Subject: Blackmailed the Jock Chapter 5 DISCLAIMER — This story is 100% a work of fiction. It depicts sexual actions between teen boys. If you are offended please stop reading! Guys please remember that NIFTY needs our donations to keep going. The service is worth whatever you can fty/donate.html I love the feedback, keep it coming. Is there something you want to see happen? I love ideas for stories please keep the feedback ail. I am going start up a blog or maybe a website I can show you guys my inspiration for the characters in the story. What do you think about that?? Blackmailed Chapter 5 Was I dreaming, I was just waking up and Mike’s perfect beautiful chest was my pillow. I didn’t want to move. It was perfect. I took a quick look at the clock. It read 5:45am. I knew I couldn’t stay like this. Mom and dad got up at 6am. How the hell would we be able to explain this??? I rubbed Mike’s perfect nipples. God for a 17-year-old he was the sexiest thing I have ever seen. How the hell was I so lucky? At this moment I was the happiest I had ever been in my life. I kept playing with his nipples until Mike woke up. I said, “look at the clock Mike, I need to get upstairs, mom and dad will come down here looking for me soon.” Mike rolled over and propped himself on his elbow. “Remember Dad is calling us out of school today.” He leaned in and kissed me, god my body was on fire. I was just simply happy. His lips felt wonderful against mine. I didn’t hardly mind his morning breath. He hair was all messed up, he had sleep in his eyes and he still looked perfect. I said through our kiss, “I know but they can’t find us like this.” He said ok, ok, ok. He flung his big football player legs over the side of the bed and stood up. His ass was the eighth wonder of the world… He turned and walked to his closet, he grabbed a t-shirt and turned around. I got a perfect look at his morning wood, and in my opinion the ninth wonder of the world. I started to make my way out of bed. Mike said, “Stay right there, I’ll be back in a few minutes. He pulled up a pair of tighty whity jock underwear and his bath robe. He headed upstairs. Mom must have been up already in the Kitchen. “Michael did Gabe pass out down stairs last night? He bed is empty. I was just about to head down to look for him.” Mike responded, “Ya mom he did. We talked until about 2am. He opened up to me, I felt like a real big brother for the first time. Kinda amazing feeling. He’s doing better now, I like him crash on my bed. I’m letting him sleep a little longer before we finish the walls on his room with dad today.” Mom had to have been beaming from ear to ear. She always worried we would hate each other. Mom said, “OK, dad wants to get started in about an hour. He is running me to work and picking up a few things at Walmart. Make sure Gabe is awake and ready, you know your dad. He will want to get started the second he gets home.” Mike said ok and came back downstairs. He opened the door and closed and locked it behind him. He smiled at me and I was melting… He opened his robe, looked at me and said, “Gage, babe would you PLEASE my cock? I’m so hard right now, if I don’t cum soon I’ll end up with some sort of medical condition of some kind. PLEASE babe!” Like he needed to say please to me… I patted his bed for gaziantep travesti him to lay down, he was out of his jockey underwear in record time. “We have less than an hour, I’d make love to you again, but we don’t have that kind of time babe.” I must admit I loved hearing him call me “babe” I lowered my face to his crotch. He smelled of cum and sweat, perfection. Normally I don’t go for those types of things but that morning it was different. I licked his shaft, his dick started to bounce with his heart beat, that’s how hard he was. I looked up at Mike, “I bet I can get you to cum in under two minutes.” Mike said, “Ok I’ll take that bet, what are the steaks babe?” I said, “If I win I get whatever I want tonight. No questions & No refusals to any request.” Mike said “Ok and what If I win? I responded, “You get total control over your pussy intake again, you can fuck who you want and when you want no fuss from me.” Mike looked at him with a strange look on his face, “No, I don’t except those terms. Gabe, I like this bond we have. I like knowing you have that control, it’s a strange turn on.” I said with a big ass smile on my face. “Ok Mike, if I can’t make you cum in under two minutes what do you want then?” I could tell his gears were turning, “You have to come to every one of my games home or away, sit on the bench with the team as Team Manager and be my biggest cheer leader.” I was shocked to say the least… “Mike aren’t you scared what that will look like to your team, to your friends, hell is there even an opening for a Team Manager?” Mike said, “Yes I am scared what it will mean. Yes, I am scared but not for the reason you think.” He continued, “Gabe, I am scared because I am not sure I will be able to keep my own feelings in check, but I want us to have a real relationship, one I fucked up for over 16 years, and it took your cleaver thinking to fix. So, do you accept the bet or not chicken shit?” I said, “Yes, start your timer.” He grabbed his iPhone, “Hey Seri, start a 2 minute timer.” I got to work, I knew his hot spot right under his cock head, after I pulled his foreskin down. I work get his shaft all wet with saliva. I went for it, I took his full morning wood, straight to the base, he groaned and started to buck. I started to swallow with his cock deep in my throat. He was going crazy. I used my fingers to massage his taint and push in on his prostate from under his balls. I knew the tricks. He let out a grunt, and in a minute and 50 seconds, he started to shoot his morning load into my throat, I had to come up off his cock, I wanted some of his nut in my mouth. I wanted to taste his cum, not just swallow it. I savored his cum, it was want I needed. Mike looked at me and said, “Ok what is gonna happen tonight?” I said, “That you are going to have to wait until tonight to find out.” He smiled, we got out of bed. We showered together and get dressed. Dad came home shortly after we got back downstairs. We had already started to put up the dry wall and insulation. He came down and inspected our work. “Look at my boys, doing things the right way the first time.” I stepped back and let Mike and dad get the rest of the walls up. I used this time to get the other things from Ikea build. Mike told me not to put the bed together. gaziantep masaj salonları He didn’t want mom and dad to know about the storage under it. It would be our secret. Mike and dad finished all the walls, wiring, and insulation. They had taped everything off getting it ready to paint. Dad had to leave to pick up mom. He said they would pick up dinner and bring it home. I shouted, “Bring home KFC!” Mike came back at me, “Ok so you won the bet, what are you thinking of tonight.” I looked at him, “You’re going to have to wait until tonight.” Mike started to wine, it was funny… I haven’t ever seen that from him. I smiled at him, leaned in and kissed him. I could taste his sweat from above his lips. I said, Ok, you win. First after dinner you’re going out with your friends, maybe even get some pussy. You have a free night, fuck any girl you want. Just remember to wrap it up.” I continued, “when you get home, we are going to have a very serious talk.” Mike looked at me, “Hell no, not again. I finally got you to trust me, I can’t go through this again. I’m staying home. Start talking let’s get this done.” I just looked at him, “Are you sure?” “Yes!” he said with passion and power. “Mike do you like fucking girls?” He looked at me with a silly grin across his face, “Ya, I guess I do why?” I said “Because I want to come up with some ground rules for the two of us. Because I want you to be my boyfriend. You’re perfect in every way. You are sweet when you need to be, an ass when you don’t and you’re always loving and perfect in bed.” He blushed, “you’re serous, are you?” he smiled and held my face, “Ok, Gabe I’m honored you feel the way you do…” I interrupted him, “But…” He said, “Babe there is no but…, I am saying yes. I am extremely honored. So, let’s talk about these ground rules.” I kissed him. “I don’t want to take anything away from you that you like, I know you like the vagina, I couldn’t handle it if your reputation got damaged because of me. So, if you need the vagina go get it. Just promise its always wrapped. My boy pussy is the only one that gets your dick the way sex should be, raw and natural. He smiled, “Gabe, my reputation is going to be just fine, I have hit enough pussy in that school to put the team to shame… I do love the feel of a hot wet pussy, but your boy pussy feels better because its you not just a part of you. If I find myself with a craving, you STILL approve it. I told you before it’s a turn on. Now let’s talk about my ground rules.” I gave him a funny look almost in shock he had rules, I said ok. He went on to say, “Yes I do, and I want you to hear all of them before you open your mouth. First, I agree with you. We reserve powerful, natural, RAW sex for the two of us.” I started to talk, he put his finger over my lips. “I said you need to hear them all, now the 2nd rule. Just like me you will get cravings, you may crave another guy, girl or group. I don’t want you to limit you to just me. I need you to know I can understand the cravings. I also know I am your first and I want you to experience everything.” I had to say something. “Mike, I am content being with you.” This time he put his hand over my mouth. “Gabe, can you shut up for just a few minutes.” I just nodded my gaziantep escort bayan head, he removed his hand and continued, ” You need to feel the things I have, You need to experience a 3 way, an orgy, hell you need to experience how awesome it feels to put your cock inside a tight warm wet hole, the feeling of shooting your nut when you having given pleasure to your partner. I can’t be responsible for taking those experiences away from you. So, you either you agree to this or I won’t be your brother and lover all in one.” I had to really think, “Ok, Mike how many of these have you experienced?” He said, “Do you really want to know Gabe, you might be shocked.” I said yes. He begins to list them. “The team and I did a circle jerk after we won state last year and left our nut on the floor of the other team’s school locker room, me and a couple of buddies ran a train fuck on Kelly Ann. You know she is a nasty slut, he even got down on her knees and sucked most of my team and let us jizz all over her face. That’s called bukkake, I think that’s where I got my fascination with shooting my jizz on your face.” He smiled and chuckled, and kept going. “I was part of an orgy with the team, we passed our girls around. It was like I owned them. Helped Debbie fulfill her rape fantasy, filled Jenna’s cunt full of piss at her request, shot my nut off inside Becky’s ass, again at her request. I fucked Kelly Ann in church. That one was my request. I did a cuckhold with Jamie and her boyfriend. After I jizzed up her ass, he ate my nut. It was fun but that’s when I knew pussy was just pussy and I was going to enjoy as much of it as I could.” He looked at me, “It wasn’t until you want to the lengths to get me, it wasn’t until you that I felt more then just my physical needs taken care of.” He paused, looked me in the eyes, “It wasn’t until you showed me love did I realize what I was missing, what I needed.” He continues. “But I have really had a great time and loved what I have experienced, I don’t want you to be without the same experiences. You’re young, cute and you need to explore.” I am excited you want to belong to me, it’s a huge turn on got to be honest. But I can’t take away any chance you have to experience the crazy world that is sex and physical pleasure.” I had to think for a bit, my brother was a slut!! He had experienced more stuff at 17 then some people do in a life time. I was turned on. I was thinking hard now, “Ok Mike, I will be open to new experiences but how can we make it so you are part of each of them?” Mike said, “I’m not sure, bro. The world has a nasty word for what we do. Incest is looked down on I think more then being gay… I don’t want to get into any type of trouble and I don’t want you to get hurt. But if we can swing it we will. Just remember our promise to each other. Only my cock goes in you uncovered no matter what. And I promise that my cock will be covered going into any hole unless its yours.” He reached over put his hand behind my neck and pulled me in for a kiss. I put my hands down his pants, and about that time the garage door went up and we had to stop… We got back to work and finished the room!!! Mike and eat KFC, after that Mike got dressed and went out with some friends. I spent my night putting together a storage bed and moving my stuff from my room downstairs. My new room was huge!! Not as big as Mikes but the best part was I was 6 steps from mikes room. I helped dad take my old bed out to the garage and cleared out the old furniture. Mom had already picked out the paint so she could turn it into an office/crafting room. I was feeling wonderful, I got ready for bed and drifted off.

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