Anything for My Son Ch. 01Anything for My Son Ch. 01

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Hello Everyone. I want to preface this by saying that I’m not a writer, and I’m not trying to be one. During this uncertain time that we are in, finding something to keep myself at ease and my mind at peace, has been difficult. Somehow, I found myself writing this story, and realized that it was a form of escapism for me, helping to keep my mind off everything that’s going on. So, I’m not here to write something amazing, but rather doing it as a form of escapism. I expect many negative criticisms due to lack of writing experience. And that’s okay, because writing this story has already accomplished what it needs to for me.

This story is more cartoonish than realistic. So, if realism is important to you than you probably won’t like this story. But if you take no issue with a bit of exaggeration and ridiculousness, then read on ahead.

Every character is over the age of eighteen. Any resemblance to a real-life person is purely coincidental and unintended.


Victoria was tidying up the living room because it was becoming a bit too messy for her liking. She doesn’t understand how the house gets so messy and cluttered so easily when her son is the only other person living in the house. The work though isn’t too irritating to do. And doing things around the house is somewhat meditative and relaxing. Not to mention that she can also continue to practice her sexy poses for those teasing games she loves so much.

At 36 years of age, Victoria knows she is hot and sexy. She takes care of herself through vitamins, supplements, skin care products, and exercise. Her tits are massive, with a slim waist, and a bubble butt that’s huge and firm, and she has smooth silky light tan skin. This is what men wants right? Well it seems her ex husband wanted something different.

Her good-for-nothing ex-husband left her a few years ago for one of his college students. His reasoning was that the student was too hot, and he couldn’t resist. And she was much better at sex than Victoria was with a tighter pussy. Apparently, Victoria didn’t have the right body to turn him on. Or the right skills to make him cum hard. It’s his lost, Victoria knows how irresistible she is.

Ever since the divorce was finalized, Victoria dressed to seduce as many men as she could to make her feel better, because she loves the feeling of being desired. This includes wearing skirts so short that it covers just her pussy when she bends over. Shorts so short to show off as much of her smooth bare legs as possible. And tops so low to display very deep cleavage. High heels are always a part of her outfit to further lift her already perfectly perky protruding round ass. And she does whatever possible to tease the men around her through various poses to accentuate and show her assets.

Though the men she courts doesn’t make her feel anything. There touch seems so hollow to her and unmemorable. Sure, their touch can still stimulate her, but they don’t stir her emotions, and she believes arousing both the physical and emotional will give pleasure beyond what is felt just from the physical aspect of sex. But she continues to dress as slutty as possible in hopes that there’s a man that can appreciate how hot she is. She wants someone to love her body, to worship her curves, and melt when she teases.

Today Victoria is wearing a very short skirt, a low-cut shoulder string top, and high heels. She was on her way out to tease some men at the store when she came across the mess in the living room and decided to tidy up a bit. By doing everyday task such as cleaning, she always maneuvers and positioning her body in a way to tease and seduce as though there were men around just for practice. While bending over in front of the coffee table to pick up some mail and papers, she turned her head and noticed her son, Andy, several feet behind her.

Andy was standing behind his mom for a while staring at her bending over to pick up the mess. His mom’s legs were closed together slightly bent. All of her thick smooth long legs were shown bare. The skirt that she’s wearing hugged her ass tightly with the bottom hovering just below her pussy. The roundness and firmness of her ass was further accentuated by her arched back. With his mom in this pose, it was impossible for Andy not to stare. With his eyes, Andy surveyed his mom from the top of her perfectly round ass, then taking in every inch of her curve from side to side. Eventually he moved his eyes downward, groping every inch of her bare legs. So smooth, firm, and curvy. What a perfect sight.

“Hello honey,” Victoria said happily smiling to Andy brushing her curly shoulder length brown hair out of her face whiling continuing to pick things up from the floor. She loves her son so much. When her ex-husband left, Andy was there trying to cheer her up and make her laugh all the time. Showing her how important he is to her and helping her to realize she can find happiness elsewhere in life. He makes her feel so loved and will do just about anything for him.

Victoria noticed Casibom that Andy was staring at something but didn’t know what it could be. He raised his eyes from whatever it was to look at her and smiled. “Hey mom. Sorry I keep making a mess here.”

Victoria rolled her eyes with a smirk and playfully said, “I don’t know what I’m gonna do with you sweetie. Or should I say, “I don’t know what you’re gonna do without me.” Continuing to tidy things up she noticed her son still standing behind her staring at something. Dismissing it as nothing she continues, “Without me there probably would be a mountain of mess around you at all times.”

“Sorry mom, let me help you.” Andy went to help Victoria, but she stopped him.

Immediately Victoria went to stop him by placing her hand on his shoulder and says, “No, no. Don’t worry about it sweetie. It’s almost finished. continue with your day.” Thinking that she has made her son feel bad, Victoria placed one of her palms on Andy’s face stroking the side with the tips of her fingers. Then looking caringly into his eyes with a soft smile to let him know she loves him, then giving him a wet kiss with her thick glossy red lips on his cheek. After pulling away from the kiss, Victoria lovingly looks at Andy and says, “You don’t have to worry about this kind of stuff. If I need your help I’ll ask. Otherwise I’m perfectly happy to do it myself.”

As Victoria began to turn and get back to task, she was pleasantly surprised when Andy responded by wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her close to him. Squeezing her body against him. She felt her tits squish against his chest, her pelvis pressed against his hips, and feeling his arms tight around her waist, she then gave him a strong smile. She was filled with joy when he returned her kiss by pressing his lips against her cheek. Her body warmed and smiling widely at this sweet moment, the love that she feels right now is so immense.

Any opportunity to touch and feel his mom’s body in any way possible is immediately seized by Andy. So of course he wasn’t going to pass up this chance. Andy can feel his mom’s huge tits smothering his chest and his forearms resting just on top of her curvaceous ass. With his lips pressed deep against her cheek, he feels the warmth of her face on his, and smells the sexy aroma of her perfume. His semi hard dick stiffened to its fullness and he could feel it pressing against her thigh. His kiss stayed locked like this for a few seconds. When he was finished, Andy pulled his face from her cheek then looked in her eyes and said, “I love you mom.”

Victoria stared back into his eyes with a big smile and tells him, “Mommy loves you too sweetie.” Moments like this is one of the many reasons why she feels so loved by her son.

When Andy loosened his arms to let her go, he slyly brushed both palms down both of his mom’s ass cheeks. His mom’s skirt was so thin it’s almost like feeling her bare ass. Andy went to sit on the couch to watch some TV. “Hope the TV won’t bother you mom.”

Victoria gave her son a smile and said, “Of Course not sweetie. Do whatever you need to enjoy yourself.” Victoria didn’t notice her son’s attempt to feel her up. She dismisses her son’s touches and actions as merely her son’s way of showing love. Her son being a pervy boy doing these things out of horny lust isn’t possible. She is his mom and it’s ridiculous for him to see her in that way. To Victoria, Andy is just a loving son.

Andy put a show on Netflix but his mom continuing to tidy up was where his eyes were transfixed. His mom looks so sexy and hot with everything that she does. As she bends over to pick things up, he stares at her skirt tightening around her huge curves of her ass and the bottom sliding up and wishing it would keep sliding so he can see underneath. But he’ll settle for all of her long legs being displayed.

Andy’s mom then strode to the coffee table. As his mom moves to straighten it out, she bends over with her cleavage spilling out. His mom’s bra and top are so low cut that it seems as though all her tits, but the nipples, are being shown. He loves seeing such enormous amounts of cleavage and a huge portion of her upper firm bulbous tits. He continues to watch as his mom shuffles and moves her body to straighten out the coffee table. Doing so forces her tits to jiggle and bounce. Which makes him imagine her massive tits shaking and bouncing on his face.

Afterwards, Andy watches his mom move to dust the curtains and blinds with a duster. He stares as she lifts a leg to use a nearby ledge of a chair for balance and leverage to reach up high with the duster. As his mom leans forward a bit to dust the window curtains, Andy watches as her ass is slightly pushed out. With one leg straight and the other slightly lifted, him om’s skirt is lifted higher than usual and he is able to see just a bit of her panty covered pussy. He is mesmerized as her ass slightly shakes and jiggles due to her dusting motions.

After quickly finishing with the dusting, Casibom Giriş Andy’s mom walks towards him to complete one last thing. He deliberately chose to sit on this spot of the couch with his mom’s beloved flowers right behind him. His mom likes to make sure her flowers are positioned correctly. And since he’s sitting right in front of her flower, Andy knows his mom will cater to her flower right in front of him.

Breathing deeply with his heart pounding hard, Andy shivers as his mom bends forward, her enormous tits and deep cleavage hovering just centimeters in front of his face. As his mom reaches for the flowers, he hears her say, “Sorry about this Andy, I’ll be quick.” He stares wide eyed at her chest unblinking. Her cleavage so deep, so much of the top of her huge tits spilling out of her top. He could almost feel the heat of her massive soft mound on his face.

Victoria didn’t want to inconvenience her son by asking him to move. She knows her chest is very close to his face, but she doesn’t think it will affect him in anyway. He is her son and it’s just impossible for him to get turned on by her the way other men do. She looks down at him and notices that he’s glassy eyed and breathing heavily with his head leaned slight forward. Victoria concernedly asks, “Are you all right sweetie? Am I bothering you? Do you want me to hurry and finish up?”

Andy immediately pulls his eyes away from his mom’s enormous tits and quickly tells her, “No mom, please take your time. You’re not bothering me at all. Really.” His mom gave him a smile and went back to her flowers. Relieved that she didn’t suspect anything, Andy went back to staring at her massive tits and cleavage. He can’t believe how enormous and round they are. They seem so soft. He just wants to put his hands on them then squeeze and push his face into them.

Andy’s mom straightens herself up and he watches her stride away. Mesmerized by her long legs flowing forward pulling his eyes with them as though they were attached to her legs. Andy moves his sight upward to see his mom’s protruding huge round ass bounce as she walks. Wishing he could slap a hand to her firm ass cheek and clamp down.

Victoria stands and looks around the living room and gives a nod with a smile as she’s satisfied with its tidiness. She turns to her son and says, “Well sweetie, I’m done here. I think I’ll go out shopping for some stuff at Target all right.” She begins to go when her son stops her.

“Wait mom,” Andy said hurriedly.

Victoria stops and turns to see her son standing up. “Something wrong sweetie?” She says to him curiously.

After watching his mom Andy didn’t want to stop. He couldn’t think of a reason for her to stay or anything for her to do. So, he’s going to try and go shopping with her. Maybe he’ll even see her buy or try on some sexy clothes. He nervously walked towards her and asks, “Can I go with you mom? I promise I won’t bother you while you shop.”

Victoria looks into the pleading face of her son. There’s no way she can say no. She doesn’t want to disappoint him. “Are you sure dear? It’ll probably be boring. I don’t know how long I’ll be.”

“No mom it’ll be fine,” said Andy. “I just like being around you.”

Victoria smiled lovingly at her son as she’s reminded how much he’s dedicated to her. She feels her eyes tearing up a bit and wonders why no man can be like her son. “If you’re sure sweetie then of course you can shop with me.”

Andy gave his mom a big smile and excitedly said, “That’s great mom! Just give me a minute to put my shoes on upstairs.” Andy ran up the stairs wishing he could relieve himself because his cock is so rock hard. But he thinks he’ll take too long, and his mom may wonder what he’s doing. So, he’ll need to figure out some way to decrease his horniness otherwise he may do something he’ll regret.

Gazing at the stairs that her son ran up, a rush of happy and loving emotions flowed throughout Victoria’s body. Giving her goosebumps, warming her face, stiffening her nipples, even giving her a tingling sensation around her clit. “Where is all this coming from?” She thought aloud. Feeling the chills, she shivered and thought to herself that she needs to get fucked in her pussy by a man real soon. With her son accompanying her to Target, it doesn’t seem as though she’ll be able to court a man. So Mr. Vibrator will have to do when she gets a chance. She’ll still seduce and tease every man she sees for fun though. Believing her son won’t notice or be affected by it.

Andy came down quickly after getting his things after just a few minutes. He found his mom sitting on the loveseat with her legs crossed, one leg on top of the other. This accentuated her thick toned thighs and also bunched her skirt higher to the top of her legs. The angle in which she bent her top leg, and direction she pointed her open toed high heeled feet, guided his eyes to roam her legs from thigh to knee, to feet, then back and forth. Her legs look so hot and enticing doing nothing helping Casibom Güncel Giriş decrease his horniness or hard cock in the slightest. If anything, she was making him much hornier, forcing his cock to leak out pre-cum. And mesmerized and lost in the lustfulness of her legs, his reverie broken only by finally hearing his mom shouting his name. “Huh, oh sorry mom. What’d you say?”

“I asked if you wanted to try practicing driving to the store to get more experience before taking your driving test next month. Lots of college students aren’t good drivers because of experience, and I don’t want you to be one of them when you start college in a few months.” Victoria looked at her son with mild concern wondering why he had a blank stare on his face and asked, “Is something wrong sweetie?”

Quickly shaking his head, Andy tells his mom, “No I’m fine mom really. My I was just spacing out. You know I do that a lot.” Andy gave a giggle hoping his mom didn’t notice or suspect what he was doing. “But yeah, all right. Practicing driving sounds great, I haven’t done it since I graduated high school.”

Reminded of his blank staring habits, Victoria gave a smile and says to her son, “That’s right, you do space out and stare blankly a lot.” Standing up and straightening herself out she jestingly says, “Whatever you daydream about must be incredibly outstanding.” Throwing her purse over her shoulder she takes long sexy strides towards the door.

Thinking to himself that what his focus is on is definitely outstanding, Andy follows his mom out the front door. He walks closely behind his mom intently eyeballing her every movement. Leering fixedly at her huge round ass and shapely hips swaying and her legs flowing in those long strides. Andy can’t believe how horny he’s getting just staring at her walk.

Andy sits in the driver’s seat while observing his mom getting into the front passenger side. As his mom positions herself into the seat, he ogles her legs shifting and her tits jiggling. His mom hands the keys to him. And he takes them from her hands, using this chance to caress the back of her hand, knuckles, and fingers with the tips of his fingers. Her skin so silky smooth, he wishes he could caress her whole naked body with both hands.

While driving to Target, Andy’s mom was entertaining herself with her phone. Occasionally she would talk to him about funny or interesting things she’s finding. All the while, Andy steals glances at her crossed legs. His mom’s skirt was bunched up around her hips as her left leg rests on top of her right knee, drawing attention to her silky smooth bare thigh. If only he can just set his palm on her thigh and stroke her silky smooth skin.

After arriving at Target and parking the car, Andy continued to focus his sight on his mom’s body as much as he could. Turning his eyes quickly away whenever she faced him to make sure she didn’t notice his stares. He gawked as she walked alluringly in front of him. Her long tantalizing legs teasing with every stride. And with each stride, her ass and hips swing from side to side, daring him to grope and fondle her round ass cheeks.

Once Victoria strode through the entrance, she stood in front of the cart surveying throughout the store. Just as she hoped, on a Saturday afternoon Target is filled with many men. Some seem to be with their woman, others with friends, and some by themselves. Whatever the situation, single or not, Young or old, attractive or unattractive, however the guy is, she’ll flirt and tease just the same.

Her son offered to push the cart, which will allow Victoria to freely manipulate and move her body in a seductive and sensuous manner. She was able to take long slow strides, grabbing the eyes of the guys who was able to see her. Out of her periphery, she notices them following her legs with her eyes. Smirking at this and pretending not to notice their stares, she adds a little umph to the swaying of her hips. Feeling a little tingling in her pussy as she does so knowing that their eyes will be glued to her curvaceous ass.

Every time she walks past a guy or one walks past her, she pushes her chest out, further accenting her huge round mounds, and turning her face away from theirs. To give them the allusion that she is unaware of them looking at her tits, or that she’s not doing anything deliberately. Just walking and looking around for something to buy.

Once again, Victoria sees out of the peripheral of her vision that the some guys are obviously staring at her tits, and others are attempting to slyly leer at them. She feels as though her nipples are getting stiffer and harder with each glaring pair of eyes.

Victoria turns to look at her son with a joyful expression on her face. She sees that he’s looking around the store. Worried that he may be getting bored, she asks her son, “You doing fine sweetie? Hope your not regretting coming with me.”

Andy looks at his mom and gave her a smile. “No mom of course not. I’m doing fine. And it looks like You’re enjoying yourself for some reason. So I’m just happy that you’re happy.” The truth is, Andy is really enjoying staring at his mom’s body as she moves around. He doesn’t know why she walks and moves like this, but he’s not complaining. He’ll just enjoy it.

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