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Story about an aggressive older sister(24) with a younger(18), more-reserved brother.

It’s marked as “Ch.1” in case I want to revisit it with a mid- or post-college follow-up, but it was ultimately written as a contained story. Please give me constructive criticism as I want to learn. Plot, interaction, descriptions, etc.

Special thanks to kenjisato for his editing.

Sexual content: Cum eating (her), anal, lesbianism, exhibitionist, masturbation, dirty talk, incest (duh).


This was the second week of summer vacation for Alex and his two best friends, Noah and Lucas. They intended to spend the next two days playing non-stop before Noah started his new job to help pay for college and, Lucas went away for the summer. It was the middle of the afternoon of day one, and they’d been at it all morning. They played Super Smash Bros. on the Nintendo 64 that Alex’s grandmother gave him last week after they cleaned the garage, inducing this vintage gaming session. The next game was already decided, GoldenEye 007, which they intended to play tonight.


The boys paused their game and turned around. Alex’s older sister, Amy, was leaning on the stair ramp, halfway down the stairs. The tight yoga outfit left little to the imagination. Her nipples were poking the fabric. Her shorts were sporting an obscene camel toe. That sexy body did not match her cute and innocent face.

“What?” asked Alex, now almost immune to the sight. He had seen it numerous times since the beginning of vacation.

“Mom wants to know if you guys are fine with meatballs spaghetti.”

“Yes,” replied Alex, without asking his friends. He just wanted his sister to go away.

She said nothing and went back upstairs, swaying her ass.

After a moment of silence, they turned back and un-paused the game.

“Dude, your sister is fucking hot.”

“Yeah, what did she eat in college?”

“Dicks, probably,” snickered Lucas.

“If eating dicks could make you look good, you’d be the best-looking man on earth, dickhead.”

When she left for college a couple of years back to start her third year, Amy was a little pudgy, which was the last image his friends had of her. Alex had seen her a few times since then, mostly during holidays, but she always wore baggy clothes. Because she took summer classes and never returned during summer, he never saw her in light clothes. Although he noticed her weight loss, it wasn’t as extreme as it was right now.

“Well, she can eat mine whenever she wants.”

Alex rolled his eyes. “Can you stop talking about my sister and focus on the game?”

“It’s not our fault her body is screaming fuck me. You never think about her that way?”

“Dude! She’s my sister!”

“I wish she was mine. Would give me the opportunity to walk in on her naked.”

“Yeah, me too.”

Alex killed Noah and punched his shoulder. “If you don’t focus, your arm will be so sore you won’t be able to jerk off.”

Noah massaged his shoulder. “Yeah, yeah.”

Alex was perplexed as to why his parents let her dress like that, even if just for yoga. She could at least change before embarrassing him in front of his friends. What he didn’t know was that his parents weren’t aware of Amy’s shenanigans. Before coming down, she removed her bra and played with her nipples to make them stiff. She also pulled up her shorts, encasing them in her slit.

Every time she teased Alex this last week, she made sure her parents didn’t notice. She was certain Alex wouldn’t mention it to them. It would be too mortifying for him.

After thirty-six hours of gaming with his friends, only taking breaks to eat and going to the toilet, Alex walked toward his room on the second floor for a well-deserved night of sleep. Passing in front of the bathroom, his eye caught the nude back of his sister. He took a step back to make sure he wasn’t mistaken. She was brushing her teeth in front of the mirror, a towel around her hip.

During the couple of seconds Alex used to ponder why she left the door open, Amy had turned around without stopping her brushing, making her breasts wobble left and right.

“What?” she asked with a nonchalant tone.

Alex’s face got red. He reached for the handle and slammed the door.

“Close the door if you want to be naked!”

“Hey! No door slamming,” his mom yelled from downstairs.

In the bathroom, Amy slowed down her brushing to its regular pace with a smirk.

Alex was trying to sleep, but the image of the jiggling breasts of his sister was not leaving his head. So he used the trick to make his erection go away during class.

“One hundred, ninety-three, eighty-six, seventy-nine…”

Eventually, he got a good night’s sleep and woke up because of his mom’s yelling.

“Alex! Get up. I’m making pancakes.”

He looked at the time. It was noon, meaning he had slept eleven hours. şişli escort He went and sat at his usual place, in front of his sister. She was playing with her phone, disregarding him as usual. The image of her perky boobs reappeared. He pulled out his phone to change his mind.

Their mom put down a plate of pancakes in the middle.

“No phone at the table, even if your father is not here.”

Alex took one and poured a generous portion of syrup on it. Her mother didn’t make pancakes often, only on special occasions. She usually waited until the end to say what she wanted to say. Last time, they learned their grandmother had died. The time before, their father got a promotion. You never knew what kind of news it was.

He had just finished his first pancake when he heard his sister’s fork fall on the ground.

“It’s closer to you. Can you pick it up?”

Alex leaned to check under the table. The fork was barely on his side. He extended his leg to bring it closer when Amy swatted it with hers.

“Dude, not with your feet, gross.”

Alex grumbled and went under the table. Waiting for him were his sister’s open legs, her puffy lips spilling on each side of her tiny panties. A pair of shorts was bundled at her feet. He took the fork and was about to get back up when he noticed the small spot of dampness on her underwear.

When she gestured for him to come and get it with a finger, he quickly got up, bumping his head in the process.


He massaged his head and slid the fork to his sister.

“You okay, sweetie?”

He glanced at his mom and nodded. He took another pancake and kept staring at his plate.

“One hundred, ninety-three, eighty-six, seventy-nine, seventy-three, my sister’s pussy. No, fuck, sixty-six…”

Alex was beginning to settle down when he felt his sister’s feet on his groin. He slightly jumped from the unexpected groping, but quickly went back to eating normally, not to arouse his mother’s suspicion. He stuck his ass as far as he could to get away from her, but she was slumped in her chair, giving her more reach. To get away from her, he would need to push his chair back, but then he would be eating in an awkward position.

He knew if his parents learned about his sister’s actions, they would blame him. It had always been the case before. She was an angel in their eyes, and could do no wrong. So no matter what she was doing, the best thing he could do was not to react one way or the other. If he tried to stop her and caused a commotion, he’d be doomed. If he started playing with her and got caught, he’d be doomed.

Alex rapidly finished his pancake and adjusted his boner to be held by his pants against his stomach. He got up to leave the table.

“Sit down. There’s something I need to tell you.”

Right, he forgot. He sat back with enough space to be away from his sister since he was done eating.

“Next week, we are going on a camping trip.”

“Why?” promptly asked his sister.

Alex was with her on that. He just wanted to spend his summer playing video games before going to college.

“Because your father wants to go camping.”

“So? Just go with him. It will be a romantic getaway. Me and Alex will stay here.”

Alex felt goosebumps when he heard that. He’d rather go camping than stay alone with his sister.

“Because your father wants to have a family trip. Don’t be ungrateful now. He does enough for us, the least we can do is have a pleasant camping trip.”

Amy sighed with resignation. “Fine. How long?”

“A week.”

“An entire week!?”

“It won’t kill you. It might even be the last, as you guys will leave us soon.”

“Will we have electricity? Like, can I charge my phone?”

“No. Good old-fashioned camping. But it’s sort of a resort with different activities available. I’m sure you’ll manage to pass the time without looking at your phone all the time. Might even do some good for you.”

Amy’s mood was down the drain. She was not a nature girl. Without saying anything, she left the table without finishing her plate. Alex took the opportunity to eat another pancake now that she was gone.

“What about you, sweetie? You didn’t say anything.”

Alex shrugged. “Not much to say. I’ll probably spend the week reading.”

When he heard there was no electricity, he thought about going to the library to get a few books. Reading on a chair next to a lake didn’t sound so bad. An entire week is still too long, but he’d make do. Alex finished his plate and took care of his sister’s. Then he went downstairs to play video games for a while.

He played until his mom, who got back from doing the groceries, called him up for dinner.

His father was at the table, reading the newspaper. He was leaving too early to have time to read it in the morning. He set it aside when his wife put down a plate in front of him.

“Did your mom tell you about the camping trip?”

“Yes,” the siblings replied, at the same time.

“Now mecidiyeköy escort I know it’s not glamorous, and you’d most likely prefer to stay here. But this is a once-in-a-lifetime trip. You’ll be gone soon, with a family of your own. The next time I’ll get to do this will be with my grandchildren, if ever. So try to make the most of it.”

“It’s okay, dad. It’s just one week. Not the end of the world.”

Alex rolled his eyes internally at his sister’s ass-kissing. “When do we leave?”

“Next Monday morning. And we come back Sunday.”

The next day, Alex was playing video games in the morning when his sister called him from the stairs.


“What?” said Alex, without pausing the game.

“Mom’s making hamburgers on the grill for lunch. Fine with you?”


“I think she’s practicing using the grill for the camping trip.”


Amy pulled down her shirt. He didn’t turn around, and she didn’t want to ask him outright. Win some, lose some. She went back upstairs, disappointed not to see his face when he saw her. There will be plenty of opportunities.

During the week leading up to the camping trip, Amy exposed herself several times to Alex. One time, she rummaged in the bottom cabinets of the television stand. Alex had to pause his game and wait for her. She was wearing a long white shirt.

When she squatted, holding her shirt in the front to make sure her behind was exposed completely, he realized it was the only thing she was wearing. She leaned over, sticking her ass out to give him the best view.

“Nope, can’t find it.”

She left, noticing the bulge in his pants. Happy with his reaction, she went to her room to masturbate.

Alex guessed her sister was an exhibitionist and used him as an outlet. By the end of the week, he didn’t have any reaction to her flashing, causing her to be even bolder. Sometimes, even doing it with their parents in the room, lifting her shirt behind their backs with a wink.

On Sunday, he went to the library to get a few books. On the way home, he got worried he didn’t have enough. He was a fast reader, and it would be the only thing he’d do for the next week. He figured he’d take time off to explore and see what this resort offered. When he returned and opened the door, he heard moaning coming from the second floor. She wouldn’t do that if her parents were home.

“Mom?” he yelled, thinking his sister didn’t hear him enter. No response. The moaning didn’t stop, and he was sure she had heard him. Now, should he go watch, doing exactly what she wanted him to do? Or should he go downstairs, not giving her the satisfaction?

His curiosity got the better of him, and he figured he would take a peek just to see how she did it. He walked up the stairs very slowly, not wanting her to know he watched, even if for just a second. His sister’s door was cracked, of course. He tilted his head until he could see her.

Amy was lying on the bed face down, ass up. She angled herself to give him the best view possible. There was a red butt plug between her cheeks, twinkling from the sunlight. Her hand was between her legs, slowly rubbing her clit. When she heard him come in, she immediately set her plan into motion. Since she had just started, it would take a moment to build up her orgasm.

To do the most convincing setup, she couldn’t know if her brother was watching or not. If he had any suspicion about the fact that she knew he was there, he would leave instantly. And she wanted him to watch until the end.

Alex analyzed the situation and concluded she couldn’t notice his presence. Unless she installed some kind of spy camera. He didn’t think his sister would go that far. And if she did, then she deserved to catch him. So he decided to watch the whole thing.

The two fingers massaging her clit slipped inside her pussy. She did a few thrusts, making squishy sounds, then went back on her clit, more vigorously this time. She didn’t know if Alex was watching, but she was sure he would at least take a peek. She hoped the position she took was enticing enough to make him watch the whole show.

Alex adjusted his erection. He had half a mind to jerk off, but he had the feeling that as soon as he did that, his mother would come back, open the door and walk upstairs without him noticing. He’d be branded as a sexual deviant and sent to a psychiatric hospital. His fear of getting caught exceeded by far his lust. Even just watching gave him anxiety, but the risk versus reward was worth it.

Amy was now engrossed in her pleasure. She imagined her brother taking down his pants and stroking his cock. That if she looked back, she would see him pumping in the open crack she left, his eyes fixed on her private parts. He would push the door open, unable to contain himself anymore. He’d slapped her fingers away and shove his cock inside her, frenetically slamming her sloppy cunt.

The thought made Amy moan loudly. Alex wasn’t sure if she was faking escort istanbul for his benefit, but it seemed real enough. She tugged her butt plug with the other hand, imagining him pulling it out and forcing himself in her tight ass. She tapped her pussy, simulating his balls slapping against it each time he bottomed out in her rectum.

Alex almost pulled out his phone to film and use it later as masturbation material. But having any evidence was far too risky.

Amy’s orgasm eventually came, imagining her brother’s face as he ejaculated balls deep inside her, making her body clench. She whimpered as she delighted in showing her climax to him if he was watching. Alex could see her liquid running down her thighs. He had never been so horny. He left when he saw her fall flat on the bed, exhausted.

He returned to the basement, trying to calm himself before doing something stupid. Just when he sat down, he heard his parents coming back from doing groceries for the camping trip.

“One hundred, ninety-three, eighty-six, seventy-nine…”

He’d need to wait later tonight when everyone was asleep. His door didn’t lock, so he only did his business when he was sure no one would barge into his room. At first, he did it in the shower, but his mom asked him why it took so long to clean himself. He made up some excuse about just taking his time and never retook a long shower.

The family spent Monday morning stocking up the car. They had too much stuff and had to use one of the backseats. Alex had to sit in the middle because of his small frame. He was dreading what his sister would do.

Fortunately, she didn’t do anything too untoward. She only caressed herself through her shorts, not caring whether he watched or not. Alex glanced from time to time but mostly kept his eyes on his book.

He wondered if teasing him was genuinely exciting for her or if she simply wanted to make him uncomfortable. He knew he was a bit of a pushover, and his sister took advantage of that. In part his fault as he had entertained her when they were younger. But now, her teasing could cost him a lot. If their parents caught her flashing, she could only say he made her do it. And he was confident they would punish him regardless if she had proof or not.

The worst thing of all was that she wasn’t like that before. It’s like she came back from college a completely different person. The change was so drastic that Alex didn’t know how to adapt.

They finally arrived after three and a half hours of car ride without a break. Everyone stretched as soon as they came out. Amy took the opportunity to do it close to Alex, sticking out her chest. He barely looked and began to help his parents unpack.

“All right! First off, we set up the tents,” declared his father. “Me and your mom will set up ours. You guys set up yours.”

“We’re sleeping in the same tent?” asked Alex, incredulously.

“Don’t worry. It’s big enough.”

“But different beds, right?”

“No, we have two inflatable mattresses. It was two for one. Why? Don’t want to sleep with her?”

Alex shrugged. “I dunno, feels weird to sleep with my sister.”

“Keep your hands to yourself and you’ll be fine,” his father said, laughing. He didn’t think it was a big deal.

Amy was already thinking about how she would have fun. She looked at him with a huge grin.

“Let’s make our tent!”

She took the bag and went as far away as she could from their parents, on the other side of the bonfire.

“More privacy,” she mimed with her lips.

Alex was beginning to panic. Even if she decided to simply masturbate without involving him, if their parents caught her, he would be in a world of hurt. Resigned, he helped set up the tent, praying to god he would get out of this vacation unscathed.

Once done, they ate a ham sandwich for lunch. Afterward, Alex applied sunscreen all over. Since he got a nasty sunburn a couple of years back, he never spent more than an hour in the sun without it. With a book in hand, he left to explore and find a good reading spot. He followed the panel indicating the way to the beach.

He eventually arrived at a lake and was relieved to find some empty chairs. He went to the furthest one, moved it in the shadow of the many large umbrellas scattered around, and began reading. This wasn’t so bad.

Amy, for her part, used most of the afternoon to run around the resort. There were various activities, none of which interested her. She’d be bored out of her mind before long. She returned just before dinner.

“So, anything interesting to do?” asked her father.

“Not really. There is a hula hoop contest tomorrow afternoon. Might do that. Movie night at the theater at eight every night.”

“Here, help me with this.”

Her father was making chicken skewers.

While they were doing this, Alex finished his chapter. During the walk back, he contemplated what he’d do tonight since he wouldn’t have access to the sunlight to read. When he arrived at their camp, he was greeted by a mouth-drooling smell.

“Smells really good.”

“Pineapple chicken skewers with a side of wild rice. One of the many camping recipes I found on the net.”

Alex wasn’t worried about the food. His father was a good cook when he had the time.

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