An Unexpected Cruise Trip – Day 04An Unexpected Cruise Trip – Day 04


An Unexpected Cruise Trip — Day 4

Our cruise ship laid calm and quiet as we awoke next morning. This silence showed us that we had already reached our next harbour, La Valetta on Malta. Kati and I rolled laborious out of my single bed, which was our small heaven’s bed for one night. We said each other goodbye with an intensive hug and a deep kiss, then Kati sneaked into her our cabin and I had our bathroom for a refreshing shower for me alone. But that didn’t last long — I was still in the shower as ‘aunt’ Irene entered the bathroom after her nightly service with Geraldine and examined me in detail from head to toe, showing a wide and bright smile. “We will have our fun together”, she murmured quietly but loud enough that I was able to hear it. Perhaps she intended so. I raised both eyebrows and return her examining look frontally almost provocative.

But in this moment, I hadn’t any lust for anything. The night with Kati had challenged me to my limits. My best friend was really stressed and burnt as a result of Kati’s attacking sex. My aunt guessed my thoughts and handed me a very well smelling lotion after I had towelled myself. “Take this, my love. This lotion works real magic and protects you against any sore. Will you treat your little friend yourself? Or shall I give you a hand?” She giggled like a young teenager.

For a few seconds it was absolutely silent in our bathroom, we looked each other into our eyes on short distance, but we didn’t touch us. Then Irene shrugged with her shoulders, turned and left. “Never mind. But it will happen. I am more than convinced.”

On this fourth day of our cruise I abstained from the organised excursion through the fortress, Churchill’s so called ‘unsinkable aircraft carrier’. Instead I marched alone through the old city centre, which was still warm but not too hot anymore. During my short stages between some cafés and ice-cafés I enjoyed the vivid atmosphere and returned to our ship rather early. Like me all other members of our discreet swinger group had made up their private programme. Irene and our two merry widows went on a shopping tour, my aunt bought a huge ladies’ hat which made her look like a matured Audrey Hepburn. Bruno and Kati on the other side had visited some old friends, who lived on Malta.

So all members of our entire group entered the bord restaurant for dinner well dressed and relaxed. I recognized that on this fourth day I felt more experienced with my expectations about our evening program. “What happens tonight?” was my direct question to Irene to my right during our extremely well tasting Tiramisu dessert.

She smiled a little bit diabolic. “We don’t do a lottery tonight. Our lovely Geraldine is celebrating her fifth anniversary of widowhood. And to avoid any sober mood, she is automatically our Evening Star tonight.”

I looked across our table. Geraldine didn’t make any grieving impression. Quite the opposite — her evening dress showed deep, almost risqué necklines on the front and the back, showing off her gaziantep lezbiyen escort blousy physique. She didn’t wear a bra, her honey-melon breasts vibrated on the inside of her dress with every breath and movement. Absolutely teasing!

“You will see, my love”, whispered Irene into my ear, “it will become a very moist, even wet evening.”

“Cheers”, was my silent reaction, expecting a bibulous evening with many drinks. What a total misunderstanding! Or perhaps not, because during the next two hours our entire group drank champagne only. Geraldine’s remarks about her mournful anniversary revealed very clearly that she wasn’t in a mournful mood about her widowhood at all. Her late husband had been a brilliant surgeon and passionate doctor but had treated his wife and family more as decorating accessories. But he had bequeathed his widow a medium sized fortune and a nice, entirely paid villa; enough that Geraldine was able to live the life and enjoy the sex she was looking for. That she had found Angela in her hometown, a woman with almost identical life experience and history, made her actual life almost perfect.

Our group of six was tipsier then usual as we returned upstairs to our cabins. Today’s playground location was Geraldine’s and Angela’s cabin, I should learn rather quick why. It started with the same ‘Evening Star’ ritual as I had experienced it on the second night. Geraldine was a wonderful formed woman, a few pounds too much in total, but well placed at the right parts of her body. She had two wonderful full breasts, little bit shaggy after some decades but still well rounded, pure pleasure to watch. They had been centred by two large dark-brown areolas with huge, almost two-centimetre-long nipples.

Geraldine was placed into the centre of our group, got fondled from our ten hands and got a group massage with a well smelling almond oil. She loved our strong, almost brutal massage of her tits and cheeks; especially Bruno worked with strong hands on her and Kati teased her with all her stimulating nastiness. Geraldine was still standing, had opened her legs as far as possible so that it was very easy to reach her orchid-formed pussy. Intensive stroking by many hands lead to fascinating growth of her clit, both in length as in size, documenting her rapid increasing level of excitement.

It looked like that especially Angela and Irene knew exactly what was most thrilling for our celebrating Evening Star. Angela positioned herself in front of her life partner and put two, then three fingers into Geraldine’s widening pussy, teasing and rubbing her clit with her thumb in the same moment. Irene positioned herself at Geraldine’s backside and joined Angela in this soft pussy with another three fingers. Both women’s fingers fucked the sandwiched Geraldine faster and faster, provoking a real heavy squirting and loud screaming orgasm. Geraldine’s knees became weak so Bruno and I had to hold her full weight to avoid an uncontrolled collapse. escort gaziantep lezbiyen I became aware that the group already knew Geraldine’s wet explosions. Before we had even started Angela had placed a double-layered towel beneath her partner to catch her enormous amount of juices without damages to the cabin’s carpet.

It took a while until Geraldine was stable again. She smiled like a young girl, then kissed all five female and male lovers one after the other. “Thank you, my loves. It was a sensation for me to be treated by you today.” She looked around again. “Do you make me wet now with a full shower?”

Her four experienced partners knew exactly what Geraldine wished for. Just me hadn’t understood anything. “What does she want?” I whispered into Irene’s ear.

Irene turned close to my ear and whispered back. “Our lovely Geraldine is a huge water-sports fan. If you innocent angel knows, what this means.”

Of course I was familiar with the meaning of this word, but I had never made any own experience with this fetish. “And how do we do it?”

“Here. In her bathroom. She is sucking and drinking all of us. She makes us absolutely empty!” She smirked. “Why do you think we have drunk champagne only tonight? It has filled our bladder. And gives a tasty juice.”

Even before I was able to think further Geraldine had enter her shower together with Bruno and had positioned herself on her knees in front of him. The four others remained as spectators watching her how she massaged his bladder behind his half-erected cock. She knew exactly what she had to do to stimulate Bruno without provoking a full erection. From time to time she gave him short blowjobs, but obviously with a different blow technique. Suddenly Bruno’s golden juice started to flow, becoming a consistent spurt, hitting Geraldine in her face and her wide opened mouth. It was so much that she couldn’t swallow everything, part of Bruno’s piss ran from her mouth over her tits and belly, showering her entirely.

Bruno dried out, so all three ladies followed his example. Geraldine took parts of their golden showers directly from their pussies. In the meantime she was totally wet, her hair was so soaked that it dripped continuously all over her body.

At last she called me into action. “So, my young master. You will be my coronation.” She treated my dick similar to Bruno’s, it felt unbelievable. She was successful, I started to shower her with my half-erected best friend. Geraldine became more and more hectic in her movements, opened her mouth wide and closed her lips around my still pissing cock. My champagne-stimulated bladder didn’t stop to feed her. I think it was the longest lasting piss of my life. Having finished Geraldine licked my dick clean and released me finally.

“Thank you, my loves”, she smiled at all five of us. “It was exciting and I haven’t been so much showered for a long time. Absolutely great.” She pushed herself into an upright position. gaziantep lezbiyen escortlar “And now I have to take a real shower. Otherwise Angela kicks me out of our cabin.” She smiled at her life partner. “Come in and treat me.”

Angela smiled back and followed her invitation. “Perhaps I tease you more than I treat you.”

With this shower the sexy evening of our group came to its end. I felt an odd mixture of satisfied curiosity — I had never experienced a golden shower orgy in my entire life — and non-satisfied frustration. I had expected that our evening would be continued in one way or another. Sneaking into our own cabin Irene recognized my reaction and tousled my hair as I would be a young boy. “Hey my love. Was it a tough evening for you?”

I shook my head a little bit. “It looks like that she is loving it more than anything other.”

Irene giggled first, then laughed out loud. “Oh yes, my dear. Here on our cruise ship our space is a little bit limited, unfortunately. I have watched her once during a real piss orgy beside an open-air-swimming pool. She had eight men showering her from top to bottom at the same time, first with their cum and then with their piss. And when she had finished, she ordered me to position myself like 69 and to shower her again. Was thrilling for me too.”

I didn’t know what I should answer. I had a clear picture in front of my imaginative eye: my aunt kneeing over Geraldine’s face and showering her.

In the meantime we had closed our cabin door and had entered our bedroom. We stood in very close distance to each other and watched us eye-to-eye. “Am I allowed to wish something?” took Irene suddenly the word.

“I listen.” I became curious.

Irene wrapped her arms around my hips and pulled me closer to her. “I want a real lover’s kiss from you.”

After a short second I answered by taking Irene’s head into both hands and kissed her. Really intensive. With an increasing dance of our tongues. And I felt that this kiss thrilled both of us. When the kiss finally ended, I had a full-blown erection, rock-hard. Irene felt it and neither she nor I didn’t care. “And now?” was my uncertain question.

“I want to watch how you stroke your best friend until you cum.” Her smile was almost diabolic again. “Sit down in the big chair, I will knee in front of you and will watch you.”

Suddenly I got in the mood to accomplish exactly her wish. It felt like the right intermediate step for us, leading to real sex between us later that week. It took me perhaps ten minutes to masturbate myself to the exciting point of no return. Irene motivated me with her groans as well as her compliments about my cock’s exciting beauty. Additionally she stimulated me by pushing two fingers into her pussy and rubbing her clit with her thumb. Then I couldn’t hold it back anymore. My first ejection flew up to my own breast, but the second one was already restricted. Irene had pushed her open mouth forward like a cobra-snake and had taken my erupting dick into her mouth. She took the entire remaining load and swallowed it.

After I was completely finished, she moved up to my face and kissed me with her creamed mouth. “This was the most beautiful cream shot, I’ve ever received. Wonderful my dear, thank you for this.” The next few minutes we hold each other very close, cuddled us and enjoyed the moist warmth of our bodies.

To be continued

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