A Royal Impregnation Ch. 05A Royal Impregnation Ch. 05


She lay on the stone slab, watching the oil drip from the jar suspended over her. Maharani Samyukta was in paradise. The herbal treatment and care in the sage’s ashram was exhilarating. She was well attended in her own palace too. But the entire ambiance and change in setting in the ashram brought a whole new level of relaxation to her.

She felt that the enhanced experience was in good measure attributable to Samar Singh’s treatment of her. The sexual encounters had been vigorous and she had been fucked in a very physically energetic fashion. Her limbs were delightfully sore and her cunt felt stretched to new dimensions. She ached in parts of her body and felt thrills in places she did not know existed.

And the masseuse, who had been working her body and massaging oil into her, had expert fingers. The hands of the woman found the knots and the tension spots and relieved them. Samyukta felt her body alive and once again aching for the attentions of her new found man. The masseuse was playing her body like a flute and she could have indulged in some sexual relief with her. But she knew Samar Singh was leaving. This could be her last chance with the stud, whereas the masseuse could indulge her any other time.

The Rajmata had watched her daughter-in-law and the Chief of Guards fuck beyond the call of duty. She now had no doubts that the impregnation would have happened. The young man had drenched her more than once in his cum. The Rajmata’s own passions were inflamed and she would have thought nothing of satiating herself with the man young enough to be her son.

But in the cold light of day, she got hold of herself and commanded Samar Singh to head back to the Kingdom, leaving behind the contingent of guards. They were due to stay at the ashram till the confirmation of the pregnancy. She would send word for him so he could escort them back. But for now, he was no longer needed here.

Samar Singh knew why. All night he and Samyukta had slept in a huddle on the floor of the tent. The Maharani had woken sometime in the wee hours and this time she had reached behind her and found him spooned against her. His cock was semi-erect and had acknowledged her searching fingers. Samyukta did not turn around. She fisted him to a fullness and raising her leg, let him slip in from behind. When they finished her cunt was sore. They were noisy and wild and once again the Rajmata was disturbed from her sleep.

Both of them had violated the principles laid down by the Rajmata for the project. It was inevitable that he would be sent away. Samar Singh was now busy packing his things, when the Maharani’s closest maid, a confidante arrived.

“Maharani Sahiba wants to see you before you leave,” she informed him.

“Where is she?” he asked. He had looked for her and could not find her and the Rajmata was cold to him and would not tell.

“She is in the hut at the other end, where herbal treatment is done,” said the maid, blushing. Her mistress was playing with fire, she knew. The Maharani herself was on fire and she knew that too. “Samar Singh ji must be a real stud for my lady to be so far gone,” she thought to herself.

Samyukta lay there, her body bare. The masseuse’s expert hands had relieved her of all physical tension but set her body afire with sexual tension. That man had opened up a new dimension to her personality; she couldn’t get enough of him. Yes, he was young and strong. But it was more than that. She couldn’t care what it was. She was unhappy he was going but she could not have done anything about it. They should have been discreet around the Rajmata. The Rajmata, having started this, was now being strict about adhering to the intent and code of conduct she had laid down.

Her body throbbed for the rough hands of the soldier to massage her in the exact same places where the soft but firm hands of the masseuse had. And Maharani Samyukta couldn’t wait.

He entered the hut was stunned to see Samyukta lying nude on the slab. Her body glistened with oil. Her breasts were like floats on her chest, gravity making them flatten against her body. One nipple was sidefacing while the other breast was straight with nipple pointing skyward; both were erect. His Maharani was magnificent and aroused. His cock jerked in salute. Ever since her his erection rarely eskort bayan gorukle fully subsided. The only relief was the warm nest of her cunt. Otherwise, the hardness now ached him.

She sensed he had entered. She turned to her side, raising one leg with bent knee. She was unmindful of the yawning gap it caused between her legs and the fact that her pussy was visible to Samar Singh. She wanted that. “Samar Singhji, the masseuse has left an incomplete job,” she whispered, her voice hoarse with excitement.

Samyukta weighed up one breast in her hand, caressing her nipple. She shivered. She beckoned him to come near.

“Maharani Sahiba,” he whispered.

“I know how to make you call me Samyuktaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,” she responded, her hand searching under his dhoti.

She did not grip his cock. Her soft hands merely flitted on the flesh like a butterfly, feathery kisses from her fingertips to the cock. He groaned. “Massage me!” she ordered him, lying back and spreading her legs as wide as she could.

He stared at the lust — filled woman. He was supposed to be leaving soon and they were not to be seeing each other. And here he was drinking in her beauty. Samar Singh reached for her ankles, leaning with his weight on them. As he looked up her body he could see the gaping open lips, her breasts thrust upward and the Maharani looking down at him.

With eyes focusing on the slit between her legs, and imagining his mouth glued to her cunt, Samar Singh rubbed her ankles. They were coated in oil and soon his fingers were slippery too. As he leaned forward his hands slid and he found himself at her knees. He moved forward to get closer. Now he was kneeling on the slab between her legs. He ran his thumbs up her thigh. Samyukta shuddered as he expertly triggered all the hotspots on her thighs. She raised her knees slightly opening out to him, her cunt now aching for his touch.

Both thumbs reached her hips and Samar Singh pushed the flesh together, pushing the flesh together and up, making a mound. At the centre of the mound lay her slit, and at the bottom lay her bubbling clit, now engorged and throbbing. He moved his hands apart, and her pussy lips separated again. He now pulled her thigh flesh apart, making the cunt stretch without his direct touch.

Samyukta groaned, “Samar Singhji!”

Again he pushed the flesh together. Cunt lips kissed each other and the clit was caught in between. When he rotated the balls of his thumbs the clit was caught in a grinding motion. Her pussy belched and a fluid started to flow. This time when his thumbs moved apart, the gaping lips were glistening. Yes! He was having the effect he wanted to have on her! Samar Singh felt himself reddening at his own sense of satisfaction. His cock was now engorged to its peak level.

Samyukta realized that Samar Singh while inexperienced was instinctive. Her clit was being massaged and rotated. When the thumbs came together, the clit was pressed from both sides. When he pulled her apart her clit was stretched. How delightful! But why, why did he not stroke the aching flesh directly? Her hand grabbed his to try and force the issue. She held his fingers and stroked her cunt with his hand.

Samar Singh pulled back and resumed the teasing rotation of the clit. Samyukta now felt a tingling in her nipples as the manipulation touched new spots. Samar Singh leaned back and forward as he rotated the flesh. Now his face was near her pussy, and now it was near her breasts. But he never touched her. When his face came close to her breasts his cock touched the inside of her thighs. Samyukta felt lines of electricity shoot from her clit to her nipples.

Her hands flew to her breasts but she was slapped away by Samar Singh. “Those belong to me!” he barked. She twisted and turned her head in desperation. She wanted to be touched but he wouldn’t. She wanted to touch herself but he would not let her. He was torturing her.

Samar Singh now caressed her torso, hands gliding up from pussy to the base of her breasts. He nudged the pussy and took a smear of her cunt juice and painted her body with it, mixing it into the oil. By the time he reached her breasts his hands were coated with oil. He then dragged the oil down, drenching her pubes in the lubricant. Samyukta shuddered. Each mudanya escort time he came so close to her breasts she was sure he was going to touch her; and then he receded.

Till suddenly, both his hands clasped the breasts. She moaned and thrust her hips and breasts forward, hoping for any further contact with him. Samar Singh kneaded the oil into the globes, the ball of his thumb rolling the flesh. Samyukta shuddered and her nipples glistened with oil as they stood as tall as they could. This time, when Samar Singh withdrew and his nails drew a line to her pussy, the line was along the path of pleasure.

The Queen flowed shamelessly. Her cunt melted into a stream of juice which the soldier watched with pride. He had made her his slave and he enjoyed seeing her helpless with pleasure. Instinctively he dropped his head to the pussy and a broad tongue lapped at the wide open lips.

Maharani Samyukta gripped his head in her hands. He was not to be let go of. She forced his face to stay there and fucked at him with her hips. Samar Singh lapped up the juices but his own saliva flowed and added to the mess between her legs. Then his tongue pointed up and focused on the clit.

She screamed. It was so loud that it seemed to reverberate and echo from the mountains around. She couldn’t have cared less. She screamed again and again. “Samar Singh jeeeeeeeeeee!” she yelled, leaving no one in doubt about the protagonists in this drama of lust.

Samar Singh experimented. He lashed her this way and then that way. He noted what made her jerk the most. And then he gently stroked her incessantly so that she kept jerking with every stroke.

“Ha. Ha. Ha. Aha. Hai. Ahaaaaa! Haaaaaah!” went the Maharani as the jerking movements blended with each other to become convulsions. Her hands pulled and twisted his ears and she bucked and thrashed. Samar Singh struggled to keep his tongue on the right spot. But soon enough, it didn’t matter. Samyukta was over the cliff and into the abyss.

“YaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaH!” she hollered as her body took over. Samar Singh reached up and held her breasts, mauling and pinching as he tried to hold her body down. Samyukta threw herself at his face. His fingers tortured her nipples and she noted in the haze of pleasure in her mind that that too was pleasure. She beat her body against his head and smeared her cunt on his face. Samar Singh buried himself in his Maharani’s service.

So when the gushing started he could not have moved. She was not in control of her body, it just flowed. She couldn’t stop anything. Her body just beat the slab of stone below her and then his face. Like a pendulum she swung from one to the other. She twisted, turned, thumped and dug her nails in. He lapped and slobbered and tongued and drank.

She felt a strong surge in her breasts and it seemed liquid shot up her nipples. She was surprised when nothing came out but her nubbins quaked as if they had yielded as much juice as her cunt.

“You own me! You own me! You own me!” she babbled. “I am yours! Take! Give! Fuckkkkkkkk” she wailed. As her bubbling cunt continued its flailing she decided to quell it with his cock. Where was that monster which fit so snugly in her womb? Samyukta sat up and reached down to grab his cock. Her hand found the target, swollen and wet. She poured oil on it, anointing. Lovingly, she slid her hand up and down the pillar of flesh.

Samar Singh groaned, “Maharani Sahibaa! Mujhe andar le lo!” (Take me in.)

She kneeled between his legs. As she planted kisses on it, the cock bobbed. Samar Singh reached under her and shoved his fingers into her cunt. It was no use; the channel was wide open and soaked. He knew only his cock could stretch her further.

They were both slippery with oil. Samar Singh wondered if he could grip her well enough to fuck her as hard as she deserved. Her ass, jutting up gave him an idea. He moved behind her positioning himself to plunder her from behind. Maharani Samyukta took the position of a bitch, on all fours, her hands grippin the edge of the slab so she could brace herself for an assault.

Samar Singh held his cock and prodded her between the thighs. Samyukta shuddered as she felt the probing cockhead search her cunt. It touched in all sorts of places. But she bursa evi olan escort really panicked when he seemed headed for the wrong orifice. In urgent haste, she reached under and with forefinger and thumb pulled the cock lower, to where its target lay.

“Now push!” she urged him, when the head was well positioned. Samar Singh rocked forward and found him sinking to the hilt. His stomach slapped on her ass and Samyukta grunted.

Samar Singh gripped her hips, willing her to hold still for a pounding. Samyukta spread her knees apart to invite him in. Samar Singh hammered in. the slimy juices, the oil, and their perspiring bodies made it a slippery and messy affair. But the cock grated along Samyuukta’s channel touching her in the most sensitive of spots. “hah! Hah! Hah!” she went in ecstasy.

She slid on the oily surface below. His hands struggled to hold her in place. He himself felt his knees slide backward. And then it occurred to him; her breasts were perfect handles to hold and pull her body backward onto his cock.

Her breasts, hanging loose, jiggled with every thrust. They swung like pendulums and she watched herself with crazed lust. “Look at how the Maharani is being plundered! Look at her breasts swinging around. And see that massive flagpole reaming her!” she marveled.

Just as her nipples started to ache, with impeccable timing, Samar Singh leaned forward and held both pots of flesh in his hands. He gripped her hard, willfully hurting her. Holding on to the breasts as a handle, the fucking became ever more vigorous. Loud slapping sounds emanated as flesh beat on flesh. Samyukta decided to fuck back; she did so artfully, sliding her cunt opening over the cockhead and doing little else. She compensated for Samar Singh’s force with the subtlety of her angling. As the tender and ultra sensitive head of flesh felt her “o” sliding over it, he shuddered.

The breasts too were slippery with oil and her sweat. It only made him grip them fiercely, pinching, mauling and twisting. It was a battle royale, and Samyukta was apparently getting the better of it with the expert movement of her sheath over his weapon.

“Stop” he commanded her, not wanting a conclusion so soon. She responded with a magnificently timed thrust. Samar Singh gagged and lost control of his neck muscles. His head flailed as saliva dripped. Samyukta was ruthless. Her crescendo was approaching and her cunt was raw from the assault of the last two days. They had to finish together. She swayed her hips, teasing and cajoling an orgasm out of him.

Samar Singh exploded into her. As his seed poured into her, it flowed back, dripping to the slab below. Samyukta watched his hands clenching her breasts, fingers white. Her nipples felt raw from his clutching but pleasurably so. She was his to be plundered and she wanted him to leave body marks on her. Perhaps her breasts would carry delicious bruises of his attention to them. She looked beyond and saw his thighs quivering. She thrust back artfully, making his cock quail in submission.

He was now supine over her, his monstrous appellation now a throbbing, reducing jut of flesh. She went at the head, giving him waves and waves of pleasure. As the spasms washed over him, Samar Singh felt his eyes droop. He was beside himself. He had drooled all over her back. He had spilled deep into her. His cock was subjugated. It continued to be semi hard; but he was spent for now.

The aftershocks of his orgasm receded to mild tremors. He slid off her back and lay on the floor next to his Queen. A hand idly held her breast as he felt sleep wash over him. The queen was hardly in a position to appreciate the ministrations of hands on her breasts; she was watching in horror as her mother-in-law once again appeared at the scene of their copulation.

She looked below and noted her cunt was still dripping. This was certainly not the position the queen mother had wanted to guarantee impregnation.

The Rajmata gave a curt wave with her head to instruct the Maharani to be gone. These two had become animals in lust and clearly she could do no more to stop them. She was glad she had asked Samar Singh to leave that day. Enough fucking had happened in the last 48 hours. And the Rajmata knew he was a big cummer. Surely the Maharani would be found pregnant. There was no need to wait and watch.

Clearly, the Maharani could just not keep herself off that cock. As her daughter-in-law gathered her unraveled robes and left, the Rajmata focused on the young man who was in slumber on the slab.

Or more precisely, on his cock.

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