Cassandra and the CaveCassandra and the Cave


She looked at the door.

Dark wood strapped with thick leather. It looked heavy and substantial. Her stomach was tingling with fear and excitement. Resting her hand on the door she felt the moisture from the humid underground tunnel coat her palm.

The noises beyond the door were animal. Slapping sounds, skin against skin, intermittent groans and cries. The excitement inside her grew as she pictured what was happening just a few feet away. The thin plain dress she wore stuck to her body with sweat and that familiar tingling ached deep within. It pleaded to be dealt with.

She knew what happened in the room. Everyone knew about the room. They had been taught about it for years now, ever since the day her bloods started appearing. She knew her time would arrive next year when she turned 21 but tonight for some reason the entrance to the caves had been left unguarded as she returned from her archery lesson. The temptation was simply too much to ignore so she ducked inside the tunnel complex which filled the tree covered hill and followed the flickering lights leading down to the room.

Her heart pounded as she applied pressure to the door. It must be locked. It should be locked. It will be locked. But it wasn’t locked.

It swung open quietly and surprisingly quickly. Flickering light from the room shadowed the tunnel behind her.

Catching her breath she took in the scene opening in front of her. It was small room with the only light coming from two torches attached to opposite walls. A strong musky smell of lavender and sweat filled the room. But it wasn’t the lighting, nor the smell which took her breath.

Directly in front of her she saw the back of a naked man. Tall, dark skin and muscle. Shining with sweat he rhythmically thrusted inside a woman. She was kneeling in front of him, arms reaching out gripping the thick velvet carpet which covered the floor. Her knees were brought up to her chest, long dark hair spread out over her back and shoulders. Her skin was moist and glistened. Every time he pushed into her the slapping sound echoed in the room as their moist skin connected. She moaned in time with the slaps.

Watching them were two men. They were tied up on opposite walls, chains fixed them tight with their arms and legs stretched out in an X shape. Their bodies also exuded masculinity; rippling muscles, lean. She had been taught about them as well.

Both had erect penises as they intently watched the coupling in front of them. They were waiting their turn.

All the stories she had heard, all the giggling with her friends. The cartoon drawings passed around. The fantasies, getting more detailed and involved as she matured. They were all true. The pleasure dome, as they had nicknamed the hill, was real.

A voice brought her back to reality. “What are you doing?!” A guard walked over to her. How had she not seen him before? The slapping stopped and the men against the wall looked over at her.

The room suddenly fell deathly silent. All eyes on her.

“I got lost.” Cassandra said. Her voice shook as she became acutely aware of her predicament. The man in front of her turned and his penis slipped out of the woman, it glistened and throbbed accusingly in her direction.

The woman on the floor rolled over and sat up, she immediately recognised her as Ophia. She was a year older than her so they didn’t mix much, outside of the sports arena. But she knew her.

“You got lost did you?” Ophia said standing and approaching her. She didn’t try to cover herself up and her breasts glistened in the flickering light. Her body was lean with slight muscle definition after years of training on the Island. Cassandra noticed she also had no hair over her vagina. This must be part of the ritual she thought as bursa escort she tried to think how to explain herself out of the situation she had found herself in.

Ophia walked past her and shut the door behind her then returned to stand in front of her. She was now really scared. The guard stood to her right, the unleashed slave to her left. His penis still erect. Ophia stood directly in front of her. The men on the walls watched from a distance. There was no way out for her.

“Did you really get lost Cas?” Ophia asked again with a mocking tone, she also had recognised her.

She said nothing.

“Well!?” The guard shouted.

She shook her head “No,” she whispered barely able to speak now, fear was taking over. The excitement she had felt initially had disappeared.

“No,” Ophia repeated “Of course not, did your curiosity get the better of you?”

Cassandra nodded staring at the floor.

“Well what do you think?” Ophia asked her.

Cassandra kept silent, still staring at the floor.

The guard grabbed her by the hair roughly and pulled her head up. “She is speaking to you, answer!” he shouted

“I got lost, I heard noises and I accidently came in here.” it was a pathetic answer but the only thing she could muster given the circumstances.

“What should we do with her?” the guard asked turning to Ophia.

Ophia looked at her, then at the two men tied to the wall then back to the guard.

“Get back to your post and say nothing of this,” she ordered.

He stared at her for a second then walked back to stand in the corner.

“So Cas, what do you want to do?” She smiled and Cassandra felt relief wash over her body.

“You know you can’t do anything for another year, but do you want to stay a while? I have some work to do here if I am to bear a child and could do with the company.”

She indicated to the three slaves in the room “These breeders are mute and, aside from their cocks, not much use, or company.”

Cassandra just nodded not sure how to answer.

“You can touch them if you like, just don’t waste the seed, remember every little counts,” she said laughing as she paraphrased what they had been told in class. The classroom, diagrams and giggling friends seemed very far away at that moment in the room filled with sex.

Ophia then walked around to the velvet rug on the floor and lay down assuming the same position as before. Cassandra saw her vagina, pink and swollen, glistening between her thighs.

“Resume!” she said sternly and the slave obliged, kneeling down behind her. Cassandra watched him guide his angry looking penis towards her lips. He thrust inside her with no finesse or delay. The slaps and the moans resumed

Cassandra stood there watching them not sure what to do but was fascinated with the scene. The slave’s buttocks clenched with each thrust and relaxed as he withdrew. She walked into the middle of the room, watching them closely. Ophia’s eyes were closed and looked as if she was concentrating really hard. She noticed her breast swing underneath her, her smooth curved back, the hair which stuck to her shoulder blades. She looked at the slave, his stomach was muscled and he gripped her hips as he performed his duties. His eyes were closed also. Ophia reached back between her legs and started rubbing her clit.

Cassandra knew very well how that felt and let her own hand brush between her legs through the thin dress, she could feel the moisture building up, leaking. She wore no underwear and could feel the mixture of sweat and fluid sticking to her hairs and folds when she moved.

“Will you fucking touch them!” Ophia grunted, her voice breathless and more insistent.

Cassandra looked over at the two men, then over at the guard bursa escort bayan who just stared into space.

She stepped forward then reached out and ran her hand over the chest of the slave closest to her. He watched her intently.

“Yes, that’s right.” Ophia moaned. Cassandra glanced back and saw she was watching her, rubbing herself vigorously as the man kept up the pace behind her.

Returning to the man she could feel his ribs beneath tight stretched muscle. Light hair covered his broad chest. Her hand trickled down and she let a finger lightly graze his cock, there was no hair surrounding it. It jumped at the touch and she studied it. Large and swollen it moved as if alive, separate from the man. Heavy testicles hung below. They were hairless also.

Cassandra smiled and a feeling of power came over her. She was being trained for this, how to treat the slaves, what to do, what not to do, but no one mentioned this. The feeling of absolute power.

The tingling between her legs was becoming unbearable. She wanted nothing more than to be taken on the floor in the same way as Ophia. She gripped the man’s penis in her hand and started slowly stroking him. He closed his eyes and pulled against his chains. She ran her hand over the tip and felt thick liquid coating the smooth skin.

“Rub him slowly, get him ready for me.” Came a throaty instruction from behind her.

Cassandra, let her hand press between her own legs, she couldn’t hold back any longer. She pressed the heel of her hand against her own clit and at the same time rubbed the man very slowly, his penis was leaking a lot. It felt like velvet to Cassandra as she spread the warm slick liquid over the head and shaft. Waves of excitement passed through her and her legs started to feel weak

The man behind her made a loud grunting noise and she turned around to see that the man had stopped, his face creased in pleasure as he stared at the ceiling. His chest rose and fell quickly.

“Fuck no!” Ophia crawled forward and his glistening penis fell out of her. Cassandra could see thick creamy liquid dripping out of her vagina as she stood up.

“Untie him.” Ophia instructed the guard indicating to the man Cassandra was rubbing.

She stepped over and stood in front of Cassandra. Cassandra saw the cum still dripping down the insides of her thighs, her face was flushed. Cassandra hadn’t stopped rubbing the man as the guard started to unshackle him

“One day you will know what that feels like, but for now you will have to wait. Now, I really hope this guy manages to make me come,” Ophia said. “Will you stop rubbing him and leave something for me please,” she joked

Cassandra stood back and smiled.

The guard finished untying the man and he stepped forward. He was huge Cassandra thought as he stood next to her, upright and erect. Her hand was wet from his penis and she could smell his musky sweat.

Ophia reached for his penis and pulled him forward as if leading a horse. She kneeled down again this time facing Cassandra. She was staring directly at her on all fours.

“Commence!” she commanded and the slave kneeled down behind her positioning himself. Cassandra just watched. As he entered her she moaned “Fuck yes, he is huge.” she was still looking directly at Cassandra. The man started thrusting and Ophia moved her hand back between her legs.

“Give me something to watch,” Ophia instructed her and moved around to face the other slave on the opposite wall.

“Touch him, make him come, make yourself come.” her voice was ragged and breathless. “It will help me come, it’s better that way and I really need to, he can be replaced, easily.”

“Please,” she added rubbing her clit fast as the man pistoned inside her.

Cassandra escort bursa smiled at her and walked to the other side of the room. She had all the power in the world now. Her pussy was throbbing and the liquid was soaking her thighs as well as her dress. She pulled it up and over her head, letting it fall to the floor. She was now totally naked.

“Yes, that’s it!” Ophia groaned staring at her. The slapping was getting faster.

Cassandra turned to the man and grabbed his penis, it felt even bigger than the other man as if her nakedness had made it grow. She looked at the guard who was looking confused with the unusual turn of events but she could also see his erection underneath his tunic. She then kneeled down and opened her legs directly facing Ophia.

With one hand Cassandra gripped the slave’s straining cock and started rubbing him. Her small dark nipples strained hard and erect. She then ran a finger up her slit and coated her clit with her own juices. She turned to look at the mans cock, it was there right in front of her face, and she rubbed it in time with her other hand. Slow circles, feeling and savouring the electric waves it sent through her body.

“Yes, that’s it Cas, I’m nearly there, make him come all over you, I want to watch him spray your tits. Make yourself come with me.”

Ophia was descending into a filthy place and Cassadra was happily following her lead.

Almost immediately Cassandra could feel her orgasm starting, it was a familiar feeling but tonight it felt deeper. The base was widening and she knew when it came it would be huge, she turned to look at Ophia. The scene was incredible.

Ophia was watching her intently now and rubbing her clit furiously as the huge muscled slave pounded her body. How he hadn’t come was incredible. She kept rubbing the cock and her own clit letting her orgasm grow and build.

“Fuck, I’m going to come Cas!” Ophia shouted and Cassandra quickened her pace, her pussy was leaking onto the carpeted floor, sweat dripped between her breasts and the cock in her hand was throbbing. As her orgasm reached the point of no return she turned towards the cock and took the tip into her mouth.

“Oh shit!” Ophia groaned. “Yes! suck him, taste him. Fuck I’m coming!”

Cassandra tasted the slaves cum leaking out of his cock as she worked it into her mouth and then the overall filthiness of the situation tipped her over the edge. Her muscles started contracting, she closed her eyes and the cock in her mouth grew and started spraying the roof of her mouth. She let out a muffled groan and then pulled her head back. The cock sprayed her face, chest and stomach. Her own orgasm was now ripping through her body, it felt like her whole body was pulsating. The heat, the smell and the pleasure made her feel lightheaded. Somewhere in the fog she heard Ophia moaning and laughing at the same time.

Eventually she came to and opened her eyes. Her hand was still resting between her legs and the aftershocks were riding through her body in ever decreasing circles.

Ophia was looking at her smiling. The man kneeling behind her and the guard were also staring at her.

Ophia reached back and pushed the man away. His deflated cock hung heavy between his legs. She stood up and walked over to Cassandra, more thick liquid dripped down her thighs.

“Wow thank you Cas that was great. You should stay,” she said then turning towards the guard she spoke louder. “Two more! Quickly,” she ordered.

Cassandra just stared at her back and ass. She could taste salty cum on her lips and watched a thin ribbon of thick creamy liquid swing between Ophia’s pussy and attach to her thigh. The chained man beside her was breathing deeply.

Without thinking she reached out a hand and laid it on Ophia’s perfectly formed ass.

She couldn’t see it but Ophia smiled as she felt the feminine touch.

“Bring in one of the maids as well,” she instructed the guard.

Then turning back to Cassandra.

“I think we’re going to have a party.”

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