Subject: Secrets of Pinewood Heights: An Exciting Adventure Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction containing graphic depictions of sex between an adult male and minor boys. If this story offends you, if you are underage, or if this type of story is illegal where you live then please do not continue on any further. While writing is its own reward, this old man would love to hear some input from all of you. Please address all of your responses to dex. Suggestions are welcome, flames will be ignored, and words of praises will be put in a picture frame to be hung on my living room wall. I’m just vain that way. Acknowledgement: This story was inspired by twofoldman’s wonderful (and hot) “Secret World of Boys” stories. If you like this, I’m sure you’ll love those and other stories he has written. Just hop on over to the Prolific Author section and give it a whirl! ______________________________________________________________ An Exciting Adventure(M/b/b, oral, anal) By Mr.Bunns “The Highway Mall?” “Yep!” “The one with all the old people?” “That’s the one, yep.” Andrew considered his options: he could spend the entire day binging on TV and junk food and video games like he did on any other days of his summer vacation so far, or he could go along with his best friend Gabe’s idea of going off on a crazy ‘adventure’ to the nearby, near-abandoned mall that he just mentioned. Both have their merits, but both, without a doubt, have their own downsides as well. Adults just assumed that summer vacation is the highlight of every ten year old boy’s year, but that really all depends on where you live and what is there to do on the days the schools are closed. For a boy like Andrew, who spent his entire ten years of life growing up in the scenic cul-de-sac of Pinewood Heights, summer vacation is forty percent welcome reprieve and sixty percent neverending nightmare. All of his friends were mostly away on some far-off summer getaway for the entirety of the vacation time, and since both of his parents are notorious penny-pinching workaholics, the end result was usually long summer days being spent all alone in his air-conditioned room vegging out in front of the personal home entertainment system his parents have bought for him as a misguided symbol of their love for their only son. Which is why he was thankful for Gabe’s company when he felt the loneliest, despite of all the things that should have stopped them from becoming the best of friends. In addition to being a year younger than he was, Gabe also hailed from the west part of the Heights where the not-so-well-to-do residents of the semi-rural community made their homes. For a more socially conscious kid, there should be absolutely no way that the two of them would be caught dead being seen together in public, let alone spending so much time together forging their friendship like they did. Yet there was something about the little imp that caught Andrew’s attention and simply won’t let go, one of those being how fearless the tyke seemed to be. The first time they met, Gabe had casually parked his bike in their driveway and walked up to both him and his family in a dirt-streaked sleveeles white tank top before chatting up with Andrew as if they were already long-time pals. While his parents were initially apprehensive over this chubby little blonde kid’s absolute lack of tact, they were eventually mollified by how much their son seemed to hit it off with this little stranger. In the end they were won over by his bubbly attitude and infectious carefree smile, and in no time at all it became impossible to think of the Winfeld household without Gabe in it. His lack of care was also shown by how little thought he put into dressing himself, with Gabe’s current attire only consisting of a pair of black shorts and tennis shoes that might have been red once upon a time. While the summer heat might have something to do with it, Andrew suspected that Gabe just didn’t want to be bothered with the extra hassle of dealing with picking out and putting on a T-shirt. After all, it was also the very same reason why Gabe often refused to put on any underwear underneath his shorts, something that Andrew was reminded often whenever the two decided to play rough and Gabe’s shorts gets dragged down along the way. “I dunno, Gabe,” Andrew said tapping his chin with his thumb, “I mean, it’s kinda hot out today, and there’s nothing to do there anyway.” “There’s an arcade over there too,” Gabe countered. “I have a PC right here,” the older boy pointed out. “C’mon Drew,” the little blondie whined, “You’re not going to spend the entire day holed up in your room just watching TV and playing video games again, are you?” “That was what I was doing, until you barged in with this idea of riding up to a crappy mall in the middle of the hottest day ever to do something that we could do in my room with the A.C. on,” Andrew scoffed. “La~me,” his young companion sighed as he buried his face on the soft large bean bag chair he was hugging down on the carpet. Andrew couldn’t help but wince at the way Gabe said that word, for even though the kid didn’t say it out loud, he was all too aware of his own shortcomings to know what Gabe had meant when he said the word ‘lame’. Unlike Gabe, Andrew was too much of a homebody to gain even the slightest hint of a muscle on his already slender, near feminine build. In fact, he rarely saw the sun so much that his brown hair still retained the same light hue as it was years ago when he was a tyke himself, and he is almost guaranteed to get sunburned on his pale freckled complexion if he spent even a minute too long outside in the sun. ‘Lame’ to his ears sounded to be ‘I can’t believe I’m friends with this loser’ to his ears, as it was Gabe’s go-to words anytime his idea for any outdoor fun is shot down by the older boy. While he knew that Gabe was perhaps too nice of a guy to actually mean anything by it, he couldn’t help but worry that one day his plucky young friend would wise up and started moving on towards someone else who would be more than happy to cater to his impulsive nature. When that happens, he’ll be back to spending the summer days in front of the TV, all alone with no friends to call his own. Which was why at times like these Andrew would often cut the chubby little imp some slack and readily accept any second proposal he might have. This time was such a time as he saw Gabe lifted his face from the bean bag chair, and with a hopeful look tried to appeal to the older boy’s good grace. “You sure you don’t wanna go?” the little boy pleaded, “I promise you it’ll be fun!” “Well,” Andrew hesitated, “I mean, what else is there to do there besides going to the arcade and sipping Slurpees until our tongues turned blue?” A mischievous grin dawned on Gabe’s cute round face as he said, “I know something we can do over there that is way more fun than that.” Andrew’s curiosity was piqued in an instant. “Really? What is it?” “Nuh-uh,” Gabe shook his head playfully, “You gotta come with me first, and then I’ll show you!” “You’re making this up,” the older boy raised an eyebrow, skeptical over the entire prospect. “Maybe I am,” the child gave a toothy grin, “But then again, maybe I’m not, and you won’t find out which is which until you come along with me! C’mon Drew, where’s your sense of adventure?” ‘Where is your sense of adventure?’ is code in Gabe-speak for ‘I got something I am just dying to show you so you’d better say yes or else you’ll regret it’, and through all the time he had been friends with the runt he had never once been disappointed with that offer. The last time the tyke coaxed him out of the house with that line, Gabe had led him to an abandoned hidden cave in the nearby woods that the older kids had used as a hidden fort before they became too old for silly things like hidden forts. As a bonus, they also found copious amount of vintage porn magazines that their predecessors have stashed in the hideout, and they had spent the afternoon masturbating to many satisfying dry climaxes while oogling at the multitudes of low-quality dirty photographs on each page. He knew that whatever secret of Pinewood Heights that Gabe was about to impart on him this time was going to be just as good as the last one, and so he decided to once again let the younger boy lead the way as he nodded and said, “Okay fine, let’s go to the Highway Mall.” “That’s more like it,” the imp sprang up to his feet, displaying an athleticism that defied his chubby build, “C’mon, let’s get outta’ here already!” Once again Andrew was reminded why he was friends with Gabe as he watched him bounded out the door before he could say anything. That bubbly spirit filled with joy over, well, just about anything is certainly infectious, and it certainly has a way of inspiring his faith in just about anything the blonde haired boy say and do. If Gabe had declared a thunderstorm would clear out into a clear sunny day despite of the weather forecast predicting seven days of rain, Andrew would have chosen to believe his little friend over burdur escort whatever nonsense some balding weatherman on TV had insisted upon. Certainly that distinct Gabe charm was the very reason why he was convinced to ride out in their bikes down the main street of the suburbs while the sun was still hanging high over their heads. Despite huffing and puffing while pedaling his secondhand rusty red bike that had seen better days, Gabe has not lost one bit of his enthusiasm as he lead his older companion down the main street, left by the small park, and straight on towards the large rectangular building obscured by a mildly dense treeline. Their travel lead them down towards the small patch of woods where their secret cave was located, but the path that Gabe lead him towards this time veered northbound and away from their normal route. “C’mon, it’s this way!” Gabe motioned for him to follow as he pedaled faster, the thin coating of sweat causing his bare skin to glisten in the sunlight. Andrew now wondered if Gabe had the right idea about his attire afterall, for he was at the moment dealing with the discomfort of his sweat-drenched T-shirt and having half a mind to take it off and discard it right there in the woods. His reprieve came in imagining how nice and cool the inside of the Highway Mall would be just as the trees ended and the very building itself came into sight. The marble and stone edifice sat on a patch of tarmac where the parking lots were situated all around it, with several access roads to the east and west connecting to small ramps leading up to the highway that lend its name to the building. During its heyday its outer walls were covered with plenty promotional materials and its rows of automatic sliding doors would welcome many visitors from all around, Pinewood Heights included, to spend their idle time and money in its premises. Now only advertisements of space for rent were hung up on its outer walls, and people who entered and exited the place were mostly those of the neighboring residences whose numbers continued to dwindle by the day. Gabe’s secret entrance lead the two boys into the backside of the Mall, where the parking lot was scarcely populated save for a few utility vehicles here and there. They could feel the sheer heat rising up from the asphalt and onto their bare skins, as they approached a rather deserted docking bay where the double delivery doors were left wide open. There was a group of bikes chained to a bike rack nearby to indicate that they were not the only two kids in the Mall that day, and Gabe instructed his pal to secure their bikes there with the rest before leading him down towards the open delivery doors. “This is kind of creepy,” Andrew said, as the path from the delivery doors lead them to a part of the mall that has been discontinued and blocked off. “Aw come on, it’s not so bad,” Gabe replied before pointing towards their destination and added, “And besides, it’s just down over there.” The ten year old followed his companion’s index finger to see what he was pointing at, and immediately his light brown pupils grew double in size. The little imp was directing his attention towards a dimly lit hallway where two doors marking the restroom was situated towards the end, with various wiring and cables exposed along with the pipings overhead. Andrew couldn’t help but wonder if Gabe knew he was essentially pointing at Murder Hallway Stereotype 7 that was easily recognized from every horror movie ever, and he could barely raise his objection as Gabe started walking down said Murder Hallway without a care in the world. “Dude, are you sure this place is safe?” Andrew squeaked, eyes wide and darting about as he glared at every shadowy nook and cranny with suspicion. “It’s the middle of the day, Drew,” Gabe chuckled in return, “Nothing bad ever happened while the sun is still out.” There were so many holes Andrew could’ve poked through that flimsy logic if he hadn’t jumped in surprise when the men’s room’s door opened and a figure about his height darted out of it. Andrew half-expected a nightmarish creature popping out to devour the both of them with its sharp teeth and ferocious claw, but what he saw was a tad bit more surprising than that. Instead of the face of a hideous hellspawn that greeted them, what he saw was the all too familiar face of Pablo Martinez. Like Gabe, Pablo hailed from the west side of Pinewood Heights and went to the same school as the two boys did. Unlike Gabe, however, he was a rather popular student that was well-liked by both the faculty and the student body alike. His academic track record made him a star pupil among the teachers, and his affinity for any sports under the sun made him popular with all the boys while his dark hair, olive skin, and overall hispanic good looks earned him the adoration of all the girls. Pablo was usually the calm and composed type whenever Andrew saw him around school, naturally taking on the role of ‘leader’ or ‘big brother’ due to being the oldest among his school mates. But the moment the two made eye contact in that darkened hallway, all those calm and composure were lost when he recognized not one but two people from his circle of friends crossing his path in this dimly lit hallway. While Andrew did not know what to make of the candid expression the hispanic kid was making, Gabe knew precisely what it meant as he grinned knowingly and spoke out in a playful tone. “First time here, huh?” the chubby imp uttered, “Well? Didja’ had fun?” Somehow those words carried a certain kind of meaning for the hispanic boy, for the tension on Pablo’s body immediately relaxed when he heard Gabe spoke them out. The shocked look on his handsone face was quickly replaced with a sheepish smile, somewhere between embarrasment and good humor born out of a sense of camraderie. He didn’t say a word in return, though, and simply nodded at Andrew and Gabe as he walked past them and went on his merry way. “What was that all about?” Andrew said, as he watched Pablo disappeared around the corner before turning his attention back towards his dimunitive companion. “Oh you’ll see soon enough,” Gabe replied with a happy smile, as he lead his older friend towards the men’s room at the end of the hallway. Andrew was still rather apprehensive about this whole deal, but seeing Gabe taking everything about this in stride somehow reassured him that everything is going to be just fine. At least, that’s what he kept telling himself in his mind as Gabe placed his small hand on the restroom’s door and pushed it open. Despite of the disrepair of the hallway outside, the short inner hall of the restroom was actually kept rather neat and clean. The lighting were brighter and the rows of washbasins were, for all intents and purposes, relatively clean. The one flaw that brought the quality of the restroom back down a notch was the persistent smell of urine, which despite the heavy disinfectant usage still managed to permeate Andrew’s sensitive nostrils. He was also quick to realize that he and Gabe (and Pablo) were not the only patrons of this place, as a hefty man in a dingy blue maintenance uniform was leaning against the wall and casually wiping off the sweat from his brows with the back of his hand. He also noticed that the man appeared to be around the same age as his dad, and just like his dad he too started showing signs of gray hair and a receding hairline. The patch in front of his uniform’s shirt says “Chuck” in big red letters, which Andrew took to be this balding man’s name, and despite his unsmiling face there was something about him that just seemed calming to the older boy. It was as if he knew exactly who was going to come through the restroom’s door at that very moment, and the way he greeted his blonde companion seemed to confirm just that. “Well if it ain’t my favorite regular,” he regarded Gabe with a gruff yet friendly tone. “Hey Chuck,” the imp smiled at the man. “Who’s your friend?” he nodded towards Andrew. “Oh, this is Drew,” Gabe waved at the older boy standing a few inches behind him, “He’s a friend from school. He’s, um, ‘new’ to all this.” “Two fresh faces in a row,” Chuck smiled for the very first time, “Must be my lucky day.” “You gave Pablo Martinez the works, uh?” “And he’ll have the mark to prove it, too!” Andrew felt all the more confused when he heard Gabe laughed at that, for everything that has been said so far flew way over his head. It was as if Gabe and this man Chuck was speaking in an alien tongue that only the two of them understood, and the only thing he could do was stare and watch as Chuck spoke once again. “So your friend is gonna join in too?” the man nodded at the older boy yet again, studying him from head to toe. “Sure he will! Right, Drew?” He wasn’t even sure what he was going to join in on, but Andrew knew that each time Gabe gave him that expectant puppy-dog eyes the decision has already been made for him. He knew he can’t resist Gabe whenever the younger boy gave him that look, and since it was pointless bursa escort to even try he might as well just go along with it. “Uh, yeah, okay I guess,” was the best that he could muster, though he would be lying if he said he wasn’t the least bit curious as to where this is all leading up to. Chuck seemed to understand the situation better than Gabe did, as he nodded at Andrew and said, “Don’t worry, kid, it’s gonna be fine. Alright, boys, come this way!” He then lead the pair to the main area, where a pair of urinals were attached to one side of the wall and a short row of stalls were on the other side. Although the cubicles had privacy doors with a short open space below, each of them were divided by stone walls that went all the way down to the floor to ensure a higher degree of privacy for its inhabitants. While the smell of disinfectant managed to mask it, Andrew couldn’t help but pick up an even stronger scent of urine coming from the urinals here. Still, none of this seemed to bother either Gabe or Chuck as the man turned to face the nine year old boy with a smug smile as he said, “Seems your friend is a little nervous. How about we put on a show to get him to relax?” “Okay,” Gabe chirped happily. “Okay little man, you know what to do,” Chuck said in return. Andrew was still figuring out what he meant by ‘put on a show’ when the answer came to him the instant Gabe knelt down to his knees, pawed the man’s zipper, and pulled out his throbbing cock with both hands before giving it a few strokes and popping the bulbous head into his mouth. His eyes nearly popped out of his socket as he watched his best friend kissed and licked and suckled Chuck’s knob as if he was enjoying a nice big fleshy treat, slathering the head with his saliva as he ran his small pink tongue all across the gland before inhaling the tip into his open mouth. Gabe’s treatment of the man’s cock made him hiss and grunt in delight, running his large hand all over the imp’s messy blonde hair as the younger boy began bobbing his head back and forth along the length of Chuck’s rigid cock. “Ooh yeah, that’s it little man,” Chuck whispered under labored breath, “You’re a great little cocksucker ain’tcha? Keep doing it like that! Yeah, yeah, that’s it!” The lewd scene that unfolded before his eyes had shocked the timid older boy to his very core, particularly since it was being performed by his own best friend that he thought he knew everything there is to know about. The sight of a real-life boy bobbing on a large man’s cock however stirred something deep inside of him, a primal impulse down on his nether regions that came in waves of delightful little tingles. Gabe going down on Chuck like an old pro reminded him of all those naughty photos in their vintage porn magazine stash, and the similarities as well as the fact that this was happening right in front of him caused Andrew’s pre-pubescent body to react in the most honest way possible. Chuck must’ve noticed the look of longing on Andrew’s face as the adult man took the time to calm himself down and tapped Gabe’s right shoulder to catch his attention. “Looks like your friend could use a little of your attention too,” he said as he pointed towards the lower regions of Andrew’s body with his chin. Both the older and younger boys looked down towards the same direction, and each of them had completely opposite reaction over what they saw. For his part, Andrew turned all shades of red as he realized he was shamefully pitching a tent over watching his best friend giving a blowjob to a strange man in a public bathroom. Gabe, on the other hand, found the fact that his friend got hard over watching him to be very much amusing as he flashed his trademark mischievous grin his way. “C’mon Drew!” he motioned for his older companion to join in, “C’mon over so I can take care of that for you!” Once again the little blonde imp’s charm won him over as Andrew followed Gabe’s order like an obedient little lamb. He still felt a bit wary as he took his place right next to Chuck, yet his nerves did not hinder his excitement as his best friend fumbled with the elastic band of his shorts before pulling it down to reveal a modest three inch throbbing pricklet that curved ever so slightly upwards. It wasn’t the first time that Andrew had allowed Gabe to see his penis hard, but it was the first time he had allowed Gabe to see his hard penis with someone else in the room and it was most definitely the very first time he had allowed Gabe to see his hard penis with every intention of gobbling it up into his mouth all the way to its very base. “Oooh,” Andrew let out a long sigh as he felt the warmth of Gabe’s mouth enveloping his most sensitive organ. “He’s real good, isn’t he?” Chuck gave a small chuckle, clearly amused at Andrew’s reaction. The older boy wasn’t sure just how good Gabe was since this was after all the very first time he had allowed someone to suck on his cock, but he couldn’t deny that it was unlike anything he had ever experienced before in his life. The soft velvety feel of his lips, the slimy sensation of his tongue, and the warm vapors of his breath all gave rise to a strange gooey feeling in the pits of Andrew’s stomach. He knew from that point on that it would be impossible for him to go back to masturbating alone, for there was nothing his hand can do to his dick that could possibly match up with these feelings his friend’s mouth can conjure up. Soon enough instincts ran its course and Andrew started thrusting into his best friend’s mouth to match the bobbing of his head. He also started running his fingers across the messy locks of Gabe’s golden curls, panting with wild abandon as he caressed the little cherub’s face to urge him to go even faster. Chuck couldn’t help but chuckle in amusement as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a small bottle of water-based lube, before popping the cap and slathering a generous coating of the stuff on his raging prick. He then reached over to where Gabe’s plump little rump was jiggling about as he sucked on Andrew on all fours, taking advantage of the distracted little blonde to jam both his index and middle fingers into his puckered little ass hole. Andrew was a little alarmed when his blonde little friend let out a muffled yelp on account of all the dick he was gobbling up in his mouth, and was more than a little shocked to see what Chuck was doing to Gabe’s butt. His fears that the adult man might have hurt his friend somehow was quickly alleviated, however, as not only did Gabe started to moan in delight over the treatment but he also started pushing his hips back to demand for Chuck to probe his butthole even deeper. Catching a glimpse of the look Andrew was giving him, the man grinned as he said, “Don’t you worry about your friend; I’m gonna treat him just right.” With that he then withdrew the fingers he had used to dig deep into the recesses of Gabe’s hidden depths, before replacing it with his engorged knob now resting on the quivering puckered hole of the younger boy’s anus. Andrew could see the blonde cherub quivered in anticipation as the bulbous head pushed against his rectal opening before Gabe gave a muffled grunt as the organ eased into his poop chute with very little resistance. Chuck didn’t seem to be in the mood for any more games, though, as he decided to push on through in one smooth motion and buried his large shaft to the hilt in between Gabe’s pert round bums. “Ohhh yessss!” the man hissed aloud as he started to move his hips back and forth. Andrew was front row and center as he witnessed how Chuck drove his large adult male organs into Gabe’s tiny little butthole again and again with a force so hard he made the younger boy’s body shook around like a rag doll while slapping his low-hanging balls against the blonde’s underdeveloped scrotum. It was raw, it was rough, and it was all unfolding right before the older boy’s inexperienced eyes and made his still-developing prick even harder than before. The combined pleasures of watching his friend getting anally violated while enjoying his hot and wet mouth slobbering over his loins caused Andrew’s knees to nearly buckle under his own weight. Chuck seemed to notice this, and without once stopping to fuck Gabe’s perky little buns he pushed forward to force Andrew to walk back and Gabe to crawl forward along a few steps to the small patch of wall right behind the older boy. Now that Andrew was pinned back and propped up against the wall, Gabe could use both of his hands to hold onto the freckle faced boy’s hips and pulled them in to really suck down on his best friend’s dick much to Andrew’s appreciative moans. “Seems like you’re really into it now, ain’cha boy?” Chuck grinned, as he seized Gabe’s hips with one of his big hands and reached out to slide under Andrew’s t-shirt with the other. The freckle faced boy let out a squeak as Chuck’s fingers teased his left nipple, gasping and squirming as the man’s large fingers tweaked and teased his nub to make it jut out in excitement. His small chest started rising çanakkale escort and falling in labored breath, as the fingers on his nipple and the mouth on his dick began to work their magic. Never in the boy’s wildest imaginations had he thought he would discover something that felt even better than pounding his stiff pud all alone in his room, yet here he was in a public restroom fucking his best friend’s mouth while a stranger pummeled his little friend’s fanny with his thick fat cock. The pictures in the porn magazines did not do the deeds it portrayed justice, for the sensations of having his cock sucked and his nipples tweaked felt a thousand times better than what the porn models can convey with their expressions. Even now, as Chuck removed Andrew’s t-shirt over his head and leaned in close to suckle on his boy breast, the howl of pure ecstasy he let loose out of his mouth was something that the magazines did not prepared him for nor did they warned him how addictive it felt for his young body to be ravaged by the combined assault. The freckle faced boy could feel all of his inhibitions draining away, only to be replaced a feeling of bliss as he started to enjoy the mouths hungrily suckling on his immature boy nipple and underdeveloped dick. The empty restroom was filled with moans and grunts, wet skin slapping against wet skin, and the yips and yelps of a young boy’s unbroken voice accompanied by the baritone grunts of an adult man’s. Andrew was in cloud nine, tossing his head from side to side as he rode the tingles of pleasures from the double sucking sensation on his nipples and on his dick. Being so young and inexperienced in all matters sex-related, he couldn’t hold on any longer as he arched his back, grabbed a handful of Gabe’s hair, and gave a long, drawn out moan as he climaxed into Gabe’s mouth. The boy’s penis twitched wildly inside the blonde imp’s mouth, failing to produce any seed as Andrew’s knees buckled under the weight of his own body. Gabe gave the little pink head a few more swipes of his little tongue before letting it slip out of his mouth, grinning happily as he watched his older friend slumped down slow to the bathroom floor with a satisfied look on his flushed freckled face. The little blonde’s happy grin changed into a wild gasp as he felt Chuck seizing his wide hips with both hands and started pounding his ass even harder than before. Seeing a virgin like Andrew climaxing so loudly had driven Chuck over the edge of reason, as the man was now turned on beyond belief over the amateur boy sex and wanted nothing more than to pursue his own climax. He fucked Gabe like a man possessed, seizing his hips with both hands and slamming his groin against the smooth rubbery globes so hard it caused them to jiggle with each pound. The chubby little blonde whimpered in delight, and Andrew could see that his cute little stub of an erection was as stiff as a nail as it wobbled about with every thrust that Chuck made into Gabe’s pert round ass. The two rutted like wild animals for a good little while longer before Gabe gave out a drawn out moan as his little hard dick twitched about wildly, his face drowning in the pleasures of a dry kiddie orgasm. Chuck followed not too long after, no doubt feeling the rapid stimulations of Gabe’s anal muscles twitching all around his shaft as the final straw for his pursuit of release. With a loud primal roar he gave several last rapid thrusts into Gabe’s well-abused hole, before pulling out to shoot ropes upon ropes of his viscous load all over the chubby blonde’s bare back. Andrew saw everything amidst his tired bleary eyes, and his breathing was just starting to calm down as Gabe gasped and panted and collapsed onto the floor. For a second he was worried if the man had overdone it somehow with their last rough coupling, but to his surprise he saw Gabe’s lips formed a satisfied smile as he rolled onto his back to lounge around on the bathroom floor to gaze up at Chuck with a drunken, happy look. “Wow Chuck,” he panted, his chubby little chest rising and falling rapidly, “You really gave it to me this time!” “You got your friend to thank for that,” the man said as he sat down on the floor and tried to catch his breath, “I’m a sucker for that ol’ freckle faced, all-American looks of his. Whaddya say, kiddo? Wanna take a turn on Chuck’s Funtime Ride here?” The last part was said with a wink at Andrew as Chuck squeezed his now softening adult phallus, still wet and glistening from a mixture of cum, lubricant, and Gabe’s ass juices. Andrew could only stare speechless at the dick, a billion thoughts racing through his mind at a million miles a minute. Should he do it? Will it hurt? Gabe looked like he had fun, but who knows how long he has been doing this with the man to get to that point? Luckily Andrew was spared when Chuck broke the silence by laughing aloud. “Relax kid, I ain’t gonna force ya to do anything you don’t wanna!” the man said as he stood up and started tidying up his clothes, “Sleep on it for a little while, and come back when you’re ready. I’m here most days of the week anyway, so anytime you’re ready to go, I’ll be here.” He went over to the washbasins to run the water in one of them and splashed on his face and body and anywhere else to help disguise the smell of sex and sweat that lingered on his person. Once he was tidy enough to look inconspicuous, he turned towards the two boys, said a quick, “See ya!” and was out the door before they could say anything in response. For the next few minutes Andrew spent cleaning and dressing himself up properly in silence. Gabe talked animatedly as if what just happened was nothing out of the ordinary for him, but most of his words fell on deaf ears as Andrew contemplated what he just saw earlier. Exactly just how long has Gabe and Chuck been doing this with each other? And what was that deal with Pablo Martinez? Did he had sex with the man as well? If so, since when? The question then widens to a broader spectrum as his imaginations ran wild. Was Pablo Martinez and Gabe the only two boys who knew about this? Were there others? If so, who? How many of the kids who owned those bikes chained on the bike rack knew about this? Did he know any of them? Were they his classmates as well? And if they were, what should he do about it? Confront them? Tell their parents? Or even worse: tell them that he had joined in on their little secret, for he secretly loved the treatment Chuck and Gabe had given him? “You okay, Drew?” Gabe’s inquisitive voice shook him out of his reverie. “Huh? O-Oh yeah, I’m, I’m okay,” he replied. The sun was starting to come down as the two boys walked their bicycles home alongside each other. Gabe had told him that his butt was a little sore from the pounding that Chuck had given him earlier, so he decided to accompany Gabe’s slow pace home out of solidarity for the poor little blondie. “I hope you’re not mad at me,” Gabe added. “Why, Why would I be mad at you?” the older boy gave his dimunitive companion a quizzical look. “I dunno,” the chubby boy shrugged, “I thought you might just think that what happened back there was too weird, and then you don’t want to be friends with me anymore.” Andrew had to admit that it did felt a little weird seeing all of that unfolded before his eyes, but the weirdest thing ever was perhaps that he was not completely against what happened. Already he could feel his cock stirred when he recalled everything in that restroom, of how Gabe had so expertly serviced his hidden desires, and how Chuck had ravaged the little boy’s body much to his viewing pleasure. Most of all, he recalled how much he had envied the way Chuck had treated Gabe, and that he was secretly wishing that he was the one who had been in Chuck’s place at the time. The freckled boy thought about this for a while, before a thought crossed his mind. “Tell you what, Gabe,” he spoke out, “I won’t get mad at you under one condition.” “What’s that?” the chubby blonde boy perked up. Andrew could feel the heat rising up to his face as he went on, “I, uh, I promise I won’t get mad at you if, well, if you teach everything about this, um, thing you got going on with that Chuck guy.” He could feel he was blushing even harder as he added, “A-And, uh, and I mean everything.” The little blonde angel looked at his older companion with a look of disbelief, before the same naughty grin from before reappeared on his face. “Sure!” he said with a twinkle in his eyes, “I’ll show all there is to know about it! In fact, how about if we start tonight?” “Tonight?” It was Andrew’s turn now to look at his companion with disbelief. “Yeah! I mean, it’s summer vacation, right? We don’t have to worry about waking up early and junk,” the little one chirped happily, “We can have a sleepover together! And then, I get to show you all the fun stuff you’ve been missing out!” The child’s enthusiasm was certainly infectious as Andrew couldn’t help but smile as he nodded in agreement. He wasn’t quite sure what Gabe meant by ‘all the things he has been missing out’, but he’s certain it’ll be worth the anticipation. After all, Gabe promised him an exciting adventure when they set out of his home this afternoon, and an exciting adventure is precisely what he was embarking on with his best friend by his side. -End-

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