Assignment 4/21Assignment 4/21


I enter a large and scholarly office with tall wooden bookshelves lining opposite walls to my left and right. The door is behind me, still open, and in front of me there is a grand picture window overlooking a collegiate green. The green is scattered with people enjoying the sunny spring afternoon. In front of the window there is a stately wooden desk. The desk is piled with thick volumes and stacks of papers, organized but not too orderly.

She is sitting behind the desk in a tall leather chair. The top three buttons are undone on her crisp white shirt and her blonde hair is pulled back loosely behind her ears. Her eyes do not leave the yellowed pages of the leather-bound book that she is reading. I know she is aware of me, just not ready to acknowledge me yet. I stand silently just inside the door to avoid interrupting her thoughts. My back tenses involuntarily, remembering the last time I interrupted.

Twenty minutes and ten page turns later, she lifts her eyes from the book to meet mine. She thanks me for waiting, as if I had a choice, leans back in the leather chair, and tells me to shut the office door. I open my mouth to respond, which is met with raised eyebrows. I immediately realize my mistake and close my mouth. “You know better than that,” she chides. Her arms are folded across her chest. She spends a minute looking me over from afar before allowing her face to relax into a smile, apparently pleased. “Come here,” she beckons. I walk toward the desk and around Şerifali Escort the side to where she is seated. She swivels slightly in her chair to face me.

She takes her time unbuttoning my shirt. She lets her hands run down my sides, to my hips, and rests them there, pulling me closer. She leans forward slightly to kiss my hips and stomach. She stands up from the chair as her lips move up my torso to my chest and finally my neck. She pressed her body against mine and uses her weight to pivot both our bodies slightly and back me against the desk. Her hands grasp onto the desk on either side of me. Her lips move up my neck and jaw, finally meeting my own. For a moment, I forget myself, lost in her kiss, and I thread my fingers firmly into her blonde hair. She pulls away as soon as she notices my mistake and glares at me. I broke a rule – no touching – and we both know it.

Before I can begin to apologize, grabs my hips to spin me around and pins my hands against the desk beneath her own. I feel the front of her body pressed against the back of mine and her breath on the back of my neck. I get chills as her lips drag along the back of my neck toward my ear. She bites my ear and slides her right hand across my chest, pulling my body even closer to her own. I feel her left hand slide up the back of my shirt and unclasp my bra. Her right hand slips under my bra to cup my breast and my nipple hardens almost instantly against the palm of her hand.

She Şerifali Escort Bayan turns me back around to face her and pulls my shirt and bra down over my shoulders, biting my neck and chest hard enough to bruise as she does. The bruises from last time had just begun to fade and I am happy to have some new ones to admire in the mirror as I get dressed in the morning. She pushes me further back onto the desk, so now I am sitting on the desk with her between my legs. She tells me to unfasten her belt and I comply. She takes the belt off, folds it neatly in half twice, and sets it on the desk just beside me. Then she turns her attention back to me. She shoves my chest hard, so that I fall backward with my bare back against the cold desk. I can feel pens and papers scattered under me but I don’t dare move or try to adjust my position. She slides my pants and underwear over my hips. With a fist full of the front of my hair, she pulls my face back up toward her own so that I am now sitting naked on the edge of the desk. She grabs the back of my neck and pulls me into a deep kiss.

With her hand still on the back of my neck, she continues to pull me forward, not breaking out kiss. I follow her lips forward, off the desk, so that now I am standing. She continues to walk backward until she stops suddenly. Her lips pull away from mine and she disappears behind me, then shoves me forward. I catch myself just in time, both hands pressed against the Escort Şerifali glass of the big picture window overlooking the busy green.

I am standing fully naked in front of the big window. If anyone down on that green took a moment to look up from their books or picnics or games of catch to the fourth-floor window of that building, they would see me, all of me. Lost in the satisfying terror of that thought, I nearly forgot her behind me until I feel her left hand on my shoulder. She runs her hand down my arm and over the back of my left hand, pressing it even more firmly against the window. As she does, I feel the front of her body against the back of mine again. Her right hand slides between my legs. She feels how wet I am for her. She rubs my clit for a moment, teases me a bit before she gives me what I really want. Her fingers slide inside of me and I cannot stifle the loud moan. I know I will pay for that next week but I do not care at all right now. She continues to fuck me, hard and deep. I feel her lips against my ear, “I know this is what you came for.” She’s right, of course. Her words bring me to the edge. I know she can tell that I’m getting close to coming for her. Her left hand wraps around my waist and I let out another loud moan as I come with her fingers still inside of me.

Before I can get my bearings, she backs away from me. She straightens her hair and smooths the front of her shirt then walked swiftly toward the chair behind the desk. She pulls her jacket off the back off the chair and sweeps through the rest of the room toward the door. She glances over her shoulder before she leaves to tell me “Don’t forget to clean those handprints off the window. Same time and place next week,” before leaving me alone in my office, still breathing heavily.

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