Son Gives Mom a Special Hug Ch. 02Son Gives Mom a Special Hug Ch. 02


Several folks requested a follow up to my first effort. I have carefully read the comments and appreciate those with helpful feedback. Its not necessary that you read the first story for this one to make sense, but it will surely help.

For those suggesting I pick up the pace, you’ll want to skip this chapter. My goal is to put context to the relationship, The next chapter will be posted soon.

Everyone in the story is over 18.

Allie awakes with a start, the car pulling into the driveway flashing headlights across the living room, currently only lit by the glowing blue light of large plasma TV. Remembering where she is, and what happened earlier, she stands up quickly, untangling her limbs from Caden’s, hoping he remains asleep as she shakes her sleeping shirt down and pads quickly to the stairs before Randy can make it inside.

She lets out a slow deep breath, relieved that she is safely ensconced in her room as she hears the front door open. Will Caden wake up? Will he tell his older brother what happened? Allie listens intently, only to hear a quiet, muffled conversation between her two sons. Still unsure of what exactly happened, or why she let it happen, Allie takes the 3 steps to her comforting sanctuary, and slips under the quilted duvet.

Later, in that hazy period between alertness and sleep, Allie hears the 2 brothers climb the stairs, say goodnight and head into their individual rooms.

The sun shining through the window is a clear sign to Allie that she forgot to set the alarm clock, not worringabout work since its the weekend, its still unusual for any of the kids to beat her out of bed, yet she clearly hears someone in the kitchen and notices the aroma of coffee brewing. It has to be Randy, she isn’t sure Caden even knows how to make coffee, let alone get out of bed before 11 AM on a Saturday.

Caden Garret and John Randall. Not that Allie uses those names much, unless they are either in trouble, or trying her best to use her mom voice. Could two brothers be more different than these two?

Caden, 5 feet 10 inches (and a half when he tells it) and 195lbs of solid 20 year old college football playing muscle. Impetuous, outgoing, fun loving and devil may care. Never without a steady girlfriend since he was 16, but never a serious one either. A hale and hearty, devil well met type of young man, naturally liked by nearly everyone, his mischievous blue eyes always hinting through the twinkling at what ever he is thinking.

Randy, 6 feet 3 inches, rail thin, his 24 year old body never going past 175 pounds. Thin but healthy, his black hair already thinning, his glasses making him Yakacık Escort appears as bookish as he really is. Whip smart, quiet, nearly introverted, his bend towards academia prevalent from an early age, his teachers always singing his praises about his exceptional study habits. Dating occasionally, usually if the girl asked him, but often enough Allie wasn’t concerned about his social skills. Randy definitely took after his father’s side of the family. Thin, dark complected and thoughtful if not emotional. His dark hair and eyes aren’t the only thing Randy got from his dad for he also inherited his dad’s hands. Long, strong, dextrous fingers that were equally at home on piano keys or tinkering with the inside of a computer.

Allie reflected on their differences, the same gene pool, yet two different young men who likely wouldn’t even be friends if they weren’t brothers. To her immense satisfaction though, they are both friends and brothers.

Allie arose from the covers, moving into the en-suite bathroom. Pulling down her panties for her morning bathroom ritual, she sees them stretched out of shape and she is suddenly reminded of what happened last night between her and Caden Garret. Allie had actually half convinced herself it had all been a dream, but the light finger marks on her arm, her misshapen panties, and the sticky half dried wetness between her legs told her the truth.

Gazing into the mirror, wondering how it happened, Allie took a moment to reflect. Her somewhat disheveled blond hair falling just past her shoulders, her blue eyes clear and piercing, her cheek bones prominent. Allie was blessed with both naturally good eyelashes and pursing lips. More than once, in better days, her ex referring to them as her DSLs. A term Allie should have been pissed about, but inwardly had to agree with. On more than one occasion on trips to the city, Allie had been mistaken for Edie Falco. The first time she was asked, she had to look it up, and had to admit to herself she did fairly resemble Mrs Soprano, except her Allie’s breasts were larger, a natural 36 C that had withstood the test of time thus far, still amazing with or without a bra. Her legs kept firm from the yoga she did between work and errands for the kids.

Allie quickly ran a brush through her hair, brushed her teeth, and grabbed her modest June Cleaver bathrobe, heading downstairs, and hearing two male voices in the kitchen. Randy and Caden enjoying catching up over a cup of coffee. Allie was glad for the presence of her eldest son, since she wasn’t sure exactly how she was going to discuss last night with Caden.

“Morning Escort Yakacık mom!” Caden bellowed his usual way, looking her way with a smile and a wink.

Randy, the more quiet, nodded her way and said his good morning slightly above his usual near whisper speaking voice.

A wink? Did he just wink? What is that supposed to mean? Was that some sort of sign? What was he saying? A dozen thoughts whipped through Allie’s mind before she could even mouth her reply.

“Good morning you two, up earlier than usual?” Allied replied with more calm than she was feeling.

“Well” Caden started, “I fell asleep on the couch last night watching TV and when Randy came downstairs, I heard him, so thought I’d get up and catch up with him a little before he runs off to the library.”

Caden was only half joking, Randy did indeed work at the library, and would be leaving for work before noon. But Allie also sensed a double meaning in the way Caden said he fell asleep in the couch. That wasn’t all that unusual, but why did he feel the need to point it out?

Before she could even get sat down, Randy was up and heading for the door, heading for work, taking his travel mug of coffee and waving goodbye.

Allie sat quietly, trying to come up with the words, as Caden placed the cup down in front of her.

“Here ya go mom, my turn to get you a drink”. Another subtle reminder about last night!

“Caden, we need to talk.” The words spilling out before Allie could even recognize how cliché they sounded.

“It’s OK mom, I know what you want to talk about, and I think we need to, but I want to go first,” as he sat down in the chair near hers.

“Look, what we did last night, was no big deal. It wasn’t sex, it wasn’t evil and it wasn’t bad” he started, looking at his mom.

“I know you are going to tell me that you are my mother, and mothers and sons don’t touch each other like that, but I will tell you sometimes they do, and we did, and we both liked it.”

The last sentence caused Allie to look up at her son, her mouth opening to dispel him of this myth, when she saw the look on his face, she stopped. They both knew that what happened had brought pleasure, she couldn’t deny it.

“Mom, I’ve been gone a few months, but one thing hasn’t changed, and that is your need to be taken by the hand.” Dad was good at it when he was here, and you were the good, obedient wife. We knew it, we saw it, and we took it for granted that’s how it was meant to be. However, once he left, you had to be strong for us, you have spent the last 6 years taking care of us, and we love you for it, but I Yakacık Escort Bayan also know, as does Randy, that there was something missing in your life.”

Allie was shocked, how he could he know this? Taken in hand? What is he saying?

Caden continued “we saw the 50 Shades books mom, all 3 books? They weren’t even that good” But I realized why you bought them. Plus, I like Maggie Gyllenhall as much as the next guy, but you had Secretary on VHS and DVD both, in fact, when I looked in your closet, I had to google 9 and ½ weeks to even figure out what that movie is about.”

Allie sat in shock, surprised at her son, his invasion of her privacy, his resourcefulness and his matter of fact like demeanor. Unsure of what to do, she looked at him, not speaking, searching for the right words to refute his assertions. For once, her words left her, staring at the man that had been her son only a few months ago.

“Mom, I won’t take advantage of it, but, there are going to be a couple of new rules around here. To start with, when it is just you and I, you will do as I say. Understand?”

Allie, confused did not answer. What is he saying? What does he mean ‘do as I say’?

She started to protest, “no, I will not. This is my house, and I don’t know where you think you get the right, but this WILL NOT HAPPEN in my house!”

Is what she wanted to say, but Allie sat in silence, listening to Caden once more.

“Good girl, now that we have that clear, stand up.”

Allie just looked at him, unnerved, her mind a blank, confused by the entire conversation, till she heard the thunderous clap on the table, startling her, causing her to clear her head and look at Caden, his hand resting on the table. “I said stand up mom, or the next time, it won’t be the table I paddle.” Shocked, she trembled, her knees shaking, she slowly stood up, following her son’s command.

“Better, but next time, please don’t make me ask twice” he said quietly, his demeanor quickly changing to a confident, strong man right before her eyes.

“Mom, take off that silly robe, it looks like it came from the 1950s.”

Again, with hands that had a mind of their own, her body betraying her judgment, her fingers untied the string that held the robe together, letting her shoulders droop, sliding the offending garment off and to the floor.

Caden look his mom over, still in her sleeping shirt, barely thigh length, his eyes were riveted to her chest, her nipples clearly hard as marbles, threatening to poke holes in the thin material of her threadbare sleeping shirt.

Again Caden spoke “slide your panties down.”

Allie gulped, her hands not moving.

“What did I say about asking twice?” Caden said very quietly.

Allie again gulped before replying ” I… I’m… not wearing any” she replied haltingly.

Caden smiled ‘show me”.

Allie, with hands trembling, slowly reaches for the hem on her night shirt.

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