Amber Butterfly Ch. 03Amber Butterfly Ch. 03


Chapter 03 Metamorphosis

That week they went to Cinnabar’s party. Kathleen met them at their apartment and went with them to show them how to get there.

The door opened, and a beautiful red-haired co-ed opened the door. Kathleen introduced Johnson and Amber to Cinnabar.

Cinnabar had reddish-brown hair, freckles and green eyes, and what appeared to be an almost constant smirk–or at least that’s what Amber thought.

Amber felt out of place almost immediately. In an effort to try to get her to relax, Johnson tried to get her to drink, but Amber was not in the mood for beer. He finally found a bottle of wine which was acceptable, and he endeavored to keep her glass filled.

Amber was fascinated by Cinnabar. There was something about the coed that was wild and exotic. The woman wore skimpy enough clothing. Low-cut no-waist jeans that revealed a whale tail in back, and a light tank top with spaghetti straps holding it up over C-cup breasts. Amber noticed she had a large tattoo on the back of her shoulder, a tattoo of a peacock. She watched as Johnson touched her tattooed shoulder and started talking to her.

Amber felt a surge of jealousy and walked up to them. She drew Johnson away on some pretext, and stayed at his side for a while. Later, when Johnson was talking to one of his friends, she went to refill her wine and found herself behind Cinnabar again. She found herself staring at Cinnabar’s tattooed shoulder, and then she was reaching up and touching the tattoo, which made Cinnabar spin around.

“Oh sorry,” Amber said, somewhat buzzed from the wine. “I noticed your tattoo and I was curious about it.”

Cinnabar looked at her quietly for a moment.

“Do you want a closer look at it?” Cinnabar asked with a smile.

“Sure,” Amber replied nervously.

Cinnabar led her to one of the bedrooms, and closed the door behind them. With a smile on her lips, Cinnabar turned around, and reached down and pulled her tank top up and over her head. Amber was surprised to see that the young woman was not wearing a bra–she wondered briefly why she had not realized earlier, given Cinnabar’s top. Amber looked at the elaborate peacock tattoo and forgot her embarrassment at the other woman’s partial nudity. She was amazed at how intricate and detailed it was. She was so close she could smell the other woman’s shampooed hair.

Cinnabar turned around, looking into Amber’s eyes, inches away from her own.

“So what do you think?” she asked softly.

“Uh, very–very beautiful,” Amber whispered, her voice caught in her throat for a moment. Why was she feeling nervous?

“Are you thinking of getting one?” Cinnabar asked.

Amber nodded, trying not to look at Cinnabar’s bare breasts.

“Where are you going to get it done?”

Amber thought for a moment.

“Wherever my boyfriend wants I guess–as long as it doesn’t show when I’m wearing shorts and a short-sleeve shirt.”

Cinnabar smiled.

“I have another tattoo. Do you want to see it too?”

Amber nodded.

Looking Amber in the eyes, Cinnabar undid her pants and pulled her pants and down as Amber gaped at her.

“Geez–I didn’t mean, I didn’t…” Amber stuttered.

“It’s okay,” Cinnabar said quietly, as she hooked her thumbs in her thong panties and pulled those down as well.

Amber watched with her mouth open as Cinnabar stepped out of her panties and turned around.

“Look down,” Cinnabar instructed her.

Amber looked down, and on Cinnabar’s ass there was a tattoo of a rose.

“Why don’t you take a closer look,” Cinnabar suggested.

Amber knelt down and took a closer look. The tattoo was well-defined and detailed. She could see the details in the petals. Why did she feel a sudden urge to kiss it?

Cinnabar suddenly turned around and Amber suddenly found her face to face with Cinnabar’s public mound.

Amber stood up quickly, nearly stumbling as she did so.

“Uh, I need to find Johnson,” she stammered.

Amber started for the door, but stopped suddenly when Cinnabar grasped her wrist and spun her back around. Amber found herself in Cinnabar’s arms. Cinnabar walked her backward a few steps toward and suddenly Cinnabar’s lips were pressed against her own. She felt Cinnabar’s tongue slip into her mouth and begin kissing her feverishly.

Cinnabar’s hands wrapped around her, one hand slipping down to Amber’s ass, the other wrapped around her waist. She felt Amber’s fingers slip under her jeans and panties and down to her ass cheek, the other hand slipped under her top.

Cinnabar pulled her hand out from the inside of Amber’s jeans and undid the snap to her jeans in front, the whole time her other hand was caressing and gently pinching Amber’s nipple. She slipped her hand down in the front of Amber’s jeans and ran her fingers along Amber’s sopping slit through her filmy panties. Cinnabar’s lips moved to her neck, and licked and sucked gently up and down Amber’s throat. Amber opened her mouth in protest only to have yetişkin porno Cinnabar’s lips once again cover her own, kissing her passionately until Amber was out of breath.

“I–I’m not into this sort of thing,” she gasped.

Cinnabar’s lips were still close to her own. “Is that why your pussy is so wet?” she whispered.

“I–I have to find Johnson,” she said–more assertively this time, and reached down to open the doorknob.

Cinnabar stepped to the side and let Amber leave the room.

Johnson placed his hand on Amber’s head as she bobbed up and down on his stiff prick. He laid back on the bed and relaxed as he felt his cum start to well up.

Amber grasped his stiff cock and stroked it. Then she stopped and licked the head of his prick, teasing the slit at the tip as she gripped him somewhat hard around the base, to keep him from cumming too soon.

When she realized the threat of his eruption had subsided for the moment, she took the head of his cock back into her mouth and started moving her lips up and down again. Moaning around his cock. She paused to look up at his face as she ran her lips up and down the side of his cock.

Then she opened her mouth wide and plunged down as far as she could, pausing when she felt her nose push up against his pubic hair. She paused for a moment, breathing through her nose, and then started stroking and bobbing her head up and down faster. Slurping sounds filled the room as his cock plunged in and out of her wet mouth. She moaned with pleasure around his cock as it slipped back and forth between her lips. She loved sucking Johnson’s cock so much. It felt fantastic when he came in her mouth, or sprayed his load on her face. It made her feel so hot.

When she felt his cock flex in her mouth and heard him moan, she paused again, gripping his cock around the base again, and started licking the underside. His cock was so hard it almost felt like the hard dildo Kathleen had given her.

Johnson couldn’t stand it anymore. His balls were aching and he needed to cum so bad. He looked down as she started bobbing her head up and down on his cock again. Her head was tilted a little to the side, and he could clearly see the outline of his cock pushing her cheek out. She was moaning and jerking his cock hard with her hand as she moved her head up and down. Then maddeningly, she stopped again! He reached down and grasped her head, trying to force her head back down.

Amber slapped his head away as she stroked him gently, enough to tease him, but kept her grip and didn’t let him cum.

“Amber–please, let me cum,” he gasped.

She smiled at him and decided it was time. As much as she loved giving head, she knew he couldn’t last forever. She pushed her head down and sucked him hard, bobbing her head furiously. taking him in deep. At the same time, she eased here grip around the base of his prick and stroked him hard. She knew he was going to cum hard and wanted to see it, so she pulled her head off just as she felt the cum racing through his cock.

She started pumping hard and watched in amazement as a stream of jism flew up in the air, actually splattering on the ceiling. Then she decided she wanted the rest in her mouth. She hurriedly took the head of his cock back in her mouth, and felt the hot pulses of cum spray hard in the back of her throat as she continued stroking his cock. She swallowed him easily as shot after shot spurted out of his cock, but she managed to swallow all of it.

She gently stroked him, trying to milk every last drop out. Finally, his softening prick slipped out of her lips, and she rubbed it on her face, reveling in the feel of his cum spread all over her face. She smiled up at Johnson as she saw the relief on his face.

She curled up beside him. She was hot to be fucked, but she could wait for him to recover. She talked with him for a while, asking him about his classes, what he wanted for dinner tomorrow, and how Kyle and his other friends were doing. Finally, she brought up the issue of his birthday. When he was vague and unspecific about what he wanted, she sat up and looked him in the eyes.

“Johnson, do you see us as being a long-term relationship?”

“Huh?” he asked, taken by surprise.

“I’m not pushing marriage–it’s too early, and I don’t think either of us is ready–but I’ve been thinking about you wanting me to get a tattoo, and that’s permanent. I need to know that what we have isn’t just a short-term relationship,” she explained.

He considered his words carefully. “Well, I didn’t think of it that way when I asked you to move in with me.”

Johnson wasn’t sure how to answer this. He thought for a minute. He couldn’t very well tell her what his real goals were, but he realized what she wanted to hear though, in order to feel safe about getting a tattoo.

“I’m not going anywhere, if that’s what you mean. I don’t see a future without you.”

She smiled broadly at him.

“Okay Johnson. I’ll do it. It will be my birthday youjizz porno gift to you.”


“The tattoo. I’ll get one just for you. You can even pick out the design–anything you want. I’ll even pay for it. There’s only one condition: it has to be covered and out of sight when I’m wearing shorts and a T-shirt that covers my back and belly. It can’t be on my legs, arms, face, or anywhere that would show wearing a normal shorts and short sleeve shirts. The rest of my body is your canvas, Rembrandt.”

“Anything?” He asked again.

“I’m all yours anyway babe. Besides, you’re the only one who’s going to see it. I just have to make sure my family doesn’t find out. They–they just wouldn’t understand. They would freak out. Trust me on that one. They can’t know about it ever–okay?”

He nodded.

“I understand–nowhere on your legs or arms, or neck or head. I promise,” he assured her.

“Also, it has to be done over spring break. I’ve read that they can take a lot of time, and I don’t have the time to spend during school–with my job, a full load of classes, and cooking and cleaning around here,” she added.

He nodded again. He would have to figure something out with that. He wanted a large, elaborate, sexy tattoo. He knew enough about them to realize that what he had in mind could take weeks, maybe even months if done the normal way.

“I’m sure we can make that work,” he promised.

“That’s perfect,” she said, realizing that would give her time to get the money together. She wasn’t sure if she would have enough money to fund it, but she would think of something.

Amber drove a small but neat little pick-up truck–a black Chevy S10–a gift she had received from her foster grandmother when she graduated from High School. She loved the truck dearly, but that week she sold it, and then she had the money for her gift to Johnson.

Johnson spent the time before spring break well. He worked with Kathleen, who had some talent with art. Kathleen started a sketch of the tattoo. She started by suggesting a line of flowers across her lower back, but after they discussed it, they realized something more dramatic was needed. They studied pictures of Amber’s naked backside taken by Johnson’s hidden cameras.

Kathleen had to admit that Amber had a gorgeous figure, and a world class ass. Her smooth, nicely curved ass narrowed up to her thin waist and spread out again up to her shoulders.

“It should be something that covers a good part of her backside,” she commented.

Johnson agreed, but what?

After a week of research, Kathleen sent a text message one evening to Johnson, saying that she had it. She emailed him a picture of a butterfly fairy she had drawn. Johnson liked it.

She sketched a long vine with flowers which ran up the right side of her back, and spread out across her shoulders, and down at the bottom continued down to the right side of her ass. The vine had plenty of flowers and butterfly fairies.

Johnson looked at it with admiration.

“I think we’ve got it.”

Johnson wanted a tattoo shop where they could get the tattoo he wanted for Amber for a price that would fit her budget, and it had to be done quickly. Most tattoo shops could not do it. Finally Johnson went to Red Dragon Tattoos and Body Piercing. The owner, Tommy, shook his head.

“No way–that’s a highly detailed tattoo. I would need all summer to do it, and it would cost twice as much as what your budget allows.”

Kathy had continued working on the design, and it had become a highly detailed and erotic design, with numerous nude fairies with butterfly wings.

Johnson was just about to leave, when Tommy stopped him.

“Hey man, I know of these Chinese dudes. They’re brothers from some tribe in Taiwan I think. They’ll probably only be here for another month, so you better move quick. The word on the street is that they are really good, and cost a lot less. They can also do the job really quickly, but they’re kind of shady. They’re hard to find, and I bet they’re illegal, which is why they’re pretty cheap considering the quality work they do. I’ve seen it–it’s amazing. I’m just glad they’re not legit, or they’d probably put me out of business.”

“Where can I find them?” Johnson asked excitedly.

Kathleen and Johnson found the place. It wasn’t easy. They had to ask for the Fang Brothers in a Chinese restaurant, then they were directed to another place, a small Chinese store, where at first a young Chinese woman denied any knowledge of the Fang Brothers, until Johnson said that Tommy at Red Dragon had sent them.

When he said that, the young woman shut up and looked over at an old Chinese man sitting in the corner of the store behind the sales counter. He nodded at her, and she led them up a flight of stairs in the back of the store. They were shown into a room and told to wait. After a few minutes, two Chinese men walked into the room, followed by the young woman. They were apparently twin brothers, and did youporn porno not speak English. The young woman acted as the translator.

Johnson showed them Kathleen’s sketch, and negotiated a price through the young Chinese woman. It would take all Amber had from the sale of her truck for the size and detail of the tattoo. The brothers had some suggestions and asked for pictures of Amber. Johnson gave them some nude photos of her backside and one of her face.

One unusual request they had though, was that Amber drink a medicinal tea that would make her sleep. In order to do their job quickly and well, they needed her to be completely unconscious so that she would not move or require breaks, or feel any pain which would be substantial due to the large area being tattooed in such a short period of time. If she agreed to that, they could do the job in several all-night sessions. Payment had to be in cash.

Johnson agreed, and he went home to discuss it with Amber.

“Something like this,” Johnson said, showing Amber the sketch of the tattoo.

Amber stared at it. It would be extensive, covering much of her shoulder and backside, and part of her ass. She had expected something about like Cinnabar’s peacock, or Kathleen’s Celtic design. But she had to admit, it fell within the parameters she had set.

“I don’t know–it’s a lot more than I expected.”

“So are you going back on your promise?”

“No! It’s okay, let’s do it.”

Spring break started the following week, and for the next few days, Amber had a sick feeling in her stomach. But she had promised, and intended to keep her promise. How would Johnson feel if she reneged on her birthday gift to him? Would he ever trust her again?

Friday night before spring break, Johnson drove her downtown to where the Fang brothers had set up shop in the floor above the Chinese restaurant. After paying the brothers, Amber was given a strange-tasting green tea to drink. After she drank it down, Johnson took her behind a curtain and helped her strip and lay down on gurney face down. Then she fell asleep.

As she lay there asleep, naked on the table, Johnson had a sudden inspiration.

“Make the fairies nude!” he said, as the Chinese woman came in with two men behind her. “And erotic!”

The woman translated to the two brothers who nodded as the woman guided him out of the room.

When Amber woke up, she had a headache and her back and shoulders felt like they were on fire. She was alone in the room. The morning light was peeking through the curtains in a small window near her. There were bandages covering large areas of her back and shoulder. The curtain parted and Johnson entered the room. He helped her up gently helped her dress, and took her home.

“The bandages can come off in 24 hours, then the area can be cleaned,” he told her. “They gave me some sort of ointment that we’re supposed to apply to the tattoos for the next few days–or at least until they stop seeping and hurting.”

Amber didn’t feel well, and spent most of the day huddled in bed on her side, watching TV. Johnson spent most of the day on the computer.

That night, they drove back to the restaurant again. Amber felt a cold feeling in her stomach. She really hated doing this. It hurt and made her feel sick. She wasn’t sure if the sick feeling was from the tea they gave her to make her sleep, the trauma of so much tattoo work on her skin in such a short time, her body’s reaction to the ink, or if it was just psychological, but at least doing it this way would only take a few more nights.

Once again, she drank the tea and fell asleep naked on the gurney, and woke up hours later, again feeling sore on her back, but this time lower down. This time there were bandages on her lower back and side.

The Chinese girl helped her get dressed, and Johnson arrived as she finished dressing and drove her home.

Later that morning, after Amber ate, Johnson took her into the bathroom and carefully peeled off the bandages from the first night, and carefully sponged them off.

He stood and looked at her tattoos for a moment.

“Wow,” he said finally.

“Does it look okay?” she asked, worried.

“Incredible,” he said.

She asked for him to bring a mirror to the bathroom so she could use it with the bathroom mirror to take a look.

She surveyed the flowers on a vine with butterflies.

“Johnson, those naked women with butterfly wings–it’s more than I thought it would b-be…,” she stammered. Amber had not expected that the fairies would be naked. Kathleen’s sketch had just had their outline.

“Yes, they did a nice job, didn’t they?”

Amber had to admit it looked good, but she couldn’t get a very good look with the mirrors. Johnson helped her cover her bandaged areas with plastic wrap to keep them dry and then he left her alone to take a shower. When she finished, Johnson smeared the ointment the Fang brothers had given him liberally over the tattooed area.

The process continued for a few nights, with the tattoos moving steadily down her backside–each morning, she would wake up with a new area bandaged, and later that morning, Johnson would carefully peel off bandages on areas further up her back. The process moved slowly and painfully down her back. Soon just one more night remained.

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