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411 Dave`s reassuring hand holding pt3411 Dave`s reassuring hand holding pt3It was about 6 on the Friday when that old cattle grid rattled its welcome, the little car drove up and Dave welcomed the visitors at the door, with Buster, a huge quiet, and friendly brindle coloured great dane, making friends easily , while Dave ran his eye over Mary in her flowery skirt, as he ushering them all into the old oast house. Gaye met them in the lounge, beautifully dressed in skirt and blouse, and after the usual hugs and a stroke of Buster the big a****l flopped in the corner of the room as if it was his home. Gaye took them to their room, then gave them the grand tour, bathroom, toilet that sort of thing, before Dave, while Gaye finished off the meal, showed them his studio, and the paintings that he was working on at the time. Then they all sat to dinner together, outwardly four very normal folk, enjoying a meal as friend`s.Over the meal they got to know one another, each in turn chatting about their lives, and their c***dhoods. Gently the talk became more erotic, a mutual drift towards the hopefully erotic evening to come and over coffee, they each told of their first times… Mary told a tale of her c***dhood, her uncle being her cherry-taker during a holiday in Devon, Gaye at 14, had lost hers mundanely, to a lad at school, as a bet, during a dinner hour behind the science block … Dave had been more lucky, his estranged mother and he, had an i****tuous liaison that had continued until his marriage and of her passing just after his marriage to Gaye. Dan however had lost his by force to his sister, when he was just ten, and she 15, it had been a trauma, she having been left in charge while the parents were away, she basically r****g him and he had found that he had enjoyed getting his revenge on women ever since… Mary though, he said, well, she had been the exception, the love of his life and they were happy together.Buster appeared, placed his head on Marys lap and his big sad eyes said Feed me, laughing that’s just what she did, and then walked him out on the lawn, settled, the big a****l followed her into the playroom where the other`s by now had retired, the big bean bag cushions had Mary comfortable in seconds, a drink provided by Gaye, grasped in her hand, her dog his head on her thigh, flopped beside her, Dan at the time relating a story about another lady who he had had as a sub for a while, a needle lover who had gone off to Cornwall with her husband who had said enough was enough and had given her the ultimatum needles with Dan, or I am off …! His graphic explanations of placing the needles had the interest of our couple and must have stimulated Mary as the dog began to take a lot of interest in what must have been a dampening pussy. She pushed him away, a little half-heartedly perhaps but bahis siteleri Buster was not in the mood now to be put off, he knew the signs!Mary, apologised for the b**st, but Dan was grinning like a Cheshire cat, he suggested perhaps their hosts would like “to watch the games his wife enjoyed normally in private, with her pet” she blushed, but stood, to Busters disgust, and placing her glass safely on the floor, slid off her tights and knickers. The dog stood back whining quietly and trembling with anticipation. His mistress fell to her knees, flipping up the dress up at the back. It was the signal for her pet to stick his nose into her fast wetting sex. Snuffling and slurping the a****l brought the woman to the boil in no time flat, the three onlookers amazed, and not a little excited.“You want him to fuck me then or would Gaye like to try him?” a bold question, from an outwardly demure housewife! the answer was from Gaye, “will he do it twice in a night though?” Mary laughed “Yes, he can go again quicker than any man…” and she grinned, “I have a feeling these two want to see me fucked too by him so I will watch this time then, and have him later, you enjoy him!” Dan told his wife to tell them exactly what the feelings were like, and with a nod from Mary, the still licking dog heard her snap her fingers and was instantly up on her back, his stiff lipstick stabbing again and again at her sex. His forelegs gripped her waist and as he found her by now wet orifice, hauling himself forward, and deeper into her body. drool fell beside her neck his hips hammering at the woman, his back feet barely on the floor, tail waving, attempting to drill himself into her belly. A moment or two past then she began to cry out that the knot was forming. Gasps and grunts told of the pain of the broadening knot, and she gasped that her guts were filling with his boiling seed, then came a short period of immobility, soon followed by Buster turning to the left and stepping over her back, his knot spinning inside her uncomfortably, he danced about with his feet stamping on her lower legs. how-ever it was a relief not having 5 stone of big dog on her back, and a still stiff dog dick high inside her. a few minutes passed then the a****l moved away, dragging his bitch behind him a few inches. Twice this happened then with a plop the red purple tool fell from her and she fell forward as a flood of his seed spewed from her body. The dog wandered to the doorway where he collapsed and began licking and cleaning himself, his conquest disguarded in his mind, he had done his duty. Dan was sat with a glazed look, Dave with his hand inside his waistband holding and settling his stiff boner, and a shocked Gaye, drink still in hand, had a look if a mix of horror and excitement.Tissue was tossed to Mary who did a mop up job canlı bahis siteleri as best she could, Drinks were refreshed, and eyes turned to Gaye, she knew it was her turn they gave the a****l ten minutes, Dan telling them Buster was home trained, and that he seldom watched nowadays as for Mary this as normally her outlet while he was performing with his lady-friend.. Determinedly, she drank deeply, then losing the glass, she removed her skirt, she had already disguarded her shoes, so she slid the knickers from her hips and stepped from them, she had on a garter belt, and the stockings, dark and seamed. Her heart was beating fast, as Mary called her dog over and as he began to stick his nose into her crutch once more, she diverted the a****l to her now quite fearful lady friend who found the tongue of this big b**st quickly slithering into her the sensation allaying some of the fear as she began to enjoy the erotic tongue`s ministrations. This went on for a moment or two then she knew in her heart that she needed to the next stage and take the a****l. She was shaking, Dave realising her fears moved over and took her hand, gently easing her to her knees and then all fours. She was scared, she had seen Mary, an experienced partner of the big dog, cry out in pain, she squeezed her husband`s hand tighter, and the dog immediately began snuffling and licking in the wet slot of her sex once more.A woman`s voice near her ear said “ready?” her grip tightened on his hand, and a swift nod had the fingers snap. The moment had come, she felt his forelegs encompass her waiste, this was it, she was about to receive the long red tool, her hand moved to the floor, hubby`s hand on her arm rubbing and gently encouraging her as the tool stabbed at her sex, pointed, rubbery and stiff, twice it struck to the left, once to the right, then it found its target.Again, she felt him drag himself into her, deeper and further up her body, the invading prick moving faster than she had ever felt a prick stab. Slobber fell on her neck, hot doggy breath gasped behind her head, and she was taking it, being taken by a k9 and a big one at that. Elated she began to pant, then that female voice once again, began telling her to expect his seed to be hot, and the knot too and soon… her mind wandered and wondered, would it hurt, would she be able to bear the pain, but the feelings of this long pointed hot doggy prick overcame those thoughts. Hot seed began to fill her belly, hotter than she had ever before experienced, and the swelling ball of his knot was soon filling her, thicker, then thicker as that terrible knot expanded, stretching and thickening in her baby tunnel. The motion stopped, though the hot stream Kept coming. Pain in her sex added to those terrible feeling of overfullness as the seed still pumping into her, canlı bahis hot and pressing, her belly stretching and ballooning now, tight and full. His weight on her back heavy, and oppressive, the drool cooling and wet on her blouse, and breast. Would it ever stop.Lo0ng moments passed, then suddenly he stepped as he had with Mary to the left, the terrible knot sun in its stretched holder, pain real and red hot ran through her love channel, she felt the nylons run as his sharp claws paddled about on the backs of her lower legs, she cried out the sound echoing round the circular chamber, only heard by the five participants, a cry of desperation, pain and excitement rolled into one. Things settled, the wonderful pain diminishing though not vanishing, her stretched belly tight as a drumskin and full. Dave`s muttered and calming voice giving her his support as the dog suddenly tugged her backwards, pain roared through her body, then after a moment again there was another tug, but it was a case of third time lucky, with real heave the knot tore itself free. The stopper removed pressure dropped inside her body, seed squirted from her in a sloppy squirt that dribbled down her nylons and a feeling of euphoria that was difficult to describe. Now disinterested Buster wandered to his chosen resting spot by the door, his work done, Gaye with a relieved gasp collapsed to the cushions a broad smile on her face and wet legs akimbo, another tick on her bucket list… Dave by now unzipped was quick to fill the void, and together they began to enjoy the feelings of a hot and filled body. Mary had never seen another woman with her pet before and was well turned on, Dan taking his wife hard and without adoo, it was all too much.The echoes of excited copulation rang round the playroom, yes, yes, yesses and oh, oh, yessss, soon recorded the high spots, and they were after a while, sat as couples recovering in the arms of their respective lovers amongst the s**ttered bean bags. Dave as the perfect host refilled glasses, and they chinked glasses in a silent toast. Mary realising she was the one to make the first move, called Gaye to her own husband Dan, giving her friends hand to her husband like a prize then turning to Dave she kissed him, it was obviously a swap, Dave stood hauled her to her feet, and pushing buster to his, just to clear the doorway, he led his prize to his bed, it was to be a long night of loving and caring sex, gentle and loving at times with short burst of hard thrusting as if to break into more robust games, but contained and enjoyable. A while later they heard Dan and Gaye use the bathroom then clatter off to their bed, it was a tiring night, sex, and noises of sex that inspired more sex, divided by periods of deep sleep filled the hours of darkness, all tiny shreds of propriety long gone.Sunday started late, Buster, desperately in need of toileting finally got relief at about midday… it was a wow afternoon of swapping and loving that by the time the small car drove away left its occupants and the home team tired out.

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