Subject: My Sexy Scoutmaster Dad 9 All the usual disclaimers apply. Three fans of my stories have recently informed me they have donated to Nifty to support and keep Nifty going. That is fuckin’ awesome. Thanks, guys ! Hope the rest of you horny dudes around the globe will join us in donating. Donation before masturbation ! Please send me your constructive feedback at [email protected] My Sexy Scoutmaster Dad 9 Our next camping trip for the scouts of Troop 388 was to Buck Williams, our former Scoutmaster’s favorite spot, Blue Springs. The Springs were great and no one needed showers but the steamy group shower house became the place to be every night. My fit and Sexy dad, Chief put on quite the show,strutting around in just his jock strap and then going in the shower house for Stripping down and soaping up his hot basketball bod for all to see. I stood next to him stroking my hard cock as Chief washed and rubbed his girthy 6.5 inches. Then he would moan as he washed his hairy balls and soaped up his hairy ass crack. He would jump a little when he stuck his soapy index finger in his hole. The guys would laugh every time when Chief would say, “Get in those assholes and get em squeaky clean, men. No man wants skid marks in his skivvies !” He made it a fun and accepting atmosphere for the younger guys who wanted to watch Chief and me and other older guys jack off and send our cum swirling down the shower drain. We were the nightly entertainment and sex teachers for a bunch of admiring youngsters. The younger Scouts matched our cock stroking and moaned when they had dry cum orasms. One Young Scout Robbie was really jacking his 3.5 inch spike next to me when he announced he was about to have his first organism. Guys who heard it started to laugh at Robbies expense but Chief cut them off and told Red headed Robbie to go for it. And he did not need to piss. “Just ride the wave to your first orgasm, Robbie you are becoming a man, buddy.” Just a few days after my Eagle Scout Court Of Honor would be my 16 th birthday party. My mom set it up at a steak house and I invited some school and scout friends. And I invited Angela,a girl in my class because izmit escort bayan I knew it would Make my mom happy. But it was my buddy, Bud I really wanted to invite to my private party When stuff like that came up, my mother just said she and Chief just want me to be happy so I think she knew. I knew I was different from other boys around age five. They say mothers always know. The day after my March 13th party, I picked up Bud walking back to his barracks. He asked if Chief had given me a birthday present and I told him about the party. Bud told me no, I would know if I got my present from my dad. He was acting sneaky and I was a little suspicious when he told me his suite mate was on TDY. So he told me to make up an excuse and come to his barracks room at 8 pm on Saturday night. The lights were low and music was playing when farm boy Bud greeted me at his door. We undressed each other and Bud led me into his shower. We washed each other and even put soapy index fingers up each other’s holes. That’s when we had our first make out session. I caught on quickly and loved it. Bud said I was a natural. Same thing he said about my blow job skills. Bud genfly pushed me to my knees so I thought he wanted me to suck him but he surprised me with a blast of his pungent piss in my face and mouth and down my chest. Then Bud knelt and pushed me up to stand over him. I knew what he wanted so I took a wicked piss all over my appreciative buddy who opened his mouth and extended his pink tongue. I thought I heard somebody at the outer door but Bud said don’t worrry about it, man. Then Bud told me it was time for my douching lesson. He had two little plastic bottles filled w salt water and he helped me insert and squeeze into my ass as I was on all fours on his shower floor. I would hold the liquid as long as possible and then shoot the water into the shower drain. That went on until the liquid came out of my butt completely clear. It was also clear I was prepping to lose my anal virginity tonight ! We dried off and moved back into Bud’s bedroom. He told me to get up on his bed on all fours and to arch my back. He called this the eat my ass position and izmit eve gelen escort I was excited to feel Bud’s tongue probing my tight pucker. Then Bud sorta went crazy eating out my tight teen boy butt. It was like he was a hungry Wolverine chowing down on my asshole like it was a pork chop !Super intense. I loved every second Bud tongue fucked me. Then Bud lubed up his fingers and probed my hole and lubricated my ass channel thoroughly. He got up to three fingers and that was my limit. Bud told me to turn over on my back and lean back onto his chest and lap. My buddy rubbed my pecs and squeezed my nipples, making me feel safe and sexy. I asked if he would fuck me tonight so I would be ready if I could get Chief interested in anal fun with me. Bud asked if I remembered at the Crew Party in the field house showers that Chief warned the airmen against penile penetration ? Bud said That was because Chief told Bud many times it is the sacred duty of a father to pop his son’s cherry and initiate the next generation into the horny passions and pleasures of hot mansex. Bud whispered in my ear that if that father son. Chief To John Jt sex was what I wanted, I would have to ask for it. It seemed weird but I said it because I wants it. I needs it. I gots to have it ! “I want and need Chief, My Sexy Scoutmaster Dad to fuck me.” Bud said that was good but I could do better. So anyone in the barracks on this Saturday night could hear me and what I wanted an needed. So I really cut loose and yelled, “I want my Sexy Scoutmaster Dad to take his big daddy dick and Ram my Tight Hole. All night would be good. The entire barracks must have heard me on that one ! I really hoped something would happen with my hero, Chief, someday in the future. I got a huge shock when Bud’s closet door opened and my father,Chief stepped out wearing only his old black crusty jockstrap. Oh my god. Here is my amazing dad ready to fuck my ass ! Bud grabbed my ankles and pulled my slim legs back making a lewd display of my rock hard 6 inch cock, teen balls and lightly hairy hole I felt so vulnerable and exposed to chief’s Eyes scanning my 16 izmit otele gelen escort year old body. We were turning each other on big time. Chief fumbled to remove his jockstrap but succeeded and moved into fuck position. Bud told me to take a deep breath and when Chief’s dad cock goes in, I need to push out like I am taking a dump. Bud said Chief would take it easy on me at first but once he got going, my dad was going to spike my tight ass so hard ! And he would bang my love nut into mush. Chief stared into my eyes lovingly and lustily as he pushed further until he bottomed out in my ass. He stopped moving and let me get used to a big cock inside me. But soon Chief started fucking me in and out. “Get ready, John Jr. the storm is coming.” That’s when Chief went into overdrive and fucked my tight little asshole like a well oiled machine. This went on for a long time and I was in fuck boy heaven. Chief worked up a sweat power fucking his son’s virgin ass. My little mangina would never be the same. I was moaning in pleasure as Chief pulled out and shot a huge load of warm daddy cum all over my ass. But he kept pounding me so hard fucking his splooge into a frothy mix. Then Chief pulled his cock out of my well fucked hole and kneeled down to collect a mouthful of his frothy cum from my just well fucked hole. He crawled up the bed over my body until we were face to face. Bud used both his hands to pry mouth open so Chief could dribble the sperm that made me down into my mouth. Bud said it was so fuckin’ hot to watch Chief pop his sexy son’s cherry and feed him the sperm that made him. He said it was an honor to witness this sacred act. Then Chief turned his attention to my rock hard cock. He gave it a few wet sucks before he used his saliva and my precum to jack my dick and help me shoot a huge load. When I came, my ropes of cum sprayed up my torso. Chief leaned down and vacuumed my sperm up off my torso. He crawled up and when Bud pulled my mouth open,my dad dribbled my cum down into my mouth. Bud pushed a few drops of cum into my mouth. So hot. “So, son, was my fucking your tight virgin ass everything you hoped it would be ?” “Chief, sex with you was so amazing and my dream come true. From those first crew parties where I ran around naked, it was all leading to this moment. “Thank you, Chief and thank you to Bud for helping to make it happen. You guys are the greatest.” Please send constructive comments to me at hoo

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