Messy SurpriseMessy Surprise


Last week, my husband gave me one of the best surprises ever.

We were out in a restaurant for dinner. It was a nice evening, we had some vine and the food was great. We got a little bit drunk.

When we got home, I just threw myself onto the couch. He started some romantic music, to which I raised my head. This meant that he was in the mood for sex. I was too.

He went to the kitchen and came back with two glasses of vine. He put them down, then we made out pretty passionately. He removed my top and my bra, I removed his shirt and was about to unzip his pants. But I stopped and asked him to stand up and perform some striptease for me. He smiled and did as I asked.

While he was dancing and taking his jeans off, I played with myself. He was now standing in only his undies. He does not have to always wear diapers anymore, to my disappointment, only at nights and when I ask him to.

Anyways, I was eager to see him take his undies off. He was wearing white undies. But he just came back to me and sat on my lap facing me. We started kissing, I reached for his throbbing cock in his undies, he was kissing my neck.

Then he whispered into my ear: “I have a surprise for you”. I did not know what istanbul travesti he meant. He stood up, turned his back on me, and just like that, he pushed a little and pooped his undies. I could hear the crackling sound, I could see the bulge forming, it was an amazing view. At first some harder turd landed in his pants, but then the softer mess filled up those undies pretty quickly. His white undies turned brownish at some place. He had a huge bulge in his undies now.

I could not say anything. I was in heaven. Since he does not need diapers anymore that much, our scat sessions reduced in number. He probably noticed it as well and wanted to surprise me with this. He is the best.

I touched his bulge, it was huge and soft. He turned back and sat on my lap again. I could feel his mess being squished around by my lap. I made him raise his hips, reached under him over to his bulge, pressed my hand on it and spread a good amount of his mess forwads to cover his balls. I did this over and over again until most of his mess was covering his balls and his dick.

I made him stand up so that I could take a good look at him. He was so cute and hot, standing in his pooped underwear. The poop was clearly travesti istanbul visible, covering his erect penis up to his belly. This was my doing. In the process, some of his shit escaped at the leg bands and was covering his inner thighs.

I went down on my knees and started kissing him all around his messy underwear. The smell was amazing. I was so horny. I wanted to cum. I wanted him inside me, but I had to think of something else to avoid infections. I stood up, held his hand and led him into the bedroom. I took off my remaining clothes, covered the bed and laid down. I told him to get in 69 position with him on top.

I did not have to tell him twice, he climbed on top of me. The view was amazing. I couldn’t wait to get him in my mouth. He started working on me right away. I was in heaven. I reached into his underwear from the side searching for his cock in his mess. I pushed the front of his underwear to the side and freed his throbbing cock. In the process, some pieces of his mess landed on my face, which I loved.

His cock was totally covered, even with larger pieces of poop stuck to it, I made sure of that earlier. I licked the tip of his messy penis. The sensation was amazing. istanbul travestileri I took the tip of his penis in my mouth, then with both hands I grabbed his asscheeks through the poopy underwear and pushed his dick deep in my mouth.

I worked on him very passionately. I wanted him to cum before me, because that makes me even hornier. In the process, I swallowed some of his mess and precum. I did not need to work on him for long, he came in about 3 minutes. His cum filled my mouth and mixed with his poop, I swallowed every last drop of it. He tried to get off of me, but I held him in position. I love to nurture his messy cock in my mouth as he goes limp.

He continued to work on me. I was reaching a very large orgasm. In the meantime, he got soft, his messy balls were now resting on my nose. He suddenly stopped for a second. First I did not know why, but then a small stream of pee started to fill my mouth, he was concentrating on peeing.

The stream got a bit larger, but I was still able to manage drinking his juice. He continued to work on me.

Him licking and fingering me, his messy balls resting on my face, his poopy underwear just in front of my face, his messy and cummy cock in my mouth releasing a hot stream of pee was too much for me. I came and I came hard. It was the best orgasm that I’ve had in a while. Some of his pee escaped my mouth because I wasn’t able to swallow during my orgasm.

It was a very pleasant surprise to say the least 😉

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