A Vaginal Monologue from a ManA Vaginal Monologue from a Man


Men often say that women have so much power over them.

Most women think this is rubbish because they never feel they have this kind of ‘control’ over a man.

But a loving man will express his love and profess it lovingly as often as possible in the secret little ‘power hold’ a woman possesses called her vagina.

Only if a woman knew how much her vagina was really worth. However, most women evolve only as part of a learning process and years of experience so to speak.

Practice makes perfect and perfect make a woman. As years go by, the little vagina learns it worth, learns how to bring her pleasure and serve her loyally.

So, let’s not forget the role a man plays in the evolvement of the vagina.

A Vaginal Monologue from a Man’s Perspective

So, as a man, what do I love about my wife’s vagina or shall I say pussy or better yet call it, ‘My Little Cunt?’

Well, my wife’s little cunt is her favorite body part! So what can I say? I have thought about how I feel about the little love hole and so here it goes.

‘My Little Cunt!’

Is it sexist to say that the cunt I fuck is what I like to call ‘My Little Cunt?’ But it is, I must profess.

I am the one bursa escort that gets down there and makes love to it with my tongue and my cock.

I get down there or in there because it is ‘My Little Cunt.’

I take my tongue and split those thick lips as I enter the lower vestiges of ‘My Little Cunt.’

My kissing lips meet my little vagina’s lips.

In addition to the beautiful lips on my wife’s face, there are those two thick beautiful outer little cunt lips.

Then I pass by the thin, tender inner lips on the way to the folds of my wife’s womanhood.

Yes, it is truly the body part that makes a woman remarkable and wholly different from a man.

For example, I have nipples and so does she!

I have two eyes, lips, a nose, fingers, toes and even an asshole that we share, love and so does she!

But the vagina is the part of a woman’s body that I cannot comprehend.

Pussy envy is far more inexplicable than any penis envy.

‘My Little Cunt’ goes through its monthly cycles but then it also gets instantly wet with a tender caress or a soft kiss at other times of the month.

Its wetness is sweet and saline all at the same time.

The lips of ‘My bursa escort bayan Little Cunt’ part as I kiss the outer edges of the vagina and a hole opens up furtively as it widens, expands and covers my cock as I begin to enter this wonderful part of woman’s anatomy. ‘My Little Cunt’ can thrust and spasm in orgasm so many more times than my cock.

It can satisfy a man like me over and over again, immeasurably unlike my sometimes unreliable cock which may not get hard again after it orgasms for what seems like forever.

Is it alright to say that I am jealous, too, as a man?

I would love to have a deep orgasm that causes my prostate to go into spasm like a uterus does when I fuck ‘My Little Cunt,’ deeply and powerfully.

This mysterious little cunt gives life and that also makes me jealous.

My children passed through ‘My Little Cunt’ nine months after my cock planted its seed and they were protected in “My Little Cunts’ precious orifice.

Just as the uterus spasmed when my babies made way, it spasmed to force my wonderful children down and through that precious little cunt.

Both times, as it screamed in joy and pain the spasm overtook an entire body and life embarked escort bursa forgiving the pain it caused ‘My Little Cunt.’

‘My Little Cunt’ stretched out beyond a reasonable limit to allow my children to enter the world saying goodbye to that voyage and bringing miracles into the world.

Oh, the pleasure “My Little Cunt’ has seen.

The huge clit that overlooks the opening to ‘My Little Cunt’ is wonderful to look at, a sentinel pointing to the most tender and sensuous opening of a woman.

The flood of pleasure dripping down ‘My Little Cunt’ lips tastes like nothing else and as hips buck and ride my face, my tongue enters deeply into the folds of that little cunt making moans and groans of great pleasure.

Those folds massage my cock and its lips keep me inside that little cunt until I shoot a load of cum that floods it, only to remind it later of how good that little cunt made me feel.

The vagina goes through many seasons of life that only a woman can know.

So thank you for allowing me to say my wife is ‘My Little Cunt!’ proudly and unanimously.

I will promise to continue to fuck ‘My Little Cunt!’ and to eat ‘My Little Cunt.’ to suck the clit to ‘My Little Cunt, ‘ to watch it moan in ecstasy as it continues to pleasure me and bring pleasure to it. I love you ‘My Little Cunt!’ and I always will till death does us part!

Excuse me but I think I will go and visit now ‘My Little Cunt.’

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