A Quick OneA Quick One


They stand up, and move into the hallway, as she prepares to go back to work after a nice quiet lunch together. They hug, and give each other a squeeze. She stares into his eyes, and sighs as he kisses her gently on the cheek, and then on the mouth. She gasps as she feels his tongue trying to push into her mouth. She parts her lips, allowing his tongue entry, and fighting back with hers. They kiss for what seems like an eternity. Until, panting she pulls away from him, and looks into his lust filled eyes.

He leans forward, and presses his lips onto hers, sealing them together with an energetic kiss. She pulls herself closer to him, rubbing herself against his growing hardness.

His hands grip her bum, and begin to pull her skirt higher. She moans as his hands finally find the naked flesh of her bum. He grips her harder, and kisses her more deeply. She kisses him back, and slips her hand between them, and begins to massage his erection. He groans as she opens his fly, and grips his hard cock.

He finds the edge of her g-string, eskort bayan bursa and begins to pull. She gives a little yelp, as he jerks hard, and the flimsy material tears. He pulls her knickers off, and drops the remnants onto the floor.

She wraps one leg round him, as she pulls his hard cock out of his trousers, and presses it against the wet lips of her pussy. He pushes against her, and feels the head of his engorged cock slip into her waiting cunt.

They groan in unison at the heat emanating from their connected groins. They stand there, con-joined, as the delicious sensations build. He carefully slides one hand from her bum, and begins to knead her full, firm breasts, feeling her nipples harden and show through the material of her bra and shirt. She leans her head forward, and begins to kiss his face and neck, while slowly stroking his hard cock. They kiss again, enjoying the taste of each other. The kiss ends, and there lips break apart, leaving them both gasping for breath, and even more ready for what is altıparmak escort to come.

She moves her hand away from his cock, and grips him hard round the neck, lifting herself onto her tip-toes, as he presses himself closer, sliding his cock deeper into her willing cunt. Their lips meet again in a feverish kiss, as he begins to slide his cock in and out of her.

He pushes her harder against the wall, and she responds by lifting herself higher. He grips her arse tightly, and she wraps her other leg round his waist, allowing him to penetrate her deeper. She gasps into his mouth as he rams his rigid cock deep into her gaping cunt.

He breaks off the kiss, and begins gasping for air as he slams into her pussy. She bites his neck, encouraging him in his labours, as she begins to reach her orgasm. She shudders with orgasmic delight, as she cums, her body responding in the way she loves as he pounds into her. As her orgasm peaks, she feels her already wet cunt getting wetter.

His thrusts bursa türbanlı escort are getting faster, as he feels his balls tighten. He grunts with the effort, and then goes rigid as his cock begins to pump steamers of thick hot spunk deep into her waiting cunt. He pushes her hard against the wall, his legs locked as he cums. She shudders again, still on a high from her orgasm, as she feels his spunk pour into her. She holds on tight as he thrusts a few more times, emptying his balls. Their lips meet, in a hot post-orgasmic kiss, sealing the act with the love they share for each other.

She smiles at him, and he smiles back.

“Sorry babe, I’ve got to go back to work.” She whispers.

“OK.” He says, ”I suppose I need to let you get cleaned up and out then.”

“That would be a good idea.” She chuckles, giving him another kiss. They carefully disentangle themselves, and as she picks up her ruined underwear he caresses her tight bum. She looks at him as she stands up, her eyes sparkling with life.

“What am I going to wear this afternoon?” She asks him with a smile on her lips.

“Well, as it happens, I’ve got some underwear that I bought for you as a present, and since you need some, I’m sure you can have it now, I’ll get it while you clean up.” He laughs.

But that is another story entirely………………

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