Califorina TripCaliforina Trip

Double Penetration

Well, my husband and I decided that we were going to take a trip to California. It was our first trip outside of the state. We saved enough money to take a three week vacation. We found a hotel that was pretty close to the beach. I of course had to go shopping before I went. I found the perfect bikini for me. I am a blonde with a fairly nice body. So I got a bikini and some board shorts with the whole plan of driving my husband nuts.

I love to go somewhere that nobody knows who I am, then I like to dress as sexy as possible. I will go to a dance club and wear something so sexy that everyone watches me. I have done this several times. Most times I just dance with my husband and no one else. Except for tonight, we walked in and I saw the most gorgeous guy. My husband saw him too, and asked if I wanted him. I said yes. So I went to work at getting his attention, and keeping it. I was wearing a very sexy black dress, it was short, about to my mid thigh area, with slits that went up to both hips, and if I moved just right you could aydın escort see the top of my thong. So I started to dance right in front of him. He watched my every movement. So I moved closer and started dancing with my body rubbing against his. I was making him hard. We talked for a few minutes. The whole time dancing. At one point I even started to rub my pussy up and down his leg, letting him feel that I was turned on. He asked if I wanted to go some where with him, I said yes. He pulled me through the crowd, towards the door. We got in his car, and he drove me to his apartment that was about a block away. As soon as the door was shut my dress was off.

Where he found that I was not wearing a bra, and only a small black thong that barely covered me. I took off his shirt, and pants, then proceeded in kissing his whole chest, and neck. I then slowly moved down his body and took off his boxers. Then I took his wonderful seven inch cock into my mouth. I took it all, and slowly worked it with my hands as well, soon bringing him to cum. His cum shot down my mouth, and I swallowed as much of it as I could.

He then took me in to the bedroom and laid me down, where he started to lick and suck on my ample breasts, to the brink of an orgasm. Then he stopped, and worked his way down my body to my cunt. Where he teased me, he would lick the sides of my thighs and the outside of my pussy lips, but he was avoided my clit, and the inside of my lips. Then all of a sudden he plunged in. Making love to me with his tongue. With in seconds I was coming. By then he was hard again, and I wanted his cock inside me. I told him to fuck me. I told him I wanted him to ram his hard cock into my pussy, I told him I wanted him to take me like he meant it. Boy did he, he fucked me like he was never going to get the chance to do this again. He was going wild, but I kept up with his thrusts, We came at the same time, I could feel his warm sweet cum feeling up my hot cunt.

When we were done he took me back to the club. I went and found my husband, and told him what I had done, we left the club and went back to our hotel room, and I told him in every detail what had happened. When I was done telling him, he took off his pants, and his boxer, and pulled down my panties, and did me right there and then, he just lifted up my dress. Soon he had an orgasm, then he went to work at cleaning me out with his tongue. He could still taste the other mans cum. After he was done licking me out, he asked if I had like the way the other man and fucked me, he asked me if I had like to it if I could fuck the man again. I said yes. My husband then took my dress off, and started to suck my nipples, once he even bit my nipple, not very hard, but enough that I could feel it. When he did I came for the third time that night. My husband then entered me again, this time teasing me, just putting the head in, and then pulling out, then slowly entering just the head again. When all of a sudden, he rammed it in to the hilt, making me scream with pleasure. He started pumping at a steady pace, Until we both came. He then collapsed from exhaustion, and we spent the rest of the night cuddled together in bed.

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