Caught In The Rain Ch. 03Caught In The Rain Ch. 03


Please check out chapters 1 and 2 of this story. In order would be nice if you like things to be orderly. This story has Dominance/Submission, Implied Incest, Anal and some Force. If this isn’t your cuppa tea that’s quite ok… but it won’t change the fact that this is my cuppa tea. Enjoy!


Your cock pushes forward and I have no time to protest. Suddenly the tip of your cock is snuggly slipped inside my little hole. I gasp, but I think I am ok. I relax…breathe..ready for you to slowly inch in like I am used to. I can feel your tense body behind me and I wonder if you have yet to get over how angry you are at me.

Before I can even draw a breath your big cock is rammed all the way into my ass, your balls nestled against my pussy. You let a long low growl in my ear, kissing the nape of my neck to distract me as I wince. “Daddy…ahh..oww”

“It’s tight Babygirl” you growl again, in that gravelly tone you only get when you’re about to explode. “I haven’t fucked you in your butt for a long time have I? Ohh it feels like the first time.”

I am concentrating on breathing as my asshole is stretched wide. It feels incredible… my spine is tingling. Every nerve in my body is humming. My leg is cramping and I wriggle… “mm..mmm…mm”

Your hands roughly pull me back against you – grabbing my tits, squeezing them – pulling my nipples between your fingers..”Oo-ooh” I fall forward, braced against the wall, and you grab my hips pulling me back to where I am bent over for you.

“That’s it babygirl..Daddy’s bitch. You are mine little girl…” You thrust in shallowly at first… watching as my muscles shudder, nails clawing against the bathroom tile. Pulling yourself back and forward with short little jabs that force little gasps from my Sefaköy Escort throat. I can feel every vein in your cock bulging and dragging against my insides. Your big rough hands tenderly caress my ass cheeks every time you pull back… I know you are watching your cock as it penetrates my hole, and I flush with shame. I feel so exposed to you. Your hands continue kneading and caressing my flesh your thumbs running the length of the red welts, stinging as you rub my own salty sweat into them. Gradually you pick up the pace – harder and faster. Your cock, maddeningly, almost pushing on my g-spot through my pussy walls. I moan in frustration. I want so bad to take one hand down and rub my clit till I collapse in orgasm but I know better now. You grunt into my ear as you take me. “Uhh… Babygirl… that’s it. You’re going to be my little cum dumpster. I’m going to fill your ass up” I moan louder..almost wailing as you slam in HARD. “This body is MINE. Mine to use. Mine to rule. Your tight little ass is going to make Daddy cum and that’s all. Period. Got that bitch?”

“Yes Daddy” I gasp out.

“Tell Daddy thank you. Tell Daddy thank you for using you.”

“T-thank you for Using me Daddy. Thank you for using my body..”

“Do you want to cum?”

I turn my head, my eyes wide, “YESSSS PLEASE! DADDY PLEASE!!”

“Too bad bitch.” and you laugh at me. Snickering as you grab my hips and slam in harder. Faster. Hot tears of frustration and humiliation run down my cheeks. Every part of my body is throbbing, begging for release… I can feel the blood throbbing in my legs, my feet – all the way to my toes. Your hands grab my tits, I feel you losing control. Your fingers dig into the soft flesh on my breasts and I brace myself as you slam in harder and faster losing rhythm and Sefaköy Escort Bayan control – your sweat hitting my neck and running down my neck. You pull me close as you cum hard – I feel it spurting into my ass, hot and stinging my ravaged insides…

“Good girl. That’s the way Daddy’s little FuckToy should take Daddy’s cock” you growl in short breaths.. pulling out of my throbbing ass. I can only gasp… standing still where I am still braced against the wall. I know you haven’t given permission for me to move yet. I feel your cum sliding out of my ass, running down my leg to the floor as I hear you cleaning up behind me. “You look so dirty baby… get in the tub and turn on the shower” I walk over there, wincing with every step as I feel my asshole stinging. I turn the shower on warm, and sit down in the big corner tub, trembling under the spray, feeling it running over my body. Cleaned up now, you walk towards me, reaching up and taking the spray nozzle down.

“You were a very good toy once you were punished Baby. Daddy is very happy”

“Thank you Daddy” I reply, and suddenly you turn the spray nozzle directly at my puffy pink pussy – the high water pressure makes me gasp as it hits my sensitive tissues. “All fours baby. Now” and I do..turning onto all fours “that’s a good little bitch. Daddy’s little bitch is going to cum all over Daddy’s face now” I almost cum on the spot. Finally…!!!! Your finger on my clit. Pushing hard “But you DO not cum until I tell you. Got it?”

“Yes Daddy! Thank you Daddy!!” I grind my hips into your finger. And your other hand turns the nozzle back onto my clit. Hosing it directly.. I squirm and writhe and jump as you lower your face into my snatch… Licking my sore red ass cheeks… dipping into my asshole. I shiver as your wide Escort Sefaköy tongue slides down towards my pussy, slowly penetrating the lips as you hold that sprayer directly on my clit. I moan like a whore.. My body wet and shaking. Your tongue joins your finger and your rub my g-spot, crooking your finger and making me scream. You feel me building..losing control.. I could cum right now.

“Hold it baby. Don’t cum yet. You’re my bitch. Say it”

I writhe against the steady spray of water “Your ..bitch… Daddy”

“My bitch. Your body is mine.”

“My body is yours….. Daddy”

“My fucktoy”

“Yesss..Your fucktoy…”

“You love being my fucktoy don’t you Baby”

“Yes Daddy… PLEASEEE” I thrust my hips back on your finger..sobbing frantically.

“Cum baby. Cum for Daddy. Cum HARD for Daddy. Let it go”

And I do. A spray of liquid squirting out hitting your face as I scream “Daddy” over and over.. squirting for you… my pussy contracting on your fingers. My whole body dizzy..spinning.. I collapse into the tub.. shivering and sobbing.

“That’s it little girl” you stand over me and gently move my body into a sitting position. My arms around your neck. You take the hose and the soap and gently wash me in the warm water. “See. Wasn’t that the best cum you’ve ever had?”

“Yes Daddy. Ohhh my god yes” I mumble into your ear.

“Know why?” You look into my eyes.


“Because Daddy gave it to you. Because Daddy told you when to do it. Because Daddy knows better than you do what your body needs and how to give it to you. All you have to do is Obey and I’ll make sure you feel better than anything you could do on your own honey. And that means you obey me with everything. You dress the way I want. You do what I want, when I want. You take care of yourself so you don’t get wet in the cold rain and get sick. And you come home on time. You’re Mine. Understand?”

All I can do is nod and sigh sleepily as my Daddy’s loving hands slowly work the ribbons out of my messy wet ponytails, and work the shampoo through them.

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