Allyson’s First Time – Part ThreeAllyson’s First Time – Part Three


After Shelly had left our amazing weekend, I was again very sore. The dildo was eight inches, but very thick and it kind of left my vagina hurting for many days. I needed to take warm baths so my pussy could recover from it. I really had trouble walking for many days after. I really have never had a cock so big in my pussy ever. Most of the men I have dated, have always been either small or just regular sized cocks. I really had such an amazing time with Shelly. Even though my pussy hurt, it just reminded me of all the hot and sensual sex that Shelly and I had. I really was starting to have very strong feelings for her. I really love men, but I really love Shelly too. I had just taken a shower and was feeling nice and fresh. I wrapped my robe around myself and sat down to watch some television. I heard a knock on the door and it was UPS mail delivery. He handed me a box and I signed for it. I was really quite confused, because I knew I had not ordered anything. I went to my couch sat down and started to open the box. It reminded me sort of like Christmas. I was wondering who had bought me something. I was really very excited to see what was in the box. I opened the box and it was a suctioned cup dildo. It was about the same size as Shelly’s strap on cock. Shelly had written a note and it said, “Here is something for you. Get used to it for the next time we meet.” I was getting all hot and heavy thinking about the dildo. I could feel my pussy getting wet with the thought of it. The size and the thickness was definitely the same size of Shelly’s strap on cock. I was so excited and horny and took the dildo and ran to my bathroom. I stuck the dildo to my bathroom wall on top of the tub. I removed my robe and admired my body in the mirror. I positioned myself over the dildo so that one foot was inside the tub and the other foot was outside of the tub. I eased myself down on the dildo. I can’t tell you how amazing it felt to feel this huge dildo filling my vagina. My pussy stretched over the girth as I began to take it inside of myself. I was able to get about half of isvecbahis it inside of me.  I slowly started to ride the dildo. I was going deeper and faster on it. Finally, I had reached all the way down onto the balls. I started riding the dildo faster and harder. I noticed how my breasts were bouncing, when I looked at myself in the mirror. I rolled my nipples together with my index finger and my thumb. Pulling and squeezing at my nipples, while I was fucking this dildo harder and faster each time. “Oh God, this feels so fucking good. My pussy is about to fucking explode.” My pussy was so wet and I could feel the juices pouring down my legs, as I was taking this dildo deeper and harder into my vagina. The pressure and the sensations were driving me absolutely crazy. I slammed myself all the way down on the shaft until the balls hit my clitoris. I had an explosive orgasm. Wave after wave of pleasure took me over. I eased up until the dildo was out of my pussy and making those wet, popping squelching noises. My juices were now covered on the dildo. I took a little taste of the juices coming out of my pussy. I then put my robe back on and just went back to relaxing and watching the television. My pussy was then hurting again and I needed to take warm baths over the next couple of days until I could get used to the dildo. After about a week, my pussy was then healed and I was able to enjoy the dildo again. I was really enjoying the dildo and was really starting to use it many times in a day. Always, fantasizing that it was Shelly fucking me with her strap-on. I really loved to fuck this suctioned dildo. I had the most amazing orgasms with it. One night, I was sitting home after a long day at work browsing the internet. I came across an adult sex toy website. I noticed they had a strap on that was about the same size that Shelly had used on me. But, this toy actually was able to shoot fake come. I smiled and laughed to myself thinking about all the fun Shelly and I could have with this the next time she visited me. I ran to my purse and got my credit card out and made isveçbahis giriş the purchase. I made sure to order it two day air and was so excited to get it. After a couple of days, the toy arrived. I was very excited and opened up the box. I wanted to see how this would work exactly. It also came with a recipe to make fake come. The recipe consisted of egg whites and sugar. I made a batch of it and loaded it into the dildo. I decided to take a bath and explore with it. I filled the bathtub up with warm water and removed my robe and slipped inside of the bath. I started to stroke at the cock. Admiring the size and the thickness of it. I was holding it in my hands. I stroked it fast and hard with my one hand and massaged and played with my breasts. After a few minutes of this, I squeezed the bulb hard and all of the fake come came shooting all over me. I squeezed the bulb again and some squirted on my face and neck. My body was glistening with all of this fake come. I then washed my body and got out of the tub and went to bed. Another weekend came and went and I went to work on Monday. I really hate Monday’s. I got a text message from Shelly saying that she was out at a client and had been driving all day and was tired and wanted to visit me. She said she would be in my area early evening and wanted to know if she could stay the night. I was so excited and could feel my pussy getting wet in my panties, while I was at work. I actually went into the bathroom at my job and had to get myself off. I pulled my panties down and rubbed and massaged my clitoris. I pushed several fingers up my pussy and fucked myself in the stall. It really didn’t take very long and my juices were pouring out of pussy. My fingers were covered with my hot cream. I put my fingers in my mouth to taste myself. The thought of Shelly going to be at my house tonight made my nipples hard in my blouse. I got myself together and went back to my desk to finish out the day. All through the day I daydreamed about Shelly and me making love. I couldn’t wait to show her the cock that shoots all this fake isveçbahis yeni giriş come. The day was finally over and I drove home and got myself ready for when Shelly would arrive. It just seemed that it was taking her so many hours to get to my apartment. Finally, I heard the knock at my door. Knock Knock I ran to the door to open it. “Hi, Shelly, come in I missed you so much.” “Hi Allyson. Thanks so much for letting me stay tonight. I didn’t think I could drive anymore tonight. You look great.” “Thanks Shelly. You look great too. Thank you so much for the present. I’ve been enjoying it so much.” Shelly looked amazing. She was wearing tight yoga pants that showed off all her curves and her wonderful ass. She wore a V-Neck Tee shirt that showed her amazing cleavage. We hugged each other and shared a deep and passionate kiss. Our tongues danced in each other’s mouths. I could feel her breasts pressing against mine. I could feel my nipples harden in my own tee shirt. “Shelly why don’t you take a bath. It will make you feel so much better after all the driving.” “Only if you take it with me, Allyson.” “I would love that.” We both went into the bathroom and I turned on the water and threw some bubble bath into the tub. We helped each other take off our clothes. I helped Shelly take off her yoga pants and to my surprise she was not wearing her panties. Her pussy was bald like mine was. I helped her take off her shirt and her bra. She was standing there like a goddess. Shelly has the most amazing body. She has wonderful 38D breasts that were now in my complete view. Shelly then helped me undress and we both were standing there nude together. We again kissed deep and passionately. Shelly put me on the sink and her hands were all over my breasts. My pussy was on fire wanting her to stick her fingers inside of me. She then rubbed at my pussy and took her middle finger and slipped it inside of me. She fucked me with her fingers really fast, while we were kissing so deep. She now put several more fingers inside of me and was fucking me faster and faster. “Oh Shelly, that feels so good. Please will you lick my pussy?” Shelly then spread my legs and dove into my legs. Her tongue was licking fast and furiously up and down my pussy lips. She was lightly chewing and blowing on my cunt.

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