Asita’s StoryAsita’s Story


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Hell, yeah! Asita was randy. She had every reason to. The morning after mindblowing sex always got her hot. It was more like a vicious circle for her. She always needed more sex after some sex, and then some more after that and then some more… This 37 year old woman was one sex-machine. She could go on and one, and never even need to be shutdown for periodic maintenance.

Last night was fantastic. She had finally made it with that 19 year old kid of her neighbour. The two were pretty close. His mom always thought that she was more of a mother to him. Little did she know about Asita’s motives. Asita would devour young boys. She loved them. They were always ready for more unlike grown men. They never tired. One orgasm, and they got hard again almost instantaneously.

This boy was called Amar. He often frequented her house. Over a period of time, Asita became his trusted confidante. He would tell her about all his problems, and she lent him a patient ear. Then one day, when he came to her with one particular ‘problem’ she knew that her wait would be finally over.

He had just about entered puberty. So, he was experiencing the usual stuff – hair growth in arm pits and pubic region, frequent erections, etc. Like all boys, he felt there was something wrong and he could not get himself to discuss it with his mom. So, he turned to Asita.

He said, “I think I have a problem. It is slightly personal, and I am not sure how I should explain it to you. For the last few days, I have been experiencing strange urges. Also, there is hair growing where it did not grow before. And, every now and then, there is this stiffness… you know where…”

Bingo! Asita knew an opportunity when she saw one. She said, “I cannot really be of much help unless you show me the specific areas where you are having problems.”

“But, they are very private areas”, he said.

“Don’t worry. It is alright. That is the only way I can help you. I can understand you feeling shy, but you decide if you think suffering with the problem is better or finding a cure for it.”

Amar got the message. Slowly, he took his shirt off, and revealed his fair naked torso to Asita. The boy was neither skinny, nor plump. Just the way she liked it. Then came off his pants. He had nice thighs. Strong and inviting. Asita felt her wetness seep through her white panties. But, he hesitated going further. She could see his distended member impress itself through his briefs, and she wanted to see more. But, he hesitated.

Asita said, “I know you are feeling shy. Let me put you at ease, okay? Do you want me to take my top off?”

She looked into the boys eyes, and knew that there was no way in hell a teenager could resist the chance of looking at the full breasts of a ripe woman. He nodded.

“Okay,” she said “But, you will have to take your briefs off then. Deal?”

Yes, of course they had a deal. Off went Asita’s top and her 42d milky white breasts covered by a lacy black bra came into his view. Asita saw his member harden further, which had an effect on her nipples as well. Asita knelt before him and said:

“Here, let me help you with that.”

In one swift motion, she stripped his last remaining shred of clothing. She held him in her hands, and slowly fondled him, as he grew to his full length of 7 inches. This boy had potential. He would grow up to be a nicely endowed man someday. Then he would reflect upon this day.

“So far, it looks normal” Asita said “But I need to be sure. Turn around.”

She moved her hands over his ass cheeks – nice and smooth without a strand of hair. She loved these little boys. They had so much to offer women like her. She bent him over, and his pink anus peeked at her. Lovely! She rubbed her finger over his hole for a while.

“All looks fine” she said “But let me be certain there is no problem. Okay?”

Her mouth closed on his anus, and her tongue lashed it vigorously. Her right hand moved to his cock and started stroking it in slow motions. The twin treatment was too much for him, and he shot his wad all over her hand. He looked embarrassed.

“Hey, don’t be embarrassed” she told him “This is a part of growing up. You are now becoming a man. All those things you did as a boy will now be done differently. That white liquid you discharged is called sperm. All healthy men do it. This is what makes them men. But, there is one thing I still have not examined. Shall I?” He nodded.

“Okay. When you were a baby, you suckled your mother’s breasts. Grown men also suck breasts, but they do it differently. We need to see if you do it the right way. If you do not, there could be a problem.”

She knew she had said the right words. The boy was scared. He would do anything to find out if he was normal.

“Fine. Since I am the only woman around, I shall let you suck my breasts. Ankara escort It is a little embarassing for me, but then we need to know if you are alright.”

That guilt thing had him. She unclasped her bra, and her globules sprang free from their restraint. She rubbed them a little to get the circulation going and sat on the bed. She could gauge the effect this had on him by the rigid state of his member. It almost touched his belly. Hard as steel!

“Come here. Now listen carefully. Do not suckle my breasts. Plant soft kisses. Then open your mouth and bring your tongue out. Then, lick them softly, and intermittently bite my nipples ever so lightly. You must keep shifting periodically from one breast to another. Got it?”

He did. He followed her instructions to the T. He was intent on getting it right. The boy was good. He sucked her boobs amazingly well. At one point she wanted to rip off her panties and start fingering. But, she knew she had to take it slowly. After she had had sufficient mini-orgasms, she asked him to stop.

“That was good. No problem there, either. But, since we are giving you a check-up, let us make it as thorough as possible. Okay?”

The boy was in her spell, now. Those naked breasts had him mesmerised. He would do anything she asked him to do.

“You see, that thing from where you discharged sperm is called lauda or lund. Besides peeing, it has another purpose. We need to see if your lund is normal enough to fulfill that purpose.” She stressed on ‘normal’.

She continued, “Breasts are called mamme or chooche. That is one difference between a boy and a girl. There is one more. You have a lund. I do not. I have what is called choot or bur. It is the complimentary of a lund. Lauda grows outwards, and choot grows inwards. The other purpose of a lund is to get inside the choot. You want to see if your lauda can?”

She knew he understood nothing of what she said, but the very thought of trying it had him charmed. She dropped her skirt, and then turned around to give him a view of her panty-covered 44 inch ass. She then got him to strip off her panties and stood buck naked. She gave him a little while to savour the view, and then bent over.

“What you see are two holes,” she said “The smaller one is called gaand. The other is my choot. The lund not only goes in the choot, but also in the gaand. Let us begin with the choot.”

She lay on the bed, and spread her legs wide. She took his dick in her hand and guided him into her. A nice fit. She then asked him to make to and fro motion. The boy was good. If she had not known, there was no way she could tell this was his first time. As he rammed into her, she planted a deep kiss on his young mouth. She loved their young mouths. They were always soft and warm. He sped up his fucking and she felt her juices begin to flow as she came in one big orgasmic shudder. He was not far behind and discharged his load soon.

“From what I could see, that was very normal. There is one final test. This one is quite tricky. We have to see if your lauda can get into my gaand. For that, you will have to lie down on your back, and I will lie on top of you with my mouth on your lauda. I will take your lund in my mouth so that I can make it slippery with my saliva. At the same time, you have to lick my gaand so that it also becomes slippery. Got it?”

Soon they were in 69. She simple adored having little pretty boys licking her anus while she sucked their youthful cocks. When she sensed that anymore of sucking would make him spill his load, she got up and bent over. Spreading her ass cheeks she asked him to slowly insert.

“Slowly,” she said “Lund has to be inserted very slowly in the gaand.”

When he had gone in fully, she asked him to do what he had done with her choot, while with her one hand she rubbed her clitoris.

“This is called gaand maarna,” she instructed him.

His cock was a little small for her gaand, but she had no complaints. A little while later, the boy came in her ass. She was a little way off, but quickly masturbated her vulva and came.

In the afterglow of sex, she said, “You are normal. Don’t worry. This is all a part of growing up. But, this problem of stiffness is recurring. You will need the treatment often. Come here whenever you have the problem, and I will take care of you.”

That was all last night. The boy had gone home and Asita was randy as hell.She reached office and buzzed her secretary, Sonia. Sonia was also a pretty woman. About 36-30-38, and fair-skinned, she was the perfect person for Asita to turn to during such times. When Sonia appeared, Asita was pleased to see her dressed in a grey mini-skirt and a white blouse. She could make out that Sonia had not worn her bra. May be she had gone to the restroom and taken it off. She knew Asita liked her without her bra.

“Here mam,” Sonia said with a smile “These are for you.” And she handed Asita her black laced panties.

Asita smelled the delicious aroma of Sonia’s sex Ankara escort bayan on her panties. This got her randier. She grabbed Sonia and seated her on her full-thighs. They kissed deep till they ran out of breath. Asita’s hands were all over Sonia’s breasts. The buttons were open and she was fondling her tits with her hands. Then the phone rang. Shit!

“Hello,” Sonia said in between moans. She spoke for a little while and when she hung up she had a disappointing look on her face.

“Mrs. Sharma is here to see you,” she said.

Oh, that fat-assed bitch! Asita disliked her. No, she despised her. On more than one occasion, Asita had come agonisingly close to getting her in bed before her moral scruples took over and she left. Once she was certain that she had licked Mrs. Sharma to an orgasm before she got dressed and left. The bitch! But, she had three sweet boys – twins aged 18 and the eldest one aged 19. The only reason she put up with her was that faint glimmer of hope that someday she would get to do her sons.

“Okay,” Asita said “Send her in.”

After the courteous pleasantries were exchanged, Mrs. Sharma came to the point:

“Asita, I will be honest. I came to you because I need your help. I am willing to do anything. Please.”

With a very subtle move, she dropped her saree pallu to reveal her six inch cleavage. Asita knew, that this woman was ready to go the whole hog with her. She played the game.

“Just what are you willing to do?” Asita questioned innocently.

“Oh, you know…” Mrs. Sharma quickly got up in such a way that she stepped on her pallu and as she took a step her saree completely came off. She looked at Asita, teasingly.

“I am sorry,” she apologised “I will tidy up.”

With that, she moved another step. This time the strings of her slip got caught in the chair and became untied. Her slip came lose, and Asita discovered that Sonia was not the only one without panties. Mrs. Sharma was a little dusky, and seeing her size 40 ass naked in all its glory was having its effect on Asita.

She moved to Mrs. Sharma and got her to strip her off all her clothes. She gave her breasts to Mrs. Sharma who sucked at them greedily. Asita quickly removed Mrs. Sharma’s blouse and her naked sze 38 boobs seemed to invite her. The women were soon in an embrace such that their nipples touched. The women had 80 inches of breasts and 84 inches of ass between them. It was a glorious sight. This time, Asita was intent on getting her due. She placed Mrs. Sharma’s mouth on her cunt. Mrs. Sharma gave her a good tongue lashing and Asita was in the throes of multiple orgasms.

“That was great,” Asita said when she had calmed down sufficiently.

“Now, you will help me,” Mrs. Sharma said.

“Why?” Asita asked.

“Because I said I would do anything in return. I did my part…”

“Hold on,” Asita cut her off. She buzzed her Sonia. Sonia was a little surprised to see that Asita had finally managed to get Mrs. Sharma. Mrs. Sharma felt slightly awkward sitting naked in front of Sonia, but realising that Asita was nude too she understood that this was something Sonia was used to.

Asita continued, “Mrs. Sharma from what I heard, you said you were willing to do anything. Now, as our rights we are allowed to do anything we want to if it does not harm anyone else, right Sonia?” Sonia nodded. Asita went on, “So, you did your thing. There was no such agreement that this was in return of a favour.”

While Mrs. Sharma absorbed what she had said, Asita was busy snogging Sonia’s luscious lips. Mrs. Sharma knew that she was had. She should have been more explicit. Now, she had no other choice but to agree to Asita’s terms.

“Fine,” she said “What are your terms, Asita?”

“Simple,” Asita said “I have had Sonia check your background and she tells me that you need about a couple of lakhs to pay your gigolo off. I will loan you the money. 10% interest. But, only if you agree to the terms Sonia will spell out for you.”

Sonia said, “Mrs. Sharma, conditon one. You have to drink Asita’s fresh morning pee everyday till the loan is paid. Asita may also choose to pee on any part of you if she so desires. Since you stay right across the street it should not be too difficult for you to come to her house every morning at 7:00. But, there is a condition here. You have to cross the street naked. For the duration of your stay in Asita’s house, you have to be naked. To avoid being seen, you may choose to cross the street before daylight, but then you would have to wait in Asita’s garden in the nude till 7:00 am. Every evening you may leave a set of clothes to wear when you leave her house in the morning. Do not try to cheat because Asita has surveillance camera’s that will track your path every morning. Agreed?”

Mrs. Sharma was flabbergastered. This was an insane condition. But, she had no choice. She agreed.

“Good,” Sonia continued “Number Two. We have four healthy men working in our office. They have their needs, Escort Ankara and I am finding it difficult to take care of their growing demands. After finishing up with Asita, you shall dress up properly in a Saree and come to the office. The men here are busy and I would like that they save as much time as possible. As of now, some of them have to masturbate at the expense of work. You shall make sure you do it for them, even suck them, so that their hands are free to do work. About having sex with them, that is left to you. You may refuse. Also, you need not strip for them if you you do not so desire. But, whenever you use the loo, the door has to be kept wide open. Agreed?

Mrs. Sharma nodded again.

“Glad to see you see the light of things,” Sonia went on “Five bucks say that before a week is out you shall be on your back for any man who wants to put his cock in you. You will become their slut and you will love it. Anyway, coming back to our conditions. As I know, you have three beautiful boys. Send them over to office at 6:00 in the evening today.”

Holy fuck! Not that. She should have known that Asita had her eyes on her sons. She looked at her. Asita was in the midst of an orgasm as Sonia finger-fucked her. Slowly, she realised that she had no choice.

Sonia said, “Okay. Now that you have agreed, please understand that the money shall be paid to the gigolo directly by us. And that will be done after a period of one week. This is to ensure that you stick to your end of the bargain. All your activities that are a result of this agreement shall be recorded as collateral. In the event of you getting other ideas, a copy of the tapes shall be sent to your husband. You can kiss alimony goodbye. Now, get out and send you sons over.”

After she had gone, Asita and Sonia spent sometime giving vent to their sexual energies but decided to hold on till the evening.

The boys arrived on time. They were scared. Their mom had told them that they should do exactly as told by Asita and Sonia. She told them to get naked if they were asked to. To boys that young, nudity in front of another person is a big fright. They were nice boys. The twins, Gaurav and Saurav, were about 5 3/4 feet tall, fair, a little skinny and had nice pink lips. The eldest, Karan, was half-a-foot taller, fair, decently built with a mouth fully developed into that of a man’s. They were dressed in jeans and T-shirts.

Asita and Sonia looked at them. They knew they had a great time ahead of them. The woman started taunting them.

Sonia: “So, these are the little things that have come out of the choot of Mrs. Sharma.” Asita: “Yes. So tell me boys, how did your mom’s choot feel when your head came out of it? I am certain you all ran your little tongues over her clit as you came out.”

Karan understood their words, and tried to shield his little brothers from them. Asita saw that, and caught him by the hair.

“So, we have the older brother here,” she remarked “You will go first, boy. Strip!”

The boy hesitated. But, Sonia firmly gripped him as Asita took all his clothes off. He tried to cover his genitals with his hands but, Asita got to them first. She sucked at his manhood, and despite the humilitation, he felt himself rise to his full size of 8 inches.

Asita said, “Ah, I think he likes it.”

She quickly stripped off her blouse and bra and asked Karan to suck her boobies. Meanwhile, Sonia had gotten the twins and herself naked. She was riding Gaurav while she had Saurav in her mouth. The boys were not big – about 6 inches but sweet and satisfying nonetheless. Both boys, as expected, quickly came. The sight of Sonia’s mouth smeared with fresh cum drove Asita wild. She quickly stripped what was left on her and rammed her choot in Karan’s mouth. Instincively, Karan’s tongue got to work on her and she exploded in a mega-orgasm.

Sonia applied oil on Karan’s lund and then on Asita’s gaand. She knew that Asita loved young boys in her anus. She took him in her mouth and sucked him till he came. Then she got him hard again so that he would last longer. She inserted Karan’s cock in Asita’s anus from the behind and Asita knew what to do from there. Sonia also got Gaurav’s cock hard, and applied oil on it in generous doses. She got him to lie down below Asita as she got fucked doggy style, and guided his cock, too, in her anus. This was Asita’s first double anal penetration and she orgasmed as soon as she felt the second cock. Hell, this was hot. Two brothers fucking her in the same hole as their cocks touched each other. She placed Saurav’s cock in Asita’s mouth and enjoyed the show.

Here was this big breasted, large-assed woman taken simultaneously by three young boys. This was the fantasy of many. Only Asita had it realised. As she looked at Karan’s ass move forward and backward as he fucked Asita, she fingered her pussy with one hand, and fucked her ass with the fingers of another. She saw Asita experience one orgasm after another as the boys took her. She had also come quite a few times. She went closer and realised that the boys were close to cumming. Saurav had shot in Asita’s mouth, while Gaurav had done the same in her ass. Why waste Karan? She took his dick out and greedily swallowed all his cum.

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