A Mother’s PleasureA Mother’s Pleasure


Kevin was smart as far as book learning went, but when it came to life experiences he was clueless. His mother had been over-protective to the point she didn’t allow Kevin to leave the house. There are those who might say she wanted Kevin for herself, for he was a good looking young man, with a strong body, especially his lower body that supported his massive engine. She watched his every move, especially when he showered, hoping to get a glimpse of what she knew he was packing. Judging from his shorts, he had a mind boggling cock. This is what she told herself and this drove her to masturbate almost constantly, moaning in heat because she wanted that limb embedded in her cunt. Her name was Beth .

Beth was from the old school. She didn’t believe you should let a guy kiss you on your first date, and it would take a lot of dates before a guy could cop a feel. She wore too much underwear and going on a movie date with Beth was a bad idea. By the time a guy got her bra off, and worked his way into her cotton panties, the movie was over. She much preferred to go to the movies with Gracie, her sorority girlfriend. Especially if it was a double feature. They would both be wearing sweaters and skirts and go sit up in the balcony. Of course, during afternoon showings, the balconies would be almost empty and Gracie and Beth , giggling much too loudly, would be squeezing each others’ titties.

Gracie had a bigger chest than Beth, but as far as nipples being sensitive, Beth had far more sensitive nipples. She almost climaxed from nipple play, and Gracie was well aware of this fact. She teased Beth very cruelly pinching her nipples, tugging on them and making Beth laugh and cry at the same time until she wet her undies.

It didn’t take long before the two college teenagers graduated to finger play and then it was a contest as to who could climax first. Gracie was much more tidy, and carried a clean handkerchief in her purse, but Beth did not. Planning ahead, to her, was a personality defect and she felt being compulsive about climaxes spoiled the fun. When she had an orgasm she squirted, making a mess of the floor and it was a good thing ushers didn’t check the balcony. Most often they found used condoms and fluids and one time a turd. Luckily they never found a dead body.

The good times with Gracie ended when they graduated from college and Gracie went into the Peace Corps. As for Beth she figured she’d get married, settle down and have kids. As fate would have it, being restrictive on dates only resulted in her getting a reputation for being frigid. Men avoided her because men wanted someone for recreational sex, as they say. They hung out in bars, where the music was loud, everyone smoked something or other, and men attempted to buy a girl a drink and then hustle her off to a dirty apartment for a quick fuck.

Beth didn’t have the advantage of big boobs, and this required her to be able to hold an intelligent conversation. Nature always preserves a balance, and being clever, witty, and politically correct eliminated most men, whose IQ equaled their belt size. As she grew older, she became more frustrated and gave up on the idea of finding the right man. She dated a woman who reminded her of Gracie, but when the woman wanted to flog her and leave her ass as red as an apple, Beth left her. And that’s when Wilbur appeared.

Wilbur was a renaissance man. He knew something about everything, but mostly about buying stocks. He had an uncanny ability to choose the right stocks, and he’d regard a company’s balance sheet as bullshit. He ignored the advice of analysts, whose only purpose was to mislead novices in the market. His education was similar to other great men in America, being nothing worth mentioning. He was kicked out of high school for raping his English teacher, a ripe young woman who was naive enough to believe she could teach students to write a simple paragraph using words not found on a men’s room wall. Not only was she buggered, but she came to like it as well. It was, unfortunately, school policy to expel students who buggered their teachers, or each other. As Wilbur made his exit, so did she.

Besides Wilber’s claim to fame of being an incipient sodomist, he possessed a gigantic cock, and that is why, to this day, that hapless English teacher walks with a limp.

Like most young women, Beth was fascinated and hypnotized by the size of his affair. When he suggested they get married, she agreed, and in her mind never understood why she married him — whether it was his finances, or the lure of his imposing weapon. She certainly did not love him.

When he met Beth , he was captivated by her big green eyes and cupid bow lips. He loved her lips and he got a hard-on whenever he thought of her lips. They spent their honeymoon in San Diego, at the Coronado Hotel. It was expensive but Wilbur could afford it. The market had recently dropped 500 points and Wilbur had earlier sold short.

They bought a nice home outside of San Diego. Their first year together, typical of many newly weds, was horrible. It was a ‘getting to know you’ kırıkkale seks hikayeleri year, and they fought about how much Beth was willing to do for Wilbur in bed. Or in the living room, or even in the parking lot of a supermarket. When Wilbur wanted it, he wanted it when he wanted it.

He loved having his cock sucked, and other women had sucked his cock. Now he was married to Beth and he wasn’t sure if she would go down on him. It was a quiet evening at home, and they were sipping a nice Chardonnay.

“Go down on me, Beth.” Wilbur smiled at her.

Beth adamantly shook her head.

“I’m not gonna blow you,” she shuddered.

Wilbur was fisting his cock, holding it out to his wife.

“I said I want you to suck me off,” he repeated to her.

“That’s too fucking bad,” she snapped indignantly. “I think you’ve got a nerve to ask me to go down on your dirty old cock and suck it off for you!”

Wilbur was offended, and hurt.

“You take it easy!” he warned her.

He gripped Beth ‘s shoulders and shoved her down between his legs.

“I’m not gonna suck your sweaty old pecker,” she snapped.

“Yes, you are!” he told her. “I ate your pussy and now you’re gonna suck my cock!”

It was the usual argument early in their marriage. When Wilbur would get hot and lick Beth’s pussy, she didn’t care. As a matter of fact, she enjoyed having anyone’s tongue sliding into her pussy hole. However, when the situation was reversed and Wilbur wanted to get his jollies, Beth would not give him any mouth action.

Nevertheless, Wilbur was determined; he held her head impaled over his penis.

“You’re gonna suck it, damn it!” he told her.

Finally Beth relented. Opening her mouth, she let her cupid bow lips slide across the head of his cock. It always got her angry that he asked her to do this.

“Maybe if I said, ‘pretty please with honey on it,'” he told her grimly, “you’d go down there and suck.”

Anything to stall, Beth thought about what he said.

“Yes, that would make it easier,” she quipped quickly. “Put some honey on your pecker.”

He went to the kitchen and came back with a jar of honey. He dribbled some of it on the tip of his penis. His cock was stiff with anticipation, and he was very horny. He gripped his huge shaft in his hand and looked at her.

“Suck it,” he told her.

Bending over, Beth found it easier, with the honey, to let her tongue slide across her husband’s knob.

“That feels good,” he told her. “Now really do it. Suck it. Suck hard!”

Her moist lips moved up and down the length of his penis. He was becoming more and more excited.

“That’s the way I like it,” he told her. “Come on, baby, suck me. Suck me good!”

She found herself getting more aroused. There’s nothing like a thick cock to calm you down.

“Yes, baby,” he whispered, “that’s how I like it. Now you’re doing it! Keep it up. Suck, baby, suck!”

She was doing a superb job of sucking his cock. It always got his balls stimulated very quickly. He was ready to blow, and she sucked harder. She knew her vacuum action would do it, and her sucking got his balls humming. He was ready to shoot, even though she was enjoying the tonguing action. She rolled her tongue in spirals, then bobbed up and down. But he was humping at her face, and his asshole tingled. He was trying to make it last as long as possible.

“That’s the way to do it,” he whispered, almost pleading. “Suck it!!!!!”

Suddenly his creamy cum erupted in her mouth. She swallowed it as fast as she could but he had a sperm gun between his legs. The sperm overflowed, and ran out of the corners of her mouth.

“Yes, yes,” he cried eagerly, “suck it off. That’s the way! What a mouth!”

His warm, creamy seed flooded into her mouth. She was trying to keep up with the deluge.

“Yes, yes,” he begged, “suck it!”

His steaming spunk continued shooting into Beth ‘s throat. She gulped, and gagged, and groaned. She was doing her best to swallow Wilbur’s load, spurt after spurt.

When he had finished unloading, he pulled his penis out. He still had an erection.

“I just hope you’re satisfied now,” she told him, sounding irritated.

“Maybe I’m not yet,” he told her. “Maybe I still need something more. I’m still hard!” He gave her good eye contact. “How would it be if I fucked you in the ass?”

Wilbur was licking his lips as he peered at her ass cheeks. She had a classic ass, a bit too big, and plump. He almost knew what she was going to say.

“You’re not gonna stick your damn dick up my ass. Have you got that straight?”

Wilbur only smiled. He went over to her and pressed his cock against her buttocks as he wrapped his arms around her waist.

“Stop it!” she protested.

He let his cock slip smoothly between her cheeks. She enjoyed the sensation of his huge dick rubbing against her.

“Wilbur , please let me go,” she begged.

“Let me stick it up just this one time!” he pleaded.

When she saw how determined he was, she didn’t make a big fuss.

“All right, if you want it so bad,” she told him.

Finally he lubricated his shaft with a thick coat of honey.

“Get on the floor, honey, in front of the mirror,” he told her. “Put a pillow under your stomach. That’s what I want you to do.”

Wilbur gripped her ass cheeks, eased his long affair between them and with a forceful stab he sent his slippery cock right into her rectum.

“Fuck,” he panted as he thrust forward, “fuck it! That’s the way, honey. Fuck back at me!”

With deep, penetrating cock action, he assaulted her spreading asshole.

“Wow!” he panted. “Now you’re doing it! That’s the way I like it. Fuck it!”

She was getting more and more aroused and the pain was bearable.

“That’s the way I like it. Now you’re doing it. Give me some ass action!”

She churned her hips around. He was getting more aroused every moment.

“Beautiful,” he told her. “Now, baby, let me really ram it in there!”

With a deep, penetrating cock stab he thrust his penis in all the way. She didn’t mind the pain as much. His cock was huge, and she was doing her best to accommodate him.

Wilbur was thinking only of himself. He loved the feeling of her sphincter massaging his rod. He wanted to get every kick that he could out of her beautiful body.

“Fuck it,” he told her excitedly. “Fuck!”

Grasping her ass cheeks, he rammed his penis hard up her rectum. As she twisted her behind, he obtained more pleasure.

“Yes,” he whispered excitedly, “that’s what I like. Now you’re doing it, baby! Fuck it. Fuck it off.”

With determined cock stabs he continued thrusting. His balls bounced against her ass cheeks as he rammed hard.

“It won’t be much longer now,” he panted as he pumped. “Oh, baby, twist it for me!”

With rock-hard cock stabs he went on jabbing her. All at once his penis exploded. Hot white cum shot up her asshole.

“Oh, that feels good … ,” he panted as he reached around and gripped her bosoms and squeezed her nipples.

Beth was glad that Wilbur had finally finished fucking her ass. She wondered how much more of this she could take.

He pulled his long, slippery penis out of her asshole and smiled at her as if he had achieved a milestone.

“Did you like it?” he smiled at her.

Beth got to her feet and shook her head.

“You’ve just given me a sore ass. I’m not gonna let you stick it up there again, damn it.”

Wilbur went to bed and went to sleep. But Beth was thinking. All night long she was bothered by what her husband had done to her. She hadn’t found the cock sucking so bad, but the ass fucking really got her angry. As a matter of fact, she had discovered that she enjoyed sucking her husband’s penis. Maybe she should have done this years earlier.


Like most marriages, the honeymoon had worn off, and when Wilbur got near her, she froze up. His approach was crude and she wanted romance. He fucked her with his mind on the stock market and she wanted tenderness. He shot his load in a few minutes and she was not even ready, there was no foreplay, just grunting and it was over.

She was close to forty now, and he had given her a son. She brought him up carefully because she didn’t want him running around with slutty women. She named him Kevin. Maybe she should bring him up ‘old school’, because everyone masturbated. Maybe even the Apostles.

She, of course, loved Kevin, and his dick was massive, even bigger than Wilbur’s. She hoped he would care for her as she got older, after she put on a few pounds. But all Kevin saw was his curvy mother, and he sensed the warmth of her body when they sat together watching television. What she prayed for nightly was that Kevin would understand her needs and would give her the care a loving son should give his mother –a good fucking!

She didn’t believe a woman should be chained to a husband until ‘death do you part’. That was bullshit to her and she had a right to her own body and she wanted Kevin to have it. At night, instead of praying to a plaster statue, she fingered herself to orgasm after orgasm, until her clit was limp. It was a matter of time, she told herself. How long could Kevin resist her heavy breasts, her smooth open thighs and the scent of her arousal? How long?

She decided to wear as little as possible when Kevin was home. Not to be too obvious for she often lectured him on abstinence when she found crusted cum on his bed sheets.

“I found more stuff on your sheets today,” she told Kevin almost everyday at the breakfast table. Wilbur didn’t hear her because his hearing aid was on the dresser in the bedroom. He used it only when he went out. But if he noticed his wife, she always wore a tank top with her heavy breasts spilling out the top. She would talk to Kevin, giving him eye candy, and even absent mindedly rub her nipples to keep them hard. By the way she looked at him with heavy lids, you could see she was in heat.

She made his bed, and it was a constant reminder of the caked cum she found every day. When he received photos in his mail from the UK, photos of naked woman posing salaciously with their legs apart displaying thick, dark pussy hair, she destroyed them. She knew he used those photos to jerk off to, and by destroying them, she figured he might be more amenable to giving her more attention.

Beth, on reflecting, was amazed at the transition in her sexual growth. She realized, that as a 18-year old college freshman, she knew next to nothing about what pleasures lay ahead for her. Fondly she thought of Gracie and the good times they had diddling each other clit’s. They never even broached the topic of ass fucking! But since Wilbur had baptized her rose bud, she found ass fucking to be fun. There was no fear of pregnancy and when she found most of her friends at church preferred ass fucking, she was delighted. How many things could she shove up her ass, and still climax with her pussy?

Beth looked up as the bedroom door opened.

“Aww, Kevin, did you cum in your pants again?” she asked. Kevin was 19 years old, but he still blushed when she kidded him about his wanking habits. He didn’t know what to say. Beth delighted in his shyness. Kevin didn’t waste time. He was already getting out of his clothes. She reached for his cock, jacking it as she told Kevin to get out of his clothes, too. Her eyes widened as she spied her son’s huge dangling cock. Even limp it looked big.

“Come here! Let me clean up the mess.”

His mother’s fingers gently massaged his cock. Kevin eased up to the bed. She slid to the edge, lying on her stomach. She pressed her face into his crotch, smelling him. She jacked his cock, looking at the wet cum on the cock-knob. Smiling up at him, she licked the cum off. Then she slid her tongue down the underside of his cockshaft and up to the top. Her mouth opened, and she sucked it in.

He looked down and saw the dildo sticking out of her ass. He grabbed it and began working it. Beth spread her legs, bending her knees to raise her feet in the air. Kevin pumped her ass with the fake prick, sending pleasure through her body. She sucked his cock juicily now, twisting and turning her head. She was making a lot of noise with her slurping. Automatically, her other hand stroked her son’s prick. She squeezed the loose flesh on the cockshaft, milking it up and down. Then she stopped sucking.

Kevin ‘s cock was stiff again. He sat on the pillow. Beth crawled between his legs and lay down, her face nestled in his balls. She began smelling and licking them, holding his cock up and softly stroking it. He grabbed the dildo and eased it out of her ass. He spread her ass cheeks, and her asshole was reddened and wet. He knew he’d have no trouble forcing his cock in.

Beth felt her son’s huge cock knob touching her asshole. She raised her ass, aching for it. The brown hole quivered for his cock. Her brain was heated, her lips and tongue working expertly on Kevin ‘s engorged affair. The boy rubbed her hair, leaning back against the headboard and groaning.

“Damn, Mom! Suck it like that!” There was no more shyness. The pleasure his mother gave him made him grow bolder as the seconds ticked by.

“Ohhhh, shit!”

Beth gobbled his prick, clutching and fondling his balls. Her hands roved up and down his taut body, then back to his balls. When he moved around, she was anticipating, anxious for his cock to enter her asshole. He was teasing her with it! He rubbed the slick knob all around the puckered ridge of her anus. He centered it and pushed slightly. The hole stretched open a bit, then he backed off. He stroked his cockhead in and out of his mother’s asshole repeatedly. She worked her ass back at him, trying to get him to put it in. He laughed, then lay on her back. As he lay on her, he guided his cock into her asshole.

She gasped. “Oh, God! It’s so big! Give it to me! Fuck my ass!”

Kevin groaned, feeling the tight walls of her asshole fitting his cock like a tight rubber glove. He thrust against her until the ring of her slippery rectum wrapped tightly around the thick root of his cock. She pressed back at him as she took his engine deep. She was full now as her rectum had everything but his balls inside it. For a moment, she enjoyed the fullness she felt. She undulated beneath him, squeezing his cock with her powerful sphincter muscles.

His mother moved right with him. She bucked up to meet her son with her hungry hole. She worked with him, grinding against him to try to get his balls inside her ass.

His hands roved in her hair. He caressed the side of her head, tickling her ears and neck. This was better than anything he’d ever imagined. His balls had swollen and he was about to explode. His mother’s warm asscheeks rubbed his cock on each stroke. Her asshole was so tight and deep. The hair around her pucker tickled his shaft. He gripped her ass as he lay on her, spreading her asscheeks to hammer into the brown shithole.

He shook all over, sweat dripping onto his mother’s body. His legs began shaking. His fingers dug into her asscheeks, making the soft flesh turn white under his grip. He stretched them far apart, fucking hard into the soft asshole between them. Then his toes curled up. Tremors rushed through his body.

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