Bath Night Revisited Ch. 03Bath Night Revisited Ch. 03


“I’m getting tired, Donna!”


“My knees are aching from having to remain in this position! How much longer will this take?”

“We’ve only been at it for less than twenty minutes, Brooke!”

“Well, it seems like a lot longer.”

“You’re really not much of an artist’s model, are you?” Donna observed with a smirk.

“I never said that I was!”

“Well, I’m almost finished in any case… can you hold on for another minute?”

“I suppose so. What choice do I have?”

“None whatsoever,” Donna replied, ogling her pretty nude girlfriend’s lovely body as she continued her work.

“Why do I always have to be naked when you draw me?”

“Because that’s how I prefer you. Also, not every artist has a beautiful young woman she can undress and pose seductively however she desires, thus capturing the girl’s delicious ass on canvas for future art lovers.”

“And why exactly do you love drawing my ass so much?”

“First of all, I love drawing ALL of you… your breasts, tummy, neck, shoulders, those lovely long legs, your pretty face, eyes, lips, and yes, especially your yummy ass!”

“Why my ass?”

“Because it’s gorgeous, that’s why!”

Brooke giggled. She actually enjoyed posing nude for her older lover, as it always made her feel like she was Donna’s possession, a feeling that she truly loved. The two women had grown up in the same neighborhood, just two doors down from one another; in fact, Donna had been Brooke’s babysitter for a number of years, bathing the younger girl every Friday night, a decade’s-long tradition that had only ended five years earlier, when Donna had finally left home to move to the city by the bay.

Brooke Thorne had mourned the loss of her older babysitter until, just a few weeks back, when the now 18-year old college girl had arrived in town as a freshman to attend San Francisco State, and soon after re-acquainted herself with 30-year old Donna Travers in a way that neither woman could ever have foreseen happening, with the both of them experiencing a powerful & newfound sexual attraction for the other.

Beautiful blonde Brooke discovered that she truly loved being the ‘submissive playtoy’ of the older woman, while naturally-dominant lesbian Donna delighted in her newfound possession of the younger girl’s incredibly hot body!

On this particular afternoon Donna had dressed herself in khaki pants and a white artist’s smock that she thought made her appear ‘avant garde’ in artistic parlance, while her pretty submissive girlfriend was currently posed totally nude on her couch, delicately perched on her hands & knees, with her lovely, silky-smooth derriere attractively arched ever-so-slightly, as the older woman had instructed.

“What is it that you love so much about my butt, Donna?” the younger girl inquired.

“What’s not to love? It’s beautiful… soft & firm… also very kissable… I love fondling & squeezing it, as well… and yes, when you bother me with too many questions it’s also incredibly fun for me to spank!”

Brooke giggled. “As if you’ve ever needed Bostancı Escort an excuse to do that!”

Donna smiled in response. “There we are… all done… want to see?”

“Can I?” The younger girl hopped up off the couch and swiftly hurried over to take a look at Donna’s efforts. The older woman slid an affectionate arm around the nude girl’s slender waist as she approached for a close look. “Oh, Donna… wow… that is really nice. You’ve made me look so… so hot! Where did you learn to draw like this?”

“I’ve always had a talent for art, pretty girl. I just got a whole lot better after taking a course at the community college extension here a couple of summers back. I got the idea right after they hired that new female model…”

“Let me guess,” Brooke interrupted. “She was the one posing nude for all of the art classes?”

“Yes, she was… but it turns out she was also the girlfriend of the lady teaching the class… or should I say her ‘property’… in any case, it all worked out for the best as I discovered that I had a natural talent for sketching pretty nude women!”

Brook giggled again. “Yes, you’re really good! This is excellent!”

“Thank you,” Donna responded, warming hugging the pretty girl before then leading her by the hand back to the couch where she then sat down and then pulled beautiful nude Brooke onto her lap to possessively embrace before then passionately start kissing her. While they kissed, the older woman’s hands began traveling freely all along the girl’s gorgeous body, gently sliding along her silky-smooth skin before then caressing & fondling the college girl’s aforementioned gorgeous butt, lovingly squeezing the curvy derriere. Brooke squirmed appreciatively in her lover’s arms.

“I… I really do love belonging to you, Donna!”

“I know you do… so why don’t you join me in the bedroom, my gorgeous girl? I believe that I’d like to make love to this beautiful body… no, let’s be more direct than that… I want to fuck you, Brooke!”

“Yes, ma’am,” the girl responded, giggling.

“I’m going to get up and put on my strap-on while you prepare yourself for me,” Donna announced, helping Brooke back up onto her feet before then patting the girl’s ass as she sent her off in the direction of the bed they shared. “I believe you already know the position that I prefer you in!”

The beautiful blonde smiled as she daintily ran into the adjoining room… Donna’s eyes followed, enjoying the sight of her young lover’s wiggling behind. The older woman followed just seconds later, adjusting her strap-on firmly around her waist, watching as Brooke slowly climbed atop the bed and positioned herself onto her elbows & knees, her head facing the wall with her back slightly arched so that her beautiful curvy derriere was raised invitingly.

Donna licked her lips, her eyes locking onto that beautiful butt as she then swiftly joined Brooke on the bed, first leaning down and kissing the girl’s gorgeous feet… immediately eliciting a giggle… the older woman’s lips then began their Bostancı Escort Bayan journey, gliding up past the girl’s ankles, up the back of her legs, softly kissing the girl’s gorgeous thighs before then slowly and lasciviously advancing to leisurely explore the luscious mounds of the beautiful blonde’s incredibly sweet, firm, & incredibly sexy derriere… Donna’s lips repeatedly kissed & licked the girl’s silky-soft skin, before then biting at the right cheek of the girl’s tush – resulting in a squeal of joy from the submissive nude younger girl, who seductively wiggled her butt, as if begging for more. Donna smiled wickedly… she was so loving this! The older woman’s hands then rested on the girl’s hips while her lips continued to slowly work their way up the younger girl’s back, as she eventually reached the back of Brooke’s neck, nuzzling her from behind as the warm bodies of the two women sensually entwined together with Donna sensually grinding the younger girl from behind.

Brooke moaned and arched her back so as to push her butt back against Donna’s strap-on, now pressed up against the girl’s ass.

“I love you, Donna! I love you!”

Donna smiled and then gently-but-firmly turned Brooke around onto her back so that she could face her beautiful young girlfriend and lovingly kiss the girl on her lips. Brooke’s surrender was complete as she gave into Donna’s passionate craving… the older woman then moving her mouth down to the younger girl’s exposed neck & shoulders, which she licked, kissed, and nibbled, after which she maneuvered her way further down to Brooke’s soft, pert breasts, which the older woman proceeded to kiss, lick, and greedily suck on, enjoying every succulent inch, before then continuing to work her way further down the girl’s body to her flat stomach and then further down to her golden pussy… Brooke’s legs obediently widening as Donna’s mouth approached its destination… the older woman proceeding to run her tongue across it before then suddenly & without warning inserting it forcefully past the labia and into the girl’s moistened vagina, causing Brooke to initially buck wildly, screaming with pleasure! But before she could climax, Donna held her down and suddenly rose up, forcibly flipping the pretty blonde girl back over onto her stomach, and pulling up at Brooke’s hips so that the pretty blonde’s lovely behind was once again poised right up against her older lover’s predatory face!

“Yes… this is what I want right now,” she murmured, pressing her nose & mouth up against the younger girl’s inviting derriere, lovingly kissing and licking both of Brooke’s soft & silky ass cheeks, exploring every inch of the girl’s beautiful butt with her lips & mouth.

“I love you, Brooke,” she spoke, grinding her face up against the girl’s fleshy tushie, at one point sucking on the girl’s ass-muscles until her mouth popped free, leaving a hickey on the girl’s silky-smooth skin, eliciting a pleasurable yelp.

“Are you branding me, Donna… with your lips?”

“Yes,” the older woman laughed in response. Escort Bostancı “I want this ass… it’s mine, do you hear? All mine!” She then suddenly rose up and quickly positioned herself immediately behind the pretty blonde, mounting her doggy-style, first momentarily positioning the tip of her strap-on against the girl’s curvy rear before then sliding it slowly into the girl’s already moistened pussy so that she could then proceed to take the beautiful prone blonde head-down & ass-up, just like a mistress fucking her pretty submissive slavegirl.

“I’m yours, Donna,” the girl cried out, moaning piteously as she was thus fucked from behind, the older woman’s hands firmly grasping her hips as she then repeatedly plunged the strap-on deep into her beautiful young lover’s pussy, pumping the girl rhythmically, her fingernails digging deep into the sides of Brooke’s tender flesh. “You own me, Donna… you own me… I’m yours… I’m your slave… all yours!”

“Yes, my lovely girl… yes… you’re all mine,” Donna gasped, playfully slapping the right side of Brooke’s upturned butt. “You belong to me… this entire gorgeous body of yours belongs exclusively to me, especially this gorgeous ass!” She again gave it another sharp slap as the younger girl squealed with pleasure!

When the two were finally done, both women slowly rocked to a halt, remaining locked together, as neither wanted this moment to end. Donna leaned forward and kissed the back of the pretty girl’s ears before then gently easing her strap-on out of Brooke’s body while they continued slowly grinding together, head to toe, with the older woman’s front pressed up tightly against the pretty blonde’s back, and with the older woman’s hands firmly in possession of the girl’s lovely body, continuing to fondle it possessively as they talked.

“I never knew a relationship could be like this, Donna,” Brooke sighed. “I mean, I think I always had a crush on you, even back when I was a little girl, but I never imagined… you… making me your ‘slavegirl’ and fucking me like that… the way that you enjoy my body like you do… it’s wonderful!”

“It’s wonderful for me, too, my beautiful angel… I love owning you, and I never intend letting you go, either.”

“Especially my firm little butt?”

“Especially this firm little butt,” Donna replied, laughing, her hand giving it a possessive squeeze!

“And what exactly are you planning next for my firm little butt?”

“Interesting that you would ask that,” Donna laughed. “I was thinking that maybe a sensual spanking is in order, with you wiggling your behind seductively the entire time for my pleasure!”

“What, now?”

“Yes, now… no time like the present.”

Brooke giggled and obediently rose up, positioning her nude body across Donna’s lap, her curvy ass submissively arched upward for her dominant lover’s pleasure and enjoyment.

“May I make one request of my mistress?”

“Yes, you may,” Donna responded, her eyes sparkling & shining as the palms of her hands came to rest on Brooke’s curvy posterior.

“After this spanking is over will you repeatedly kiss my stinging butt until it feels better?”

“I think I can do that,” she smiled, “since you asked so nicely!”

And with that, the sensual spanking began.


Brooke giggled happily, despite the pain! Donna was laughing, as well.

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