A little bit of fun after gymA little bit of fun after gym


It was just like any normal Thursday – gym day. After a rough workout at the gym, my legs and lower body felt weak and I found it hard to support my self. I just about managed to drag my sweaty body in to the changing rooms, and laid myself down on the bench to rest. After listening to a faint sound, I could make out what sounded like two females moaning and groaning in the showers. I couldn’t help but to move my stiff body closer as the sweet innocent groaning made my pussy slightly wet. I noticed that the shower cubical bahis şirketleri next to them was free, so I quickly removed my tight gym clothing off of my petite sweaty body and stepped in to the cubical. I didn’t want to disrupt their innocent moaning and groaning. I instantly let out a screech as the cold water droplets hit my back and ran down my curvy body. I heard the girls stop and giggle, but it didn’t seem to stop them. As the water began to warm up I began to caress my perky DD breast until my nipples bahis firmaları were rock hard as the water ran down my body. As the moaning and groaning from the other cubical continued, my hands slowly moved down to my shaven pussy as I began to rub my clit in a circular movement until I was wet enough slip two fingers in to my wet juicy pussy. It felt so good. I looked down to watch my fingers go in and out my juicy pussy when I noticed a head poke out from underneath the shower cubical. I felt so embarrassed- I kaçak bahis siteleri never realized I was so loud. I quickly took my finger out and turned to face the opposite direction as I could feel my pale face heating up with embarrassment. I heard a quiet knocking sound gently touch my cubical door, as I peered around the door I noticed a beautiful tanned face biting her well defined red lips. I felt her gently force the door open as she entered my cubical followed by a bigger shaped black female. As the two beautiful girls stood naked in front of me I didn’t quite know what to expect, I had never had any lesbian interactions before, let alone with a black girl. The tanned girl instantly dropped to her knees before me and began to kiss my inner thigh.

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