At The CrossroadsAt The Crossroads


Please say no.“So, I guess we could go to this party tonight…”Come on, just say no.“Or maybe just hang at your place?”Even though it had all pre-arranged, the thought still gnawed at me. Yes, his answer was predetermined, the deal had already been struck, but the answer always seemed like this final chance to repent. They never did.His soul bought and sold for one cardinal sin. Sex.And I wasn’t worth it.Because immediately after he agreed, I wished to feel something else. Anything other boredom at the same routine played out again and again across the eons. The dress had changed; corsets, furs, and cloaks traded for blue jeans and a tight crop top that drew attention away from his studies. Those classes had stayed the same through the centuries, just like my appearance, the universities never bothering to embrace a renaissance, imparting the same stale instruction through the same self-indulgent speeches. No wonder this virgin preferred to let his eyes linger on every curve as I stretched, showing just enough of my skin to attract a stare. Nothing too wicked, just enough for his twisted and tormented imaginings to truly take hold. I would dance around his dreams, an enticing flower ready to open without revealing the rancid rot dripping darkness out of my well-traveled soul.Absently, I bit my lip, pretending at this posture, already knowing my role in our arrangement. He could still stop, even signed and sealed. A crossroads bargain meant nothing without the final deliverance.But he wouldn’t.They never did. He left me to endure the tedium of his torture courtship, not longer truly weighing the cost of his soul, barely noticing the details that might have saved him as one of the chosen. He wasn’t ugly, pock-marked, dimpled-chin, gangly and awkward, certainly depressed, his natural affections ground into the earth until downtrodden enough to accept any offer.Had I really been so different? Or had the years slowly gnawed away every remnant of humanity until my blackened soul more closely resembled the beastly creature I served?He reached for my breasts, cupping one before bothering with a kiss. And with such a small motion, he abandoned his last chance at confession. I could feel his manhood pressed against me, rubbing through his pants against my bare thigh. His soul bonus veren siteler was gone.All that remained was the final act.At first, I had been so ashamed; now I was only impatient.In spite of myself, I dripped with excitement. The steady secretion of the centuries kept me on the perpetual edge of sexual fulfillment, the eternal denial of orgasm making me willing to endure anything for just a second’s respite. Hell remained inside myself, dripping down and down from my cunt, the entirety of my being transformed into this caustic cauldron of bubbling condemnation. He pulled up my shirt, my nipples bulging out roughly over the top of my brasserie. His inexperienced hands mauled as they moved, rough without any meaning.So unlike Lilith. The dorm room burned away, blackened into sulfuric soot that clogged and coughed out of every opening. Even he disappeared, leaving me again wondering what happened to my true flesh after my spirit descended into perdition. Around me, the screams of eternal suffering echoed out against the empty caverns, the unseen devils delighting in each new torment. Above me, she stood every bit the Parisian beauty I had lusted after all those years ago. Her flowing dark hair spread down like a habit, draping over her shoulders. Her breasts billowed out above the same corset she’d worn, imprinting in my mind that original illusion. It was always how I saw her. And so often she appeared to me as Lily, recreating that ravishing tavern owner who made that original offer. Even now, truly knowing the hellish creature inhabiting that skin, more than just the broken pieces of me believed that I had gotten the better half of our deal. At least I was hers.My mind spirited back to the time we had together, not quick and squalid like the man undressing back in the dorm. She had courted me, convinced me through a dozen conversations with our intertwined bodies cuddled beneath the furs. Our love had been hidden, forbidden, so deserving of damnation that when at long last the contract came it seemed so piddling against our love.Then, before… oh there were weeks we secreted away from all the shame of society, stolen moments that truly made me believe that any circle of hell was worth her affection, no matter how couched in control.  And bedava bahis still that idea remained, marking me as hers through my devoted attachment. I had no doubt there were others enduring the same endless torments, but none of them could mimic my feelings.I looked up, knowing that unlike the billions of the unclean, I would be grateful for any attention my mistress deigned to give me, coveting each cruel mark. In her black eyes, I was able to imagine a wretch like me as someone truly special.The chains appeared around my naked body, burning and freezing, coiled around my breasts and back, pulling me down onto the pentagram. There was cruelty, the searing metal pressing indents into my skin. The tightening manacles made taut crisscrosses around my body, pulling me down to the rock until I knelt in front of my mistress, my mouth open in greedy anticipation.Because she could be so kind, that in itself created a more precise form of torment. Too much pain without a respite and the constant throbbing would turn the agony dull. So she saved a space for mercy, tender enough so that her fleeting moments of love transformed into the most heartless kind of hate. In this reminding me that after all this time, I still possessed the sheerest thread of a soul.“Does my pet even desire her soul?” Lilith said. “I could give it back to your god.” My eyes lowered, unable to meet her cackling laugh.“No. That’s already been offered. You won’t while there is this to worship.”Her frock disappeared, her sex, dripping warmth like melted wax rippled in front of me, inviting, and yet I knew better. I wanted to stretch out my neck, my tongue tracing over my lips in eager anticipation. It was all I had through the centuries, no satisfaction except for hers, my body in complete subservience to our carnal contract. “Is this what you worship?”“Yes, mistress.”“Is this your god? Forsaking all others before me.”“Yes mistress, none but you.”“Not even your own cunt?”“Anything mistress,” I groveled, sinking to complete suppliance, my face nestled against her feet. “Just let me please taste you again.”She didn’t answer, her hands grabbing my blonde hair and pulling my head in between her legs. I could taste her, smoky and sweet, my tongue barely about to devour her essence before deneme bonus she started.Her urine ran down my throat, burning like a river of molten gold. I screamed into her sex, the boiling, bubbling foam tearing its way down my esophagus. Little spigots were opened by the acidic lava, foam forced down onto my bare breasts as I whimpered in agony. She held me close, keeping my head held tightly against her thighs.But I knew better than to move away.Even after she had emptied her bladder, each of my tortured breaths felt like swallowing a lump of gravel, I still pursued my lips up against hers, offering my mangled mouth in service. The pain rescinded. The ethereal projection of my flesh reconstituted at her will so that the same tortures could be repeated again and again throughout the endless expanse of time.The chain pulled, their impossible burning scorching into my breasts and thighs, bringing me prone at the feet of my mistress. My shins and knees scraped against the brimstone, a flaming bullwhip appearing into a claw-like hand. Lilith paced, slowly raking her nails across my cheeks, causing me to squirm against the restraints as the crimson marks ran down my thighs.The smacks came without warning, replacing one flash of white-hot misery with another. The blows rained down in successive strikes, transforming the flesh from my buttocks into blackened crisscrossed welts. I whimpered at first, then screamed, all the while calling out the number of blows through barely articulate shrieks. The chains clattered, my hair sopping wet with perspiration, shaking and spasming along with every worn-out muscle. I shuddered again, the shooting stars of the final thrash eliciting in my the closest thing to a climax I was allowed to experience. It was the smallest solace of my existence. Without the promise of orgasm, pain had replaced pleasure as the only outlet of release, those repulsive ravagings replacing any sensual attempt at sating my sex. It left me limp, tremors surging against my swollen skin, the tears instantly sucked up by the sweltering sauna. But for a brief moment, the red marks across my ass quieted my clamoring cunt, replacing the need to cum with the satisfaction of expressing a more raw emotion, the pause all the comfort I needed for a second.And then it was over…Slick and slippery, my lips turned up their heat well-past the fires of hell, glistening at her touch. Claw-like fingers belonging to another form traced rough and prickly nails against my lips, spreading, entering, and scratching. But I didn’t scream.

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