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Subject: Brothers Trip to a Haunted House Archive; ‘Brothers Trip to a Haunted House'{JakeK}( MM inc anal )[1!1] If you are offended by brother on brother action or reading stories of this nature are against the law where you live turn back now. Sorry, no more tumblr guys. Thanks for all the love. Nifty is an amazing free service so whatever we can do to help, donate fty/donate.html I went to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood and got the idea for this story. It was just supposed to be short and then I was going to post it a few days before Halloween but then it just kept going and going, so a little late but I hope you guys enjoy it. Brothers Trip to a Haunted House By JakeK Copyright by author 2018 It was fall again and I promised my brother Patrick I’d take him to the pumpkin patch and corn maze one last time, it had become our brotherly tradition. I had stayed close to home and went to community college but recently got into a good school with a partial scholarship so I wasn’t sure when the next time we could go again. When I was sixteen and he was thirteen our parents had to go out of town last minute. School was still in and it was up to me to make sure he was okay and take care of him. They were gone for a few weeks while they cared of my grandma, she passed away while they were out there. I decided to take him to a farm right out of town that put on a big deal every year for Halloween. Year after year we had gone as kids but this was the first time it was just the two of us. My parents didn’t care for Halloween and because I had taken good care of him that year they figured we were fine by ourselves from then on. There was an old farm house that sat at the edge of the corn fields that they had turned into a haunted house. It was a tall two story home, run down, not cared after. By closing certain doors they made a path throughout the old house, starting from the front door snaking around the rooms to the upstairs, back down the back. It was a great haunted house and Patrick loved going every year. It seemed to get better every year and they really did a good job scaring the crap out of us. Now that Patrick had just turned eighteen and I was twenty-one we were too old for pumpkin patches and random farm games, but it didn’t stop us from going to the Haunted House. He asked me every year to go, he loved it and I loved taking him. As we made our way up the steps I knew I’d get a chance to be close to Patrick, I tried to put it out of my mind; I was crazy to feel excited to be close to him like that. I glanced up and saw his cute butt in his tight jeans, damn what a nice ass he had. I couldn’t help myself, his coat stopped at his waist giving me a full view of it. The sounds of screams came from the old house and I could hear our steps as we made it up to the top of the porch. They were letting one group in at a time and a young kid, maybe fourteen or so stopped us making sure to give us room in-between the last set of people. “How many?” He asked. “Two,” Pat said as he turned and smiled at me. He loved this stuff, he did a little wiggle trying to psych himself up with a huge smile on his face. “Ready?” He asked me. “As much as I can be,” I winked. He knew I didn’t care for getting scared but I still did this for him. “Okay, go ahead,” the young boy said as he opened the door and moved his hand downward pointing inside. “Good luck,” he said happily that we were there, at what I’m guessing was his family’s farm. My brother stepped in first, I was right on his heels. It was pretty dark and you could see down the hall through to the back of the house, to the right there was a staircase leading up to the second level. We had been here before so we knew the layout and a rope blocked the path off in front of us forcing us to head left into the front room. Random furniture lined the room and two arm chairs were sitting in front of a TV, the room was lit by the flicker of the TV that had no signal, it looked all pixilated, white and grey. Patrick shuffled in slowly through the room, unsure when and where they were going to come from. I followed close behind not wanting to get to far away from him, I could feel my heart beating fast in my chest. The TV’s crackle was only broken up by the sound of a child’s giggle which made my skin crawl. I could hear the floor creak as we made our way deeper into the room. “Ahhhh!” Someone yelled as they jumped out of one of the chairs that were facing away from us. “Fucking hell!” Patrick yelled and laughed as he turned toward me ramming his shoulder into my chest pretty hard. “Shit!” I got out as I looked down at the floor, trying not to run. Damn this was so stupid, why did I let him convince me this was fun. I grabbed hold of his jacket and held him in place and laughed. “Oh my gosh Eric,” he looked right at me laughing. “Why do I let you take me in here,” I laughed and hit him. The guy sat back down in his seat waiting for the next victim. He pulled his legs up so you couldn’t see he was there, we hurried out of the room as if we were better off in the next. It was similar to the last but this one had a fog in it, a fireplace on the wall and big drapes covering windows. There was a torn up couch that faced the unused fireplace and a broken coffee table in front of it. The walls were lined with empty bookcases and a large tattered rug lay in the middle of it all. I had never let go of Patrick’s jacket and I kept kicking his shoes as I tried my best to walk normally behind him. He was much braver at these kinds of things and he thought it was hilarious when I got scared. The little shit loved scaring me all our lives, whenever the opportunity came or he randomly thought about it. “Come on E, it’s not that bad,” he said as he made his way to the middle of the room. A fog machine sat in the corner to the right and turned on and began filling the room with a tick musky fog. We could hear a scream from upstairs and it didn’t make me feel any better about this. As we stood in the room trying to see where the door had disappeared too lights that we’re fixed to the ceiling began to flash and loud music played. I pulled him into me, I wasn’t going to let him get away from me. Patrick waved his arms in front of himself trying to feel his way around, he hit his leg on the couch and yelled. “Damn!” He yelled, he acted like it hurt but it really freaked him out. He liked playing the tuff guy but I knew he really wasn’t that much better at this then I was. I put my arm around his chest and waited for the scare, it had to be coming as the room cleared of the fog. I could feel my brother’s warmth, he smelt good. Shit I need to stop thinking about this, but I couldn’t help myself. He was so cute and I loved holding him like this. “Come on dude, we gotta keep moving,” he said as he made his way around the couch toward the door on the right. I let go just a little, not too much because I didn’t want him to get to far from me. Just as we made it around the couch and we’re steps away from the door back into the hall someone in a mask and overalls came running from behind, yelling at the top of their lungs at me. I quickly gripped Patrick as tight as I could and tried my best not to yell too loud in his ear. “Oh my god!” I yelled as I closed my eyes, burying my head into his shoulder. His arm wrapped on top of mine and I felt his fingers dig into me as we rushed out of the room laughing. “Geez Eric! Easy, I can’t breathe if you hold on that tight,” he said as we stood in the somewhat safe hall, on the far side of the hall and rope we saw when we came in. “Sorry dude,” I laughed letting go of him trying to regain my composure. “Looks like we go upstairs next,” he said as we made our way back to the front of the house toward the stairs. As we got to the base of the stairs the front door flung open and a young couple made their way in. The girl looked pretty scared already and she hadn’t even got to the first room. “Good luck!” My brother said as he rounded the banister and took his first step on the staircase, “You’re gonna need it,” he added. She didn’t look too amused but her boyfriend laughed giving her a kiss on her cheek he wrapped his arms around her and they disappeared in the first room. As my brother walked up the stairs again I looked as his cute round ass, damn it looked good. He wore nice tight jeans that hugged each cheek giving me a really good view as I followed. I could feel my dick move a little, I wanted to stop looking but he was so sexy. As I willed my dick to behave Patrick turned around to make sure I was still with him. “What?” He asked, his eye brow furrowed, “Why are you looking at me like that?” “I’m not, I’m just trying to get ready for upstairs,” I lied. Damn, I needed to stop. He turned back around and kept going, stopping once he got to the top of the stairs. There was a closed door to the left and in front of us, to the right there was a railing that ran the length of the stair leading to the master bedroom that overlooked the front if the house. The door was open about half way, “Ready Bro?” Patrick asked, not really caring if I was. He began to open the door and out of nowhere a lady in a white nightgown sprang out in front of him raising her arms, screaming loudly. “Fucking A!” Patrick shouted and took two large steps back bumping his entire body right against me. He threw one of his arms up to block her as if she was going to run at him and the other behind himself grabbing onto my back. I could feel his back squarely on my front. I instinctively grabbed hold of his stomach and pulled him close to me. We are about the same height and my head rested right next to his on his shoulder. He immediately started laughing and turned his head and looked at me. “Geeeez, I didn’t even get inside!” He was breathing hard. I could feel his warmth on me and even though I couldn’t focus on him completely, because of our surroundings, I was definitely getting turned on by all of our contact. I loved feeling his body, he was exactly the kind of guy that turned me on. He had a cute frame, semi broad shoulders, slim waist, toned legs and damn he had a nice bubble butt. He had brown hair and beautiful brown eyes that matched. His skin was fair and accented by freckles that speckled his super cute face, cheeks and nose. This kid was a knock out, and I would be lying if I said I haven’t jerked off thinking about him a few times, well way more than a few. I had to keep reminding myself that he was my little brother, as much I wished he wasn’t so I could have my way with him. “You go first!” Patrick said as he pulled away from me. He grabbed my sleeve and pulled me to the front and grabbed onto my waist wrapping his arms way to low for me to feel comfortable. I loved having him hold on to me, it was such a great feeling. “Dude, this was your idea,” I laughed as I moved toward the door. I knew she probably wasn’t going to jump as us again but I didn’t know what else was in store. I could feel Pat rest his head on my shoulder as we slowly walked into the master bedroom. Damn, I could feel his breath on my neck and taste him in my mouth. I got a shiver down my spine, not cause the haunted house but because he was right on top of me. “Watch out E, she is over in the corner,” he so helpfully pointed out as we stepped in. There was a large bed against the wall, the lady stood in the far corner moaning and jerking her body. She was creepy as hell and I just wanted to keep moving. I saw the doorway of the master bath to the left and I directed us toward it. Patrick slipped his arms into my coat pockets and held on to me tight. His body pressed up against mine started to make my dick grow in my pants. No time was a good time for that but right now was most definitely not the best. I tried not to think about his tight body, his lean muscles, beautiful creamy skin. Damn, I was getting hard. His hands were right above my growing member and I thought about what it would feel like of he just put his hand down a few inches farther and grabbed hold of it. My dick pressed against the inside of my jeans and I knew that if it was much lighter in there it would have been painfully obvious that I was just about hard. “Not so tight,” I said, I needed a little space if I was going to get my boner to go down. He let go a little but didn’t take his hands out of my pockets, “Sorry dude,” he laughed. The lady ran toward us and the next thing I knew Patrick was gripping me tight again shoving me forward into the bathroom. I felt the bulge of his pants press against my ass as we ran, damn he was killing me. His dick was right there I could almost feel it and I wanted it so bad. “Go, go, go!” He yelled as if he was giving me much choice. “I’m going!” I responded as we both broke out in more laughter now in the bathroom. There were bright lights in the bathroom, not that it made it better. Old white tile covered the walls and floor. Broken pieces lay against the edges and cracks ran up and down most of the rest. There were bloody hand smears across the walls as if someone was dragged the direction we we’re headed. A claw foot tub sat next to a window at the end of the narrow room. Eerie music played and as we got closer we could see the bathtub was full of blood with floating body parts. It looked pretty gross, someone did a good job making it as believable as they could. As we walked I felt Pat’s bulge bumping into me over and over and I couldn’t help but wonder what his dick looked like. Was it thick like mine? Did he hold it the same way I did when I jerked off? Did his balls hang low? I was never going to get rid of this boner with him pressing against me like this. He was making my mouth go dry and I was getting overwhelmed by all my senses, I was getting over stimulated by fear and being horny for my brother. Wrapping my arms around his, I figured I was already nearly fully hard I might as well enjoy his embrace. I grabbed hold of his arms and squeezed tight. He returned the gesture and hugged me back. It was just a friendly ‘we got this’ kind of hug I’m sure but I loved every second of feeling him hugging me back. There was a door to the left of the tub, it looked like a changing room or small closet that had a door on either side. There were shelves and drawers, a few old clothes hung up and I was nearly convinced that at any moment someone was going to be jumping out at me. I ducked my head down and waited for something to happen but to my surprise nothing did. The door on the other end was open and I could hear the sounds of children laughing and singing at the other end. I made my way down to the end and I peered into the room, it was blue and there were two small beds under a set of two windows. A toy box was against the wall in-between them and a radio was paying that sat on a dresser next to a door to the left. I shuffled in and led us to the middle of the room, it was creepy as hell. I looked to the right and there was a pile of stuffed animals and dolls all in a big mound. My brother gripped me tight, I felt him push his crotch into me, damn it felt nice. I pushed back a little, nothing obvious but I loved feeling him pressing against me and I hoped to god that I could get him hard by letting him rub on me. I was out of my mind, I wanted to turn him on like he had done to me so many times. I felt his hands slowly rub my stomach, slowly up and down as we walked together. He was making me feel great, I wish I could be this close to him all the time. He put his head on my shoulder again and pressed his face next to mine. “Where do you think they’ll be?” he whispered. “Either that toy box or that pile of dolls,” I responded looking back and forth at both areas. Patrick held tight as we kept moving, in the corner of my eye I saw the pile of stuffed animals and dolls shift, “Oh right there!” he said as he turned my body toward it using me as his personal shield. Just as my brother turned us to the pile of animals and dolls the toy box that was now behind us, to the left, flung open making a loud slam. A kid jumped out screaming running around the room like a little banshee. “Holy hell!” Patrick shouted pulling me down on top of him as he bent at the knees and waist. I felt what must have been his dick and balls pressing into me as I was practically sitting on his lap. I began laughing hard, he was now clearly getting himself worked up. He laughed too, “Shut up dude, that was freaky.” “It was, but get yourself together,” I laughed some more. He was going to go first in the next room, it was his turn to be a shield. We backed out of the room as fast as we could and thank goodness by the time we did my dick had gone mostly soft again, now I just had to keep it that way. Thank god for a good scare to get your dick to behave. Patrick had let go of me and we both were standing together facing each other trying to catch our breath for a moment. I placed my hands on his shoulders and leaned forward, putting my head into his chest for a moment. He smelt so good, I took a deep breath getting a lung full of him. He wore a strong musky smelling spray, very high school of him but damn I loved it. I lifted my head up and looked around, we were in another hallway. It was the shape of an L, to the left it led back toward the front of the house and there was a door at the end, it must have been one of the doors at the top of the stairs. Straight led to the back corner of the house, it was the way, there was an open door about half way down the hall. I pointed to Patrick directing him the way we needed to head, “That way, you’re first.” “Fine,” he sighed and gave me a smirk. What a cute smile, his lips were so kissable. I wanted to lean in and give him a peck, I wanted to feel them on mine. I smiled at him, there was no way he knew the true meaning of my smile but I freaking loved this kid so much. I wish I could tell him how proud I was of him and how handsome he is, how much he meant to me. He made his way to the open door and reached out to grab me, he wasn’t going in alone. I could see lights flicker across his face as he stood in the open door. I felt his hand touch mine and he pulled me in behind him. Fuck I can’t stand this kid, he was so amazing. “Hold on big bro, I got you,” he chuckled and shot me a smile. “Shut up punk,” I poked him in the side as I got close. I pressed my chest against his shoulder blades, I had to keep my junk off of his ass. I couldn’t be held responsible if he got anywhere near that part of me. I could smell him again, I sighed. I wanted so bad to bury my nose in his neck and take a deep breath. There was a small fake fireplace flickering on the left side of the room as we stepped in. A rocking chair was in the middle of the room on top of a big circular rug. An old lady sat in it, rocking back and forth muttering nonsense. Her hair covered her face and her arms stretched out gripping the ends of her seat. Damn she was putting on a star performance, between her look and her raspy voice she was really getting under my skin. I didn’t want to get anywhere near her but the only way threw was by passing pretty close and through the door to the right of her. I gripped my brother as we walked in front of her, we waited for her to make her move. She jerked her head upward, her hair flew up and over her and she began hissing at us. I shoved my brother forward and right out of the room. “Slow down!” he yelled as we found ourselves in a new room that looked like a storage room, random boxes and old furniture filled it to the top. There was a little staircase in the corner that a soft light was shining up from. I didn’t let my brother go I gripped him tight as we walked to the edge of the stairs. “The kitchen is down there, remember?” He said, looking down the poorly lit stairs. “Of course, I feel like I’ve been in this damn house 100 times now,” I whispered, scared someone might hear us coming as if that was going to help. “Okay, ready?” Patrick asked as I let go of him so he could walk down the stairs. “Yeah, go ahead,” I sighed, dreading the next room. Every once in a while we could hear the sounds of someone screaming or yelling in the background. It sure made the mood that’s for sure. I could hear my brother pound his way down the stairs, I don’t know what his game was. Maybe he thought the louder he was the less scared they thought he actually was? I followed closely, I watched as he grabbed the railing and peaked around the corner trying to see what was in store for us next. He stopped at the second to last step and I stopped one above him. “Go Pat!” I encouraged him. “Shut it! Give me a sec,” he turned and smiled, he was clearly trying to keep his nerve. He stepped down and entered the pantry that the stairs led into. He pushed open the door and the kitchen came into view. It was covered with chopped up body parts, one arm over here a leg over there. Splattered blood was everywhere and I immediately grabbed hold of him again. I could feel his heart racing as we took small steps through the room. The cabinets looked like they were barely hanging on the walls and the light that hung over the middle island swung casting shadows. There was another small radio playing on the counter like the one upstairs. This one had old time jazz music on, no singing just instruments. At the far end of the room was a table set up for dinner with a large pot in the middle with a spoon sticking out the top. It looked as if someone was stirring it but no one was. As we made our way through the kitchen I could see a shadow on one of the walls and I had a feeling someone was going to pop out of somewhere and just as I clinched my brother tight a large man flew around the corner and yelled at us holding a cleaver above our heads. “Mother fucker!” Patrick shouted as he took a step backwards into me. Holy crap I could feel my groin push square on his ass. His cute firm ass, I felt my dick twitch. I couldn’t help myself and I pushed forward into him. I wanted to feel my dick press hard against him and I wasn’t thinking properly anymore. My arms were already wrapped around his stomach and chest and I squeezed him tight. I felt my dick grow as I held on to him and waited for the guy to go back to his spot. The guy laughed as we stood there waiting for him to move so we could keep going. “Tell me he didn’t scare you?” My brother told me, not asking. “I saw his shadow so I knew he was coming” I chuckled, I was becoming more and more content being able to hold him and press against him. “Tell me next time, jerk!” He shot a glance at me. “Where’s the fun in that,” I joked as we rounded the corner. There was a wall with a taped off door. The door led into a dining room where there was a few dummies sitting around a table. Next to the door there was a hole in the floor, it led down to the cellar. A escort bayan fog was coming up from it and there was a dim red light lighting the narrow stairs. “You first,” Patrick commanded. “Hell no,” I replied quickly. “Dude it’s your turn!” There was pleading in his voice, he was trying to convince me. I thought about it for a second, “Nope! You got us into this, it’s your turn the rest of the way. Don’t worry I’m won’t let go,” I smiled big. “I bet you won’t,” he laughed, “Damn it, fine!” He was a little irritated but knew I was right, this was his doing. He stepped down on the first step and looked back at me, he gave me a cute smile and took a few more steps down. I was now at the top and he turned again, I was clearly chubbed in my jeans and he was now eye level with my dick. Damn, I’m pretty sure it moved at the thought of his face so close to it. He was checking to make sure I was coming but he got a look at my growing friend that wouldn’t behave. He looked up at me and stopped for a second but didn’t say anything. He turned and kept going until he disappeared down the stairs. I quickly followed him, semi-boner or not I wasn’t getting left behind. It was pretty dark down there besides that red light that lit up the stairs behind us. I could feel that we were standing on dirt which made sense because we were now under the house. “Where are you?” Patrick asked, wanting me to move closer. “Right here,” I reached out my hand trying to find him as my eyes adjusted to the low lighting. My hand accidentally grazed his ass as I reached out for him, `Mmm,’ I thought, I wanted to grab it so bad, feel his ass in my hands as I massaged it. Watching his light skin move in between my fingers as I rubbed it. ‘Stop it!’ I told myself, I just couldn’t enjoy the moment without thinking dirty thoughts about my little brother. Tall metal and wood shelves made a mini maze down there. Paint cans and bottles lined the room. I could feel the cool air of outside coming from an opening I just couldn’t tell what way we needed to go to get there. Patrick turned away from me and reached down and grabbed my arms, wrapping them around himself, “Hold on, it’s super dark down here.” I pressed my chest up against him again, my hands rested on his stomach. I didn’t dare get any closer as my dick would be pressing against his ass and it would be fully hard in seconds. “Dude closer! Like you mean it,” he barked at me, he sounded a little scared. He reached around and pulled me into him. I felt my little brothers warm body against mine, I pressed against him and held him tight. My crotch was right against his firm beautiful ass and I could feel my dick start to get the best of me. It was betraying me and I knew it wouldn’t be long before Patrick would realize what was pressing against his ass. With each step my junk pushed into him and I knew I was way more than just a little chubby in my jeans. I couldn’t stop it and I was starting to freak out thinking about what I was going to say about it. It felt so good rubbing against him and there was no way it was going down. “I think it’s this way,” he said graciously, not bringing attention to the fact that his brother was sporting wood on his backside. Even with the cool air coming towards us I felt hot and out of breath, my mouth went dry and I didn’t know what to do. Should I pull away, should I pretend like it is no big deal if he says something? Was I going to say it was just the friction from being so close or maybe I just ignore it? As I thought to myself I wasn’t even paying attention to what was going around us and just like that there was someone running towards us from the right, full on crazy like with a knife in his or her hand. Patrick screamed out and gripped me thrusting backwards and curling up in my arms. I joined him and yelled loudly closing my eyes and pulling on him as tight as I could. If there was any doubt his big brother had wood then it was gone now as I could feel his ass practically crushing into my lap. It was clear that I was at full mass and there was no denying it. “Fucking bitch!” He got out as he held on to me for dear life. I said nothing, I just stayed where I was, half bent with my little brother pressing hard against my bonner. Damn it felt good, that was the worst part, I wanted to move him around on my lap and feel my dick pulse as I humped against him. It took everything in me not to push upward into him and to start kissing his sweet skin on his neck. We just held that position for a little while until my brother finally straightened up. I felt grateful and also bummed that I no longer had him sitting in my dick. He let go of me and I stood up straight behind him. As he was still facing the other way I quickly slipped my hand in my pants to adjust myself so it was less obvious as we headed out. “That lady, guy, whatever came out of nowhere!” He stated as if I really cared. “Uh huh,” I agreed, I went with the ignore my massive erection option, “Didn’t see that coming.” “Okay I’ve had enough of this shit,” Patrick announced and to my surprise grabbed me by my sleeve and shoved my to the front and wrapped his arms around me. I felt him grind up against me this time. He was also clearly hard. He put both hands on my hips and pushed forward into my ass. My heart began to beat fast as he put his hand under my shirt and rubbed my abdomen, I had no clue what he was up to but I’m pretty sure I was leaking in my underwear. “You still hard?” He whispered as he lowered his hand to the front on my pants and squeezed my dick through them. “Uhhh” I got out so articulate, so full of confidence. He pushed back into me with his dick, not letting go of mine as he did. He stated to hump me, feeling pleasure on his dick, pleasure by rubbing it against me, his older brother. “Fuck dude,” I said as I sighed. He kept running his hand up and down the length of my dick as we stood there, I felt shocked that he was doing this to me right now. It was dark as hell down there and we were right at the exit, just hidden enough to get away with what we were doing for a few moments. He kept going until we heard the couple coming down the stairs behind us and he let go. I followed behind him and as he began to walk up the stairs I took my chance and grabbed his cute round ass, fuck it was nice. He turned with a smirk and a raised eye brow. We made our way up the stone stairs, out the cellar doors back outside. There were all kinds of people around walking past making their way to the pumpkins or corn maze, some looking for the entrance to the haunted house. And then there I was, both with two raging hard-on’s. Honestly I didn’t care, it was the best feeling having my cute little brother stroking my dick through my jeans as he pressed his up onto my ass. I was having the best day and I didn’t care if someone spotted the huge dick I couldn’t hide in the front of my pants. Patrick must have felt a little differently than I did because he moved his hands together and tried to cover up his hard dick. It was kind of cute watching him blush about it. “Come on bro, let’s head out,” I said as I wrapped my arm around him and gave him a side hug. We walked down the path back to the car, I never took my arm off of his shoulder and neither one of us said a word the whole walk back. By the time we got to the car we both were in the clear and our erections had died down, it was all smiles though. I was excited that Patrick had done what he did, it made me feel better, and I thought that I might not be crazy to feel this way about him. As we opened our doors and sat down in our seats I had to break the silence, “Are you okay?” I asked. “Yeah, how about you?” He looked over at me, he always wanted to see my face when he talked to me because he knew I sucked at lying to him and he always knew when I was. “I’m fine,” I said, “I mean I’m good,” I added. I didn’t want him to think I was anything less than good but I couldn’t tell him that I was actually better then great. “Good, I’m sorry…” He stared to say. “No man, I got hard first,” I admitted. “Yeah but I rubbed it and rubbed myself on you, that wasn’t cool,” he looked away. “Sure it was, I mean I enjoyed it,” I wanted to let him know I liked what he did and that I’d be willing to do more if he wanted too. “You did?” Patrick asked, but before I could answer he added, “You have a big dick E, it felt pretty nice.” He looked over at me again, damn my brother was cute. I wanted to do so many things to him and never stop. My little brother was complementing my dick, I just responded with a simple, “Thanks.” “Sorry, I shouldn’t have said that,” he looked down again. “Do want to see it?” I asked, I wanted to show him. “Is that weird?” He raised his head and his eyes met mine. “Of course not,” I assured him. I reached for my button and leaned back, you could hear the leather of my seat shift as I did. I popped my top button and then unzipped my jeans. It sounded so loud but it mostly sounded out of place, not normal for a quite car with my brother. The windows were a little foggy from our breath and I wasn’t too concerned about someone being able to see in unless they really tried. I moved the flap of my jeans open and I saw the white boxer briefs I was wearing come into sight. I lifted my butt up and pulled down my pants just past my knees. I reached over and grabbed my brother’s hand and put it right on my bulge. I didn’t have to say anything he grabbed hold of my cock and began to tug on it through the fabric. Shit it felt good having him do that to me. I looked over and watched as he stared down at what he was doing. I think he was scared to look up at my face. I made a light moan to let him know I liked what he was doing. Fuck this was great I thought, I loved how this day was turning out. “You want to see it for real now?” I asked. “Yeah,” was all I got, he let go. I pulled up my waistband up and over my throbbing cock, it would have stuck straight up if it wasn’t so heavy but it leaned toward my stomach almost touching my jacket. I pushed my underwear down. “Fuck that’s big Eric,” my brother said with shock at the sight of it. “Thanks, it’s not too bad is it. Can I see yours?” I asked. I had waited so long to see my younger brother’s dick. My mouth watered at the thought of it. I started to wonder what it looked like even though I was moments away from finding out. He didn’t respond with words but reached for his belt and undid it and threw it in the back seat. My heart began to beat fast as I watched him undo his fly, one button after the next until his pants were open and I could see the outline of his hard dick in his underwear. He unzipped his jacket because it was getting in his way and pulled it off throwing it in the back with his belt. He pulled up his shirt and I could see his hard stomach and cute belly button, fuck I wish I could kiss him there. He lifted his ass up and pulled his jeans down right past his knees like I had. He wore a cute pair of American Eagle boxer briefs, they were blue. I wanted to rub my face all over them, my cock gave me away and a long drip of precum dripped from my dick. He looked over at me to see if I was still watching, of course I hadn’t taken my eyes off of him. He hooked his thumbs under the sides and pulled them off quickly. His dick jumped back and hit him in his abdomen. Fuck what a dick, it looked just like mine. I had about two inches on him but his was just as thick as mine if not thicker. Fuck that was a beautiful dick. His balls sat on his toned legs and they were a bigger than mine. A small bush framed it, light brown hair that matched the hair on his head. A nice patch led up to the base of his belly button. “Damn that’s nice,” I said, proud of my brother piece. He laughed relieving some of the stress we had been building up, “Thanks bro.” Man this teen was hot, I couldn’t take much more of this I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. I wanted to please my little brother and feel him nut in my mouth. But I just leaned back in my seat and waved my cock around for him and he did the same for me. I was leaking so much I was starting to get embarrassed that he might think my dick oozed too much or I was just way too turned on. I was at my limit on what I felt he was up to when he reached out and took hold of my dick. Damn it felt good having him wrap his hand around me like that. The object of my affection, my friendship and lust now had his hand around me and was giving me the best gift I’d ever get. I reached over and did the same to him, my hand couldn’t close completely he was as so thick. His dick was hot and I could feel the veins as I pumped it in my hand. His skin was so soft like he never touched it before, I knew that wasn’t true. He sighed as I worked his dick in my hand and he matched nearly everything I did to him back to me. A bead of precum dripped down from his head and started to coat my hand. I wanted it so bad, I wanted to lift my hand to my mouth and eat my brother’s juice. I knew better, but I was so horny for him I wasn’t making great choices. I began to shift in my seat and I just went for it, I leaned down and put my face right over his cock. I heard him gasp as I stuck out my tongue and licked the head of his beautiful cock. “Oh shit!” Patrick said as he felt my warm tongue make contact with him. I was rewarded with the most pleasant taste I could have had on my lips. It was better than I could imagine, he was so sweet. I made another pass with my tongue as my little brothers dick let out more for me to have. I wrapped my lips around the tip of his cock and began to suck, I felt him squirm under me, he was trying to grab something to hold on too. I felt his hand grab hold of my back and grip my jacket. I could smell his sweat and scent rising off of him and I took a deep breath enjoying all my senses. “Damn Eric, oh my god,” he cried out as I twisted my head on his dick and began to bob up and down. I opened my eyes so I could see my brother’s dick, balls, legs and stomach coming in and out of view as I made out with his dick. I had never been this close and I wanted to see it all, burning it into my memory. “Mmmm,” I moaned in pleasure, I had to let my brother know how excited I was to have my mouth on him. Patrick pushed back in his seat and moved his hand to my head. I could feel him running his fingers through my hair as I worked his cock inside my warm mouth. I continued to jerk him with my hand and I brought up my other to play with and pull on his balls. I was getting a wonderful steady stream of my little brother’s precum on my tongue, making me want to work even harder to please him. I could feel his balls start to tense and I knew my ultimate goal was coming fast. “Hey E, I’m getting close. Fuck, shit. Really really close dude,” he was so cute trying to warn me. I picked up my pace and moaned loudly on top of his cock so he had no doubt that I wanted his load in my mouth. The sloppy sounds of my spit and mouth filled the car as I prepared to drink my brother’s cum. “Shit Eric, I’m going to…” He said as I felt the first volley hit the back of my tongue. His balls rose and tightened as he gave me what I wanted. My cheeks tensed, like when you eat something salty or tangy. Another spray coated my tongue so I swallowed, I knew I was going to get plenty and I didn’t want to make a mess or waist any. “Fuck!” Patrick yelled as I felt his dick pulse in my mouth spraying more of his load. I slowly worked my hand the length of his cock, encouraging him to give me more. He shifted and bucked under me. His hand gripped my hair and I knew he was definitely enjoying having my mouth on him. “Yes, fuck dude yes,” he moaned as I sucked up rope after rope of his cum. I let his load build in my mouth and was happy knowing that I had worked this out of my cute little brother. I felt the ridges of his veins and mushroom head move in and out of my mouth. I rolled my tongue over his tip and watched as it made him move under me, I swallowed again. Damn he tasted so good, I was loving the salty sweetness of him. I continued to suck him until I knew there was nothing left. That he had given me all he had in him. I pulled off of him letting go of his dick and watched as it fell down against him, wet and spent. I sat up in my seat and put my leaking hard dick back in my underwear and then Patrick watched as I zipped myself back up. I adjusted it so it was less painful but being held down like that was never a great feeling with the tight pants I wore. After a little while of sitting there I grabbed the keys and put them in the ignition. I was about to start up the car when Patrick finally broke the now very quite car. “Dude, umm I don’t know what to say,” he started. “Then let’s not say anything,” I said, I didn’t know what to say either. I really liked him and I let myself get carried away and all I knew to do was ignore what happened and just move on. “Naw, don’t be like that E. Don’t pull your ‘let’s ignore this’ shit with me, I know you,” Patrick grabbed my leg trying to get me to look at him. “Fine, what do you want to hear then?” I asked a little rude, if he really knew me he would know I was just scared of talking about it. “Eric, come on. You just sucked a load out of me. We can’t act this didn’t happen. I’m not going to let you push this off like nothing,” he said looking right at me. I caught his gaze and just looked at him, not saying a word. I wasn’t sure what I should say. So he kept talking, “Okay, so it’s up to me. Fine, I guess it’s time for some yes and no questions.” This was a stupid but effective way he came up with to get me to talk when I didn’t want to. I could answer them yes, no or with a few word responses. He had come up with it years ago and knew I would play along with him. “Are you gay?” He started. “I don’t know,” I replied, a lie. “Are you bi?” He asked another. “Maybe?” I wasn’t, but I didn’t want to say I was gay yet. “Have you sucked dick before?” He jumped a few questions ahead in my opinion. “Yes,” I said as I felt my dick move in my jeans. “Fuck! Who?” He asked, “Sorry, too direct… uh, for a while now?” I laughed at his question, it was cute. He was clearly interested in the idea of me sucking dicks so I loosened up a little. “A few when I was in high school, more now if I get a chance,” I opened up. “Well you are fucking great at it,” Pat laughed and squeezed my leg. “Thanks, glad you liked it,” I smiled turning red. I loved his hand on my leg, it felt so right. “I think I’m bi too Eric, I’ve done some stuff with Tom,” he offered up. “Like what?” I asked, it was my turn to ask some questions. “Stuff, like a lot of stuff,” my heart sank a little as the words left his mouth. Tom was my brother’s best friend since grade school and I was now getting jealous of him and I had to be careful not to let it show. Tom was a cute guy, a few months older then Pat. He was tall and slender, blond hair. I started to think about what he looked like naked, and then I thought about what he had done to my brother, hell now I was thinking of what my brother had done to him. My dick swelled in its confinement. It was a strange feeling to be turned on and fucking pissed as hell. I knew I had no room to be mad. “Are you a virgin still?” It wasn’t a fair question, I lost mine back when I was fifteen to my Jr high girlfriend and then at sixteen to her older brother. I didn’t have a right to quiz him like it was a bad thing. “No, of course not,” he laughed at my question. I laughed too, “Oh yeah I guess that makes sense.” “Cause I know you want to ask, I’ve fucked him and I’ve let him fuck me too,” he told me. Damn there was that feeling again, I was getting really jealous. Fuck, why did Tom get to do that with him, get to do that to my brother. I wanted it for so long I wish he wanted to do it with me too. “Do you still do it?” I asked. “Yeah, sometimes if his girlfriend and him are fighting. He’s got a long dick, about as long as yours,” he told me, I didn’t ask and almost didn’t want to know. “Do you like when he is in you?” I was getting too personal. “Well it doesn’t feel bad,” he joked, “How about you? Have you been fucked?” “A few times,” I was still irritated but I blushed at the idea of my brother imagining me taking a guys dick up my ass. “I think I like it more than fucking someone,” Patrick told me, “What do you like better?” “Being inside of someone,” my dick was a rock. He never moved his hand off of my leg, he kept it there not moving it an inch. I thought about what he looked like when he was getting fucked by his buddy. What face he made as he felt a dick sliding in and out if his hole. Damn my dick was hurting. “Can I see your dick again,” he asked, he began rubbing my leg, “I want to look at it again.” “I guess,” I responded with a sigh, he had just given me a bunch of information I was still processing. I unbuttoned my jeans and slipped them down again, pulled my underwear down and my dick sprang up again. The tip was wet with precum and it felt nice having it free again. I grabbed hold of it and began jerking it up and down, I was circumcised but I had plenty of skin still and I watched as it moved over my shaft. I looked over to Pat and be was staring at it intensely, he didn’t look up at me. It was obvious what he was thinking, he was trying to talk himself into blowing it for me. “Dude, you don’t have to suck me just cause I did it to you,” I said quietly. He chuckled, “Shut the fuck up.” “I’m not stupid I know you are thinking about it,” I added. “DUDE, shut the fuck up!” He looked up at me. I watched as my brother leaned over, not reluctantly but more trying to slow himself down. He moved his hand to the base of my cock and I let go. Fuck, he was going to do it. I watched as he opened his mouth wide, I could feel his breath on my skin. I felt his wet warm mouth close on the head of my dick and he began to suck, shit it felt so good. He cleaned up all the precum that I was leaking out. He twisted his head and began to work my dick nice and slow. It was like he was eating a dessert and wanted it to last. It felt amazing, my little brother had his head in my lap, my dick in his mouth. I had thought about this so many times, never did I think it would be here in a parking lot getting head from my hot younger brother. “Shit, dude,” I moaned as he eagerly worked on me. He pulled off and ran his hand to the tip and then to the base slicking the entire length of my dick with his spit, then back up and down jerking me off. He was good at what he was doing, he must have done this a lot. Patrick just watched, staring down at my fat dick. “Feel good Eric?” he asked, he looked up with a smile. Fuck he was so cute, his mouth was wet and I felt warm inside at the idea of him doing this to me. “Very,” I winked, “You’re really kocaeli escort bayan fucking good at this.” “I told you Tom and I…” he paused, “Let’s just say I’ve had practice and he isn’t too much smaller then you so I’m used to a big dick.” I should have been jealous but I was more proud of him. I knew he could be a little sex god if he wanted and he was well on his way. He moved his mouth back down on my cock taking it far into his mouth. “Geeze you give great head,” I said, I think at that point it was okay to let him know how I was feeling. He popped off of my dick again, “Thanks, I appreciate that,” and then he went back to work. He worked my long dick with his hand and got quite a lot of it in his mouth for the position we were in. The sounds of slurping filled the car, it was really warm in him and feeling the heat of my brother’s mouth and body on me was making me sweaty and the air thick. “Dude, I’m getting close Patrick,” I announced, I didn’t want to do that to him if he didn’t want my load in his mouth. He was relentless at sucking me, he sucked hard and deep. The sounds of his effort were awesome, I could hear his heavy breathing as he went into overdrive. A lot of the reason it was so good was the fact that it was him blowing me but he really was doing an amazing job. I could feel my balls start to tingle and rise up getting ready to release, “Here it comes dude.” I expected that he might pull off but he didn’t, he began to grunt and moan as he geared up to receiving my cum. Fuck he was hot and I knew I was going to nearly drown him with my load. I had always been a big nutter but this was a long time coming. My body tensed and couldn’t help but thrust upward into my brother’s mouth, “Fuck, I’m cumming!” Patrick moved his head to the top of my dick and began to take big gulps as streams of cum flew from my dick filling his mouth up. I heard him moan with joy as he tasted my cum. It was fucking hot and I couldn’t sit still, he held on to my dick making sure it didn’t fall out of his mouth. I felt my cock pulse in his warm mouth with every small eruption of jiz. I moved my hand to his back and felt his firm body as he gave me the best blowjob of my life. “Oh fuck, christ dude,” I moaned as he kept swallowing to keep up, “You’re so great at this bro.” Patrick kept up with what I gave him, I was surprised he drank every last drop of it. He ran his hand slowly down and back up my shaft as he made sure there was nothing else to eat, milking every last drop from my still very hard dick. He pulled off, “Does this thing ever stop or go down?” he laughed. “Not when it’s happy” I joked. He put his lips back around the tip and ate some more that escaped. I rubbed his back as he made sure there was nothing left. He turned and looked at me and smiled, fuck this kid was a good looking guy. “Thanks Pat, I needed that,” I said softly, out of breath. “I’d say I was returning a favor but I honestly wanted to do it before you sucked me off,” he winked and stuck out his tongue licking me from the bottom of my balls to the tip of my dick. After he was satisfied with himself, he moved back up and gave my dick a few more tugs before letting go. He adjusted his dick, he was clearly hard again. I couldn’t help myself and I laughed and shook my head, with a big smile on my face I pulled my underwear back up and shoved my cock away. I pulled my jeans up and zipped up. Patrick wiped his face with the back of his arm, it was wet with spit and he looked a little disheveled. He moved his hair to the side, trying to regain composure. “Fuck, your dick is like a fountain Eric. I think that’s the most cum I’ve ever seen come out of one person,” he chuckled. My dick twitched, I loved the thought that it ate every last bit of it. “Yeah, I guess it doesn’t mess around,” I shrugged my shoulders, I was used to cumming a bunch. I pulled on my seatbelt and bucked up and waited for Patrick to do the same. I turned on the car and the air, we had to wait for the windows to clear before we headed out. We had a little over an hour drive ahead of us. It was going to go two ways, very quiet or full of conversation. I was hoping for the second. Lucky for me it was a normal car trip for the two of us, talked about his classes, my classes and all the other random things we always went on about. I kept glancing over at him, he was such a cute guy. Why the hell did he have to be my brother? I wanted to date him, take him out, make love to him for the rest of my life. About halfway home I finally had to ask what we had both been thinking about, “So are we cool? You okay?” “Yeah, why are you not?” He looked over at me getting really serious. “I’m fine,” I said and paused for a moment, “I could lie and say that I never thought of doing something like that with you.” “Yeah?” He wasn’t really asking, and then silence. I sighed almost out loud, my chest gave me away. `Fuck, I totally fucked things up,’ I thought. I would have done almost anything to do this with him but the one thing I never wanted to do was screw with our relationship. We both had friends, we both even had best friends, but he was my blood, my true best friend. We have been so close all these years and my stomach began to turn at the idea that it was over, that it would never be the same. “Don’t sigh dude, calm down,” he grabbed my leg, “You always over think everything. Just let me process my thoughts,” he flashed me a smile and that damn wink of his. “I enjoyed sucking you off Eric, your dick is amazing and that load tasted great,” he offered up, “I just don’t know how I feel about it all, you’re my brother for fucking sake.” He shifted in his seat and looked forward, he hand still on my leg. “You’ve thought about doing that with me?” he asked but then kept talking, “I’ve seen you naked, I walked in on you a few times. I’ve wondered how big your dick got when hard.” “Ya?” I asked looking straight ahead too. “I mean yeah, you have a nice dick dude… and I guess if I’m honest then ya, I’ve thought about sucking you off before,” he didn’t seem happy to share that with me. “Made me feel like crap though, like how fucked up I am that I thought about sucking on your dick,” He put himself down. “Dude, its okay man. We’re just people ya know?” I had no real argument. “I guess,” he shrugged. I could almost feel his brain thinking and I had a feeling he was about to bombard me with questions. I took a deep breath and tried to relax and prepare. “Sooo…” He said, “Yes or no.” Here it was, his game of questions again. “Did you feel bad? You’ve probably jerking off thinking about me?” He started. “No and yes” I replied. “No and yes?” He paused, “Okay, was it a long time ago that you first started thinking about me?” “Yes?” I wasn’t sure what he thought was long. “Have you been turned on by me,” he thought about his question, “Today? Before we did what we did?” “Yes,” I said fast with no remorse. “Have you looked at my body and wanted to touch it but knew you couldn’t?” Then added, “Today?” Damn, yes or no questions will still get you I thought, “Yes.” “What is your favorite part of my body?” He asked, and then realized it wasn’t yes or no, “Is my ass appealing to you?” “Your face and smile, and yes,” I said too much but I liked more than his hot body and he should know. “Shit, my face?” He smiled, “Was it difficult for you not to get hard when we held on to each other tonight?” “Yes,” I could feel my dick getting hard again. “Me too,” he laughed, “It felt nice, what can I say.” I laughed too, “It did feel nice” He paused for a moment and ran his hand up and down my leg, like he was trying to comfort me. “Okay so I’m sick of this game because I want to ask you deeper questions, I’ll be one hundred percent honest if you will, deal?” He proposed. I let out a deep sigh, I had more to lose at this game I was sure if it. “I don’t know bro, that might be too much for one or both of us,” I looked at him. “So deal!” He laughed then shot me a smirked. “I may or may not answer,” he was pushing me farther then I felt was good for us. Patrick didn’t seem to care, “If I bend over for you once we get home would you fuck me?” Shit! His first question, “I’m not answering that.” “Fuck dude, you’d do me wouldn’t you!” He laughed, not teasing me but surprised. Now I wondered, so I asked, “If I asked you right now if I could would you let me?” “You’re my older brother Eric!” He replied. I wasn’t having that, “That isn’t an answer.” He sighed, “I don’t know, honest.” My dick stirred again, I felt it press against the fabric of my pants. My brother was turning me on again, the fact that he might let me fuck him? Damn, that was crazy to me. “Have you ever thought about me fucking you?” I asked, wanted to get out some questions. “Yes,” he didn’t add any more details, “How long have you been into me?” He asked before I got another turn. “A few years,” trying to be as honest as I could with him. “Damn, and before you ask the first time I thought of you like that was when I was about twelve and I saw your dick for the first time,” he said. “What were you thinking about when you sucked my dick and tasted my cum?” I asked, he had used my question so I asked a different one. “Hmmm,” he thought about it, “I don’t think I want to say,” he responded. “Fuck that, you said all honesty!” I barked at him. “Fine dude! Calm down, I thought about how I liked the way your skin tastes better then Tom’s, and I thought that I like the feel and size of your dick better too. And when you came I didn’t want it to stop, your cum tastes so good and it kind of freaked me out how much I liked it, how much I liked all of you I guess.” “And what…” I started to say, he stopped me. “My turn jerk!” He said with a smile, “What did you think about?” I took a deep breath, “About how hot you are, about your sweet precum and how I loved it. I also thought about how I couldn’t believe I was going down on you and how I never thought I’d be so lucky. I wanted to make you cum and I also thought about” I paused for a moment, “I thought about doing more than just sucking you.” “Fuck dude, you’re really into me.” He joked, but didn’t seem freaked out by it. “Are you a good kisser?” I asked. “I think so? Are you?” “I’ve been told I am. Do you kiss Tom?” And there was that feeling again, I was getting jealous. “Sometimes, well I guess yes. When he fucks me we kiss, its better that way you know, the connection,” he said. Before I could ask more he started again, “Have you thought about kissing me?” He knew I had. “Yes,” I said with a bit of longing, it wasn’t on purpose. “Do you want to kiss me right now?” He asked. “Yes,” I felt overwhelmed, I wanted to lie. “Well you’re driving so that’s unsafe!” He laughed at his joke, “Honest, I kind of want to kiss you too.” Dang, he wants to kiss me. My dick hurt in my pants. I wanted to pull over right then and make out with my brother more than anything. “Are you hard right now?” I said and looked over. He looked down, “Yup, yours?” He looked toward mine. Before I could answer he reached over and grabbed my dick through my pants. It bounced at his touch, he squeezed tight and rubbed it for a second. “You can touch mine Eric,” he said, so I reached out and put my hand on his hard dick. Damn it felt so warm and inviting. I wanted him so bad, I wanted to make out with him, suck his dick and then put my dick inside him and make love to him. “If I wanted would you let me sleep in your room tonight E?” He asked, not sure if he really wanted to or just curious if I’d let him. “I guess you could,” I responded, not sure where his mind was. We hadn’t done that since we were kids. He let go of my dick and I let go of his. He looked forward and I thought we might be done with our questions, but then he went on. “Is it wrong that we are both into each other?” He admitted he was in to me. “I don’t think so, I don’t feel bad about it if that’s what you mean,” I replied. “That’s the thing Eric, I don’t either anymore, not since I was younger. Shouldn’t I? Shouldn’t we?” He looked over for my answer. “I guess I don’t really care,” I shrugged my shoulders. “If I let you fuck me I wouldn’t know how to feel about it, you’re my brother for christ’s sake. But I can’t stop thinking about it,” He said. “Don’t push yourself, don’t feel pressured. I never asked to do that,” I tried to take the pressure off. “But I keep thinking about how good you’d feel sliding into me. Dude, that dick, your body?” He was looking forward and I’m pretty sure he forgot he was talking to me, he was just saying what he was thinking. He turned and looked at me, “Your face and smile are my favorite things about you too, you’re really handsome,” he smiled, “I don’t want you to think I just think your dick is great,” he laughed. “Thanks Patrick,” I blushed. He was making me crazy, I wanted to do so much to him. I put my arm around his shoulder and gave him a hug. It’s all I could really do without grabbing his dick again but the moment needed more. My little brother was amazing, I can’t believe the things we told each other and the things we did. I didn’t want this night to end but we we’re getting close to home and I knew in a few minutes we both would be in our rooms and who knows if we’d ever talk about this again. I pulled in the driveway and I undid my seat belt, I didn’t want to get out. He did the same, but he reached for the door and looked over at me. He smiled and winked, “You ready for bed?” He asked, “I know I am.” I faked a smile, “Me too.” We both got out and I followed him inside, there was that hot ass of his again. I wanted to reach out and grab it. I made my way up the stairs and then toward the door that led up to my room in the attic. I turned around to say goodnight when I nearly rammed into Patrick, “What are you doing?” I asked. “You said I could sleep in your room,” he was surprised by my question and then got embarrassed. “Oh! I thought you were asking a ‘would you let me, I’m not asking’ kind of question,” I felt bad. “No, sorry. Well you have a good night,” he turned to leave. “Stop, come on,” I grabbed his arm and he looked over his shoulder at me. He smiled and I did too. Damn this was bad news for me, I didn’t want him to feel any pressure but I wanted my brother so bad and even if we just talked and went to bed that was fine with me. When we got into my room I closed the door and locked it behind us. He walked around looking at my stuff as if he didn’t come in there all the time bugging the shit out of me when he was bored or just to hang out with me. I took my jacket off and then my shoes, he continued to browse. I pulled my shirt over my head and then reached for my zipper. He turned around and watched me. He stared as I pulled me jeans open and the bulge in my underwear came into view. I worked my pants down my furry legs and kicked them off. “You going to bed or not?” I asked. “Yeah,” is all he said. I stood there in my underwear not sure what to do, I walked over to my bed and pulled the covers down and rearranged my pillows making it ready for a second person. I sat down and watched as he pulled his T-shirt off. He had a nice slender body, pale skin with a few freckles scattered around. He didn’t have much fat on him which made his muscles pop a little more. He had thick shoulders and a nice smooth chest. His pink nipples made my dick jump, they were the size of nickels and sat at the bottom of his pecks. He reached for his fly, he looked up to see if I was watching, of course I was, I’m not crazy. My brother undid the top button and then the second and third. His blue boxer briefs came into view and I tried my best to keep my cool. He pulled his jeans down and his bulge flopped out. He bent down and shimmied his pants off and stepped out of them. I could see the outline of his dick, it was pointed down and it made me hard looking at it. He was clearly getting hard and stretching out the front of his underwear more then he normally would be. He stood there and let me look him over, he smiled and then walked around the bed to get in on the other side. I got a side view of his beautiful ass, it was the most perfect looking muscle I had ever seen. He had a large bulge in the front giving me a nice view of his profile and a great memory for later. He turned to sit and his round ass looked like it was in slow motion as he sat on my bed. “I’m so tired,” Patrick said, what a lie. He was just as awake as I was. “Yeah, me too,” I lied too. He pulled his legs up, laying on his back he turned to looked at me. I did the same and looked at him, my dick was on show for anyone who wanted to see. He looked down and chuckled. I didn’t want to push him so I pulled the blanket up over us and looked at the beams that held the roof up. He turned to his side, facing away from me. He moved back until his ass was pressing against my hip. My brother was going to be the death of me. I turned facing his back and rested my hand on the top of the blankets, on top of me mostly. Patrick scooted back until I could felt his ass pressing against my hard dick, it was a lot to take in. I stared at the back of his head and took a deep breath smelling his scent. He moved back more and his back was against my chest and stomach. I moved my arm under the covers and held on to his chest and moved my head next to his cuddling up to him. We stayed like that for a long time, I could feel his lungs fill with air and empty. His skin was warm against mine and my dick was hard against his ass. He smelt so good and I wanted to move my hips into him but I didn’t want to take the lead, it had to be him. He grabbed my hand and wrapped his fingers with mine and began to move his ass up on me, my dick throbbed as he gave me small pleasure. “This feels nice,” he broke the silence. “It does,” I agreed, as I felt him pushing against my dick. “Ask me,” he said, turning to try to see my face. “Ask you what?” What did he want from me, he was driving me insane. “Ask me if you can put it inside of me,” he moved back even more pressing his firm ass on my dick. “Can I put my dick in your ass Patrick?” I barely got out, it felt like I hadn’t remembered to breath. “I want you too,” he said. “That’s not an answer, can I put it in you?” I asked again. “Yes, you can,” he moved off of me, my dick missed his ass already, he had turned to face me. I looked into his brown eyes, they were beautiful. He didn’t smile, he was nervous. His eyes kept darting from one of mine to the other, like he was trying to read my mind. I raised my hand and put in on the side of his face. He moved his face toward mine, I could taste his breath in my mouth as he got close. He pressed his lips against mine and kissed me. He opened his mouth and slipped his tongue into my mouth and we began to kiss slow and passionately. He pulled off me and looked at me again and gave me that hot smile of his and then came back in for more. He stuck his tongue in my mouth again and I did the same to him, he tasted great. My heart was beating so fast and all I could hear was the sound of our make out session. He moaned and moved closer to me, I could feel his dick touching mine. He moved his hand to much chest and pushed me back and got on top of me. He looked down and then kissed me again. I had never been so turned on in my life. “Fuck you’re a great kisser,” I managed to get out. At first his ass was right above my dick but he lifted up and sat on it, he began moving his hips and kept kissing me intensely. I grabbed the back of his head with both my hands and pulled him off me so I could look into his eyes, we both were breathing hard. “You okay Eric?” He asked. “Very, are you?” I asked back. “Uh huh,” he smiled big and let out a laugh. He leaned down and gave me a peck and pulled back up, “This is some good stuff.” I ran my hands up and down his bare torso, his skin was smooth and warm to the touch. My room was cold and when I moved my fingers over his nipples they tighten, it made me smile. I ran my hands down his chest then abdomen, he had a slight six pack. My hands rested on his firm legs and we just looked at one another. My dick moved in my underwear, still touching his ass. He smiled at me. “You’re beautiful,” I said, I felt light-headed. “Thanks bro, you are so handsome,” he ran his hands on my naked chest. I had gotten hairy when I was about sixteen and my chest was no exception, I was self-conscious about it when I was a younger but now I loved it and thought it made me look older. I wasn’t as pale as Patrick was but my skin was pretty close, we looked a lot alike and if I didn’t have hair and about twenty pounds we’d look pretty damn close. “Your abs are so nice Eric, I can tell you spend a lot of time on them,” he complemented me, running his hand over them. “Not that much, I can see yours coming in,” I replied. He looked at himself and patted his stomach, “Did you hear that guy’s, you’ll look like Eric’s in not time,” he laughed. I laughed too, he was such a goof, gosh damn I loved him. I sat up and Patrick shifted backwards and sat directly down on my lap. I moved my mouth to his and kissed him very tender, his lips were soft and I never wanted to stop kissing him. I opened my mouth and put my tongue on his again and he pushed his over and all around mine. Again the sounds of our kissing filled the room. As he sat there he shifted his hips, slowly at first, grinding his ass against my dick. “Mmm,” I moaned, I couldn’t help myself. He moaned back as a response, we both were enjoying ourselves. Patrick reached back behind him and leaned forward, I felt his dick press against my stomach, a wet spot had formed on the front of his underwear. He adjusted my dick so that it was pointed up in the middle of my boxer briefs and sat back down, his ass hugged it and I felt him flex it giving it a squeeze. He thrust his hips forward and then backward, I would say we were dry humping but there wasn’t much that was dry between the two of us. I could feel his beautiful ass moving up and down the length of my cock, he was using it to get me off. Our lips met again and we both got lost in the pleasure. My mind was racing as I thought of all the times I had looked at his ass, his body. Fuck, my brother was a god and I wanted to do right by him in wherever this was leading. “I think we should take our underwear off? What about you?” He smiled down at me. “Probably,” I had a huge smile, my face flushed, I was getting overwhelmed by it all. He leaned to the left and pulled his foot under him and stood up over me. It was a great angle, he looked so hot above me like that. He slipped his underwear down and his fat dick popped out. A little string of precum oozed out of him and dripped on me. I smiled and he did too. “Whoops,” he laughed as I smeared kocaeli escort it in my skin. He lifted his leg and pulled off his underwear and was just about to throw them when I reached up for them. He gave me a puzzled look and then handed them to me. I brought them to my nose and took a deep breath. Damn, his scent drove me wild, I inhaled a few more times and pulled them away with a stupid grin on my face. “You’re crazy Eric,” he said looking down at me. “Because I like the way you smell?” I asked. “Just cause you are,” he smirked. Patrick waited as I slipped my underwear off, I was careful not to knock him over as he stood over me. My dick slapped against my stomach and Patrick made a joke about how heavy my dick was. He turned around and I got to look at that beautiful bare ass. `Wow’ I though as my dick leaked all over. It was perfect, plump and firm. “You like?” He asked as he turned and looked over his shoulder. With my mouth open and a look of lust in my face, “Fucking amazing bro.” “Shut up Eric,” he laughed. “No, it’s so fucking nice Patrick,” I replied, I grabbed my dick and started to jerk it. Pulling myself up out between him I got on my knees. I waited for him to give me the okay. He grabbed hold if his firm round ass, one hand on either side and bent over just a little. “You want this?” He teased me. He adjusted his fingers spreading them out and then pulled apart cheeks. “Fuck,” I gasped. His tight pink hole came into view. I had never seen such an amazing sight in my life, my mouth watered and I licked my lips. I had to taste it, I wanted to put my tongue on my little brother and never stop. “Can I?” I asked. “Yes, I’d like that,” he whispered. I moved me face closer and he leaned just a little more forward. I reached out and ran my fingers down his crack feeling his smooth skin and then bump of the entrance of his closed hole, my dick was bobbing up and down. I did that a few times before I moved my face into him. I felt his skin on my cheek as I rest my face on his tight ass for a moment and sighed, my heart was beating so fast. Using my fingers I spread him open even more. I stuck my tongue out as far as I could and moved into touching him right on his ring. I was so excited, I moved my tongue all around on it. I wasn’t trying to be sexy at first, I was sloppy, I just wanted to taste him. “Okay bad idea,” Patrick said and my heart sank for a second, “My legs are going to go out with you doing that, I need to get down or something.” I nervously laughed, “Sure.” He got down on his knees in front of me his face pressed against the covers. Fuck, his ass was amazing, he turned and looked at me wondering what I was doing. “Go on,” he joked shooting me a big smile. “Little punk,” I laughed. I moved back to Patrick, I began to lick him again all over. I could taste his sweat and salty flavor, fuck he tasted so good. I licked him all over, sucking and slurping as best I knew how. My brother moaned and sighed under me. He sounded like he was more than enjoying himself. “Yeah Eric, that feels so good,” he encouraged me. His words only made me want to work harder and I did. I began to trace the outline of his hole with my tongue and slowly pressed into him. “Fuck E, get in there, you’re driving me crazy,” he said loud. I pushed my wet tongue into his very tight hole. I felt it slip inside, hugging me as I tasted the inside of my little brother. It was so warm inside him, I moved my tongue around wishing I could keep going but I was pretty deep and almost at my max. “Holy fuck E, Tom won’t do this for me. It feels amazing,” he moaned and bucked under me. I held on to him so I didn’t slip out and I moved my tongue all around. This was so great and I loved every second of it. I loved that I was doing something Tom didn’t, I was making my brother happy, I’d do anything for him. I continued to service his hole, I moved up and down, in and out of him. I felt him squeeze his ass on my tongue and my face was wet from all my spit and effort. Wanted to cum so bad in there, I thought. I wanted to feel my cum spray deep inside of him, marking him as mine. I would do anything for my brother and I wanted him to be only mine, day or night. I wanted him to come home to me and sleep in my bed, for him to call it his bed. Fuck I had it bad for him, I couldn’t even completely enjoy the moment without thinking about how much more I wanted. I stuck my tongue in him one last time, I moved it in a circle and then finally pulled my face away. Out of breath I just knelt there, my dick sticking straight out. I wanted to sink it into him, just slide it in and watch it disappear. Feel his insides and become one with him. “You going to do it?” he asked, getting on all fours and turning so he could see me. “Do you want me too?” I asked, I wanted his permission. “Yes, I want you to,” he almost begged in his tone. I grabbed my dick and used my precum to lube it up a bit, his hole was plenty wet and I knew that he might be able to take me just fine if what he said about Tom was true. “Condom?” I asked, hoping he’d say no. “I guess if you want it,” he replied. “I don’t, but you’re in charge,” I said. “Then definitely not, I want to know and feel that there is nothing on you. Just you in me,” he said so straight forward. I wanted to die that made me so happy, I would have used a condom that wasn’t a problem. I just loved that he wanted to be as close to me as I wanted to be to him. “Please Eric, put it in me. I need you in me so bad,” he said, he was beyond horny. “Okay little brother, here it goes,” I said, I probably shouldn’t have brought attention to the fact that we we’re brothers but I wasn’t thinking. “Fuck yes big bro, put it in your brother,” he said surprising me. I leaned forward and my dick lined up to him, he pushed back a little and I felt my dick press on my brother’s beautiful pink hole. I rubbed it up and down letting my precum lube him up a little. Patrick pushed back again, he wanted it bad. I felt as the tip of my dick barely pushed in, it was ready to slide in. I grabbed hold of my brother’s creamy ass and slowly pushed in, fuck he was so warm. The head of my dick made its way inside and my dick throbbed in pleasure as his ass began to swallow my cock. “Fuck, you’re tight, you okay?” I checked in. “I’m good, you feel so much bigger then Tom,” he said as a compliment. I hated hearing about him but on the other hand loved that I was better and that made it okay. Patrick pushed back, taking more of my dick, “Geeze, you’re a monster,” he laughed. “I can go get some lube,” I said. “Yeah, grab some please. Your just so fucking thick,” he laughed a little embarrassed he had to stop. I pulled out and saw his hole open for just a moment and close. It was so hot, I couldn’t wait to be deep inside of him. I reached over to my side table and opened a drawer, I fished out a bottle. It was some random lube I picked up but it should do just fine. We just needed a little something to get things moving. Between his tight ass and my larger than normal dick I’m not sure why I thought that I could have gone in him like that. I lubed up my dick and put a little on his hole, he was nice and ready now. “Thanks Eric, I wanted to go with nothing but fuck you’re big,” he laughed. “Or you’re tight?” I joked. “Do you like it so far?” He asked. “You have no fucking clue,” I replied. I slowly pushed back on his ass and I felt the tip of my dick get sucked in, my body tingled as it did. Patrick spread his legs apart and pushed his ass up and back giving me a better angle. “Fuck that feels good,” my brother moaned. My dick went in a few more inches, his insides warm and wrapped around me tight, it felt great. I held on to his plump ass as I watched more and more of my dick go in. “Shit Patrick, you’re so fucking tight,” I said under my breath, my dick was in heaven. He pushed back and I looked down, my hands went up to my chest and I ran them up and down my body as I watched. My flat stomach had a trail of hair that led down past my navel, to my trimmed bush above my cock. My dick was slightly red and all the veins showed, I was so freaking hard. My balls swung as I made short small thrusts into my brother letting his ass take it on its own. “How are you doing?” I checked in with him again. “Fine now, your dick feels so good man. I can’t believe we are doing this,” he didn’t seem to feel bad about it as he pushed back on me. His ass took most of it but there was still about three more inches left. I rubbed his back and then his ass letting him get used to it. I knew I must be leaking inside of him, it made me smile and I let out a small chuckle. He made me so happy, and I was so excited that I had my brother on my dick. “What?” He turned around, he looked like he was concentrating and I was distracting him. “Sorry, I’m just really loving this,” I confessed. He winked and turned back around. He put his face down in the covers and arched his back. “All the way Eric,” he told me, “I want it all the way.” He didn’t have to tell me twice, I pulled on his hips and felt as the last few inches slipped inside him. He grunted as I did it. I felt my balls hit his and I let out a sigh. “Shit you’re deep!” He moaned almost in pain. “You sure you’re okay?” I asked again, I didn’t want to hurt him. He turned his face to the side, “I’m fine, stop asking! You’re just really deep inside of me, I can feel it like really deep.” I rubbed his back and let him adapt to his older brothers dick stretching him. “Tell me when you want to keep going,” I told him. I looked down and I marveled at the sight of my brother, naked, pushed up against me, my dick deep inside of him. He looked like he was a part of me, I loved that, for this moment we were one. One body working together, nothing could have made us more physically close. He didn’t tell me anything, instead he pulled himself off of me. I watched as my dick reappeared, it felt so good moving through him. He then pushed back all the way until I felt his ass pushing against my lap again. I watched him do it again but a little faster this time, I wish I could see his face as he felt my dick fuck him for the first time. He must have read my mind because he got up turned around, braced himself on me and looked into my eyes. I held onto him so to help. Fuck he was beautiful, he was concentrating so hard as we began to pick up speed. “Fuck Eric, you’re so hot,” he said, a smile appeared on his face, “I wish I could see you better.” I immediately pulled out and moved him to his back, I think he was surprised at the swift change and had a smirk as he laid there. He pulled his legs up to his chest and I looked at his smooth ass. It was open, now empty from not having my cock in it. I smiled as I looked at his hole and then back at him and then back at his hole. This guy was the best thing I’ve fucked and I probably won’t ever fuck someone as hot as him. “Put it in Eric,” he laughed. “Sorry, it’s just…” I paused. “What?” He said as he held his legs waiting. “Well… You’re just really fucking hot. You know that right?” he needed to know how good looking he was. “Shut up,” he blushed, he was in a compromising position, ass pointed at me and now I was giving him complements, “Thanks E, I’m glad you think so.” “I’m sorry, you are and I wanted you to know,” I looked down at my dick, I was scared to look back up at him for a moment. I scooted forward and lined up with his ass, it had closed but I knew I could easily get myself back inside. I looked up to see if he was ready and he gave me a wink. I swear he was messing with me, that he knew how to make me melt. I slowly pressed in and my cock made it past his opening. He just stared at me, I didn’t know what his face was saying. Was he in pain? Maybe he was just concentrating on taking me? I got half way in, and damn did it feel amazing. His ass was the most perfect thing I had ever been in, he was smooth and warm and as I pushed deeper it wrapped around my dick. It swallowed my dick and I knew that I couldn’t take much more of this. My brother reached out and grabbed my hips and pulled me into him, “All the way, fuck your dick is making me feel so good.” I felt the rest of my cock slide deep inside of my little brother. My lap pressed against his round ass. I looked down and saw my brother’s hard cock. He wasn’t touching it, his balls were resting against me and his hands were on each of my ass cheeks holding me close as if I would escape if he let go. “I could live with you right here forever,” he laughed as he looked up. “That good?” I asked. “You’ll never know how good,” he smiled and threw his head back for a moment, “I can’t believe I almost chickened out.” I saw him take a deep breath and watched as his lungs filled his chest with air. I reached down and rested my hand on him. I felt his nipple, it was hard from the cold air still. “Shit Pat, I’m glad you didn’t,” I let out a half sigh and worked my cock in and out of him. “Me too,” he winked, damn him. I looked down and watched my dick slide out of my brother, it was the best thing to watch. As soon as I knew the head was about to come into view I pressed it back in. My whole body tingled as I could feel my orgasm building as I fucked him. The sound of our sex filled me room and my brother moaned and grunted as I laid into his tight ass, our bodies slapping together. “How are you liking this?” My brother asked. “Pretty sure you know,” I responded. “Tell me, I want to hear how much you like this, please Eric?” He begged. “Fuck man, okay,” I took a second to form my thoughts, I wasn’t thinking clearly. “Well your ass is just as I thought it would be like, the best thing I’ve ever been in,” I started, “I can’t believe I’m fucking you Pat, I’ve wanted this for too long, I hope it doesn’t freak you out.” “It doesn’t, I like hearing about it,” he said. “Well I’ve lusted after you for a long time bro, I’ve jerked off so many times thinking about you,” I continued to slide in and out of him. “And it’s as good as you thought it would be?” He asked as he moaned, my dick pushing deep in him. “Better, you’re so fucking amazing little brother. You make me so happy and I want to do this as long as you’ll let me, I want to feel your ass on my cock day and night. Feel you bouncing on me, kissing me, your skin on mine. Fuck I can’t believe I’m telling you this,” I could hear the sounds of our sex. “Keep going, don’t hold back Eric,” it’s like he knew I couldn’t help myself now that I had my dick inside of him. “Your ass feels like it was made for me, I’ve never felt so good fucking anyone, like nothing could feel better than being in you. I’m not happy I’m leaving soon, you’re my best friend Patrick,” I was so worked up. “I’ll miss you too Eric, it sucks you’re leaving,” he said as he laid there taking my cock. What a conversation for right now, we never stopped, we kept fucking as we talked. “Kiss me,” he commanded me. I leaned down and slipped inside his open mouth and we kissed sloppy and hard. I loved tasting my brothers spit, and feeling the roof of his mouth, brushing against his teeth. He did the same to me before sucking on my tongue, it felt like he was trying to suck the air out of me. My dick felt amazing slamming in and out of his hole, and he kept moaning as I rammed in him. I’m glad he had sucked me off in the car otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to hold back from cumming. “Fuck me harder Eric,” Patrick moaned. I did, I picked up the pace and my bed moved under us as I drilled my cock into my brother. I held on to his legs holding him down so I could get deep in him. “Ya? You love you’re big brothers dick don’t you?” I yelled way too loud. “Fuck yes, fucking love you fucking me Eric.” He cried out. His face looked up at me, he was enjoying the feeling of my cock trusting into him and he made it no secret in his eyes. I leaned down and gave him a peck, I cared so much for him and I wanted to make him feel as good as he made me feel. I couldn’t hold out much longer, I knew it wasn’t long before I was going to bust but I was trying make it last as long as I could. Patrick watched me as I fucked him, his face kept twitching and changing as he felt my dick touch all different places deep inside of him. He never stopped smiling making me happy. He loved this, maybe not as much as I was but he defiantly loved it. I reached down and grabbed my brother’s hard dick, it was heavy in my hand. Before I could do anything he stopped me. “No, don’t!” he said, I just held onto it not knowing what I did, “I’m too close, I can’t hold it if you do that.” “Dude, I’m so close too,” I wasn’t kidding, I was barely holding on. I let go of his cock. “Shit dude, you’re amazing,” he said moving himself up against me as I fucked down into him. I grabbed his hips and I could hear the sound of my body slapping into his ass and felt my balls hitting him as I didn’t hold back and was probably going too fast for him. I was most defiantly going to cum and it was going to happen in seconds. “I’m going to nut soon, I’m going to pull out bro,” I said almost out of breath. “Don’t pull out! Do it, cum in me,” he moaned, “I want you to fill me up like you did my mouth.” “Fuck dude,” I responded as I was at my breaking point. I wanted my load far up inside him and I can’t believe he wanted it there too. My dick trust in and out of his hole, I could feel my balls rising and I knew it was time. I grabbed his dick and began pumping him. “Fuck yes Eric, fuck my ass!” he cried out, “Put your load in me big bro! You’ve wanted this, so do it, cum in your brother’s tight ass.” “Shit Patrick, here it comes!” I yelled out as I felt my dick pulse as the first jet flew out inside his gut, “FUCK!” I yelled far too loud as I felt streams of cum deposit into my brother. “Yes Eric, that’s it brother. Put it in me, you’ve deserve this. I’m so happy you are doing this to me, you’re little brother is so happy right now. Give me your cum.” He moaned. As I was coating his insides my brother’s dick exploded in my hand, the first rope of cum hit him on his neck, the second covered him from his chest to his belly button. He kept shooting as I filled him up with my huge load. I could feel his asshole squeeze on my cock with every stream that came out of him. In turn it synced with mine, I knew I was putting more in him every time his came out of him. Damn this was amazing, I held him down on my dick and pressed hard against him. My whole dick was as far as it could have been in him and Patrick grabbed on to me and pulled on me as if I could go farther. “Unload all of it in me, I want it all,” He whispered, out of breath, looking up at me with his brown eyes. “Fuck dude,” I moved my hand to his chest trying to keep myself up, he knew what to say to make me even hotter for him. It felt like my dick would never stop, it must have been the longest orgasm I had ever had. “You know I can feel it? I can feel your dick putting it in me, it’s fucking crazy,” he smiled big. “Yeah?” I couldn’t respond, I felt like my life was draining as I gave him my seed. “Yeah, it keeps throbbing in me and I could tell your load was going in me,” he told me, “That’s fucking hot bro.” I rested my head on his chest, I was out of breath and my dick was still in him. I had nothing left to give him and my dick stayed deep inside my little brother. I could smell his scent, that damn high school spray mixed with his sweat. As I laid my head on him I could hear his heart beating fast and I listened to it slow down. He ran his hand through my hair as I tried to regain some composure, “You okay Eric?” he asked. “I’m okay,” I said now that I was catching my breath, “Are you okay?” “Well yeah. This night took a turn didn’t it? I can’t believe you just came in my ass,” He said, I couldn’t see his face because I was still resting on him. “Pretty crazy,” I was starting to feel doubt that he was okay. “You think I’m pretty cute don’t you,” he said, it was more of a statement. “Well kinda, I told you,” I responded. I could feel my dick slowly slip out of his ass, his legs still high with me on top of him. He slowly lowered them down, one on each side of me and our wet dicks and bodies smashed together. “Yeah, but I can see it when you look at me,” he waited a moment, “The look you give me, like you are really into me.” “I’m just horny,” I tried to regain some sort of mystery as he clearly saw threw me, that it was just more than thinking he was hot. “Naw, it’s not that Eric, like you really like me. I can tell, it was a big deal for you to do what you just did to me. Not because it was sex but because you really like me don’t you? Please, tell me,” He grilled me. I rolled off him and put my arm up burying my face in the crook of my arm. What the hell does he want me to say to him, I didn’t want to lie but I couldn’t tell him the truth. I felt the cold air on my skin, I was sweaty from fucking my brother. “Dude, you really like me,” he pressed me, “Tell me, I want to hear you say it.” “Fuck dude, why are you attacking me,” I wanted to cry. “No, it’s not that E. I’m not mad, you’re misunderstanding me. I want to know that what you just did to me was more than getting your dick off. I want to know that I mean more to you than just a fuck. You’re my brother, I fucking love you man. When I do things with Tom I do that because I’m horny, what we just did was different. You just made love to me, tell me what it meant to you.” I was overwhelmed again, he didn’t seem to be messing with me but I was having such a hard time telling him. He knew it too, he sat up and gave me a peck on my lips. He gave me another on my chin then neck. “Talk to me E, I’m sorry I just have to know this wasn’t just random sex,” he sounded sad and my heart sank. “No Patrick, it wasn’t. I fucking love you, I love you so much and I wanted to be with you. Yes you make me hot for you but what I just did wasn’t just a fuck or random sex,” I was talking so quiet, “I wanted to make love to you like you were more than just my brother, more than just a guy. I’m so fucked up and I don’t know why I can’t stop thinking about you.” “Geez man,” he sighed, “I love you too Eric, you know I do,” he said, I cut him off. “It’s not that kind of love Pat, I really think I love you. Like if you were a girl I would want to build a family with you. I’m so fucked up.” I could feel tears begin to form. “Shit dude, don’t be upset. You’re killing me,” he moved him arm so he could see me. He leaned down and kissed me on my lips, and looked into my eyes. He kissed me again and opened his mouth and put his tongue in me. I pushed up and kissed him hard sucking and breathing in. He broke our kiss, “Thank you for telling me E, you weren’t a random fuck for me either. I think I’ve liked you more for a while now, you’ve always been there for me and I’m pretty sure I love you like that too,” my brother smiled. He kissed me again, “Think mom and dad will notice if I move in with you up here for your last few months?” Damn, I grabbed him and held him close, “Fuck if I care.” ::The End::

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