Amnesia Ch. 02Amnesia Ch. 02


I awoke to the sun shining in my face. Certainly not the most pleasant way to wake up. Coming back to life I realized I can hear the shower running. I quickly remember the incredible brunette that soothed my body and sole the day before, not an terribly hard feat considering there remains little else in my brain bank. The prospects of spending more time with this beauty caused my dick to twitch to life.

I got out of bed and headed to the shower to join her. I was happy to find the door unlocked. Since I was already naked, I stepped into the shower with her.

“Well good morning sleepy. ” She said glancing down at my fully awoke cock. “Nice to see you ‘up’ like this.”

“Don’t mind if I join you. Do you?”

“I was just finishing. But….”

And without another word she sank to her knees in front of me. She grasped the base of my cock. Looking up into my eyes, she rubbed the swollen head of my dick across her full wet lips. Smiling she began to lick the head. My knees almost buckled. Thanks to shower bars I managed to stay on my feet. She continued to lick my cock as though it were a popsicle. From the base her tongue would slither up the underside of my dick. When she reached the top she would swirl her tongue around the head like she was trying to stop an ice cream cone from dripping. She would slip my cock into her mouth, bob her head a few times, then start the whole thing over.

After a few minutes of this she stood back up and kissed me deeply. Her tongue searching for mine to play with. All the time her silky hands were busy stroking my cock, groping my balls and rubbing all around my groin. The feeling of those soft hands, soapy, slippery hands sliding around and groping my pleasure zones was indescribably sensual. The deep probing kisses and those dark eyes staring straight into mine, were enough to have any man surrender to her completely.

The kissing and fondling continued for a while. Then she repositioned me so that the shower hit me square in the chest while she continued to grope and fondle. It was about this time that I realized the soapy stuff in her soft hands that she was fondling me with was not soap but a hair remover. This woman had completely removed all my pubic hair.

“What the hell! Why’d you do that?” I guess I was more shocked than angry at this point.

“I’m willing to bet you like completely shaved pussies. Well us gals like guys with completely clean packages.” She replied as sweetly as she could. “Now let me finish sucking you. I want your creamy load for breakfast”

And she was again on her knees, sucking on my cock with adoration in her eyes.

“Mmmmmm, much better. No hair to get in my way just smooth hard meat.”

This lady was full of surprises, but she knew how to suck. The way she worked her tongue around the head was heavenly. She applied just the right amount of pressure. I reached down and tangled my fingers in her hair. Holding her head I began pumping my hips, fucking her face. This beautiful woman just looked up at me with eyes that seemed to twinkle and smile.

I was ready to pull out so I could fuck her and to prolong the sensations. She must have sensed how close I was. She grabbed my ass and pulled me, taking my cock down her throat. She sucked hard as my hot load of cum shot from my body.

“AAAARRRRRHHHHH” I yelled over and over as each shot exploded down her throat.

She backed off just a little. Pulling my still cumming dick from her throat, but keeping it in her hot perfect mouth. Still gently sucking on my sensitive dick she moaned and trembled as she experienced a mini orgasm of her own even though she didn’t even touch herself.

When I started to grow soft she let me slip from her mouth.

“Mmmm. Much better now. I’m all done you finish your shower.” She stepped from the shower.

The warm water felt great. There’s nothing quite like a shower after an amazing woman gives you a fantastic blowjob. My cock was still tingling but I honestly didn’t know if it was the awesome blowjob or the complete lack of pubic hair.

I finished the shower after a few minutes of washing. I stepped from the shower to find a brand new complimentary toothbrush and toothpaste. This was a blessing.

When I finished, I stepped back into the room to find my companion had left. This note was on the middle of the bed:


Last night was a long time fantasy come true. I wish I could spend another day with you, but I can’t. Call me sometime.

All My Lust,

That was it. Damn my luck. Call her, I can’t even remember my name.

I got dressed and left the room. Famished from the hot sexual activity the previous evening, I decided the hotel restaurant was the best place to go. Grabbing a newspaper on the way in, hoping something may trigger something. Seated at a table, breakfast ordered, I started scanning the local news. Not really expecting to find headlines reading ‘Local man still missing’, but hoping for something to trip my memory. Suddenly my thoughts bursa escort were interrupted.

“Where’s Robin this morning.” A female voice said.

As I looked up my mind raced into high gear. ‘Robin. Do I know a Robin? Should I know a Robin?

“I’m sorry, what was that?” Hoping she would elaborate.

With a cute grin, she replied, “I was asking where Robin was.”

I suppose my expression was one of being completely dumbfounded.

She gave an exaggerated look of shock, then leaning way over like you would if you wanted to portray being upside down, she said. “You don’t remember do you.”

It was all clear now. I remembered her from the previous evening. This was the room service girl that delivered the food while I was in that damn compromising position. She winked and called me Batman. So of course, by Robin, she was referring to my side-kick the night before. Now I was embarrassed.

“I’m sorry. Alexis right?”

“My friends call me Alli. It looks like your eating alone, is your lady friend recovering?” another knowing wink.

“Actually I don’t know where she is Alli.”

“Oh. I understand.”

“No no. It’s not like that.” don’t need her thinking I hired a hooker to hang me upside down. “It’s umm, kinda complicated.”

“Is everything okay…. I’m sorry, I didn’t catch your name.”

Now where do I go with this? This did not look like it was going to be a short term kind of memory loss. Sooner or later I was going to have to trust someone. I’m probably a day late coming to this conclusion. I guess she looks trustworthy enough.

“I can’t help you with the name, I didn’t catch it myself.”

I invited Alli to join me and over the next hour or so, while I ate, I told her all about waking up two mornings ago not knowing anything about myself or how I came to be in Vegas. I explained about my lack of I.D. and those concerns.

She listened intently to every detail. This was the first time I really looked at her. She had to be in her early twenties at the most. Alli was a very pretty girl in a cute sort of way. She was around five and a half feet tall when she was standing. I almost doubt she weighed a hundred pounds when soaking wet. Her body was well proportioned for her size. She had curly strawberry blond hair and bright green eyes. Her complexion, creamy and flawless.

“So you don’t remember anything at all.”

“Everything past the last twenty four hours or so is a complete blank. Totally gone. Not even fragments.”

“So where will you stay? What will you do? What’s next?”

“I really don’t know. I’m sort of taking this one hour at a time.”

“It’s not the penthouse at the MGM Grand or anything, but your welcome to stay with me for a while. Maybe together we can figure this all out.”

“That’s very nice of you Alli, but I’m sure your boyfriend would not approve.”

With a slight giggle, “No boyfriend to worry about. And, I insist”

We walked together to her car. It was now that I noticed what a sexy little ass she had.

It was a fairly short ride in her little Pontiac convertible. After a quick stop at the local department store to pick me up a clean change of cloths and the essentials, we arrived at her apartment.

A nice place, about what one would expect for a young single girl.

A smallish one bedroom on the first floor. Sparsely decorated, just the basics.

We sat in the living room and she told me all about herself. How her parents were drunks and what a terrible relationship she had with them. She told me how everything reached a boiling point one evening and she just walked out and kept walking. That was back east when she was seventeen, just two and a half years ago. She wound up here, determined not to prostitute herself to survive. She was proud to tell me that even though she had to lie about her age and work experience to get a job, she has never sold her body. Alli was even picking up night and weekend classes to get her diploma. This girl was spunky.

She asked about the previous evening, “How did you ever wind up in that predicament.” and we laughed about the strange twists of fate life can give you.

We talked till dark. It’s ironic, but I now knew more about Alli than I did about myself.

“Time to turn in. Tomorrow morning I have a class at the University.”

“Thank you for having me as your guest. You have a good night. I’ll sack out here on the sofa.”

“Oh no you don’t. I have a king size bed and its been months since I’ve had a man exploring my body. Besides I saw something last night I can’t wait to experience for myself.”

“I hope your not expecting too much of an argument from me. With my weakened mental condition, I’m going to be pretty easy to talk into things.”

“Good! Follow me.”

I followed her to the bedroom without another word. She fished in her dresser for a moment.

“I’ll be right back.” she said as she left the room.

I looked around the room. No personal pictures, but not being close to family, bursa escort bayan that was understandable. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted it. On the floor under the bed was a large pink dildo. Damn this girl must be lonely. Before I could look closer, she came back.

She was now dressed in a very sheer black nightie. This girl was dripping with sensuality. Any man with good eyes and warm blood would become hard at the very sight. And I certainly fit that category. My cock became hard instantly.

“Do you like?” she asked as she did a pirouette.

“I may have lost my memory but I’m not insane! Any man would have to be crazy not to find you incredibly desirable. You look good enough to eat!”

“Now your getting the idea. A little free trade, I give you a place to stay and you take care of my needs. And right now I need to have a good hard cock in me. I need your cock.”

She walked up to me and began to unbuckle my belt. Belt free, Alli pulled zipper down and reached into my pants. With the everything loose, my pants fell to my ankles. Roughly groping my dick with one her left hand Alli unbuttoned my shirt with her right hand. She pushed my shirt off my shoulders and l let it fall to the floor.

She dropped to her knees in front of me she slipped her fingers under the waistband of my briefs. Slowly she began to pull my shorts down. An audible gasp escaped her lips when she saw my crotch now without any hair. Alli looked past my eyes, into my very sole. Her eyes were twinkling and she had a huge smile, right before she opened her lips and slid them over my completely hairless dick.

“OHHHhhhh Yes! That is great Alli. Suck my cock good.”

She kept her eyes glued to mine as she sucked on my meat. But even while she was lavishing attention on my cock with her talented tongue, her hands were busy untying my shoes. It was a rush to look into her eyes as she bobbed her head on my shaft. And knowing that, at the same time, she was untying my shoes like some sort of sexual servant might….. Well it makes one feel pretty special.

It was only after she was done untying my shoes and helping me off with the cloths gathered around my ankles, that her hands made there way up my legs and cupped my bare balls.

I can tell you this much. When you have completely bald cock and ball sack, the sensations are enhanced.

Her fingers tantalized and played with my balls. She would feel each one rolling them around with her fingers. Then Alli started to stroke my cock that was slick with her saliva. At the same time she leaned over and was licking my balls. The roughness of her tongue on my sensitive sack was indescribable. She would lick my balls for a while then lick my shaft and fondle my balls. But the most amazing feeling in the world was when she bobbed on my shaft for a while then swallowed me to the base. She took my full length into her mouth and down her throat. My balls never went without attention while Alli had my cock in her mouth.

I could feel my cum pressure building. I knew that soon this girl would be drinking my load. I think she could sense it too. Her sucking, licking and groping became more urgent.


Hearing this Alli doubled her efforts. She was like a woman determined to burn into my brain just how masterful a blowjob she could perform on a man. She continued to suck my dick, one hand stroking my shaft the other fondling my balls.


I could feel my cum racing from where her fingers were massaging my sack, up through my shaft, exploding into her hot mouth.


I must have blasted five or six good thick shots into her mouth. Then my orgasm started to subside. My knees began to buckle. And pretty Alli, her mouth full of my cock, swallowing my creamy load, was still looking directly into my eyes with her sparkling green eyes. She kept gently sucking and licking my dick as it deflated. When the hardness was gone she let me slide from her mouth.

Standing back up she took my hand in hers. Leading me, together we climbed up on the bed. Guiding me onto my back she laid on top of me.,

“Sweetheart, you are one amazing cock sucker.”

“Well I hope your pretty amazing too.”

“Why don’t you take a seat on my face so I can taste your pussy. I’m dying to get your body.” It was when I said this, that I realized I have not even seen her nude body yet.

She worked her way up turned around and facing my feet, she lifted the skirt on her baby doll nightie and straddled my head. What a beautiful sight in front of me. Her pussy was completely shaved with large glistening lips. The musky aroma of womanly excitement filled my nose. Alli slowly lowered her treasures to my tongue.

I began licking her upper thighs, completely avoiding her pussy. I would lick and kiss one thigh then the other and back again. As her frustration grew, so did her escort bursa desire. Her fragrance of lust grew stronger as did her passion.

“Ohh don’t tease me.” her voice a cute almost pouty whine. “Please lick me. Eat my pussy.”

How could I resist?

I reached out with my tongue and tasted the moisture on her pussy lips. The juices from this girl were ambrosial. A nectar fit for a king. I was determined to lick her pussy as long as she would let me. And as one of the wonderful pleasures of life would have it, the more nectar I lapped up, the more her pussy offered to me.

Her body tensed in a small and quiet orgasm. Alli only let out a deep sigh. She started to rock her hips, grinding her dripping cunt on my face. I reached up with my hands to fondle her tits through the sheer fabric of her nightie. I found the most wonderfully hard nipples poking against the fabric. I tweaked them as I continued to lick her pussy and drive my tongue as deeply into her as I could.

“MMMmmm. Oh yess!” Alli began to moan.

I pinched and pulled her nipples some, eliciting a few small yelps. I figured her nipples were sensitive and my rough action was bringing some discomfort. But my tongue exploring her pussy was bringing her pleasure at the same time. The sounds Alli was making ping ponged with the sensations she was experiencing.

“MMMmmmm Ohhhh Ouch OHHhh Mmmm AHHhhh.”

Even though I was having fun seeing what sounds I could get from playing her body, I released her tits.

Grasping her hips firmly I pulled and twisted her sexy bottom just a little. In this new position Alli’s button of love was right where I wanted it. I gently flicked my tongue around the hood of her clit. I soon enticed it to come out so I could play with it. Softly playing with Alli’s button she began to pant and gasp.

“OHH OHHH I Love that. Keep going. Keep eating me. I want to cum hard on your tongue. OHHH YEAH THAT’S THE SPOT!”

Alli’s nectar was dripping into my mouth. I was groping her ass hard and lapping up her flowing juices. My tongue working her cunt and licking her clit. Her body was building to a large orgasm. I could feel her begin to tremble as her orgasm began to rumble through, building in intensity like an on coming freight train.


Her cum literally flooded my mouth and face. She collapsed forward on top of me. Her body still trembling. There is nothing that puts a smile on my face, or makes me happier than bringing a woman that much pleasure. When her orgasm subsided and her body settled. She opened her eyes to find her face only inches from my again hardening cock. She grasped my member in her dainty hand and began to stroke me the rest of the way to rock hard.

“It’s nice to know you haven’t forgotten everything. You still know how to eat a fucking pussy. My little cunt is still trembling inside.”

“Still trembling huh? Why don’t you sit this pretty little pussy down on my cock so I can feel your trembles.”

Alli got up and repositioned herself over my cock. She placing her right hand on my chest for support, and using her left hand to guide my dick. In a slow deliberate motion, Alli lowered her still quivering cunt over my hard member. She tossed her head back in obvious pleasure of being filled with my hardness. I let out a groan of pleasure as I felt that wonderful hot wetness applying exquisite pressure on my cock. In one motion she took me inside her all the way to my balls.

“Your right my dear, I can feel your cunt quivering a little.”

“Its to full now to twitch too much. Your big cock is filling me. And I just love your shaved cock and balls. I remember you had hair when I first saw you. When did you decide to shave?”

“My lady friend decided to take that into her own hands.” I responded.

Alli slowly started riding my dick, as she continued to talk. “Wow. That is so fucking hot. You let her shave you! I’d love to shave your beautiful cock and balls someday. Will you let me shave it next time you need to clean up?”

“To be honest with you, I haven’t yet decided if I’m going to stay shaved or not.”

Alli continued, punctuating each word by slamming her pussy down hard. “Oh…. It’s…. So…. Fucking…. Hot…. You…. Have…. To!!! And…. You…. Have…. To…. Let…. Me…. Shave…. You!! PLEASE”

“Okay sweetheart, IF I decide to keep shaved, I will let you shave me.”

You know, it’s funny what a man will promise a pretty girl when his dick is buried inside her cunt. I knew very little about her really and here I was promising to let her take a razor to my dick. It’s probably best to change the subject and not think too much about this.

“Damn Alli you have such a tight pussy and its so hot. The way your pussy is working my cock while you fuck me. Your cute little body. And those great feeling tits. Take this nightie off and let me see your tits Alli.

She grasped the bottom of the little black nightie and pulled it over her head. She had big pink nipples that extended out from her tits. And I swear they were begging me to suck on them.

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