Celeste ForestCeleste Forest


With chain-reaction eruptions, neither a whimper nor a bang, the world shattered—was finally remade whole…on a Tuesday. July fifth, 2022, at Cern, was the day the greatest minds of the world proved the lunatics correct. The quest for the Higgs Boson produced unfathomable results that exposed the ignorance of scientific hubris. Perhaps it would have been better if the Hadron Collider hadn’t been built on a Ley Line nexus.Twenty-three years ago, scientists unwittingly reestablished the antediluvian balance. The spidery lines of energy surged once more, pulsing through the pyramid belt, racing through the sacred sites, forever altering, restoring the world. Oceans boiled, volcanoes erupted, fault lines tumbled, and all electronics ceased functioning. Governments toppled overnight. Millions perished, the survivors warring and casino siteleri raiding among themselves.Technology, the industrial ages, pushed the true nature of the world into darkness. Every mechanized advancement thrust the mystical balance further back. The eruptive reawakening of the Ley Lines nullified humanity’s tinkering with the cosmic balance. The calamity revealed all. Ogres, dragons, fey, and things that go bump in the night reemerged and retook their ancient places in the world, and bump they did.It wasn’t all bad. Humanity lost its narcissism and ceased bickering over trifles. Survival in a harsh, wild world required cooperation. Alien flora, factually proving the Voynich manuscript, appeared, providing me with an excellent career as an apothecary.I lived in a small settlement on the güvenilir casino outskirts of the Celeste forest. Without pollution mucking up the atmosphere, the wilderness returned with vengeance. Tinted azure, the twisted, wonder-filled wood was also home to the Celestes. Some Loremasters claimed they were magical creatures, the elves of old; others opined beings from another dimension. Feared and shunned, their presence tinted the region in azure, dreamlike gossamer. I was trespassing in their domain in search of herbs to ply my trade. Wolf’s-bane to keep the lycanthropes at bay, sage to ward off demons, and other sundries are readily found within their territory.My main quest was for Blissvine, a wild, narcotic flowering vine with medicinal, euphoric, and aphrodisiac qualities. While I use the flowers canlı casino for medicinal potions, I enjoy stripping nude, chewing on the vines, and losing myself in sexual ecstasy. I loved the orgasms its influence induced.In that state, wavering, erotic dreams manifesting around me, I wandered the forest, masturbating, orgasm after orgasm consuming me, fucking myself, humping everything in sight. Lost in lust, my entire body a throbbing erogenous zone, I aimlessly meandered; that is when I saw her.Bone-white, albino skin, smooth and glistening, long, fine hair, and piercing, deep blue eyes without pupils marked her as a Celeste. Her frail, lithe figure was barely covered in a chainmail bikini top; a leather loincloth hung from her waist. Her full, blood-red lips, stained from Blissvine, parted as she moaned. Blue, smoky tendrils, wispy fogs of passion, emanated from her as she fingered herself, oblivious of me. I suddenly understood why their presence painted the land blue. Her hands burrowed between her legs, sing-song, alien cries of passion matching her lusty movements.

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