Subject: Bringing Home a Boy Part 6 (Revised) Disclaimer: Unless you are brand new to Nifty you know how this works. This is a work of fiction portraying consensual sex between men and boys. No real or fictional characters were harmed during the writing of this story. Nothing written here is meant to suggest anything about the personal or professional lives of anyone who might be referenced, aside from the fact I personally think you’re attracttive. I would never disrespect you in person. Do not read this if you are philosophically blind. If you are legally blind be sure to turn up the volume on your reader (thanks Fred!). If you are in a country or jurisdiction where it is illegal to read such material do not tell anyone what you are doing. We know you are doing the same things we do. We won’t tell either. If you are a minor, pretend you are in the same situation as the folks above and follow that advice. If this material offends you face the fact that you are here because it turns you on. After you get off, go seek professional help to deal with your feelings. (See the “blind” part above.) All constructive comments are welcome at ail. All flames will be ignored. Please donate something, anything, to keep Nifty going, and thanks to everyone who contributes. Keep ’em up! fty/donate.html Weeks turned into days and then hours as the summer flew by. You remember I told you how Joe invented a game where each ride at our favorite park corresponded to a sex act we would do at home. Each act was indulged in the same order as our rides. They were numbered as well, so Joey would use a random number generator for our time at the park and record the order in his phone for our time back home. My genius boy. Now the sex roulette included fucking. We could have increased the number generator possibilites while keeping the same options. That might have made penetrating Joe’s boypussy a very infrequent pleasure. But instead we kept the probability of fucking equal to the chance of Joey sucking his toes while naked. I had actually started calling him Joey as well as Joe. That developed after watching a nature documentary about kangaroos. Joe was fascinated at how a joey would dive into the mother’s pouch and ride along. My Joey wanted to try that, which for us meant him pretending to climb into my “pouch” by sucking then riding my dick while we were face to face. Whatever my boy wants he gets. Like I said, my boy is clever. He also is as horny as he clever. We both were loving this. The boy’s ass was pure heaven. He fit like a velvet glove on my dick. We spent our summer in a combination of sexplay, movies, streaming shows and amusement parks. I set up a webcam so we could watch ourselves as we played. We became our own favorite porn stars hehe. At the same time we kept all our appointments with Marge and child services. We knew this wasn’t a done deal until the adoption was signed, sealed and delivered. It was a painfully slow process that seemed to make no progress, but at least Joe was with me. Of course we couldn’t make summer last forever. School started up again and I had to send my boy away for several hours each weekday. We worked that into our routine. All summer we had shared my bed. We regularly woke each other up with kisses and blowjobs drinking up a creamy breakfast of cum fresh from the balls. It started as a competition to see who could wake the other with pleasure and quickly evolved into who got us into 69 position first. Hahaha! With school starting we had to get up earlier so there was time to shower together and choose Joe’s clothes for the day. I enjoyed feeling him all over as I bathed and dressed him. Joe was ever the playful, kinky boy. Our new routine called for a new game. He took a 20-sided die and rolled it each morning. Numbers 1 to 5 meant Joe would wear normal underwear, like briefs or boxers, and have a butt plug inside himself all day at school. I wished I could see his face each time he sat down and felt the plug push a touch deeper inside. Muahaha! When he got home I would replace the plug with my hard dick. Awesome. Numbers 6 to 10 required Joey wear no underwear or plug. The only thing between his privates and the world was his outerwear of thin summer shorts, or later his ripped and slashed jeans. Fashion with a sexual accent for anyone paying close attention. Numbers 11 to 15 demanded Joey wear undies, but no plug. That may sound boring. However we spiced it up by choosing things from that special drawer in our bedroom; revealing jockstraps, thongs and sheer sexwear. Joey told me how sexy he felt and how he loved that no one else knew. When he got home on those days it was my turn to slowly strip and fondle him. Numbers 16 to 20 dictated wearing the butt plug, but no underwear. This was the kinkiest part of the plan my boy had thought up given the dangers of anyone else finding out, and yes my erection still replaced the plug when Joe got home. Honestly I have no idea how he managed to hide his hardon all day while doing any of these combinations. I’m sure Joe had a boner during the days because he seemed to have a permanent stiff at home. Such a delight. We did hit one snag on days when Joe had gym. He couldn’t wear a plug those days because if someone saw it that couldn’t be explained away. Sexwear would also get noticed and create social problems. Going without underwear could be explained away, but would still be noticed. All students were required to change their clothes at the beginning and end of class and shower after class. I wish I could have supervised the locker room to watch all those teens getting naked and bathing their bodies. Fortunately I could have Joe describe the other boys as I bathed him. He was still embarassed to talk about the act of having sex. However Joe was cool with describing his classmates bodies in detail and by name. The fact that I was routinely sucking Joe’s dick while he described them probably helped. So on those gymnasium days Joe dressed like any other student, until he forgot which day it was. Joey rolled a nine. That was the fortunate mistake that brought this to a whole new level. Outside of school the usual routine still applied. I picked Joe up at the end of the day and groped him on the way home. He would control the garage door and undress in the kitchen before having a snack while konya escort naked. Occasionally I asked him to keep on the sexy undies or even briefs when he was wearing tighty whities like the first time we met. Obviously they didn’t stay on for too long, heh. My boy was growing up. Joe had taken to weights, running and other exercises. His slim body was nicely defined, gently cut muscle, still smooth except for his dick hair and just a few newly growing whisps of armpit hairs. Some hairs were starting to grow on his lower legs too. Joey was also starting to show a little fuzzstache on his upper lip that really turned me on. His jizz was nectar. Of course the best thing that can happen while you are living the dream is that gets even better, right? What do I mean? How is that even possible? Being who I am; the incredibly lucky, single, retired, foster-but-want-to-be-permanent-parent; I get to pick up Joe at school every day. I wait curbside in line with the other parents. The students come out the front doors and down the stairs to their cars. I’m not a total whore, but there were lots of cute boys coming down those steps. In my imagination I can smell the hormones of every one of them. Typically Joe comes flying out of the doors and literally running down the stairs to jump in the car and have me spirit him away. This day my Joey came out of the front doors at the top of the stairs and stopped. He was talking another boy. A cute boy if I may say. He kind of looks like the model Alex Ruygrok. One fucking sexy youth. Only this boy’s hair was very dark and spiked up with gel. He sort of looked like an anime character brought to life. Like one of the Robins from the Batman comic books rendered by the artist Phausto. I’ve told you how my Joey resembles Case Walker. The two of them together were a really cute pair and a pleasure to watch. They kept talking for some minutes which was noteworthy by itself. You will remember that while at the group home Joey was notable for being a loner and not really forming relationships with any of the other resident boys. Plus as I said before Joe normally hurried down the stairs to my car. Most of the other cars had picked up their kids and pulled away by now. Soon it was just me and a few others still waiting for their straggling charges. What was going on here? I studied my boy more closely. Then I saw it. The look in Joe’s eyes was the same look he has when we are on the way back home from the amusement park. It was a more intense version of the look he had in the car on the way to our first funtime adventure. It was the look that signaled a change from wondering if something could happen to certainty that something would. I knew he was anticipating fun on multiple levels. With this expression I also knew sex was inevitable. When the boys parted they made a teenage embrace with fists pumping each other’s back, but I noticed they held on to one another longer than was typical for their age, which was suggesting something else again. I dare say it was more a love hug than a bro hug. Both came down the stairs headed to their respective cars, yet I could see how they kept glancing sideways as they couldn’t stop looking at each other. I was intrigued and watched which car the boy got into. His was one of the few cars remaining in the line. It was a very expensive model I recognized only from magazines. Standing at the driver’s door was a man. He looked many years younger than me with a stylish appearance. To tell the truth he was handsome. In fact he was rather attractive. The man had classic looks, sort of like the actor Anson Mount, with long, dark hair pulled into a pony tail and neatly trimmed beard and moustache. In what appeared to be expensively tailored clothing I could tell he was fit. Honestly he was kinda hot. I noted how he looked at his boy and smiled, then looked at Joe with an intensely interested look on his face. I confess I was watching his boy almost as intensely. Then our eyes met. I nodded hello. He smiled, nodded his head in return. We all got in our cars and pulled away from the school. I couldn’t wait to get home and ask Joe to tell me about this other kid. However, I knew it would be worth it to wait until we were home so I could make him talk about this while we played. I did decide to put out a feeler, pun intended, and check out the guesses I had about what I saw. “How was you day?”, I asked like every parent does. Joe burst out loud, “Awesome! I have to tell you what happened today when we get home. Right now I’m hungry.” I followed my instinct and reached over to feel Joe’s groin. He was wonderfully hard as I had guessed. It always felt great to grope his crotch when he he wasn’t wearing underwear. He gave me his beautful grin and I knew Joe had something very special to share that he knew we both would enjoy. “Let’s pickup something on the way home so we can get right into dinner and then have our fun.”, I suggested. My little sex crime partner gave me that familiar half smile, half smirk that always made me rock hard. Suddenly Joe’s words just poured out in a rush. “You saw that boy I was talking to? His name’s Eli. We have a few classes together, including gym. And I forgot today was a gym day when I rolled the die this morning… and so I was commando… and we were in the locker room… and I… he has a locker next to mine… and he watched me strip… and he saw I wasn’t wearing any underwear… and I was like embarassed… but glad I didn’t have the plug today but… I saw him looking at me… and I got hard and he… he grabbed my dick and started jacking me! Like right there in the locker room! He stripped too and he was wearing these bikini briefs… and he was hard too… and we made out… and he sucked my dick… and we came together… jacking I mean, not while he was blowing me. We shot cum everywhere! But we had to be quiet because there were other kids… and the teacher’s office is close… and if we got caught… It was so hot… and dangerous… and I loved it! Like really!!! He’s almost as good as you.” Joey looked at me and tilted his head in that cute way he does when he wants to make sure I’m happy and satisfied. Not like there was ever a moment when I wasn’t. However, it was sweet that he made sure to take care of my feelings. I was tickled at his enthusiasm. konyaaltı escort You know Joe has a kinky disposition. It’s what made our partnership such a joy and so sexual. Him having sex with another boy in the locker was surprising, but also in character. Yet what really impressed me was this was the most I had ever heard Joe describe having sex. There was none of the usual blushing or hesitation. There was no filter at all. My boy was in love, or at least in lust. He found a playmate and maybe more. The mental image of the two boys making out and wanking each other also had me painfully hard. I couldn’t wait to get home if only to free my willy from my tight pants. “We play the same games and he has a webcam too and I wanna play when we get home. Like we can all play together.” Well now. It seems my boy may have let the boner out of the briefs and the cat out of the bag. “Just how much did you tell, um… Eli is it? How much did you tell Eli about you and me?”, I asked. Joe blushed and looked out the window. I knew this was going to be good. “After we came he licked me clean. That was really cool. I told him I want to see him tonight on cam. He asked me what if you caught me naked and wanking and I said you wouldn’t have any problem with that. Then he said neither would his dad.” Joe looked for my reaction. His eyes were wide imagining the possibilities. Joe looked down at my rigid dick pulsing in my pants. Then he grabbed my hard through my khakis. We pulled up to the fast food drive thru, put in our order, got to the window to pay and were surprised to see the server. His name tag said “Blake”. His face we recognized from the amusement park ride the day we first fucked. I especially remember how his eyes got huge as he stared at Joe’s tent. It was the same way he was staring at both Joe’s tent and mine right now. Blake blushed. Clearly he also recognized us. Or maybe he recognized Joe’s tent. My boy said “Hi guy. Um. Blake, I mean.” Then Joe put his hand between his legs and pulled the pants tightly over his obviously hard peter. Blake looked thunderstruck like Thor’s hammer just landed on his head. He nervously looked over his shoulder to see if any of his shiftmates were seeing any of this. I decided to press things. “Good to know you’re still employed when the parks are closed.” I handed him a credit card to pay for the meal. Also to make sure he had my name. When he handed me the receipt to sign I added a separate piece of paper with my mobile number. I just knew the seeds for new adventures were being firmly planted. Blake took my number and tucked it into his pocket. He gave us a thumbs up. Joey blew Blake a kiss. This day was just getting better and better. We arrived home in our usual fashion with Joe activating the garage door while I was playing with his hard dick through his pants. Also as was our general rule Joe stripped naked as soon as he entered the kitchen. His erection was pulsing with a beauty I see frequently but never tire of. “Dad?” Joe dipped his head a little and looked up at me through his long eyelashes. I knew my Joey was level ten out of ten for his horniest. This is the look when he wants to do more than fuck. This is the look Joe has when he is going to drain my balls and challenge me to do the same to his. “I want us to choose something really special to share with Eli… and his dad.” Just like that. I was so much more proud of my boy. I decided at that moment to see just how many cums I could get out of Joey that day. We each had already cum together once on waking up and once in the shower before school. We chose very special pieces of sexwear for this occasion. For Joey it was a jock strap with a semi-sheer black pouch and red straps. His jewels seemed to glow through the mesh. The whole basket was trimmed in red the same color as the straps. That made it appear to be at first the same construction as any other jockstrap. What made this jock unique were the snaps at three corners of the pouch. But more about that later. What Joey wanted on me was a Tarzan costume. Basically it was two squares of cloth drapped over front and back and held by a slim rope around the waist. Ass and jewels were on display virtually at will. “Can I start with Eli before you join in?” That was sweet. I hadn’t considered this situation at the outset, but I felt how good this was and how much better it could be. “Of course son. ” I kissed Joe full on the lips. His mouth opened and we tangled tongues for a while. Our hands were busily feeling each other all over. Joe pulled back. “I’m gonna go get on cam with Eli. That’s good?” I nodded my head ‘yes’ and watched his gorgeous young ass retreat into the den. I had a feeling we were in for a lot of activity so I prepared snacks and drinks to bring to my ravenous boy. He always ate a lot between bouts of sex. That was another joy I had with my Joey. Time passed. A lot of time passed. This was another unusual thing. Let me not exaggerate because it was probably only 10 or 15 minutes since Joe entered the room. Yet at the same time I realized we had never been apart in this house for more than five minutes maximum since the first time he walked through the door. I was getting excited thinking of what was happening. I stood at the doorway and listened. Joe had turned up the volume on the speakers so I heard Eli. “Damn bae. You are so fucking sexy. I love how your boner and balls look in those jocks.” Damn! Even the kid’s voice was sexy. Joe replied, “You’re beautiful. I’ve never seen anyone, guy or girl as beautiful as you. I want my dad to see you.” “Sure thing.”, Eli replied. “Hey dad come here!” It was kind of funny the way Joey called for me. He didn’t yell because he knew I was nearby waiting for this moment. There was a seduction in his voice that drew me like a bee to honey. I walked in wearing my Tarzan costume and stood next to Joe. I slipped an arm aorund his shoulders. “Wow! I love it! That’s so fucking cool! You two look so hot together.” Now I’m no beefcake by any stretch of the imagination. But to hear Eli compliment me and Joey this way definitely put an additional spring in my dick. Of course that made the loincloth stick out. Joe reached underneath and began slowly stroking my hardon while Eli watched. This was my first opportunity konyaaltı eve gelen escort to see Eli up close. He was naked. He was gorgeous. Fit. Defined. Slim. And his cock… oh my gawd! Joey had grown to almost 6 inches at a late 13 years of age. Perfection. What I saw on Eli had to be 7+ and thick. For the extra bonus he was uncut. The foreskin just clung to the back of his glans. I got harder. Joe squeezed me harder. I looked down to watch my boy’s cock pulsing strongly in his jock. This was 350 degrees Kelvin hot! “Where’s your dad?”, asked Joey in that same seductive tone. “I’m right here.” The voice was every bit as sexy as the man I had seen at school. Two bare, muscular arms came over Eli’s shoulders as the hands made their way slowly down Eli’s chest and abs into the boy’s groin and took firm hold of Eli’s cock. The boy stood up and reached out to adjust the cam. We were quickly rewarded with a full view of Eli and his dad, both naked and erect, fit as fuck, standing in front of us and fondling each other’s jewels. I felt both elated and jealous. “My name’s Marc. You are Joe… and your dad?” “Hi. I’m Rob. Nice to see you. Both of you.” I leaned over and whispered into Joey’s ear. We were gonna give as good show as we were seeing. I don’t know why I felt so competitive. Actually in retrospect I felt inferior being both the oldest and certainly the least fit and attractive of the four of us. Yet then again, here I was with these three hotties so that counts for something. Seeing Marc’s beauty maybe made me wonder if Joey would stay with me or be seduced by this gorgeous man. But no. In my heart I knew my Joey was mine forever. Eli and Marc could be a wonderful addition. I mentally chided myself for getting too ambitious and thought ‘let’s try and stay in the moment and enjoy the fuck out of this experience’. Joe stood up and adjusted the cam so we were giving Eli and Marc the same view we had of them. Then we unloaded our surprise when I unsnapped the pouch from Joe’s jockstrap to free his rampant erection. We heard them both gasp at the sight. I kissed Joe deeply, tongues swirling while I pulled on his leaking penis. Slowly licking my way down his body I got down on my knees and took Joe’s meat into my mouth. This was too hot for any of us. Joe groaned loudly as he grabbed my head with both hands and started fucking my mouth in earnest. I couldn’t see the computer screen clearly out of the side of my eyes while Joey was plowing my face. But I could hear Eli loud and clear. “Damn bro! Sweet lord that is so fucking hot! Daddy please suck me like that.” Marc’s voice was so seductive and sensual. “Yeah Baby. Daddy is going to give you head just like that. But only after your friend creams his daddy’s mouth. Then they can watch you flood mine. Until then we are just going to have to make you edge.” I couldn’t believe my ears. A man was watching my boy facefuck me while keeping his own boy just on the edge of orgasm. Brilliant!!! Now both boys were groaning loudly. Joey reached his limit. Still the clever boy caught me off guard by pulling out at the last moment. Before I could ask why Joe was painting my face. His load was enormous, easily the biggest load he had ever produced for me. Remember this was the third load today. I was sure we found a whole new level of production. He didn’t stop there, however. While he was still cumming Joe plunged his rod back into my mouth and fucked it relentlessly. He moaned and groaned like a wounded animal. It was so intense. I quickly scooped some of the jizz off my face and shoved my cummy fingers up Joey’s ass. That had the desired effect as I swear he immediately blew a second nut in my mouth. At the very least it was one long, continuous cum. “Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhggggggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!” Not a real word but very articulate for the situation. He literally fell over me as we collapsed to the floor. Joe’s boner stayed in my mouth the entire way. It took some minutes before we both recovered. Joe brought my face up to his and licked his cum. So tenderly, so affectionately, so erotically he cleaned his spunk from my face. Keeping the jizz in his mouth we deep kissed. After mingling our tongues and sharing the nut we swallowed every drop. We kept cuddling in Joe’s post-orgasmic glow then eventually remembered we had guests watching us. I looked back at the computer screen. Marc and Eli were still watching us intensely, but I could see the boy was getting fucked as they looked on. When they saw us finish and looking back at them Marc pulled out and got on his knees to blow Eli. The boy made his own share of noise as his daddy sucked away. Then they shared their own surprise. Quickly shifting the cam, Marc lifted Eli into the air and flipped him upside down on the floor facing the cam. Now the boy was on his back, legs in the air, bent so his dick was hanging over his face. We could see his father furiously milking Eli’s dick while simultaneously eating the young teen’s ass. Within seconds Eli blasted his load into his open mouth and all over his face. “Fucking A! Dayyum! That’s fire!” The admiration in Joe’s voice was clear. Marc’s face was shiny with his saliva from eating out his boy. He kept pulling on Eli’s sex as the poor boy endured his post-orgasmic pleasure. Marc manouvered them to lick the cum from Eli’s face before they also snowballed. Joe and I fondled each other and kissed as we watched. Marc broke the silence after many minutes of fathers and sons worshipping each other. “Eli’s been checking out Joe for some time now. He finally made his move. It would be sweet if we are all on the same page. So let’s figure out what comes next, ok?” “Ok.” I answered, “This was great. Fantastic even. We would love more virtual playdates. Maybe we can have an in-person visit in addition?” “I would love that.” Marc answered. Eli elbowed his dad in the ribs. “We would love that!” Then Joey sealed the deal. He got up on his hands and knees facing the cam. Because that was doggy position my eyes were immediately drawn to my boy’s sweet ass so I almost missed hearing the next statement. “Great to meet you Mr. Marc. See you tomorrow Eli. I love you.” I was stunned. Joe just told someone else ‘I love you’. If nothing else works out in this life I know I’ve done something great in freeing this boy to say that. My heart swelled at the thought. Eli and his dad responded the only way I could hope. “I love you too.”, said Eli. “You both are great. We look forward to getting to know each other better.”, Marc added. Ooohh the possiblities we have just unleashed. To be continued…?

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