Adult Situations Ch. 57-58Adult Situations Ch. 57-58


Chapter 57 — Media Relations

Heide James was a svelte brunette. She was a reporter for People magazine, and had cultivated that Lois Lane look, after the character in the Superman movie. Like Lois, she was cute… and fuckable. Turns out she had a really hot body.

Being a new person at the Saturday evening party, and being pretty, she was a popular choice for the men looking for a change of pace — all twenty or more of them, that night. I noticed that she had removed her glasses. I wondered what her vision was like in that condition.

For that matter, Don has also become popular with the ladies. About twenty-four of them were flirting with him incessantly. He was young, handsome, and no-flab. He was also wearing a towel around his mid-section from his earlier nude swim with Crystal and Carol. That towel had a major bulge in it since dinner started.

I shepherded Heide around for introductions during the cocktail hour. She was only wearing her undies, but I’d convinced her that they looked like the lower part of a bikini. Heide was comfortably endowed, and her partial nudity certainly made her appealing.

I asked whether she and Don were a couple. They weren’t, but she thought that both of them wouldn’t mind shifting to a ‘friends-with-benefits’ relationship. They liked and respected each other a lot, and she thought that was definitely the basis for something further.

My father Ross knew about the interview that day, so when I parked Heide with him, he knew to mind just how much about anything he revealed. Heide on the other hand, seemed to have gone fully off duty. She’d become very affectionate to everybody she met. Her nature was to be friendly and even intimate. She sat in Ross’ lap and talked to him for over a half-hour.

Ross involved her in several conversation groups that formed around him. I heard some of them laughing about me being auctioned off. I wondered if I’d have to be with some gorilla of a woman who happened to be rich. Further, it would be filmed. Yuck. Crystal told me the auction bids were up to around $190,000 and still active.

I did a final check to be sure no photographers were lurking offshore. We had complained to the marine police about stalkers taking pictures of us, and they understood what they had to do. Early in the week, two uniformed marine officers had read the riot act to the two boats of photographers. The boats disappeared and never came back. I’d become a little paranoid and checked again.

I asked Crystal about a long-distance telephoto lens from the far shore on the bay side of the barrier island that could see us about a half-mile away. She did some research and ended up thinking that the pictures would be so grainy at that distance over the warm water, especially at night, that they’d be next to useless. The photos could be of mating seals and no one could tell for sure what they were seeing.

I’d been wearing a baseball hat all afternoon after Heide and I came outside to swim. It wasn’t so much a disguise as I wanted any voyeurs to get used to me in the hat, so that when I took it off later, there’d be some doubt as to who they were seeing. Cory had agreed to take over wearing the hat after dark. It was a small thing.

Additionally, I made sure to use the chaises covered by part of the upstairs roof and in the shadows, as well as those with shrubbery blocking some angles. Allison was my first partner. We hadn’t been together for a while, and we both teased each other about what porn stars we’d become.

After Allison, I found Lisa at the bar sipping a glass of wine. I whispered to her, “You’re underage.”

“Oh, officer, forgive me for my evil ways. I shall enter a twelve-step program. Would you help with the various steps? They all involve copious quantities of an older man fucking an errant teenager. You’d be perfect in fact.” She pulled my head down and kissed me. She added, “Besides, I love you.”

Lisa had put on make-up and put her hair in two braids so she looked much younger than almost twenty. She was calling all the older men ‘Daddy’ and doing a lot of sucking up. She was popular that evening.

Lisa and I spent an hour together, playing, talking, and making love. After I’d cleaned up the teen and we just cuddled, a figure emerged from the shadows and sat next to us.

Dark figure said to my partner, “Hi, I’m Heide.”

“I’m Lisa.”

“You’re what, in high school?”

“No, I’m almost twenty. College. Computer Science major, midway through my sophomore year.”

“Wow. The braids make you look younger.”

I commented, “Heide is new with us today. She’s a reporter for People magazine. She and her cohort Don, who’s around here someplace, interviewed me this afternoon. They were interested in all of this kind of stuff.” I waved my hand around at all the naked couples making love.

I turned to Heide, “And how have you fared so far this evening? Would you like to join us for a bit?”

Heide studied the pair. Her thin body ankara yabancı escort was leaking semen from a key orifice, and she also had some cum in her hair. She said slowly, “This may be the greatest night in my life. I feel like I’ve rediscovered myself, and I’ve found a new me that I didn’t know existed.”

Lisa asked, “First time with group sex and sex with multiple men back-to-back in one night?”

“Yes,” Heide admitted with a. grin.

“You’ll feel like a real slut tomorrow. Don’t. Everyone here wouldn’t think of you like that. We use that word to taunt each other, but not as a genuine epithet about someone. Trish helped me for my first time. Don’t use the criteria from some other society to judge yourself in this one. Also, remember Shakespeare, ‘There’s nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.’ Don’t get down on yourself. Been there. Done that. Skipped the t-shirt and decided to go topless.” She shook her breasts.

Lisa immediately pulled Heide’s upper body down to her as she reclined in my arms and laid a really passionate kiss on her. Heide went with it and got more and more into the sapphic loving.

Lisa dropped even lower and suckled Heide’s tits. Her nipples became really pronounced and I could sense her whole body shaking in near orgasm because of the Lisa’s efforts.

Lisa sat up and got Heide to lie back in my arms. She then got between her legs and started to vacuum up the jizz covering the area and appearing due to gravity. Heide moaned and guided Lisa’s head as the serious cunnilingus got underway. The unruly bush of pubic hair on the reporter didn’t seem to slow Lisa down at all. It was awash with cum and her own juices.

After Heide had an obvious orgasm thanks to Lisa, the teen sucked me to life and then with my cooperation, stuffed my cock into Heide’s cunt. Heide seemed very content with that idea. Lisa licked at our union a few times and whispered lewd dirty talk to Heide.

Lisa decided she wanted Heide to eat her pussy, and to suck any residual amounts of my seminal droppings from inside her. She laid out Heide and then mounted her head and lowered her pussy solidly to Heide’s mouth. I continued to fuck Heide. She was giving instructions to the neophyte lesbian. For her part, it seemed that Heide was a willing and eager student of sapphic sex.

Eventually, significantly from watching the two women, I blasted my third load of my potent sex juices into Heide. Lisa extracted my cock from inside the reporter, sucked me clean, and then went back to work on Heide’s pussy. Heide praised every tiny thing that Lisa did, and told her she was memorizing what was happening that night so she never forgot it. She also said that she wanted to try everything herself.

Heide said at one point, “Oh, I forgot to tell you. I got more information about you and your porn videos. I mean I won’t write about it, but I was curious. You’ve fucked all of the females that are here tonight. I think that’s awesome, especially to be one of them. I think I’d like to do a video, too — for commercial porn. I think that’d be so cool to be ‘out there’.”

I simply said, “Talk to Crystal.”

After we’d quieted down and I was cuddling the two women, I asked Heide, “How’s Don doing? New men often find they have a hard time keeping up with all the available pussy at an event like this.”

Heide said, “I think he’s okay. He got captured by two women: Julie and Stacy. They put him through his paces. He bounced back, and then he was with a young woman and I swear he’s in love. Her name was Wendy.”

Lisa crowed with pride, “That’s my sister. Great.”

“Older or younger?”

“Older by a year. She’s mid-way in her junior year.”

“Well, she sure liked fucking,” Heide giggled. “They were really going at it together last I saw.”

“Tell you another secret,” Lisa said. “Julie is my stepmother. So, Don kind of got to nail mother and daughter tonight.”

“Oh, I won’t let him forget that,” Heide chuckled in a taunting tone. “He’s going to have to nail me to the pavement to prove that he’s worthy.”

Lisa said, “I’d like to do him, too. Then he can say that he got the mother AND her TWO daughters. We ignore that she’s really my stepmom.”

We all sat up and then the two girls went off across the patio holding hands, threading their way past many of the other chaises that had couples or threesomes on them.

I noted that Crystal had also been with Don. After some debate between Crystal, Lisa, Heide, and Don, the girls got Don to go down on Crystal and clean up his mess. I suspected that getting in Heide’s hot pussy was part of the bribe to get him to do that.

I got tapped on the shoulder and turned to find a gorgeous redhead standing there. “Alice O’Rourke, bless my soul and top of the day to ya. What a pleasant surprise to find a gorgeous Irish lass like you in the neighborhood.”

She swatted at my elbow and missed on purpose. “You, mister, turn bahçelievler escort me on and I want to be with you in a romantic and sexual way. You sure made mincemeat of that reporter. I hope the article is as good as she looked when her hot little body was bouncing on your big cock. I need you now.”

“Sounds great to me,” I countered. “Let’s go inside. I’m still feeling a little exposed out here.”

The media room didn’t have any windows. We went in there, but had to share the room with Josh Kirby and Beth Wolcott — Crystal and Trish’s mother. The two were having a slow fuck, punctuated by about a thousand kisses and lots of fondling by hands and mouths.

My video with Elynn was playing on the large screen television.

Alice and I took some space on the sofa and started to make love. We were also taking it slow, and I was captivated yet again by watching myself fuck Elynn on the screen. After I’d given Alice an orgasm, we switched partners with Josh and Beth.

Eventually, Heide came to the door. She said, “I had Don. It was fun. I think we’ll do more of that. Who’s your partner?”

Alice strolled into the room past Heide. The two just looked pleasantly at each other.

I responded to Heide, “Beth Wolcott.” I gestured for her to come closer.

Beth added, “I love to fuck Dave.”

I gestured at Heide, “News reporter, mom.”


“Mother-in-law, actually. She’s Crystal and Trish’s mother. Lives in North Carolina.”

“Wow. She’s hot. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that you’re having sex with your mother-in-law.”

I teased, “She’s one of the many cougars that are around here getting their horns trimmed tonight. I love all of them.”

Beth thanked me for our time together and stood up. She started to walk out of the media room, but Josh caught her and turned her back to the sofa as they both chuckled. He wanted her AND Alice together.

Heide and I took one of the large cushioned chairs that reclined. We put the seat back and then she crawled into my lap. We could see the porn on the TV and watch Josh, Alice, and Beth seducing each other. The whole scene was arousing, and soon Heide was flushing girl juice onto my groin as we made out with her in my lap. I was trying to revive again.

Heide rose up, positioned my tumescent shaft yet again, and then lowered herself onto me. She was kind of side saddle, and that in and of itself was sexy because I could watch her rising and descending on my shaft.

As Heide and I finished, my small load buried deep inside her, Derek came to the door. “Oh, good, you’re here. You’d better come out front. There’s been some trouble on your property. Put these on.” He handed me some athletic shorts and a t-shirt.

I slipped on the shorts and shirt and raced to the front door. Derrek came with me appropriately dressed, but hung back to see what would happen. We had the shades drawn, but nothing was snug and tight. If someone were right by the windows they could have seen inside. I had a feeling I knew what had happened.

Russ, Deke, a man I didn’t know, and a police officer from a nearby squad car with the emergency lights blinking were standing and talking. Russ gave me a smirk and a wink; that let me know that things were reasonably fine as far as he was concerned.

The stranger was complaining to the police officer and trying to get him to arrest my two karate instructors for malicious damage to his personal property.

The policeman told the stranger to stand by the front of his car with the lights glaring and blinking white and blue, and then came over to Russ and Deke. I stood nearby and listened. He said politely to Russ, “What’s your story?”

Russ said, “I’m the one that called you. My partner Deke and I are Mr. Toller’s bodyguards. Part of our job is to ensure his privacy. We were patrolling the property when we found that man peeking in windows with a camera in hand. When he saw us and we yelled at him to stop, he started to run. He stumbled and dropped his camera in the process. I recovered the camera and won’t give it back until we can remove any pictures of Mr. Toller or his guests.”

I glanced down at the front step. A completely shattered high-end Nikon camera with a very broken and bent telephoto lens lay on the brick work. I guessed that I was looking at about $20,000 worth of junk.

The policeman said, “So, this man was trespassing.”

“Absolutely,” Russ said with authority.

“I can back up that statement and what happened, officer.” Deke also sounded firm and authoritative. I could tell they’d adopted their military air.

The cop went back to the stranger, “Mr. Reynolds, we can do the easy way or the hard way. I’d like you to get into the back of my cruiser, please.”

“What? You’re arresting me? Those are the men that smashed my camera. You can’t let them keep it. The pictures that I took are worth thousands and thousands.”

The officer shook his head. “Sorry. We balgat escort don’t cotton kindly to peeping toms in this part of the country, and especially those that are pestering one of our heroes.”

“But he’s hosting a fucking orgy inside?”

The cop looked at the house. “And the shades are drawn to ensure the privacy of whatever is going on inside. A man’s home is his castle, and you were threatening his castle. Now, get in the car before I have to force you inside.” The stranger, Reynolds, reluctantly got into the back seat, and the cop shut the door. He was locked inside and we all knew it.

He said, “I should take the camera as evidence, I suppose.”

Russ said, “Yes, definitely. He picked up the battered unit, and deftly plucked the memory card from its slot with great aplomb. As he did the battery also fell out. Deke picked that up. “Shall I get a bag?”

The policeman said, “No, I got it.” He opened the trunk of his car and got a paper evidence bag. Russ put the camera, lens, and battery in the bag. He showed the officer that he was keeping the memory card. Russ said, “This had private information on it that belongs to us.”

I came over, “Thank you for your attention to this matter, officer. I’m Dave Toller.”

“MR. TOLLER. Wow! What a pleasure.” The awe in the patrolman’s voice was unmistakable.

We shook hands, and I continued to thank him for attending to our peeping tom. I asked if I was needed to press charges or do anything. I hinted that after a night or two in the clink and considering the broken camera, that a stern warning might be all that was required. The cop got the message and grinned. He gave me his card, and then got in his squad car and drove away with the naughty Mr. Reynolds locked up in the back seat.

I turned to Russ and said, “And the real story?”

“I was inside making out with Carol, saw the glint from the guy’s camera lens at the side of one window. I slowly left the room, threw on shorts, and I got Deke. We came up on him from both sides. He started to run, and then as he got near me… well, he just seemed to flip into the air and his camera went flying. He was stunned. I’d already called 9-1-1 about a stalker. Once they heard your name, they came right away.”

I laughed, “You’ll have to show me how to ‘just flip somebody’ into the air like that.”

“At your mid-week lesson,” Russ said with a smirk.

Inside, we showed the camera memory card to Crystal. She got her laptop and we plugged the card into it. Mr. Reynolds of the paparazzi had taken about five hundred photographs of our barbecue and sex party. Without a doubt, they were damning.

Crystal did a little magic with her computer and suddenly the screen went blank. She went, “Ta-dah! No more nasty photographs. Too bad about the guy’s camera. I guess that’s the price you pay for trespass.”

“I think he also gets to spend the night down at the jail in a holding cell. I bet the beds aren’t near as comfortable as a motel or home.”

Crystal said, “I bet the nearby warm bodies aren’t near as attractive either.”

It took a while, but people finally did go back to what they were doing. That meant that there was a lot of sex happening on the patio and in the living room and media room.

I watched Heide and Mitch start to fuck on one of the chaises. They both looked enraptured with each other. Deborah was with my father-in-law, Brian. He really looked happy, and she was in one of her orgasmic moods, where just about anything set her off.

Crystal grabbed Tom Dayton by the hand and led him to a patio chaise. Even though the night had gotten cool, they were heating up the immediate atmosphere in minutes with an energetic fuck. I wondered if Tom had a slow speed.

I was pondering what to do, when I got tapped on the shoulder. “Monsieur, voulez-vous fuck me?” She giggled at having used the trite French expression.

My little French trollop stood there, Daisy, delightfully naked with both hands clasped behind her back, as she looked coyly at me with her breasts thrust forward and her feet in a pigeon-toed posture. Now, what did you think I would say?

“Oh, mademoiselle, mais oui.” I grinned, and I’d also just exhausted my entire French vocabulary.

Unlike earlier, I felt more relaxed about picking a chaise where I could see my partner and she could see me. We were under the little LED lights on the patio, and I had a lot of man meat buried in her little teenage cunt as we really got into a huge make-out session.

I glanced around at one point. Carol was next to me with Adam Timms making love to her. On my other side, Elynn was with Doug Rogers, my next-door neighbor. Beyond Elynn, I could see Jean Muir with Bill Kirby — Allison’s husband. I loved seeing the people that I loved being made love to by people that loved them.

Daisy and I played at our lovemaking for over a half-hour. We’d crank each other up, and then back off from our impending peaks. Eventually, we just crested together and I nearly blasted the small French teen into a nighttime orbit around the moon. She was riding me on top at the time in a traditional cowgirl.

I didn’t do my clean-up magic. Daisy wanted to swim, so we just walked down the stairs into the cool pool water. We drifted and floated together, pausing periodically to kiss and to give me the opportunity to tell her how much I appreciated her.

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