Subject: Brad and Son BRAD AND SON Chapter One Brad let the car idle as he waited for his son. The Jeep was a lucky find. He marvelled at his luck. The road from the highway to the cabin was very rough. He had nearly knocked out the crank shaft on his last trip up there. When was that? One? No, two years ago. Man oh man, two long years. No wonder he was feeling stir-crazy. The divorce had been relatively smooth but had left everyone disoriented. And then deployment. Shit, that had been rough. Useless to dwell on it. New day. Brad heard the door slam. As he looked out he watched Tony eagerly bound towards the vehicle. Smile beaming, hair sun-dappled, the boy reached the Jeep all aglow. “Great wheels, dad. Very cool”, he gushed as he opened the door, tossed his backpack in the rear, before climbing in. As he buckled up he offered, ” Missed you”. “Missed you, too”, Brad responded automatically. He grinned at his only child. ” Let’s get the hell out of Dodge”. Jeep in gear, they were off on their three week adventure. As Tony sought a radio station Brad was secretly glad that he had cashed in his sick days. At thirty years of age Brad was well employed but he had been with this advertising company less than eleven months. Thankfully his first campaign had been a huge winner. Anything he seemed to want he got. The powers that be were smiling. ‘Keep the good thoughts, guys’, he thought. The road ahead was clear, the sky cloudless, and his pride and joy was beside him. What more did Brad need? He would soon find out. Brad and Tony were on a road neither was prepared to maneuver. Or either would have believed would bring them all they desired. After almost five hours of non-stop driving Brad made the turn-off onto the rough road. “Holy Moses!” Tony laughed as he was jostled about. His father joined in the laughter as the Jeep bumped through the holes then over exposed rocks. Tony laughed uproariously. “This isn’t a car! It’s a Tilt-a-Whirl!” He joked referring to his favorite amusement park ride. “Ya got that right!” As the road levelled off the cabin came into view. With a groan the gear was placed in park. Father and son gathered the first haul as they exited the vehicle. “Dad, this looks great”. The rough hewn cabin rested in a brief clearing. Surrounded by forest it looked small but inviting. There were few windows but the stone chimney dominated the entire back of the structure. As they rounded to the front the deep verandah seemed welcoming with its two steps up and porch swing. They dropped the bags by the door before making two more trips for supplies from the Jeep. “Find the chips. Your old man needs food”. Brad fumbled with the key releasing the bolt. As they dragged the stuff inside they both looked at each other and grinned. The air was Staley humid. Windows were quickly opened. The food was the priority. It was put away while Tony found the potato chips. Munching away the food was quickly stashed. ” Too stuffy in here. I’ll make a bar-b-que. Steaks good?” Tony nodded happily. As his dad set up outside he put away their clothes and set the toiletries in the bathroom. The kid noticed there was a sink and tub but the toilet was dry. ‘Weird’, he thought. Once his self-imposed chores were done he joined his dad by the bonfire. “Too much lighter fluid”. Brad looked at his son. ” Thanks, Betty”. Tony laughed at the reference to his mother. “I don’t think the toilet works”. Brad watched the flame on the briquets begin to lower. “Never has. It never got hooked up”. Tony didn’t hesitate: “Where do I go?” Brad chuckled. “Wherever you like”. He looked at the shiney boy as they both burst out laughing. With such a bad start it was surprising how well the steaks turned out. Brad’s was rare and Tony’s medium. ‘No blood. Sooo gross’, he had warned but perfection happened. They ate contentedly swatting at the occasional fly . “No fooling, dad. I’ve really gotta go*. Brad looked at the squirming youth. ” Come on. Let me teach you the woods”. He led the kid about fifty yards from the back of the cabin. There they came across an obvious outhouse. ” In emergencies”, Brad grinned. “It’s really gross”. He moved past the lean-to leading a little ways into the bush. He began to unbuckle his shorts. “But if you need to go and you’re alone then you piss by the cabin. Woods can be dangerous. And piss will keep the wildlife away”. Tony was at a loss. Was he supposed to pee next to his dad? The burly man didn’t hesitate as he hauled out his prick. Tony glanced but quickly turned his eyes. The meat was big. Certainly much bigger than his own. Now what? “Come on. Or you’ll piss your pants”. Brad watched the boy fumble then pull out his pricklet. ‘Not too shabby’, he thought then found himself amused as the lithe lad struggled to begin. Brad looked at his own as he pissed. Nothing to be embarrassed about. His piss thundered as his sons trickled before it released its full stream. Brad felt an unusual sense of pride as he pissed alongside his son. Father and son. Comfortable with each other. It made Brad pleased. Tony trembled inside. But his dad was so regular about the entire thing. His dad’s stream covered more area than his own. Shit, even his piss was smaller. He couldn’t help but notice his dad swinging the dick before putting it away. Some big butted show-off. Brad zipped up as he glanced over. “Hold it, buddy. You’ve gotta shake out the last drops or you’ll end up with a piss-leak on your pants”. He watched the lad light up with understanding as he shook his small pale dink. ‘Man, was I ever that small’, Brad thought. As he moved away he was quickly followed by his son. The embers were left to cool as they washed up the plates and tidied away all food. As Brad well knew, leftovers were an invitation to the forest denizens. Once he was satisfied he shucked most of his clothes. “Bed already?” Tony said looking at the hirsute man in his briefs. “Nah”. Brad began to make up the only bed with sheets and pillows brought from home. “I want you to see the sunset but I’ve gotta take a shower. I’m beginning to reek”. He pulled out a towel and fresh briefs. Tony grabbed a pop from the fridge. As he heard the pipe squeak out the water the boy made his way to the swing on the verandah. The air was cooler than the day but that wasn’t saying much. It was still pretty muggy. The boy sipped as he listened to the forest sounds. The air was sweet with some kind of blossom. Tree tops swayed gentley as their branches creaked. The crickets began to make their presence known. He inhaled deeply as he settled back on the swing. Tony began to wonder about his dad. The man was successful. His private schooling attested to that. He supposed his Mom helped pay for that, too. Maybe. Who knows? Tony missed the man’s daily presence at home but had to admit quiet was better than shouting. But here they were. Up in the outer edge of nowhere. No cable. No on-line games. So why wasn’t he bored. He would be if they were at home. He wondered if his dad was ever bored. Was he bored now? No, didn’t seem that way. Dad seemed to be happy. Really happy. Maybe the mountain air left him loopy. Tony chuckled softly. It was sort of loopy pissing with dad. Really. Well, kind of. But then when he pulled out his . . . “Hanging in, champ?” Brad called from inside. “Just on the swing”, he called back. His cheeks reddened at the interruption to his thoughts. The lad was still grinning as his dad stepped out clad in clean briefs. ” Guess I should wash up, too”. Brad caused gaziantep travesti the seat to shift awkwardly as he sat. “Not yet. You need to see this sunset”. He stretched an arm along the back giving his sons head support. “It’s our first sunset of the season. I want to share it with you”. Tony rested his head. Then the sky began to change. Blue melted to orange melted to purples. All of the shades of purple. The sky streaked it’s hues as the further away the sun fell into hiding the darker the back of the sky became. For more than two hours the guys watched nightfall. Chapter Two Tony woke with a start. Then he remembered where he was. He luxuriated for a few moments as he yawned and stretched. Then he sat up. No dad in sight. Obviously he had to be close by. Of course. Right? He made his way past the couch towards the kitchen. With a quick glance the fact that his dad was not in the can was confirmed by the open door and the quiet. So quiet. Not even bird song. Tony tiptoed to the screen door. Softly he said, “Dad?” “Out here, champ”. The reassuring voice brought the lad outside. There was the tall broad man half sitting on the wood railing still in his briefs. Tony grinned his good morning. “You’re up early”. “It’s after eight. Up here I wake the sun up”. Brad ran a hand over the scruff of his morning beard. “Think I should grow this out?” He laughed as the kid rolled his eyes. “Maybe not”. The man stood to his full height. Nodding his head towards the front view he said, “Go take a whizz. I’ll get breakfast. Just stay by the cabin”. Breakfast was over in a languid fashion. As Tony showered Brad cleaned. When the boy appeared Brad was already dressed for their hike. The boy put on similar hikers and shorts and a tee shirt while his dad prepared a picnic basket. And in short time father and son were off. After twenty minutes they were at the spring-fed pond just a few feet deep with a sandy floor. Stripping down quickly they barrelled into the refreshing water with loud splashes. From the rising heat of the day the sun-drenched pool cooled them with the fresh sting of cold. They splashed about happily with Brad heaving his son into the air before the inevitable splash down. Laughing loudly they tagged and dunked each other and swam basking in the surrounding nature. Feeling the slight pangs of hunger Brad was first out to set up the picnic. Donning his shorts he began to put the food onto the blanket. “Good idea, dad. I’m beginning to feel peckish”. ” Peckish?”, Brad mocked the word coming from such a young mouth. Then he glanced over towards the pond. Brad stood transfixed. His son rose from the water slowly, dappled in sunshine. The naked youth glowed with absolute beauty. Brad swallowed as he took in the lithe figure with his blonde hair, swan neck, pale nipples and the absolute Elizabethan countenance that made his son appear almost ethereal. Why had he never noticed how exquisite his boy was? And why did he notice it now? Brad looked away as he made his eyes focus on the task at hand. Disconcerted his hands fairly trembled. Tony sat naked on the blanket. The lad prattled on in a never-ending stream of dialogue that only begged the occasional comment from his dad. Brad was grateful for he knew he couldn’t keep up any conversation of consequence. His brain felt confused as his body betrayed to him at least the disquieting reality. He had to think of something else. Anything else but the beauty naked before him. Later, when lunch was done, he feigned disinterest at another swim. He was not about to take off his shorts until he figured this out. Even after dinner was done and the time was right for sleeping he sent Toby off to bed alone. He wanted to read was the explanation given. Instead he sat on the porch swing troubled enough to not comprehend anything he had read. He kept his briefs on when he slid into bed next to the naked boy. After a long look down at his sleeping son he rolled onto his other side only to fall into a fitful sleep. Chapter Three Tony woke first. Gingerly he stepped from the bed making his way to the side of the cabin. The dewy grass was cool on his feet as he took his morning piss. He marvelled how free he felt outside totally bare. This would never be allowed at home. Course he would never pee against the house either. The thought made him giggle. “TONY!” The boy was startled at the harsh voice. His dad sounded really mad. He came around the side of the cabin to see his father standing in his briefs with a mean scowl. “I’m just taking a pee, dad”. “In front! Where I can see you! Christ!” The door slammed after the man. Tony quickly followed. He didn’t usually raise his voice but when he did it was best to placate him. “I’m sorry, dad”. Tony stood with his eyes searching as his hands cupped his sex protectively. ” I don’t want sorries. Use your head. Fuck, do you know what could happen to you alone out there? If anything happened to you?” Brad swallowed before looking squarely at his boy. “Just be careful”, he said in a far gentler voice. ” I’m sorry. Don’t be mad”, the boy almost pleaded. Tentatively he took a step forward then was welcomed with open arms. He hugged his father, the crisis over. Brad kissed the top of his head. “What am I supposed to do with you?” But the question was one that sent a wave of fear down his spine. After breakfast and spending a good deal of time scouring down the cabin they decided the best break was a furious game of touch football. Tony proved his worth with often quick plays that both surprised and proudly delighted his father. Tony decided it was his turn to man the bar-b-que for lunch though there was nothing more exotic than hot dogs and potato chips on the menu. “You’re a good cook”, Brad praised between chomps. ” I only learn from the best”. Brad paused. “Did I teach you how to cook hot dogs?” His mind did a quick search. “I said the best”, the lad smiled mischievously. “Grandma”. Brad threw a chip at him. “Smart-ass”. It was later in the day that everything changed. Brad was in the kitchenette washing the carrots and potatoes for that evenings dinner when he heard his son call to him. But the voice was odd, foreign almost. He turned off the cold tap then walked onto the verandah. Brad’s heart turned to ice. Between the bottom of the stairs and where Tony stood off in the distance was a brown bear. A bear! On all fours the furry head looked at Brad as he stepped onto the verandah. The bear gave him a barely passing glance. He was much more interested in the tasty morsel only a few yards from him. Tony looked at his dad, his own face a study in terror. “Dad, I?” he trembled. “Shush”. Brad’s teeth were clenched. His mind snapped to auto-pilot. What was in the cabin? A knife? No. A broom? Not sturdy enough. A plank? No two by fours. Bear mace? Yes, yes! But where? Think. Bureau? Counter? Top drawer! He retreated swiftly but as quietly as he was able. Seconds (minutes, hours, days) he was back outside running towards the beast the spray being diffused in a steady stream as he yelled at the top of his lungs. The animal looked at the crazy man with a quizzical gaze. Then the scent of spray hit its nose. It knew this scent. This carried stinging eyes. The food wasn’t worth that. The bear swung around lumbering quickly to find a less bothersome meal. Brad watched the beast go as he continued to yell. Only after he was certain it was safe did he start backing towards Tony. gaziantep masaj salonları His eyes scanned over and over. “Gone”. He was satisfied. He then turned to see his son. The kid shook with the fear. The lad didn’t move towards him as he approached quickly. Scooping Tony up he raced back to the cabin. Once in he locked the screen door as if that would matter. Brad fell to the floor holding Tony fast as the can rolled free from his clutch. Tony burst into tears. Then he began to cry so hard his body racked with the need to breathe properly. He clung to his father. “You’re okay. You’re safe. Daddy’s here. I’m here”, he soothed clutching the youth to him. As the boy trembled he felt all energy drain from his body. The boy burbled nonsense if only to assure himself it was over. Brad let him prattle on as he whispered words of comfort in his ear. Tony sniffled as he calmed down. He felt the strong arms about him begin to relax and he suddenly pulled tighter to the hairy mountain. “NO!” he yelled before the massive arms squeezed fighter. Brad held on. “It’s over. You’re safe. I love you”. The words caught in his throat. Oh, how he loved him. Fear began to sneak into his mind. “Daddy?” “What?” The boys voice was so small so he made his deeply soothing. Tony pushed back so he could look at his rescuer. “I think I peed my pants”. “Who cares?” Brad offered a weak smile. Tony looked at his dad with a confused awed expression. His fingers reached up to touch a tear on the bronze cheek. “You’re crying”. It was offered as surprised observation. Brad merely looked at his son. “You really do”. Brad took a deep swallow. “Really do what?” “Love me”. Brad was relieved to be able to truly chuckle. “Yeah. Go figure”. This time they both smiled. Brad looked at the open clear eyes. Gently he kissed the soft lips. “I really do love you”. The pit of his stomach was suddenly cold as an unbelievable realization knocked him for a loop. Tony leaned up to kiss one of the tears away. Chapter Four Not wanting to venture outside dinner was cooked inside. They bathed with the water from the kitchen tap and facecloths. Not too thorough but it got the job done. Tony’s shorts were set to soak in the bathroom sink. With Brad in his briefs and his son naked they took a tentative sit on the porch swing. Brad held the boy on his lap cradling as he clung a little too tightly. “The bear is gone. Probably miles away by now. Bad food source”. Brad attempted a laugh but it died long before. He kissed the smooth brow. Tony pressed his dad to the hirsute chest. Then he placed his hand in his own slight chest. “The same”, he muttered. “What is?” “Our heart beats. They’re the same”. This time Brad did chuckle. “Well, they are”. Tony pulled at the hairy forearm so he could place the hand in his chest. “See?” Brad felt the warm flesh but had to concentrate. “I see”. Tony was satisfied. Fingers gently toyed with the chest hair. “I think you’re the bravest man in the whole world”. “Not so much”. “You took on a bear all alone just for me”. The beatific boy looked squarely at his father. “I love you, too”. Brad looked with wonder as he was kissed so tenderly on the lips. “You’re welcome”, Brad forced a lightness he didn’t feel. “I’m serious”, he complained. Placing his hands on the stubbled cheeks he kissed him again. “I know about kissing”. Brad cocked an eyebrow. “Oh yeah?” “Yes. I do”. “Okay, I give”. Tony grinned in spite of his stance. His fingers slid along the wanting-to-be beard. “Daddy?” Brad merely looked as response. Something else stirred. Something familiar as a man was beginning to feel like a betrayal. He gazed into the aqua eyes. “Tell me again”. Brad pressed his lips to the boys. Slowly his lips rolled about the thin flesh. His nostrils inhaled the intimate fragrance of youth. As he pressed on his tongue took tentative swipes of Tony’s lips. As though a key, the lips parted allowing his tongue entry. With slow, deliberate attempts their tongues met only to begin a gentle moist battle. Their mouths opened wider to accommodate the sliding of tongue over tongue. Brad’s hands slid from cheek to feel the curve of the neck. Then slid slowly about the smooth small chest. The paps barely responded to his fingers tender stroking. His head swam as the small hands reached up to hold his neck. Brad’s heart thundered through his ears as he became lost in sensation. All of this was so very wrong. And felt so wonderfully right. He became lost in the moment of supreme tenderness. As their lips parted Brad held the boys head go his chest. He couldn’t look at him. What had he done? How many lines had he just crossed? Now his heart raced for a different reason. What must his son think of him? “Guess you know alot about kissing too, hunh?” Brad threw his head back laughing loudly, more with relief than anything. Hugging his son closer his body eased. “What say we hit the hay?” Tony slid off the lap followed by his dad into the cabin. Brad stared at the beautiful found globes. Tonight he would once more sleep in his briefs. Chapter Five “That’s quite the outfit”, Brad commented as Tony stepped onto the verandah in his hikers and nothing else. “Well, it is just us up here. Can I go like this?” “I suppose so”, he mused. “You’re not afraid?” Tony sidled up to his father taking the meaty paw. “Why? You’ll protect me”. Brad walk alongside his son. ‘And who’ll protect you from me’, he troubled. The pond was clean as they swam happily. Brad was glad of the coldness. But it was Tony who fired first of the water. As Brad eventually waded out the kid was already munching a sandwich. The coolness of the water lingered staving off the heat. Brad lay on his side as he nibbled. His appetite was almost nonexistent. Tony crawled over awkwardly planting a kiss. He saw the look of surprise but secretly smiled when his dad licked his own lips. The lad shrugged. “I like kissing you”, he said matter-of-factly. Brad grinned before he knew what he’d done. His paw soothed his sons cheek as the thumb slid over the lips. There revved his heart again. “Guess it happens during the day, too”, Tony said. Brad was amused by him. “What? Kisses?” “No, you getting hard”, Tony gazed down. Brad followed the stare. His body had betrayed. Shit, shit. “Sorry, I guess?” “Can you do that whenever you want?” “Um, I suppose. Wait. What did you mean you guessed it happens in the daytime, too”. “Oh, daddy. You get hard every night”. Tony giggled. He then boldly stared at the hard-on. “You certainly do get big”. “Not really. I’m pretty average for a man. You’re just comparing mine to yours”. Then he was stunned when Tony wrapped his little fingers about the neck. He pushed the hand away. “Not appropriate”. Brad was annoyed. More at allowing this situation to occur. Tony looked confused. Then his eyes lit up in understanding. “Oh, because we’re outside”. Now it was Brad who was confused. “Outside?” His heart thundered. Tony sat almost on his hip as he rested a hand on the broad muscled shoulder. “Well, yeah. Instead of in bed like usual”. “Usual?” Tony laughed at the expression on the handsome face. “Come on. Let’s go back in the water?” Brad followed. His mind raced as thoughts and questions whirled but no concrete thought seemed to land. It was all too horrid to contemplate. He would later blame it on his confusion gaziantep escort bayan but his son talked him into walking back naked. Father and son trailed back to the cabin, hand in hand, nude. Brad remained in both physical and mental states through the prep, eating, and cleaning up of dinner. Even as his mind cleared he wanted answers. But maybe, just maybe, he wanted the answer he longed for and feared most. The sunset slowly slid across the sky. Tony nestled in the crook of his dad’s arm as they sat side by side. “Is something the matter?” “No. Why?” “You’re so quiet”. “Sorry. No, nothing’s wrong”. Brad felt the boy beside him. They were both bathed in the twilight hues. But Brad knew he had to know. “What did you mean before about ‘usual’?” Tony looked up into the questioning brown eyes. Was he in trouble? Why? “Just that at night you push up against me. I’ve felt you hard lots of times. Up here. At your apartment. Even when you slept with me at home when grandma and grandpa came to stay. I know what you feel like”. He paused with a new thought. “I thought you liked it”. Brad remained quiet. “Daddy?” Brad squeezed his son a little tighter. “It’s okay. I think I just figured something out”. He smiled down at his son. His pride and joy. And deep inside something sadly echoed. He gave up a sigh. “The sun is done for me. I’m heading off to bed”. Tony watched his father reach the door. “Can I come, too?” Brad turned stretching out an inviting hand. “Yeah. I think it’s time”. Chapter Six The lock was fastened. They walked slowly towards the bed each lost in his own thoughts. Tony wondered if his daddy would put his briefs on secretly praying he wouldn’t. Brad wondered if it was even possible to stop. As they climbed onto the bed and Brad gazed down at his son he knew he wouldn’t. And knew above all things he didn’t want to. “What’re you staring at?” Tony smiled. Brad grinned warmly. “I don’t know. Maybe it’s taken me time to fully realize something”. “What?” “Stuff”, Brad chuckled as he imitated his sons oft said answer. His fingers began to softly dance on the boys chest. “Maybe how special you are. To me”. Tony grinned up at his father. “I already know”. His eyes became heavier. “Can we kiss like we did the other time?” Brad slid his fingers over the boys soft cheek. “Yes. My love”. Their lips met. They kissed as they both enjoyed. Brad marvelled how quickly Tony opened his mouth. His tongue barely touched the young lips when the muscle darted forth to welcome his own in. Stretching out before the nubile body with young arms about his neck they kissed long. Tongue danced with tongue as they sloppily embraced. Kissing deeply they clung to each other like old lovers, like new ones. As his father lifted his head away Tony stared in concern. “Daddy, why are you crying?” He offered a weak smile. “Sometimes tears are happy. Or maybe just a little mixed-up. But I wouldn’t want to be anywhere but here and with no one but you”. He swallowed. “But when you’ve had enough, it’s okay to stop. Okay?” “I guess”. The wet eyes distressed him somewhat. “I love you, daddy”. Brad sighed. “We’ll see”. But it was mumbled as he kissed the young neck. Tony giggled. “You tickle”. Brad stretched his arms lifting himself above the lad. “Well, we can’t have that”. He moved quickly into the bathroom. “What’re you doing?” Tony called following. “Ugh. Pissy pants”, he referred to the shorts still soaking. “We forgot these”. Grabbing the shaving cream and razor he took to the kitchen. Tony watched as the grizzled lumberjack turned back into the ad exec. As his father made a face Tony giggled. “Better”. Suddenly scooped up into the muscles arms he floated through space until being plopped onto the bed. His arms reached up only to get their reward of encircling the thick neck as Brad lowered. Kissing was much better than watching daddy shave. And daddys flapping tongue was better than anything. This time his neck only felt tingles as daddy licked. Brad’s tongue slid down to the chest. He licked slowly as he savoured the perfection. The paps were soft as he lapped. Suckling they barely responded but Tony’s soft hands did. Fingers trailed through his thick hair. There seemed to be urgency in the combing or, perhaps, it was Brad’s own need. His hunger. He had to know. Had to. Brad slid his body down to his knees on the floor. Pulling the torso lower he slid the legs over his shoulder. Eyes looked down. There he was. My boy. I made this. I never knew it was for me. His eyes took in the small cocklet with its pale pink knob. The little peas were relaxed in their loose white bag. Perfection. He closed his eyes as he lowered his head. His lips barely parted as they slid all over the pliable sac. He luxuriated in the boys bag allowing his lips a slight nibble of each small ball. Then his tongue darted out to taste the texture. Sweet. Young. Boy. The wet muscle began to lap, teasing the balls with a cunnilinguists skill. Then his tongue darted upward coaxing the little hard-on to respond. It flexed and jerked. Then lips brought the cocklet home into his sucking mouth. Tony pulled at the hair. So good. Felt wonderful. Daddy’s sucking my pee pee. And it’s good. So good. Tony shifted his hips. That felt better. Pushing and pulling his hips made his pee pee send volts up his spine. So good. He pulled the hair harder. Brad let his tongue bath the shaft in spit. He felt every curve and bump. His senses were on fire. In a mouth scoop he pulled the entire sex into his sucker. Tony flounced as his body reacted to the amazing sensations. He gurgled as thought left only to be replaced by primal enjoyment. Brad slid upward to gently press his lips to his lovers. Embracing his son he pulled the boy up until they were both kneeling on the mattress. Tony felt the grip relax before he took a moment to look at his dad. As they stared at each other Tony broke into a wide grin. “You really are a good kisser!” His father returned the grin. Overwhelmed and over-stimulated, Brad eased his son into his arms as they lay back with Tony securely on top. Chest to chest they slowly calmed. Then slept. Chapter Seven Tony found his dad on the verandah. Without hesitation the lad climbed onto the hair-filled lap. “Morning”, he nestled. “Morning, champ”, he said as he had done so many mornings before. However, this day he felt his sons pert buns with intimacy, no trace of parental devotion. The lad kissed his neck with his own sense of intimacy. Despite his morning solo jack-off his cock stirred to life resting its upward weight against the private crevice of his son. “Sleep okay?” Tony mumbled into his neck. “I don’t think you’re quite awake”. He patted the buns. “Feel up my back”. His paw slid up to find the trace of scales. “Are you peeling?” Tony giggled into the neck. “That’s from you”. He sat back amused by the handsome expression. “Oh, daddy. You’ve done that before”. Tony laughed as his father actually blushed. He slid until he stood in front of the mans now splayed legs. “Watch”. With eyes wide Brad saw the boy slide to his knees. The young mouth opened taking in the knob of his cock. With an extraordinary expertise the boy sucked until the shaft was engorged. The overwhelming sensation of stimulation to his body as well as the sight before him brought him to climax in less than two minutes. My son sucks cock. My cock. For how long? Just mine? Fuck, he knows how to suck my cock. Mine. Brad’s paws held the lads face as he stood. “My word”. As he began to smile he could only think of all the time that had been wasted. Wasted. But no more. Not ever again. “See, daddy? I’ve loved you lots longer”. Brad grinned. The son-of-a-bitch had. Brad sighed. ‘Lucky me’, he thought. This site needs your support. Please donate ail

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