Subject: Bruce the Olympian (Bruce Comes Home (8) This is a continuation of the story that I finished some time back about the big gorgeous olympic wrestler from the 80s. I had just seen a video of him on the upcoming olympics and passed glories. And it made me think if the gorgeous bear hunk again. So I figured I would revisit the wrestling God. Again this is complete fiction and does not try to presume Bruce B would have a gay relationship. That would be a gay mans wettest dream. So I hope you enjoy. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Bruce the Olympian (Bruce Comes Home (8) … So I just lay on Bruce’s chest. Just recovering from the hard crushing stab of getting impaled o his big cock. I had slipped on him as I was slowly trying to ride his fat dick. Only to lose balance and fall all the way down on him. Impaling myself on his big thick dick. And had it not popped out after my cry, I felt I would have been skewered to death. But Bruce being the gentle giant he was pulled me to his vast chest. He just held me in his barrel chest. Letting me recover from my impalement. His big dick laying there behind my hole. The man’s big meaty arms embraced me as I lay in his chest. Cheek rubbing at the fur on him. This was soothing delight as I felt his warm body under me. “Yes Bruce” I cooed “I love this big chest” “I feel safe on it and in your arms” He then kissed me. Stroking at my head as he did. I kissed back and tasting his lips. Taking his spit in my mouth as we did. But I was held to this big bear if a man. Tightly And I just lay there in my man. Relaxing from the ass tearing I had just gotten. But I knew it was time to finish this. He and I needed for complete our live making. And I did want to have his cock back in me. This was for certain. I lifted myself up from his massive chest. Picking myself back up. Then I looked down at Bruce. He was such a handsome man bursa evi olan escort to see. And I wanted to please my man. My hot wrestler God. “Let me lay down” I said to him “Then take me that way” Bruce nodded and then he moved up and off the bed. Then I moved back down to it. Laying there for him. Looking up at this huge man. Up at his big body and shoulders. Broad chest and handsome face. He softly smiled down at me. Waiting for my okay to go on ahead and restart our sex. I nodded that okay he waited in. I lifted my legs up as he grabbed and my sides. He then pulled me closer to the edge of the bed. Then Bruce presented my rear end to his dick again. I felt it as he pushed the hard at my hole. And then he thrust into me once more. “Ughnn” I groaned as he went back inside “Hmmf. Yess” he moaned again as he felt my ass around his big dick “That feels ever so good” Bruce then just started to fuck me. Sliding in and out of my butt hole with his thick tube. His hand grasped to my ankles as he pushed in and out of me. I stayed there in the bed. My head back and moving side to side as he thrust in and out. Feeling each and every one of his thrusts. Feeling that bug cock as it pushed down into my bowels, as it moved along my anal walls. I turned to look up at this awesome man taking me again. Looked at his face. His eyes closed in pleasure and mouth parted so he could moan out what he felt. And moan he did. Telling of how much he loves the ass wrapped around his big hard dick. “Oh baby, oh baby yess” he moaned “Love your body. Feels so wonderful” “Awe yess” “So tight on my dick. Yess” And soon Bruce was picking up the speed as he fucked me. Digging down harder into my bowels. Pushing that bull dick of his towards my button. And he soon did strike it. The meaty blunt head if his dick plowing into my prostate. “Ughnn. Fuckk” I cried out My body shook violently with quivers altıparmak escort that started at my bowels and pushed outwards all over me. Bruce had reached his target and smashed it. My ass tightened on his dick all the more and then he moaned louder. “Fuckk. Awee fuckk baby!” He bellowed Then he stopped for a moment and Bruce pulled himself down onto me. His huge full body between my widely spread legs. I was now just about bent over on my self. And then Bruce went to town in my guts. His face contorted in the pleasures surrounding his big dick. He thrusting faster into me. I looked at his face. He was just about 10 inches from me. As I gazed at him I knew I wanted him all the more. I wanted him to fill me up with his baby juice. To pour his impregnation juice into my body. I looked at his face as I grabbed it. His eyes shot opened to see me there. Then I told this awesome bear to take me. To fully take me and make me his forever. “Do it Bruce” I cooed “Do it. Fill me up with your love And I kissed him again. And he just threw his hips at me. Gunning my guts up with his big cock. He kissed me and grunted in my mouth as he fucked me. I was getting my insides torn up, but I was happy with it. I was with this glorious beast if a man. This great Olympian God that came to earth to be with me. “Ughn, ughn, ughn, fuckk!” I cried “Big. Fuck. Bruce!” “Hmmf, hmmf, hmmf, hmff . He grunted as his body savaged mine And my body exploded in orgasm from the continued thumping against my button. The jack hammering he lay on my prostate set me off into and incredible orgasm as I lay there under him. And Bruce just pounded away at the hole I had gripping at his thick cock. Hitting my insides with his cock. Ruining them with his weapon of sex. I writhed under him. Body in feverous shakes as I exploded between us. Feeling my untouched dick as it spit out cum. Shot after warn wet shot. bursa merkez escort I moaned under his awesome assault in my body. Releasing the spoils of his conquering power. And then I felt it. I felt his huge body tense up. Just as he planted another incredible kiss in my lips. Bruce had reach orgasm too. He began very rigid. For a split second it seemed he was like petrified wood. Muscles tight and ready to pop. “Hmmf fuckk!” He then howled He pulled from my lips and howled. A roar that seemed to shake the place as this man came. Then he drove it all down hard. Every inch of his dick. And then I felt the pulsating cock as it shot into my guts. A shower of cum that flushed through my bowels. Reaching every crevice inside me as this God man erupted. “Awee fuckk. Awe fuckk, awe fuck” he grunted And Bruce just lay on me. His big body twitching as he empties his balls of their content. And then he slowed to a stop as he finished his explosion. And we continued to kiss as he finished his eruption. Still humping at me until he was drained, until I was totally filled up. And then he just lay there on my body. His big fantastic and now sweaty body. And I let the awesome man lay on me. Regardless if the weight of his huge body. All that matter was his body on mine. I looked up at his handsome face. He looked back at mine. Then he told me he loved me. I smiled at the words. Hoping that this meant that things would be more frequent than the last time. “I love you to Bruce” I said back “Always have, always will” We kissed some more before he moved off me. Then he turned and lay his awesome body on the bed. I also moved. Turning to him, looking at his big beefy chest and body. Looking at that manly face. I placed my hand to his chest and then leaned in and kissed it. And we’ll, things were better. Eventually he separated from his wife completely and saw me all the more often. At least when he was not teaching or in some Olympics tour of champions that he was in a lot. But what mattered was he was with me as much as life saw fit. And he loved me as I wished to be loved. My big hunky Olympian…. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: The end Thanks for reading

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