An Indian Family Story Ch. 09An Indian Family Story Ch. 09


From then onwards, Muthusamy would go along with his mother in law every morning for his massage and bath. Every day she would massage his prick and balls and bathe him. After the first few days, there was some visible improvement. This went on for some time.

Meanwhile, their nightly sessions went on almost every day. Then one morning Ramu and Ponni heard Kamala moaning and groaning quite loudly in the bathroom. They went to investigate and found Muthusamy fucking Kamala with all his strength. Ponni ran inside and looked at her husband in amazement, as his erect penis went in and out of her mother’s cunt. For the first time in many years, Muthusamy had sustained an erection on his own and was fucking someone. She smiled at her mother and thanked her profusely for having cured her husband. She went and stood behind him and rubbed his backside and pushed her hand in between his thighs and stroked his balls. Ramu too was thrilled at Muthu’s recovery.

“Come fuck my mouth,” Kamala invited Ramu. He pushed hi swollen cock into her mouth and started fucking it immediately. Kamala was enjoying it from both ends thanks to her sons in law. Not to be left out, her daughter Ponni went under her and began to suck her breasts as a way of thanking her. With all three of them stimulating her Kamala climaxed three times before Muthusamy filled her cunt with his thick semen. Shortly, Ramu too gave her his semen to drink. She gulped it as fast as he shot it.

They all hugged each other and laughed, bringing Selvi out to the bathroom where she saw all the three of them so happy.

“My husband has been cured! Amma has cured him! He can make his cock stand up on his own now, Selvi,” Ponni told her sister.

Selvi hugged Ponni. “I am so glad for you akka,” she said. “Thank you amma,” she hugged her naked mother and kissed her on the cheeks.

“This calls for a celebration!” Selvi announced. “I shall prepare a good dinner for you all! You can enjoy yourselves after the dinner, only it is a pity I cannot join you all”

“Don’t worry Selvi, we will make sure you are with us,” Ponni consoled her.

That night after the dinner, which the ladies had prepared, Muthusamy Eskort Kız was accorded the due respect of a new bridegroom. He was led to a bedroom that was decorated with flowers and smelt of fragrant incense. Selvi too joined them after feeding and putting the baby to sleep.

“We will all remove our clothes now. I want to show you all the result of my treatment,” Kamala announced.

All too soon they all became naked and hugged one another. Even Selvi joined them. While Selvi sat with her husband between her and her mother, Ponni and Muthusamy sat on the flower-strewn mattress. He began to kiss Ponni and fondle her breast. Ponni responded with full enthusiasm, letting all her hidden sexual anxiety go for good. She was only too happy that her husband was normal again. She wrapped her rounded thighs around his buttocks and held him tight. She rubbed her pelvis against her husband’s and could feel his penis stirring and slowly but surely becoming hard. Selvi, her mother and her husband sat quietly and watched them rolling about on the mattress, with suspense. Mother and daughter were gently rubbing Ramu’s penis, while Ramu had one hand on his mother in law’s cunt and another over his wife’s shoulder, rubbing her engorged breast. Ponni was now on top of her husband. They could see her contracting her buttocks and pressing her pelvis hard against her husband’s and kissing him deeply. After a few minutes, she rolled over, exposing her husband’s erect penis standing erect, head held up majestically.

“See this all of you,” Ponni announced proudly. The other three clapped their hands and cheered Ponni and her husband. Muthusamy held his head down shyly. “I am so happy that I think I will fuck him first.”

She wasted no time. She squatted astride his groin held his prick with one hand and sat on it, watching it disappear into her cunt. Planting both her hands on his chest, she raised and lowered herself and fucked him. Her juggling big breasts were a sight to behold. As her buttocks came down hard on Muthusamy’s pelvis, they shuddered and looked sexy. Muthusamy closed his eyes and enjoyed the ecstatic feeling, letting Ponni do all the work. Ponni looked at us with glazed eyes. She was concentrating fully on her job. She did not want to hurry things. She fucked Muthu with slow deep thrusts.

Ramu slid down slowly while watching them. He was now lying across the thighs of his wife and mother in law. His head now rested on Selvi’s lap, while his mother in law pulled his hips on to her thighs. He began sucking Selvi’s breasts. Warm sweet milk gushed out from her nipple. His gentle sucking released a steady flow of her milk. Making him more comfortable, she cradled his head with her arms and held her breasts for him to feed as though she was feeding her child.

His mother in law was playing with his erect penis. She peeled his foreskin and squeezed his swollen head. She stooped and teased its head with her tongue tip, then engulfed it with her lips and began sucking it. Playing with his two balls, she moved her head up and down and socked him with strong sucking noise. Her finger sought out his anus. She teased his anus at first to relax him. Then wetting her finger with her saliva, she slowly inserted it up to an inch into his arse and began to fuck it. This made Ramu’s prick jump up and down. Kamala liked it. She could notice the difference in the hardness of his penis in her mouth. She continued sucking him off.

Ponni and Muthu had now changed positions. She was on the mattress and Muthu was on top of her and fucking her. She was giving her breasts to him to suck as she crossed her legs behind his buttocks tightly.

Selvi’s right breast was now empty of milk. She offered her left breast to her husband. Ramu continued feeding from it. He felt a strange satisfaction, while Selvi became sexually stimulated. But she still had ten more days of confinement to go. She controlled herself very hard. Noticing that her mother was now itching for a fuck, she let her husband go to her. Kamala got up and lay down on her side on the floor. She lifted one leg straight in the air, holding it with her hand. Ramu kneeled between her other straightened leg. He positioned his erect penis at the mouth of her side facing cunt, spread its lip apart with one hand and inserted it into his mother in law’s hot tunnel of love. She lowered her leg, which was in the air on to his shoulder and rested it there. Holding on to her shapely thigh Ramu began to rock to and fro. Kamala felt Ramu’s thick cock sliding in and out of her very wet and slippery cunt. She could feel it knocking against her uterus. Each knock sent an electric shock through her body.

Ponni was on the verge of reaching her climax. Muthusamy was now like a man possessed. He was fucking her frantically. Straining hard not to release his juice, he held his breath for as long as possible till he heard Ponni screaming and he released his juice into her cunt. Panting he fell on her and went in to a state of semi-consciousness. After a very long time he felt some self-worthiness. He hugged Ponni, and kissed her with all the joy.

Kamala was still a long way off. She took her time enjoying the tremendous waves of sensations radiating from her cunt. She squeezed her buttocks and her cunt muscles to further increase the tightness of the already stuffed cunt. She wanted more of the sensations to flow from her cunt. Ramu was working hard and slowly. Each thrust was giving him a pleasure that only he could feel. His mother in law’s voluntary tightening of her cunt only multiplied the sensations many times. His long deep plowing of her cunt was taking her to her climax steadily. Her experience was showing now. She controlled her feelings and only allowed short grunts to escape her mouth. She bit her lips and closed her eyes as she became aware that all the rest in the room were watching her and Ramu. Their performance was very good today. Neither of them showed any signs of reaching their climax first. Ramu fucked faster and faster. His mother in law was sweating profusely and groaning loudly. The sound of the slapping of their groins filled the room. Others watched. Ramu finally shot his load into Kamala’s cunt. Kamala went into spasms and jerked violently. She contracted her strong cunt muscles and milked Ramu’s thick long prick again and again till the last drop of his semen. Ramu never felt such contractions of her cunt before. The sensation was just too great. He collapsed on his mother in law in a delirium.

Muthusamy’s welcome back to the group was hot. They all consoled Selvi. She too would be able to join them in about ten days time.

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