A Kitten’s Tail Ch. 01A Kitten’s Tail Ch. 01

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Michel was gone. Hearing about losing my sisters was hard, because I loved all of them, but Michel was still the hardest one for me. I do not know why. It is not as if I loved him, at least not really. I guess that after twenty years of having him take care of me, it was more like a piece of my life was gone.

I looked around the terminal seating area, at my sisters who were with me while we waited for the plane. We all looked like we had been through the wringer, but I guess we had a right to. Flying six hundred miles in a plane that had one of its engines blown off right after takeoff, then finding out five of your sisters had been killed just hours later makes for a hard day.

“Air Tahiti Nui flight one oh two, now boarding at gate five. All passengers for Flight one oh two to Los Angeles, please report to gate five.” We all stood up, and I smiled at Ethan as he led us past the row of passengers waiting to board for coach. The attendant was all smiles as she led us to the first class cabin so we could take our seats.

The ticketing agent almost fainted when Dale told her he needed seven first class tickets to Los Angeles, four continuing to Philadelphia, and three from Philadelphia to Bari, before dropping the American Express black card on the counter. I guess they did not get that many passengers traveling first class, and the way the attendant was fawning over us now confirmed it.

We all would have preferred to be on Master’s jet, but his bastard of a brother screwed that up for us when he attacked the island and almost blew Master’s jet out of the sky. I guess I should be happy we are alive, but now we had to fly on a commercial airliner and take twice as long to get there. I almost hoped Master would keep him alive until I got back to the island so I could kick his ass myself, but with that being a year and a half away, I doubted he would survive that long. At least Master would make him suffer for killing my sisters.

Our arrival in Los Angeles was almost boring, as we never even left the terminal. The envious glances from the other travelers as we kissed Katherine and Isabella goodbye were amusing. I saw more than one man have to adjust his pants, but I was not going to see them again for eighteen months, so I was certainly not going to hold back on my goodbye. Thankfully, we only had an hour between flights here, so none of the men worked up enough courage to approach us.

It was much worse in Philadelphia after we said goodbye to Sarah. We had almost four hours to wait for the next flight, and several men approached us. Most of them accepted a polite brush off, but one of them decided he just had to grab my ass. It was not my fault he did not know how to take a fall. At least the security guard saw the whole incident and made sure the police that showed up knew exactly what happened.

The guard was cute, could not have been much more than twenty years old, and we still had about an hour before our flight left. A quick whispered request to Ethan got us an amused look in return. “I am sure Master would allow it, but no further. It is my ass on the line, as I have to tell him about it. Don’t take too long though, as our flight is boarding soon.”

Amanda smiled a predatory grin, “I don’t like him that much, but wanted to say thank you for being a nice guy. We won’t be more than twenty minutes, even if I draw it out.” The security guard watched us as we walked up to him, and we saw him nervously lick his lips. His eyes bugged out when Amanda leaned in and whispered to him. After his quick nod in response, she stepped into the security booth with him, dropped to her knees, pealed her shirt off, and pulled his pants down.

I kept watch as she proceeded to give him what appeared to be the most intense blowjob of his life. I could tell by the tight grip she had around the base of his cock that she was helping him hold back his climax. It was still barely ten minutes before she pulled back and watched as his cum splattered all over her perfect D cups. After cleaning up with some tissues, she put her shirt back on, stood up and kissed him lightly. “Please don’t read more into this than it was. I just wanted to say thank you for helping us deal with the police. I enjoyed doing that, and I can tell that you did as well, but we will probably never see each other again. If you ever come into money, look up Fakahina Island, and maybe you can visit,” she said as she kissed him again and walked away.

I put my arm around her as we walked back to Ethan. “You know the chances of him coming up with the kind of money needed to visit Master’s island are fairly slim?”

“I know Mother, but he was looking at me like he was already in love with me,” she replied. “That is the only reason I said anything more than thank you. I hope he will go home, look it up, and realize it is hopeless so he can get on with his life. He does not even know my name for god’s sake. I don’t want him pining away after that hot woman who gave him isveçbahis a blowjob at work one night.”

“Well from what I have heard you do give a pretty amazing blowjob sweetie,” I teased her. “We should get Ethan and head down to our boarding gate though. If we take our time and grab a snack on the way, we should not have much of a wait.”

Ethan was fine with leaving the lounge after Amanda told him what happened. “Let’s discourage him a bit more,” he said when he noticed the adoring looks the guard with giving Amanda. “Elizabeth, would you mind carrying my briefcase?”

I picked it up, and as we turned to leave, Ethan stepped between Amanda and me. He put his arms around us, casually resting his hands on our asses. We got the idea and snuggled into him as we walked down to the boarding area.

If you ever decide to fly to Italy on a commercial jet, I have one piece of advice, don’t. Even with the best options, you end up with a five-hour layover somewhere. It was not just the time, but also the fact that I have had to wear normal clothes ever since we landed in Tahiti. I swear I am going to strip the second we step inside Alonso’s house.

I look over and can see Amanda fidgeting the same way I am. “Once we leave Rome, it is about an hour to Bari,” Ethan told us as we got off the plane in Rome. “Alonso said he will have a car waiting for us, and it is only half an hour to his house. The car has tinted windows, and his driver is aware of the situation, so you can both change clothes in the car if you wish.”

What I wish is that he would have told us that earlier. I guess he waited until we were both fidgeting for a reason though. Just hearing relief was a bit closer seems to have calmed us both down a bit. At least it is only six more hours to go.

“Finally,” I sighed as we stepped off the plane. “I think I am going to kill myself if Master’s plane is not available to pick us up at the end of the contract.”

“I am sure it will be. Master hates commercial flights more than you do,” Ethan replied as we waited for our bag. “From what I overhead of Dale and Kayla’s conversation, Master is mellow at the moment because he is on painkillers. Once he recovers, I am sure he is going to be looking for a new jet so he has a backup in the future. That is actually one of the things I am doing in Paris this next week. Dale asked me to check out a G-V that is up for sale, in anticipation of Master’s order to buy a new plane.”

I smiled as I saw our bag finally hit the conveyor belt and Ethan grabbed it. As we walked outside, the antique white Rolls Royce limo was easy enough to pick out as our ride. The gentleman standing in front of it was holding a placard with a picture of a lioness on it. He caught the smiles on our faces as we walked up to him.

“Signora Elizabeth, Signorina Amanda, Signor Frame did not do either of you justice when he tried to describe how beautiful the two of you are.” He took our hands and kissed them before leading us back to the car. “My name is Teodoro, and Signor Frame has instructed me to see to your comfort while you are with us. If you have any dietary restrictions I need to inform the chef of, or need anything at all, just let me know.”

“I understand you may wish to slip into something a bit more comfortable after your trip,” He said as he opened the door. “The windows are fully tinted, so no one will be able to see inside, and the house is fairly isolated, so no one will be able to see you when we arrive. Your escort and I will be in the front, so if you raise the divider, you will have complete privacy.”

“Thank you for your concern, but Ethan will have to ride in the back with us until the contracts are signed. He will be a perfect gentleman, so you do not need to worry, and we don’t mind you looking as long as you don’t touch,” I told him. “As for diet, we are basically pescetarian, if you are familiar with the term.”

“No, but I am Italian. Pesce is fish, so I am guessing fish is your only meat source,” he replied with a grin. “Is that all seafood and do we need to pick up nondairy alternative cheeses and milk?”

I leaned in and kissed his cheek as Amanda and Ethan got in the car. “I like you already Teodoro and I can tell we are going to get along splendidly. Yes that is all seafood, and there are no issues with dairy, although it will be different from what we are used to back home. Eggs, and on rare occasions chicken, are fine. We just do not keep enough chickens on the island to use them as a food source regularly.”

“I will let the cooks know on the way home, so they can start preparing dinner,” he says as he helps me in to the car. “I can imagine you are all hungry after the flight, and I know the meal you had on the plane could not have been very satisfying.”

I laugh as he closes the door, and smile when I see that Ethan already has the suitcase open. Amanda had wiggled out of her street clothes before the door even shut, and I quickly followed suit. Teodoro isveçbahis giriş caught a glimpse of naked flesh as he got in the front seat and raised the divider to give us privacy. He was a perfect gentleman himself, and I hoped we would not shock him too much with our regular outfits.

When the car pulled into Alonso’s villa, Ethan opened the door, and then helped me out as Teodoro came around the back of the car to assist. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him stop and stare. I took a moment to admire the house, and let him admire the view, as Ethan helped Amanda out of the car.

She stood next to me and waited a moment for Teodoro to get over his shock as our unconventional dress. The four inch heel on our skin tight, thigh high, lion skin boots pushed us up to six foot even, and the lion skin corsets presented our full D cup breasts perfectly without covering them at all. Amanda turned to talk to me, presenting him with a view of her sexy bubble butt, and the long, graceful lion’s tail peeking out from between her cheeks. With the long golden blond hair, and our deep tans from living in the tropics, we both looked like the tawny lionesses our Master chose to make us.

“I hope you are not offended, but this is what we usually wear at home,” I said, trying to ease him out of his shocked state. “I would like to get inside though. It is a bit colder than we are used to.”

“Dio mio Signora Elizabeth, please forgive me,” he stammered. “Signor Frame warned me that you would be unconventionally dressed, but I was not prepared for such a stunning display. Let’s get you inside; it must be a bit chilly for you out here.”

We could have put our cloaks on, as we had them in the suitcase, but figured it was best to allow Alonso’s staff to get the shock over with as soon as possible. Moreover, Teodoro was cute, and I enjoyed having him admire me. From the way Amanda was preening, I could tell she did not object to his gaze either, and I hoped Alonso would allow us to play with him a bit. I know Alonso would probably be taking Amanda and my pussies daily as he worked to impregnate us, but I would not mind playing with Teodoro in other ways, just like Michel back home.

The thought of Michel reminded me he was no longer with us, and tears sprang to my eyes again. Teodoro saw my tears and tried to apologize, thinking he had offended me. “It was nothing you said my dear man. I found out a good friend of mine had passed away right after we left home, and I was thinking of him again. I will be fine, please, let’s go inside.”

He nodded in understanding and put his hand on my back to lead me inside. ‘Ever the perfect gentleman,’ I thought. I took his hand and slid it down so he was cupping my ass, “I fibbed a bit. I do not mind if you touch, to an extent. We just cannot go further unless Master Alonso gives us permission. Once he signs the contracts, he will be our Master for the duration of our stay here, and we will obey his wishes the same way we would our Master at home.”

He looked a bit shocked again, but recovered and led us into the house where we found Alonso waiting for us in the sitting room. Alonso seemed a bit nervous when we kissed him in greeting, but recovered a bit and asked Teodoro to show us to our room so we could freshen up if needed, then to the dining room so we could eat.

I was pleased he had assigned us a room together, but concerned that we would not be sharing his bed. I would be a good pet and not complain though. Amanda and I made a quick stop at the bathroom and cleaned up before heading down to eat. It seemed like an odd time to be eating dinner for us, as the traveling had us twelve hours off what we were used to. Thankfully, neither of us had slept much on the plane, and we were tired, so it would be easier to adjust to the change.

We sat down and enjoyed a delicious shrimp arrabbiata as Ethan and Alonso went over the final details of the contract. “They will both obey any request you make of them and will treat you exactly as they would Julien. You are their Master, but they will not agree to anything that would cause them to be damaged or permanently marked. You may share them sexually with anyone you wish, as long as the other parties are either using protection, or have a clear test for sexually transmitted diseases. These would not normally be part of the contract, but this is a limited term contract, so we have to add extra protections. Did you have any questions or concerns?”

“They have both been perfectly behaved for me on every visit, so I do not see needing any disciplinary measures. I had no plans to share them unless they request it,” Alonso replied. “My only concern is with that payment clause. It seems odd to delay the payment like that.”

“Julien insisted the payment had to be set up that way,” Ethan told him. “With this being a contract specifically for breeding, he will not accept the payment until one of them delivers a child. The payment will be held in a separate isveçbahis yeni giriş account and released when that is confirmed. Even if you end up having to go with the artificial impregnation of Elizabeth, the payment will go through after she delivers, so there is nothing to worry about. Our Master is just cautious in making sure his part of a contract is fulfilled before collecting payment.”

Alonso nodded and signed the contracts so Ethan could witness and notarize them. As Ethan got ready to leave, Amanda and I got up and gave him a chaste kiss goodbye, earning an amused glance from Alonso. “I know you are more familiar with him than that, and don’t mind if you say goodbye properly.”

We smiled gratefully and thanked him, then gave Ethan kisses that would get a rise out of a dead man before telling him we would see him in eighteen months. Once Ethan was gone, we took Alonso’s hands and asked him to take us to bed. We were both worn out from all the traveling, but more than willing to put off sleep a bit longer.

He led us up to the bedroom and helped us undress, but stopped me when I tried to undress him and sat on the edge of the bed. “I know you are both willing, and I want to, but I can tell you are exhausted. You have been traveling for the better part of two days, and had some very emotional bad news on top of it. I don’t want our first night together to be rushed, and I do need to clarify what I mentioned to Ethan.”

“I know the two of you are used to having multiple lovers, and even with me having sex with both of you every day to try to impregnate you, I do not know if that will be enough,” he told us. “I am not as young as I used to be, and I do not want you feeling unsatisfied. Do you need another lover?”

“We can help take care of each other’s needs. You already know that mother and I make love, so that should not be a surprise,” Amanda said. “With you taking care of our pussies every day we will be satisfied there, but we are accustomed to giving our trainer oral sex at least every other day. I normally would not ask for something like this, but I know you are not used to how we usually live, so I am being a bit forward to help you.”

She took a deep breath before continuing, “We both think Teodoro would be a good stand in for our trainer, and would like permission to play with him for both oral and anal sex if he is interested. I can also see you are very aroused, and even if you do not want to rush, I hope you will at least let one of us give you a quick blowjob before we go to bed. We are used to making sure our Master is sexually satisfied, and we would feel bad if you left without cumming first.”

“I think he is interested, at least from the looks he was giving both of you,” Alonso chuckled. “He will be taking care of any other needs you have during the week, so I don’t see why he cannot take care of those needs as well. I know he has not taken a lover since his wife passed away, so the two of you might be good for him.”

“Thank you for understanding Master,” I said as I reached over and rubbed his cock through his pants. “You will be the only one who gets to touch our pussies though. May I take care of you now? I think this is the longest I have gone without giving a blowjob in the last twenty years.”

Alonso nodded sheepishly at my request, “I did not want this to be one sided.”

I smiled up at him as I slipped to my knees and pulled his cock out. “It won’t be Master. You have to remember that we are willing sex slaves. I get pleasure off any act that gives my Master pleasure. When you cum in my mouth, I know I have satisfied your needs and that is what is important to me. Like with our request to play with Teodoro, if you had said no, we would have accepted it without complaint. You are our Master, so feel free to order us around. Especially is its kinky and will make you want to fuck one of us an extra time,” I said with a wink as I engulfed the head of his cock.

His cock was about average at six inches, but I was used to my Masters cock, so was easily able to slide all the way down without stopping. His deep moan of pleasure was music to my ears, and I grinned around his cock as he lay back on the bed. Amanda crawled up onto the bed and started kissing him as she pulled his hands to her breasts.

I knew I could have him cumming within a couple minutes, but I really do enjoy doing this and wanted him to enjoy it as well. I could see Amanda’s fingers were already busy on her clit, and as I got a tight grip around the base of Alonso’s cock, my other hand went down to take care of my needs. I took slow, deep strokes for a few minutes. Sliding my lips from where my fingers gripped the base of his cock all the way to the tip before running my tongue around the head and sliding back down.

When I felt the head of his cock start throbbing in my throat, I knew he was to close and backed off. Running my tongue up and down the sides of his shaft a few times, I worked my way down to his balls. My pussy was dripping from me playing with my clit, and as I took one of his balls in my mouth, I sank a finger deep inside of myself as well. My moan of pleasure caused him to gasp as the vibrations rolled through his scrotum.

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