After Your BathAfter Your Bath


After your bath, I meet you in the bedroom, and have you lie face down on the bed. Slowly, I let the warm massage oil trickle onto your skin. Starting at your neck, I begin to work and knead the muscles, working out the knots and tightness, I move to your arms, working up and down each arm. Then down your back, taking my time, enjoying the softness of your skin. I let my fingertips graze your skin, running them up and down your back. Working my way further down, I massage your lower back, past your ass cheeks to your legs. Kneading and working the muscles in one, then the other, from your thighs to your ankles.

The smell of your skin, combined with the smell of the massage oil is driving me mad, but I continue, wanting you to enjoy every second. After working both legs, I go to work on your feet. My thumbs working the pressure spots, and releasing more tension from your body.

As I straighten up, I lean forward and let my tongue run up the middle of your back. I feel almanbahis adres you shudder, and watch the goose bumps rise on your skin. I ask you to move down on the bed, and to turn over. Kneeling at your head, I begin to massage your temples. Tracing the outline of your face with my fingers, I continue to move further down. I trickle more oil onto your skin, across your breasts, and down your stomach. Using the palms of my hands, I rub the oil in. Slowly rubbing it across your body, my hands explore, and tease.

Still kneeling, I run my hands down to your lower stomach, and then back up, across your breasts. I catch your nipples between my fore and middle fingers, gently squeezing and toying with each one, and feel them begin to harden under my touch. I see and feel your breathing getting deeper and a pink flush spread across your face, and across your chest.

I move around, and begin to work on the front of your legs, working my way up and down each leg from thigh to ankle, almanbahis adres and back up again. My fingers come up far enough to touch the crease where your thigh meets your hips, but not quite close enough to touch your quickly moistening pussy. You arch your back, and raise your hips, trying to make contact with my fingers.

I trace both creases with my fingertips, and hear you groan in frustration. Giving in, I let my fingers trace up and down your lips, slowly parting them, and making contact with your hardening clit. I hear you gasp, as I make contact with that little nub, slowly drawing circles around it with my finger. Then, I allow one finger to slowly slide inside of you, feeling how warm, and wet you are. Leaning down, I let my tongue trace your lips, then slide inside to taste you.

I can finally no longer hold off. I move back up, looking into your eyes that are now glossy with desire. I feel you reach down, and grab my hardness, and moan with urgency. almanbahis adresi You position me at your pussy, and with a sensual smile, pull me closer, allowing me to slip inside. I slide deeper, little by little, until I am all the way, buried deep inside you. Stopping for just a moment, I enjoy the heat, and the way you feel wrapped around me. I begin to move, in and out, watching the look of pleasure on your face.

I change from fast, and shallow… slow and deep. As our breathing becomes faster and faster, I know I have to pace myself, wanting to join you in the explosive moment of orgasm. Suddenly, you tell me that you are almost there. You’re breathing gets faster, and your arms and legs tighten around me. Then, without any more warning, orgasm overtakes us both. I feel you arch your back and press against me, trying to pull me in as far as possible. You feel me explode, my hard cock throbbing deep inside. Groaning, and panting, we ride the waves of orgasm together. Then we lie there in each others arms, enjoying the moment, and the feel of just being there in each others arms. Slowly, our breathing returns to normal. Looking into each other’s eyes, we realize…..this is going to be a very long night.

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