapy shower gel was cool and relaxing and she let the lather stay on her skin a little longer than usual, feeling the mild tingle from the mint. She walked out to her bedroom and dried herself off. Instinctively she looked at herself in the mirror. She knew her body had changed in the last year. Flexing her biceps she looked fondly at the definition that had become more pronounced. She ran her fingertips over the sides of her breasts and felt the stretch marks that had appeared there. Her nipples crinkled up as her right hand moved down her tummy. It still had a roundness to it. However, the result of the core workout she did a few times a week would be apparent to anyone who hadn’t seen her in the last few months.

As she patted her legs dry, her thoughts went back to Vanessa. Her calves were so perfect. Years of running had given her those calves. Heather knew she had a long way to go. Her goals weren’t focused on having the perfect body. What drove her was improving her strength and stamina. Lifting more weights, adding more intensity to her cardio workout than the previous week. She was hard on herself to a fault. Her trainer pushed her but also reminded her that the body couldn’t be expected to perform at its optimum every day. She would have to be ok with struggling with normal weights or tiring out faster during a HIIT session on a given day.

She slipped Casibom Güncel Giriş on a pair of cotton panties and a worn out t shirt and made her way to the kitchen. She chopped up some veggies, boiled two eggs and whipped up a simple vinaigrette. In 20 minutes she had cleaned up and was sitting on the couch and picking on her salad. She picked up the book she was reading- Jaya by Devdutt Patnayak. It was a retelling of the great Indian epic, The Mahabharata. Mythology always intrigued Heather. Having read her fair share of Greek and Egyptian mythology, she had decided to move to Hindu mythology. It was layered and a challenging read. She caught herself dozing before long.

Leaving her plates in the sink, she carried the last shopping bag to her room. She put the bottle of Vitamin E oil on her shelf and opened the drawer to store her pack of batteries. She almost closed it before changing her mind. She pulled out her slim purple vibe and quickly replaced the battery. She put the used one in her trash. Considering the number of batteries she ran through in a month, she had searched for recycling options. The State, it turned out suggested throwing out alkaline batteries with your weekly trash. There was no cost effective way to recycle them yet.

Heather switched off the lights and got under her covers. She set her alarm for the next morning and put her phone away. It felt so good to lie in bed after the long day. She stretched, folding her left leg at the knee while her right leg was spread wide. Her left hand traced her left nipple through her t-shirt as her right hand grazed her pussy lips through her panties. She was in no mood to take it slow today. In one quick motion she peeled her panties off and settled back down. She licked the index, middle and ring finger of her right hand and went straight for her clit. First contact made her breath catch in her throat. She exhaled, licking the fingers of her left hand which found its way to her left nipple, tugging at it, pinching its base lightly. A throaty moan escaped her lips as she dipped two fingers into her pussy before reaching back for her clit. She coated her clit and its hood with her juices before reaching for her vibe. It had new batteries. Heather knew this wouldn’t take long.

She rubbed the length of it up and down her slit. She slid it in a bit, grunting at how good it felt. She held the vibe on the left side of her clit before turning it on at its lowest setting. It was powerful and even at its lowest setting, her pussy clenched at the intense vibration. Her clit was too sensitive for direct contact. Holding the vibrator on the left was the quickest and most satisfying way to cum.

She held it at the point that always drove her crazy and slightly clenched and raised her hips as if to meet the thrusts of another person. The vibrations were suddenly too intense and she had to move the vibe away. She switched it off and inserted two fingers of her left hand into her pussy. Wiggling around to get comfortable, the pads of her fingers curled upwards to find the rough, sensitive spot. Instinctively she raised her hips up to meet her imperceptible thrust. She continued to work herself up, avoiding her sensitive clit. She pinched her right nipple while gently massaging her G spot.

Head tilted to the left, her eyes shut, lips slightly apart, legs splayed and a thin layer of sweat on her body, she made quite a sight. She reached back for her vibrator, placed it on right spot and turned it on. Her pussy clenched hard around her fingers and again she couldn’t help the grunt. Her fingers pulsed quick and light against her G spot as she bumped up the speed of the vibrator. Her head fell back, her legs stiffened and she raised her hips off the bed as she felt herself reaching the peak. She curled her toes with her need to grip onto the bed and held her breath before uttering a “Holy fuck” as she went into a frenzy. Her pussy spasmed around her fingers and she timed each curl of her fingers between each spasm. It drew out her orgasm and she held the vibrator in place till she couldn’t take it anymore.

She collapsed onto the bed in an attempt to get away from the intense vibrations. She lay there, slack jawed and panting, her pussy still twitching around her fingers. Her vibrator was still buzzing somewhere on the bed. Heather opened her eyes and slowly pulled her fingers out of her pussy which seemed very reluctant to let them go. She liked her cum of her fingers and located the vibrator to turn it off. She did a good job of licking her cum off the vibe before reaching for tissue to wipe her pruney fingers.

She tossed the tissue into the bin and immediately thought of her boss doing that earlier in the morning as she’d entered Vanessa’s cabin. She smiled and without another rational thought, fell into a deep sleep.

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