An Afternoon CigaretteAn Afternoon Cigarette


Steve looked down at his crotch. A small wet patch was forming on his jeans at the end of the gently throbbing outline of his cock. He looked up in time to watch as Stacey left the room, taking in the shape of her hips and bottom in the tight black pencil skirt as she pulled it back down, smoothed the creases and silently walked out the door. His face stung and he was breathing heavily.

Earlier, Steve had been watching TV. Bored and channel-hopping but enjoying a lazy day and the warmth of the mid-afternoon sun through the window. He was horny. Really horny. He couldn’t remember how long ago, maybe 3 or 4 weeks, but Stacey had told him not to masturbate or cum and his mind constantly wandered to sexual thoughts. The girls on the news in their figure-hugging dresses inspired instant hard-ons. On every TV show he was looking at the women and ignoring the plot, taking in their faces, their bodies, wishing he could squeeze their tits. He just wanted a glimpse of flesh and to whip out his dick and end this torture.

This was a pattern that repeated every now and then; inspiration would strike and Stacey had a new idea on how to tease and torture Steve. She would instruct him not to make himself cum and they would stop having sex. Stacey would still get off. Mostly by herself but occasionally she’d make Steve help to add to his torment. Living with Stacey did not help Steve’s condition at all. Going about their daily lives together he found himself constantly leering at her and running previous sex acts with her through his mind. Stacey was subtle in her teasing but she knew what he was going through and very much enjoyed turning up the tension just a little bit. She wore more of her sexier clothes. She got herself off a little more than usual. In bed Steve would lie there feeling like his cock would burst from the near permanent erection and feel the drips of pre-cum collect on his belly. Stacey would be next to him on her back with her left hand teasing and pinching her right nipple, her other hand between her legs rubbing her clit. She would work at it with little circles, occasionally pushing two fingers inside herself and then spreading her wetness around, rubbing her lips and feeling how sensitive they were. Stacey would writhe in orgasm, softly moan and then put her fingers to her lips, suck them and whisper to herself, “Fuck, my pussy tastes good.” Then she’d roll over and smile to herself knowing the power she had and what she was putting him through. Steve was losing his mind listening to her cum, catching a little of that scent and trying to switch off his raging mind so he could sleep.

Steve heard Stacey coming down the stairs and walk towards the artvin seks hikayeleri lounge. As she entered the room he looked up and observed she was dressed in black heels, a pencil skirt and a white blouse. There was a gentle scent of perfume. Classy, sophisticated and sexy is how Steve would describe her. His mind went crazy again. Good god she looked hot. Stacey walked toward him while absentmindedly looking at the TV and then smirked at the girl on the screen, knowing where Steve’s mind had just been.

Stacey stood directly in front of Steve. Her crotch level with his face, about two feet away. Stacey was looking through her handbag and pulled out a packet of cigarettes and a box of matches as if she didn’t even realize he was there. With a delicate touch she removed a single cigarette from the packet and Steve watched her place it between her lips. She dropped the packet back into her handbag, took out a match and lit it with a single strike against the side of the box. The matches went back into her bag and Stacey’s gaze settled on the flame for a couple of seconds. She brought the match to the end of her cigarette, lit it and breathed in heavily. Steve looked up like a puppy as those deep red lips pursed together and Stacey’s lungs emptied in a long slow exhale. She took a few more drags and stared out the window. Steve was painfully aware of his dick raging against his jeans. The smell of perfume mixed with the match and now the cigarette smoke. He took it all in and was on fire with anticipation.

Stacey ran her hands down her thighs until they reached the bottom of her skirt. Steve closely watched her left hand and the cigarette it held between slender fingers tipped with glossy red nails. Those nails curled beneath the edge of her skirt and she began to raise it, careful not to press the red-hot tip of the cigarette against her skin. She pulled the skirt up over her hips and revealed that she was not wearing any underwear. Steve stared right at her pussy, mesmerized. He wondered what was coming next as it was impossible to tell with Stacey. In a previous, similar episode she had told him to start masturbating and to cum on himself. He gladly complied only to be taken by surprise as she started to urinate on him as he was approaching orgasm. She left him humiliated and spent in a mess of piss and spunk. This time was different. There was no verbal communication or command.

Stacey raised her left leg and in a slow deliberate movement put her foot, still in the shiny black high heeled shoe, on the arm of the sofa next to Steve’s right shoulder. A display that could be considered quite vulgar in contrast with how she presented herself. Her lips opened slightly and Steve continued to stare. She took another drag on her cigarette. Exhaling heavily Stacey placed her right hand over the top of Steve’s head and aggressively pulled his face towards her. She mashed his face into the most intimate part of her body. Her lips smeared over his mouth and nose. It wasn’t a delicate sexy move. Not a sensitive or gentle one. It was a gratuitous display of dominance and female sexual aggression, and Steve let out a small moan, an embarrassing whimper that signaled his submission to her power over him.

Immediately he started to lick and suck and sniff all at the same time. He couldn’t get enough, frantically lapping like a thirsty dog at his water bowl. The weeks of sexual frustration had been leading to one moment and it was finally here. His arousal consumed and controlled him. Stacey pulled the desperate man away by the hair for a couple of seconds and Steve understood: slow down. When she brought him forward again he complied. He took his time licking the length of her lips from bottom to top, tasting her wetness with the first touch of his tongue and feeling that mix with his saliva as he reached the top and dug a little deeper. He moaned with pleasure as he performed his duties. His cock was uncomfortable in his jeans and he could feel a mix of pain and pleasure as his unconsciously grinding hips forced the head to rub against the coarse fabric. Stacey closed her eyes and a wry smile at Steve’s submission formed on her lips. They parted as she started to make noises of pleasure.

Stacey continued to smoke as Steve worshiped her. Her moaning was increasing. Her grip on his head was strong, holding him buried between her legs. His face was wet and he was in heaven. The smell of her pussy drove him wild and mixed with the smell of her cigarette which he both loved and hated. She lit a second cigarette straight after finishing the first and Steve stole a glance at her as she did, figuring she would be too occupied to notice. Even though he had mixed feelings about the smell he loved how she looked when she smoked. She had sex and style in abundance. He worried if their eyes met that it might change the mood, she might deny him his duty or some other horror. He quickly closed his eyes again and held that image in his mind as he continued to service her magnificent pussy.

Steve came. The head of his cock in a tangled mix of pain and pleasure was too sensitive not to be overwhelmed by the situation he found himself in and the grinding against his jeans. It was far from the most pleasurable orgasm he’d had and that was part of the point. All that pressure building over the weeks only to be let out in personal disappointment as he served her. Perfect. He moaned at the sensation and followed with a throaty noise of discomfort as his now overly sensitive cock continued to rub, and rub. He gave thought to the nights ahead. He knew they’d start having sex again and he couldn’t wait to plunge his cock where his face now was. He also knew that first time would be a similar mix of pleasure and plain after the raw rubbing his cock was currently receiving. Stacey would make him fuck her hard and fast. “Don’t stop, don’t stop,” she’d pant as he thrust into her. Then she’d laugh at him in a mocking tone as he moaned at the pain and pleasure.

He was sucking on her clitoris now. Not hard, but enough to lift it into his mouth a little and add some pressure. His tongue was firm and flicked up and down, around in circles but didn’t lift away. She was approaching orgasm and he wanted her to cum and to cum hard. Stacey was grinding her hips in a powerful sexual rhythm. She was face-fucking Steve with her pussy. “If I stop sucking and licking she’d probably grab my head with both hands and grind on my face until she came,” he thought. He gave it serious consideration. Steve kept the pressure on as she got nearer and moaned louder.

Stacey’s orgasm came in powerful waves. Her legs trembled as they washed over her. At one point her one knee supported her seemed like it might give way but Steve had both arms between her legs now and his hands were gripping her bottom providing support. He held on. He kept the suction seal around her clitoris and kept sucking and licking. A shudder went through her body which she vocalized. “Uhuhuhuh… fuck… uh… mmmmmhmmm… ohh.” Her grip tightened as she came and she pressed Steve’s face harder into her pussy. He felt her shaking in his hands and face and was happy to have served her well. Her pleasure was paramount and he knew he had done a good job.

Steve slowed to a gentle lapping and didn’t want to stop. He served Stacey’s pussy with pure love and devotion. She gripped his hair and pulled him back. It was over. She took the last drag on her cigarette and put it out in an ashtray by the window. Stacey then looked Steve in the eye for the first time. In a millisecond she narrowed her lips with determination, drew her hand back and slapped him hard across the face. Steve’s jaw fell open as he let out a gasp and Stacey spit straight into his mouth. It all happened so fast. The saliva landed on his tongue and he felt its warmth. He closed his mouth thankful for the gift and could taste the smoke. Another bittersweet part of this encounter. He swallowed. Stacey let go of his hair, stepped off the sofa, straightened her skirt and walked out of the room leaving him stunned, stinging and panting.

Steve looked down at his crotch.

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