Babysitter Surprise Pt. 01Babysitter Surprise Pt. 01


Teen Babysitter


Our hero in this story is Tom, a six foot tall, thirty something ex football player, who now travels around the world picking up odd jobs for friends or people he has met over the years.

He retired when he ruptured his Achilles tendon but he keeps himself in good shape.

Oh, and he loves the ladies!

Part 1

Tom is at the home of his long-term friend Kate. It is a huge house in the suburbs. He has been asked to chaperone her to an evening garden party across town as Kate’s husband is away on business for the week.

Kate has turned to Tina, the teenage daughter of a neighbour, to look after her to 10-year-old girls.

Tina is around 5 foot 6, slim with long slender legs and is in her second year at Uni. She arrives around ten to eight and looks really cute in a cropped T-shirt top that hangs from her pert 36c tits and a pair of skimpy denim shorts that show off her long slender legs.

Tom and Kate set off to the party around 8pm for a journey that takes about 20 minutes.

Part way through the journey, Kate begins to complain about a headache coming on. Fearful that it might be the start of a migraine, she hunts through her bag for her pills.

“Shit, I must have left them on the dressing table when I changed over handbags!” She curses.

“Look. Don’t panic. Once we get you there, I can nip back and get them.” Tom Offers.

“Oh, would you? That would be great!”

“No worries.”

Arriving at the party, Tom accompanies Kate to the house where Shelia, the hostess, meets her. Tom then sets off back for the pills, arriving back around 9pm.

The house is quiet so he opens the door carefully. Once inside though, he can hear some soft sexy moans and groans coming from the lounge.

He moves quietly toward the door, which is slightly ajar, and looks through the crack. He can’t believe his eyes.

Tina is sprawled out on the couch, those skimpy shorts are off by her side and her legs are spread apart. With her right hand she is applying what seems, from the low hum, to be a rabbit sex toy to her clit whilst her she has slipped the other hand up under her top and is rubbing her tits and swollen nipples.

On the huge TV screen in front of her, Cherie Deville is in all her glory riding on top of the huge cock of a black teenage youth, cowgirl style. But Tina is not watching the action now. Her eyes are closed and her head is thrown back and shaking from side to side as if she is denying the mounting orgasm that is building from her swollen clit.

Not surprisingly, Tom’s cock reacts instantly and is tenting the front of his chinos.

And then she is cuming, as first her legs and then her whole body goes stiff and starts to shake.

Presumably Kate’s girls are in their rooms, which are over in the other side of the huge house. “What to do next then?” Tom wonders.

Suddenly the choice is taken away from him as in trying to open the door a little more to improve his view, it creaks and Tina responds immediately.

“Who’s there?” she asks, her head spinning around as she quickly tries to regain composure and cover herself up.

“Don’t worry, it’s me, Tom.” He answers walking into the room

“What the hell are you doing here? You’re supposed to be with Kate!”

“I’ve had to come back to pick up some pills!” He explains

“And how long have you been there?”

“Long Escort Bahçeşehir enough.” He answers with a grin, at which point Tina’s cheeks go bright red. “A good choice of film.” He adds trying to diffuse the tension. “Where did you get that from?”

“My dad is away this week so I borrowed it from his secret porn stash.”

“It’s obviously not that secret!” He observes and they both laugh, if somewhat nervously.

“Do you like porn?” Tina asks.

“Hell yes! I watch it all the time.”

“What do you like to watch, Mr. Tom?”

“I like all sorts but my favourite is watching skinny young things get fucked by big cocks!” He explains.

“Oh, me too.” Is Tina’s surprise response. “That is why I have this.” She says holding up a huge cucumber. The thing must be at least 10 inches long, going from about 3 inches wide at one end to 5 inches at the other

“Jeez! That is huge. Why a cucumber?” Tom asks

“Because it is easier to explain away than a dildo!”

“Good thinking!” Tom replies with a smile.

On screen, Cherrie is now get dicked by the 10 inch black cock doggie style, and her gorgeous natural tits are swinging back and forth to the rhythm.

“Anyway, Kate tells me you are quite big and looking at the bulge in your pants, I reckon she is right! How big is it?” Tina asks cheekily.

“Not as big as your makeshift dildo, but big enough I reckon!”

Will you show me?” She asks cheekily.

“Well I could, but if I get him out, he is going to expect to see some action.”

“What sort of action? A blow job?”

“Well that would be a start but in view of how he is twitching at the sight of that nicely shaven young pussy, I reckon he wants a piece of that too!” Tom ventures.

“Oh Mr. Tom, you don’t mess about do you? Come on, let’s see it then.” She asks, casting aside the shorts that did little to cover her anyway and resuming the attack on her clit with the rabbit.

“Reckon he is about to cum!” Tom commented, looking at the screen as he unfastens his belt and chinos and lets them drop to the floor to reveal an even bigger bulge in his jockeys.

On screen Cherie is now on her back, legs wide apart with the guy in press up position on top of her pounding his big black cock into her, with each stroke slamming it up to the hilt.

As they both watch the action on screen, Tom hooks his thumbs into the waist of his jockeys on either side and eases them down slowly revealing is long thick cock. Suddenly realizing what is happening Tina turns her attention from the erotic sights on TV to Tom as inch after inch of thick shaft is revealed until it finally springs free.

“Wow!” she yelps, “That is some cock. And it is not even fully hard yet!” Sure enough, due the confines of his shorts and pants, he is only semi-hard so the shaft arches out in font of him with the big swollen end drooping toward the floor. “I am sure if you come here I can have you bone hard in a minute or two.”

“I don’t think I will need any help, particularly if you take your top of so I can see your pert teenage tits.”

“Go on then.” She replies. “You have seen everything else, so why not.”

So, as she takes her top off to reveal a gorgeous pair of 36c boobs, she watches Tom’s cock slowly extend even further and the head rise until it is the shaft is fully erect.

Meanwhile on Bahçeşehir Escort Bayan screen the guy is still pounding Cherie and she is in mid orgasm, shaking and moaning, as the guy suddenly pulls out, pulls back on his cock and sends the first huge squirt of cream so far up her torso it hits her chin. Another stroke of his cock sends the second squirt, then another, then another until Cherie’s gorgeous boobs and tummy are covered in his cum.

“Wow, that was a lot of cream!’ Tina remarks. “Can you match that?”

“You will have to see.” Tom’s replies cagily. “Look, I would love a blow job from such a sweet young mouth.” Tom starts. “But I need to get back to the party with Kate’s pills, so if you are wanting to try this for size,” he adds, taking cock in hand “We had better get to it!”

“That is fine by me.” Tina replies. As Tom takes of his shirt, steps out of his chinos and kicks of his loafers so he is totally naked too, Sam slides her ass to the front edge of the sofa and leans back on to the seat. “Not bad for an old man!” She jokes, commenting on his physique but before he can respond, she continues “Come on Big Boy, show me what you have got!”

So Tom drops to his knees between her open legs. He is dying to lean forward and suck on her perfect peach of a teen pussy and her swollen clit, but there isn’t the time, he has got to get back to the party.

“This is going to be a quickie then is it?” Sam asked.

“Afraid so!” Tom replied “But I am staying over tonight, are you?” Tom asked.

“Yes I am.”

“Well may be we could hook up again later for a proper session?” Tom suggested as he moved forward, take his cock in hand and slapping the hard, swollen head on her erect clit.

“Ahhhh!” Sam groans before “But what about Kate?”

“Well I doubt she will want to join us, but we could ask!” Joked Tom.

“No, I didn’t mean that! I meant that she might hear us!”

“Hey, I am staying in the annex, so if you are quiet, you can creep along there and she will never know!” suggests Tom, slapping her clit with his cock again

“Sounds like a plan.” Agrees Sam, gleefully. “Are you going to put that thing in me then, or just keep playing with it?”

Not needing to be asked twice, with his right hand wrapped around the middle of his shaft, Tom slides the tip of his cock up and down the length of her wet labia couple of times to get the head moist. She opens her legs wider to give him access and he gently eases forward with his hips until the head lodges in the entrance to her teen pussy.

“Take it slowly till I get used to the size.” She pleads as she slides her right hand between her legs to work on her clit in the hope her juices will help ease him inside her.

Obligingly, Tom pushes forward gently from the hip and they both watch as the bulging head slowly slides between the fleshy lips of her pussy.

“Fuck, that is big!” She moans as he also slides a few of inches of shaft into her. “That’s enough for now.” She instructs as she lifts her feet off the floor and places them on Tom’s hips, pushing her knees even further apart.

So Tom starts to fuck her slowly with 3 or 4 inches of shaft. It is short strokes at first, but as he starts to feel the grip of her pussy on his shaft ease he starts to slowly feed more cock up into her. Inch by inch disappears until he is now fucking her with Bahçeşehir Escort 7 or 8 inches of thick shaft.

Soon Tom senses that Sam’s attention to her clit is bringing her to orgasm. Her feet slip from his hips as her legs start to shake and her body stiffens as she starts to cum.

This is his chance to give her his entire 10-inch of throbbing pole. So he takes hold of her by the hips and slides her further off the couch until her buttocks rest on the very edge. And then, as the orgasm hits, he starts to thrust those last inches into her with each thrust until his big heavy balls slam against her ass, as he drives in up to the hilt.

Sam goes wild with a mixture of pain and pleasure. “Fuck!” she screams, “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” she grunts as wave after wave of ecstasy spreads through her from her pussy. So Tom does. Holding her firmly by the hips, he starts to pound length after length, stroke after stroke, up her slimy teen chute, up to the hilt every time.

Whether its his sheer girth rubbing her G-Spot or her fingers continuing to slide back and forth over her clit, who knows, but is not long before she starts to cum again. And with his prolonged pounding of this cute little teen, Tom is getting close too. He is sweating now from the sheer exertion and his muscular body glistens as he continues to smash in to her.

“Cummmmmin!” She growls. As her body starts to shake and shoulder yet again.

Tom had planned to pull out and spray his cream all over her gorgeous teen tits, as they had both just watched on TV. Now though, he wants to keep her cumin as long as possible so he decides he is going to cum inside her pussy.

And then, as Sam continues to shudder and moan, Tom is cumin. With a long thrust up to the hilt, he squirts his first shot deep inside her. Holding it for a second or so, he then pulls right back before sliding a full length back in to her and delivering the next shot, repeating again and again until he has shot his load deep inside her.

“Wow.” Sam exclaims as she recovers her senses. “That was some cum, have you been saving it up for someone?”

“Not really. That is about normal for me!” Tom replies as he leans forward to kiss her on her forehead before pulling back and sliding his cock out of her and as he does so, his cream oozes from between her pussy lips. Not wanting to waste it, as Tom makes to stand up, Sam slides a hand between her legs, scoops up some cream and uses it as lube as she again starts to rub her clit again.

“My, you are one horny witch!” Tom remarks as he moves over to his clothes.

“Would be a shame to waste it!” she replies, then “Hey, you are still hard!” she remarks, noticing Tom’s cock is still fully erect. “Is that normal?”

“It is for me.” He replies. “I don’t need a ‘break time’ apparently> Mind you it can be a bit of a pain at times, particularly in situations like this where I need to get going.”

“Well don’t go; stay a little while longer and fuck me again, why don’t you?”

“I have got to get back to the party. Kate will be wondering where I have got to.” Tom replies, making to put on his chinos. But before he can get them into them Sam jumps off the couch, bounds over to him with her tits bouncing as she does, and grabs his cock in her right hand.

“Go on, stay for just another five minutes or so and let me ride on your cock cowgirl style. Kate will be busy socialising, I bet she won’t even realise how long you have been gone.” She pleads; gently pulling on is iron hard erection.

“Ok, if I must.” He relents, dropping his chinos and moving back to the big thick sheepskin rug in front of the couch.

“Yippee!” she squeals, letting go of his cock and following him to the rug.

To be continued!

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