Vacation with Trucker Jenn Ch. 05Vacation with Trucker Jenn Ch. 05


I hope you read the other stories regarding Jenn and I and enjoyed them. This is another event that happened during the vacation that I took with Jenn.

After the delivery on Wednesday Jenn received a message where the next load was to be picked up but we didn’t have to get it till Thursday morning so we started heading towards the location and spent the night at a rest area.

Thursday morning we continued heading towards the pick up point when we heard a loud boom and lots of smoke started pouring out of the exhaust stack and it seemed like everywhere else too. Jenn called it in and she was told she had blew a turbo and they were sending a truck out to get her. Well we ended up sitting on the side of the road for a few hours and were visited by the Police and Fire Dept. After the smoke cleared everyone left us there alone except for one Police car who sat and waited till the Tow Truck arrived. We did have some fun flirting with the Officer but didn’t get a chance to do anything.

Well after two hours of waiting the Tow Truck finally got there. He took us to one of the company depots to have the truck worked on but they said it would take seven hours plus before it would be fixed. Jenn told me that they had a truckers area where we could hang out and wait where there was a TV room, game room, showers and even rooms to sleep in. We got our things together and headed over to find a room and decide what to do.

They also had cars that the truckers could borrow if they wanted to drive to one of the restaurants or other stores close by. We decided to go and take a look to see what was around. There were only a few stores to get food and other items including a Wal-Mart. We also saw this bar/restaurant that had topless waitresses so we decided to get something to eat. Most of the girls that were working there were not all that good looking so we just ate our food and headed back to the depot.

Once we got back to our room I decided to have dessert. I got Jenn down on the bed lifted her skirt, spread her legs and started licking her pussy. She spread her legs wider for me and I began tongue fucking her and fingering her ass. I pushed my tongue in deep and licked at her inner walls as I fucked her ass with my finger. I kept licking her pussy and fingering her till she climaxed and filled my mouth with her sweet cream.

After dessert we took a ofise gelen escort walk around to see what else was there to do. We checked out the game room and there were a few Pinball machines, pool table, ping pong table and some board games. There were also a few drivers in there playing Pinball that said Hi and talked for a while with us while with flirted. They weren’t that interesting if you know what I mean though but the flirting was fun. Then we took a walk down the hall to where the TV room was and saw the showers were just past that. We went into the TV room and they had a nice big flat screen TV with a DVD/CD player hooked up to it. There were a couple of couches and lounge chairs along with a table near the back of the room. I’m guessing the table was for people who wanted to eat while they watched a movie.

There were about nine guys watching some action movie and they all said Hi to us when we walked in. Jenn knew a few of the drivers and we all got to talking and flirting for a while. We had a few offers to go back and have fun in their trucks but we declined. Some of the guys were trying to grab at us but we we played hard to get, a little. We had fun sitting on their laps and getting them all hot and bothered then left them hanging with a hard on. After the movie was over we said goodbye to the them and they all tried to get us to stay but we refused. As we were leaving they told us to come back later to watch some more movies with them.

Once we got outside Jenn said. “They will probably be watching porn movies later. I’ve had to spend the night here before.” And she laughed.

“Well that might be interesting.” And smiled at her.

We went back to our room and talked about all the guys in the TV room along with naughty thoughts about having them all fuck us. We weren’t sure how to go about that without giving them the impression that we were sluts although that didn’t worry us too much. Jenn told me that the main office would be closing soon and all that would be on duty were the night dispatchers. So we decided to wait a little bit before doing anything.

Once it got closer to the time we both got dressed in our short skirts and button blouses along with stockings and heels. We walked over to the TV room and looked in the window. There were five guys in there and sure enough they were watching otele gelen escort a porn movie. The movie was showing two women that just got out of the shower and had towels around them talking in front of a mirror before starting to make out together. That gave me a very naughty idea.

I took Jenn by the hand and brought her down to the shower area and said. “Why don’t we just go walking in there wearing nothing but towels like in the movie?”

She laughed. “That would definitely get their attention a lot faster then what we’re wearing now.”

We both got undressed except for our heels, put out clothes in one of the lockers and wrapped towels around us. My pussy was already getting wet knowing what we were about to do. We walked back to the TV room door and looked in again. The movie was now at a part where the girls were in a 69 position and there were only three guys inside now. We quietly opened the door and stepped inside.

We stood there for a little while watching before Jenn said. “Why are you boys watching that when you can watch the real thing?”

They all turned around and we opened up our towels revealing our naked bodies. They already had bulges in their pants from watching the movie and all of them started coming towards Jenn and I as we started kissing and caressing each others body. Once they were close enough we reached out and rubbed their cocks through their pants which they were already starting to open and take them off. Jenn and I got down on our knees and grabbed the three cocks and started sucking them all sharing the odd number one between us.

One of the guys got down behind Jenn and slipped his cock inside her wet pussy while the odd one started fucking Jenn’s mouth. The guy I was sucking had me stand and bent me over the table and started fucking me from behind. It was getting me hot watching the two guys fucking Jenn along with the cock that slamming into my own pussy. He was reaching around and fingering my clit as he pounded me with his cock.

I saw Jenn get up and lay down on one of the couches and the guy she was sucking spread her legs open and slipped his cock into her. He started fucking her hard and fast right away and the other guy who had just fucked her had her suck him off. It didn’t take long either for the guy fucking me to let go of his load and rus escort filled my pussy with hot cum. Jenn and I should have got there sooner. These guys were already at the edge before we got there. I sucked off the guy who just filled me with his load then I walked over by Jenn. Once the guy fucking her finished cumming I got into a sixty nine with Jenn and we started eating each other out licking the cum from inside each others pussy.

The three guys sat there watching and stroking their cocks as we cleaned each others pussy. One of the guys had gotten his cock hard again and moved in behind me while I was still tongue fucking Jenn. I felt Jenn spreading my cheeks and a cock rubbing up and down my slit before he thrust it into me. Jenn was licking his balls and sucking my clit while I kept tongue fucking her. Then another one of the guys came back over and Jenn started jerking him off but he wanted to fuck too. He reached under and pulled Jenn’s ass to the side and lifted her one leg and slid his cock into her.

Jenn was now underneath me but sideways and with a guy fucking her while I was in a doggy position being fucked above her. The other guy walked back over and he got in front of me and I started sucking him off and then felt Jenn starting to suck on my tits. I felt my climax building and was loving having all this attention. The guy fucking me started slamming into my pussy harder and I could feel his hot cum filling my pussy. I squeezed my pussy down tight on his cock and felt my own climax begin shaking my body. Once he was finished filling my pussy with his cum I moved up some so Jenn could lick it from me. I continued sucking the other guy off till I felt his load shooting into my mouth and streams hitting the back of my throat.

The guy fucking Jenn grunted and filled Jenn’s pussy with some hot cum while she finished cleaning my pussy. The guys seemed to be all fucked out and puffing away while Jenn and I sat holding each other and kissing sharing the flavors of the mixed cum. After that we smiled at the guys gave them all a kiss and said goodbye. Jenn and I went back to the shower room and took a nice shower together to get all the cum off of us before getting dressed. Once we were done we went back up to the room for a good nights sleep.

This is end of the vacation. Friday we went and got her next load then headed home. We spent the night at a rest area and we did flash there but nothing special happened. She and I did have sex that night. Then Saturday morning she dropped me off.

I hope that you enjoy the story and read the entire series as I can get it written. The events of the trip are done in order covering the week I spent with Jenn.

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