The Gift ExchangeThe Gift Exchange


Christmas is probably the best holiday of the year. You get to reconnect with old friends, spend time with family and even strangers are nice to you. Yeah I love Christmas.

Part of the season is also the parties. Seems like every group your part of wants to have a party. Get together, have some laughs, eat lots of junk food. All in all a great time…till the morning after when you feel so guilty about the number of calories you consumed you have to do an extra thirty minutes on the treadmill. Tonight’s party looked to be one of those.

Over the years I have spent a lot of hours as a Girl Scout leader. Yes it is a bit unusual to have a guy as a leader, but I had to be fair to all my kids so if I was a leader for my son, I had to do the same for my daughters. As a result I was, and still am, a registered girl scout fully trained to teach outdoor skills from the basic through the advanced. While my daughters are now all out of scouts and gone to college, my wife convinced me to continue to share my skills with the troops I had worked with for so many years. As a result when the troop decided to have a Christmas party I was of course invited.

As has been tradition, in addition to the current scouts and leaders, girls that had previously been in the troop and still maintained contact were invited. This included my daughter and a number of other girls that were home from college on break. What was not a surprise was that I was, once again, the only male at the party.

I may be a tad over fifty now, but the girls still treat me as if I’m in my thirties, which helps keep me young. Of course along with that comes a certain amount of teasing from the older, graduated, girls and the female leaders, frequently even if my wife is in the room. This particular party was no exception. Along with the good food there was also a gift exchange. As with many that are done there is a dollar limit and the gifts can be either serious or gag. Each person draws a number for the order they get to go in and they can either steal a gift from someone else, or get an unopened gift from under the tree.

I was fortunate to draw a high number, meaning that I got to go later, allowing me to steal a sweet little LED flashlight from one of the girls and avoid having to open a potentially embarrassing gift more suited to one of the girls or female leaders. What I didn’t know was that I was being set up.

There were only a few packaged left under the tree and only a few people left to pick. It was looking like I was going to get to keep my flashlight until the last girl went. Instead of picking the last package under the tree she stole my flashlight, which meant that I was left with the sole remaining package under the tree, a small box wrapped in bright red paper.

I unwrapped the box, totally unaware of what was to come. I opened the box and pulled out the first of two items, a nice bottle of flowery smelling massage lotion. There were a few comments from the leaders about being available to try it out on as I dug into the box to pull out the second item, a pair of very lacy micro bikini panties. As with the gifts that others got that were wearable, almost immediately the shouts to “model it” started. By the time I had it put back in the box and my ears feeling a bit red almost every girl in the room was chanting for me to “put em on”, with the exception of Becky, one of the leaders college age daughters that was back for break. Becky just sat there with a little grin on her face as if it were exactly what she expected. After it became obvious that I wasn’t about to do anything of the sort, the cat calls subsided and we shifted to the eating portion of the night.

The gift was far from forgotten, with little comments and quiet whispers from the leaders about changing my mind and trying them on in a more “private” setting. My wife took it all in stride, having seen me teased before on campouts. When the evening ended the gift went home with me, over my objections, and ended up on the coffee table in front of the sofa.

Morning came as it usually does. My wife got up and did her workout and headed out for work, my daughter, home for Christmas break had spent the night out with friends and I didn’t expect her to get out of bed and come home until at least noon, leaving me alone at home. After sitting back and reading for an hour or so I finally decided to go do a workout and get rid of some of the calories from the night before.

After an hour on the elliptical machine I threw a blanket onto the sofa and flopped down, wearing nothing but my shorts and shoes, my shirt long since soaked with sweat and discarded. I turned on the ceiling fans to cool me and kicked the recliner portion of the sofa out to lean back and read some more on the adventure novel I had started, eventually cooling off and dozing off.

“Hello?” I heard a female voice call from the hallway. Everyone that knows us knows that the house is pretty much open to my kid’s friends, with them coming and going at all hours. That had slowed down a lot after my last one Escort Bayan Esenyurt went to college out of town, but it wasn’t a surprise to have one of her friends walk in with her home on break.

“In here.” I called as Becky clomped across the hardwood entry way with her high heels and into the family room.

“Is Jane here?” She asked, looking for my daughter.

“No she spent the night out with friends. I don’t expect her home for a few hours yet.” I replied as I surveyed the twenty-one year old. She had on black high heels, black stockings and a form fitting short sleeved turtleneck sweater dress that was molded to her curvatious figure. As she had grown older she had maintained her slim figure, except for her protruding chest, which she inherited from her mother. I hadn’t seen any of her bras, but if I were to guess she was easily a thirty four D by now, significantly larger than when I had seen her last year.

“So I see you still have your present from last night.” She said as she stepped over and picked up the box I had left on the table in front of me.

“Yeah. It wasn’t quiet the gift I was hoping to bring home.” I answered, folding the corner of my page down and closing my book.

“Oh I thought it was a nice present.” She said as she pulled the bottle of lotion out and then tugged the purple lace panty from the bottom of the box. She set the lotion and box down and held the panties in front of her, slowly unfolding them until she held them open. The panties were little more than a two inch wide strip of lace that would go around a girls hips and a tiny triangle shaped piece of material that extended down and under, thinning at the lowest point to almost a single string before looping back up again toward the back of the waistband. In many ways it was almost a thong, but not quite.

“Yeah. Nice for you, not so much me.” I answered.

“You mean you wouldn’t like to wear em?” She asked with a giggle.

“Uh… Not my style.” I replied.

“Ohhhh That’s not true. I think they would look quite nice on you.” She said as she stepped forward and held them out as if imagining how they would look on me.

“First off they don’t cover anywhere near enough for a guy.” I retorted.

“Ohhh Now I know a lot of guys that would die to have these.”

“Yeah, as long as it was a girl modeling them, not him.”

“True. But you know, girls like to see their men in sexy things too.”

“I’m quite sure you wouldn’t find those sexy on me.” I answered.

“But they would on me?”

“Without a doubt.” I said quickly, wishing I had filtered that response out after I said it.

“Oh really?” She asked as if in shock. “You’re not telling me you’re into younger women are you?”

“I didn’t say that.” I replied defensively.

“So you don’t think I’m sexy then?”

“I didn’t say that either.”

“So I am sexy?”

“Yes… I mean…Yes to younger guys.”

“So I’m not sexy?”

“Yes you are.”

“But only to younger guys?”


“So you don’t find me sexy then?

“N0, I mean… Awww Hell.” I said in frustration

“So which is it, do you think I’m sexy or not?”

“Of course you are.” I answered. “But you’re way younger than I am.”

“So if I was older I’d be sexy to you, and because I’m only twenty two I’m not?” She asked her hands on her hips in obvious irritation.

“Of course I find you sexy. You’re an incredibly gorgeous young woman. I have no doubt that you would look fabulous in those panties.” I said as I tried to figure out how to undig myself from the hole I had dug.

“I see…So you do think I’m sexy, but only if I’m wearing sexy lingerie?” She asked with a wicked grin.

“No. I didn’t say that.”

“Oh, so I’d be sexy not wearing anything?”

“Wait. I never said that.”

“So I’m not sexy?”

“You’re twisting my words.” I replied defensively.

“No I’m not. You said I’d look fabulous in these panties. Are you taking that back now?”

“No. Of course you would.”

“Good then I should wear them for you… or do you want to wear them?”

“I’m not wearing those.” I answered quickly.

“Ok…then I will.” She said as she moved her hands to the hem of her sweater dress.

“Wait!” I said in shock as she started pulling it up her thighs.

“Oh you want to wear them instead?” She asked with wicked little grin. “I’d love to see that!”

“NO!” I shot back.

“Ok then I will!” She said as she continued pulling the dress up her thighs, the bottom hem sliding up closer and closer to the juncture of her legs, the tops of her black stockings coming into view.

“Stop!” I almost shouted.

“Why? Are you going to put them on?”


“Ok.” She said simply as she started pulling again and revealing the creamy white skin of her thighs above her stockings and the tiny black triangle of material that covered her pussy. I stared, my jaw gaping as she continued to slide the material up until it was bunched around her thin waist, her soft creamy hips Escort Bayan Avcılar and thighs fully exposed and standing in stark contrast to the tiny black panties she had on.

“You sure you don’t want to wear them?” She asked again as she slid her hands down to hook in the thin band of the micro-bikini panties she had on.

“Yes…. I mean No!” I answered in confusion, my brain still trying to process the image in front of me let alone what she was asking.

“Oh so you do want to wear them?” She asked, stepping closer until she was standing with her knees nearly touching my feet. “I can help with that.” She said as she leaned toward me, grabbing the legs of my shorts and tugging on them.

“Wait!” I said, grabbing the waistband of my shorts. “I didn’t say I was going to wear them.”

“Oh…sorry. My mistake.” She said, the grin still plastered on her face. “But I think you would look pretty damn good in them. Especially with that hardon sticking out of them.”

“What!?” I responded in shock.

“Yeah. I can see you’re hard. I mean let’s face it, if you weren’t I’d be kind of insulted. I mean if I’m sexy and all…”

“Let’s not start that again.”

“Ok. As long as you’ll admit that I’m sexy and should put on these panties for you.”

“Of course you’re sexy, but I didn’t say you should put them on.”

“So you want to? Or you just want me out of these?” She asked as she tugged and snapped the elastic waistband of her own panties.

“I’m not putting those on.”

“Oh so you really just want me out of these. Men… I thought you wanted me to model these for you.” She said, holding out the lacy panties on her finger.

“I don’t.”

“You don’t what, want me to wear these or take these off?”


“So you’re going to wear them after all?” She said, leaning down again and quickly jerking the legs of my shorts so they slid part way down my hips.

“I didn’t say that.”

“Ok. Then I will.” She said as she quickly hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties and slid then down past the tops of her thigh high stockings, letting go of them at mid thigh. I sat with my eyes glued to her pussy, a small clump of tightly curled brown hair low on her mound, her pussy lips visible as she wiggled her legs alternately to let her panties work down her legs. She lifted first one leg and then the other, her actions spreading her legs slightly and giving me an even better look at her lips. I sat there with my voice frozen as she slowly stepped into the lacy panties and slid them up her legs. She pulled them up and let the elastic snap to her hips before making a slow turn, showing off her almost completely bare ass to me.

“Damn.” I muttered as she turned back around, my cock now so hard I thought it was going to bust right out of my shorts.

“So what do you think?” She asked quietly as she slowly began to climb onto the sofa from in front of me, her legs straddling mine as she slowly walked them closer to my hips.

“Un real.” I answered, my eyes staring at the purple lace covering her pussy.

“They feel very silky too. Wanna feel.” She asked as she gently pulled my hands from the waistband of my shorts, placing one on her bare thigh and the other against the silky lace material. She slowly stroked my fingers up and down the material covering her mound before turning my hand over and gently pushing it between her legs, my fingers feeling the heat of her wet pussy. “Mmmmmmmm that feels nice. Just keep doing that.” She practically whispered as she let go of both of my hands.

I continued to slowly stroke my fingers back and forth across her pussy, the material becoming quickly saturated from my touch. I barely noticed her hands slide down to my hips, hooking her fingers into the waist of my shorts and underwear.

“I bet that would feel good against your big hard cock.” She said huskily as she pulled on my shorts, working them down in front enough to free my rigid shaft, but not get them all the way down because I was sitting on them.

“This is not a good idea.” I said, pulling my hand from between her legs and reaching for my shorts.

“I know. You have to lift up for me to get them off. Otherwise they’re in the way.”

“That isn’t what I meant.”

“You can take them off or I can. Your choice, but one way or the other they’re coming off.”

“Why?” I asked as I tried to pull them back up while her hands moved to close around my now exposed dick.

“Because I want to feel this sliding back and forth across my hot wet pussy. I know you want it. I know you think I’m hot and sexy. Just relax and let me play. We’re both adults, it’s legal and I’ve wanted it for so long.”

“So long?”

“Uh huh. I wanted to do it before but couldn’t.”

“Before when?” I groaned as she slowly stroked her hands up and down the length of my shaft, slowly twisting them as she did so.

“Remember the campout when we did the canoe training for the second trip up to the boundary waters and we threw you in Escort Bayan Beylikdüzü the water?”

“The one we did after we did your birthday party? Yeah, I remember.”

“Yeah, big number eighteen…You had to go off into the bushes to change?”

“Yeah…I remember.” I said hesitantly.

“We all peaked and saw you naked while you were changing. You must have been turned on because you were sticking out pretty far. That night we were all talking about how big your cock was. Mandy even started masturbating in the tent while we were talking about it. After we went to sleep I did too. I had two fingers sliding in and out of my pussy, laying there picturing you kneeling over the top of me sliding your big fat cock in and out of me until I came. Ever since then I’ve wanted to feel you for real. Now’s my chance…and it’s a whole lot bigger than I remember it out there.”

“You girls all peaked at me?”

“Uh huh. We all snuck around the path until we could see through a gap in the bushes. Julie went to the car for something and didn’t catch us so we got to watch the whole time you were drying off and changing into your shorts.”

“I never knew.”

“Well, now you do.” She said as she let go of my cock and moved her hands to the dress bunched around her waist. She pulled the stretchy material up, peeling it up her body until she pulled it over her head. She tugged her arms out of it and tossed it on the sofa next to us, leaving her dressed in only the panties, stockings, heels and a very lacy revealing bra.

She lowered her hands to my hips and grabbed my shorts again, tugging on the waist. “If you want to see my tits you’re going to have to help. It’s not like you’re hiding anything, I mean I already have your dick in my hands.”

“There is that.” I said, giving in and hoping this didn’t come back to bite me later. The fact was, I really did want to see her tits and she did have my cock out. I lifted my hips and she slid my shorts and underwear down as far as she could with where she was sitting on my legs.

As soon as she had then down she scooted forward, sliding her lace covered pussy along my shaft as she pinned it between our bodies. “Would you like to take my bra off?” She cooed as she put her hands on the back of the sofa on either side of my chair and lifted herself so her big tits were sticking almost in my face.

“With pleasure.” I answered as I slid my hands up her bare sides, my fingers just barely skimming her skin. I traced the line of the bra strap around her back and then deftly flicked the four hooks holding it around her, letting the material snap apart and around her sides. She gave her shoulders a little wiggle and the tiny shoulder straps fell off, allowing the bra to slide down her arms and lay across my face. One at a time she moved her arms to pull them out of the loops and then settled back with her large tits inches from my face.

“Nice.” I whispered as I cupped each large firm breast, reaching my tongue out to tease first one and then the other large oblong areola before sucking her large hard nipple into my mouth.

“Ohhhhhh yes.” She moaned as I swirled my tongue around and around her nipple, periodically sucking each one into my mouth and then nibbling the tip with my teeth. “I’ve had quite a few boys play with my tits but no one ever made them feel like this!” She moaned softly into my ear as she leaned her head down to kiss the side of my face.

I felt her shift her weight, her tits blocking my vision of what she was doing, and my hands more than busy cupping both luscious tits. I felt her lean down a bit more, making me have to stretch slightly to keep her nipple in my mouth, but was rewarded with the feeling of her slender fingers teasing the head of my cock.

“Ohhhhhhh” I moaned softly around her tit as I felt the wetness of her pussy envelope the tip of my cock and nestle into her small tunnel opening. She pushed herself back slowly, gasping with each breath as her tunnel slowly stretched to allow my head to slip inside. Finally I felt the pressure change as my mushroom head popped inside, now feeling her tight tunnel squeeze and tease me.

“Oh my god.” She gasped as she sat there, not moving, my fat shaft barely inside her. “God you are so big.” She moaned as she began to make tiny little bounces, only a half an inch or so at first, but then slowly growing longer as more and more of me slipped inside her as it was lubricated by her juices.

“Uhhh God!” I gasped as I felt the end of her tunnel press against the tip of my cock, putting pressure in all the right places.

“You can say that again.” She moaned as she started sliding slowly up and down my shaft. “I feel like I’m going to cum any second and I’ve never climaxed just from having a cock inside me before.”

“That’s good then isn’t it?” I half moaned as my cock swelled and my balls started to tighten, my explosion inching closer much faster than I would have expected.

“OHHHH GOD here it comes!” She screamed as her whole body shook and quaked, her pussy convulsing around my fat dick. She tried to keep bouncing up and down, pulling her sexy tits away from my face as she leaned more upright. I watched her body flush pink as her orgasm ran through her body, teasing every part of her inside and out for what seemed like five minutes. Finally she settled on my still rock hard cock, panting for breath.

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