A Familiar InternA Familiar Intern


Hello, novice female author here. This story started out with a friend in mind, so I wrote it from his point of view.


She walks across the room as naked as the day she was born and kneels before you. Her arms are placed by her sides with her palms resting flat on her thighs, the curve of her ass resting on the back of her calves. She looks up to you with that familiar smile as she sticks her tongue out waiting. Waiting for you to spill your seed over her pretty face, waiting to drink you in. You’re just about there when you hear, “Uncle Victor? Did you hear me?”

You snap back to the real world and look up to see your niece, Selene, leaning over the table reaching for your cup. “Can I get you a refill on your iced tea?” she repeats in a warm tone. “I’m going up to get another drink and figured I’d grab you one, too,” she smiles sweetly at you.

“Ugh, ye-yeah.. Thank you.” you manage as shame bubbled up inside of you. “That’s your niece you sick bastard,” you think to yourself. Although related by marriage and not by blood, you watched her grow from a snarky teen girl, into a beautiful young lady, into a stunning young woman. This fact that she had just started working for you as an intern had made this a harder change to ignore. Also hard to ignore… the tent currently pressing against the zipper of your pants as you try to get the daydream out of your head while simultaneously watching her dance toward you, saying hi to other friends and family, her hips swaying to the music and her breasts bouncing as she maneuvered through the crowd.

“Here you are, Mr. Samuels,” she teases you like she’s serving you a drink at work, “Extra sweet because I delivered it,” she winks at you and it catches you both off guard. Her eyes dart away and you see her cheeks turn a wonderful shade of pink.

“Is she… flirting with me?” you wonder to yourself. “Even more, did she forget for a moment that I was her uncle?” This thought repeats in your head for what seems like minutes, but could only have been a few seconds. “Thank you,” you smile briefly, but your gaze stays focused on her face intently. She licks her bottom lip, still looking forward avoiding eye contact, trying to act normal, but her eyes dart to yours and she notices you staring at her. Her cheeks burn brighter.

“Well, I’ll see you at work tomorrow. I’m going to go see if mom needs any help cleaning up.” She speaks quickly and darts away, before you can say a word, leaving her full drink behind. You discreetly steal glimpses of her walking away until she’s out of view. “Yeah… I’ll see you.” you mutter to yourself. Catching the lust in your tone. You clear your throat and readjust your posture, taking long sips of your tea attempting to cool yourself down before going to find your wife so that you can head home for the night.

You didn’t get a lot of sleep last night. Your mind kept wandering from your daydream to the sway of her hips, to the accidental wink. So when Selene arrived in a chipper mood acting as if nothing happened, it caused some confusion. “Did I imagine it? Or was it just a wink like you’d wink at your friend? Was she flustered or distracted by something else that caused her to run off. Maybe one of her friends showed up. Probably one of those meat-heads she hangs around with.” You look down to see you hand crinkling one of the documents on your desk.

“You okay, Mr. Samuels?” she asked, her eyes on your clenched fist.

“Huh? Oh, yeah I’m fine.. No worries.” You look up to her and she almost looks like she’s in a daze now. Her eyes are still glued to your hand. She almost looks as if she’s holding her breath. You release the paper and she breathes in time with your release. Her eyes flutter to yours and the same shade of pink kisses her cheeks once more. A slow smirk creeps across your lips as you notice her clenching her thighs together as she bites down on her lower lip. “Are you.. okay?” you say in a low husky tone that draws her eyes to yours in an instant. You lean forward in your chair, “What are you hiding, Ms. Spencer?”

“Nothing, Uncle Victor… what’s got you so tense?” she asks, trying to draw attention away from herself.

“Nothing, don’t change the subject, Ms. Spencer.” you grin. She frowns only for a moment as she walks to your desk next to where you’re sitting and leans back on it, her cheeks sitting right above the edge of the table. She looks down at her shoes and nibbles on her lip. “Seleney Beany, what’s wrong?”

“Ugh, don’t call me that, I’m not a child anymore. It was cute when I was 14, but I’m 19 now. I might now have all of life’s experiences, but I am a woman now…” she pauses and her eyes flick to yours, “I want you to treat me like one.”

“I’m sorry, Selene, it was out of habit, you know I don’t think of you as a child anymore. I know you’re a grown woman.” You rest your hand on hers that’s nearest to you as Bursa Escort it rests on her thigh. Yours covers hers so easily.

She grabs your hand with the other and moves it to her inner thigh. “Show me you think of me as a woman,” her voice was now slow and seductive. Like a switch was flipped and she was no longer that cheerful, bubbly Selene. No, this woman was a vixen. She spread her legs further apart and lifted her hand from yours leaving yours there by its lonesome. You are silent, stoic, even, until you aren’t. Your eyes blaze with temptation as they wash over her body, forming around the swells of her breasts and the valley between them, then back to the soft thighs that so willingly parted for you.

“Selene, what are you doing?” you ask hesitantly, “I’m your uncle, this isn’t right.” You start to move your hand away.

“No, Uncle Victor… I mean, Mr. Samuels. I trust you… I want you to show me what it’s like to be a woman.”

“Jesus Fuck! Does she mean… she can’t be” you assure yourself internally. “Are you… a virgin?” you ask with a sensitive tone showing you are not judging her either way. She nods her head in a small up and down motion. “And no one’s ever… touched you?”

“Only myself… but I so badly want to be touched.” She places her hands on your desk to her sides and leans back just slightly, opening her body to you more. “I want you to touch me.”

Your mind is saying, “Don’t you fucking do it, Victor,” but you body did not get the message as you find your hand inching toward her warm core. “You’re sure?” Your voice hesitates but your hand doesn’t, still inching upward. “We can’t undo this once it’s done,” you warn, almost begging her to stop you.

“Yes, I’m sure,” her voice is so eager it’s almost too lewd for ears. “Touch me… please, Uncle Victor.” Your hand ascents to her mound and your fingers rub over her fabric covered slit. “Mmm” she moans softly. That sound alone could make you cum. The pads of your fingers rub from her clit to where her hole is, pressing the silk panties into her moist lips.

“Those panties are very nice, Selene…” you smirk at her, “Did you plan this?” you ask with sheer perverse curiosity.

“Why, whatever do you mean, dear uncle.” she grins down at you with dark eyes and that’s all it takes for you to drop in front of her on your knees, rocking her back on the desk and lifting her legs on each side of your head. You press your tongue against the panties, already feeling her hard little bead through the damp fabric.

You flick your tongue against it and suck it into your mouth before moving a few inches lower and pressing your tongue in so that the panties cling to her wet, tight cunt. She moans again and bucks her hips against your mouth impatiently. “Please, please…” she begs. You bunch her panties with both hands to make a thin strip of fabric and move it up and down her clit, pressing your tongue against the strand of fabric, letting her feel the overlap of your tongue against her pussy lips. Another needy moan escaped her mouth.

“What do you want your Uncle to do, Selene? What is it that you want?” you taunt her.

She eagerly cries, “I want you to taste my pussy, Uncle Victor. Please eat my pussy, I want it so badly.” she pleads. You waste no more time in sliding her panties out from underneath her ass and sliding them quickly up her legs and onto the floor. Her legs part like petals on a flower seeking the sun and my god does she know how to bloom. You’re back between her thighs in microseconds and your tongue finds her hole like it was destined to be there. Her hot cunt envelopes your eager tongue as it dives in with reckless abandon. It’s definitely too late to turn back now. She unbuttons her blouse and opens it to expose a lacy bra which she eagerly pulls down to set her breasts free, her fingers finding and playing with her nipples. Your right arm wraps around her thigh and your fingertips find her aroused bud, soaked from her need, rubbing it in slow circles as your tongue darts in and out. Her back arches off of the table and although it’s only been maybe a minute, she’s already writhing against your tongue. You feel a hand rest on your head as her hips buck against you. Her other hands pinches and flicks at her nipples back and forth, splitting it’s time evenly between the two perky breasts. Your tongue slides up her soaked pussy to find the hard bead and laps at it like a thirsty dog. You have one goal on your mind. Make her cum. Hard. You rub your fingers around her tight, wet cunt and saturate them in her juices before sliding your middle finger in, gently entering, but once in, sliding the length of it deep inside of her. She sucks in a hard breath, silent for a few moments until you hear a hard exhale. “Uncle Victor, that feels so good,” she purrs. Your finger dips in and out of her several times, “Can I taste you?” she asks shyly, but this might be part of her plan. You don’t care. You stand and walk around to Bursa Escort Bayan the side of your desk, pulling her body toward you, her pussy still in the direction you left it. Your fingers more rapidly to unbutton and unzip, pulling your trousers and your boxers down with them enough to let your aching cock escape the fabric jails it’s been tortured in.

One hand returns to her cunt, two fingers sliding into the tight hole, sliding through the tense walls, the other hand finds the back of her head and you grunt, “Open your mouth, baby.” She does as she’s told and you slide your cock against her lips, she licks at the precum that slicks your tip and the moment you see her register the taste, you see the hunger in her eyes as her head extends forward and she takes your cock into her mouth, eagerly sliding down your length, wanting to know that it feels like to feel a cock stuff her mouth and press against the back of her throat. She gags as it puts pressure there and gasps for air. “Take it easy, you don’t have to impress me,” you say, reassuring her.

“I’ve wanted this for so long, Uncle Victor,” she pants, not realizing she’s given up her game, admitting that the coy act was all a ruse.

You scoff and feign disappointment, “You dirty little slut. Wait ’til I tell your father about this,” you tease.

“Don’t tell my parents, Uncle Victor,” she plays along, “They don’t know what a bad girl I am. They’ll punish me.” she smirks, “How about you punish me instead.”

You groan as you slide your cock into her pretty, warm, wet mouth, holding her head as you fuck her face. “And how do you suppose I do that, Selene?” The lust in her eyes as looks up almost burns a whole through you. You pull your cock out of her mouth and she gasps for a breath. “Breathe through your nose, Selene,” you chastise her and place your cock back into her mouth, fucking it a little rougher this time. You see panic in her eyes for a moment, “through your nose,” you grunt. Her panic turns to calm as her throat eases around your cock and allows you to press a little further in before she gags again. You pull out. “So how should I punish you?”

You smirk and wipe a tear away from her watering eyes.

She exhales heavily as she pleads, “I want you to fuck me so hard I feel it for days.” she moans in anticipation, “Please, Uncle Victor.”

You take your hand from her pussy and slide your fingers into her mouth. “Suck. Clean them and listen,” you demand. “I’m going to bend you over this desk and tear through that tight little cunt of yours. I’m going to fuck you so hard you will forget your own name.” She moans against your fingers. “And then when you feel like you can’t take anymore, I’m going to fuck your other whole.” Her eyes widened. “Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle… at first. You pull your fingers from her mouth and grab one of her breasts sliding your wet fingers over her nipple. “Get up, turn around, and bend over my desk. Now.” She smiles and looks up at you momentarily. She is so excited she’s almost frozen with anticipation. “It wasn’t a request.” You say, urging her to do as she’s told, quickly. She snaps out of her lusty haze and jumps off the desk, swinging around it as she lets her blouse fall from her shoulders, and bending over the desk like you asked, her arms placed shoulder width apart. You slide her skirt down her hips, she steps out of it, and it’s tossed aside. You place a foot in between hers and slide her legs apart, exposing her tight pink ring and that beautiful cunt once again. You grab the clasp of her bra and release it with one hand as the other smacks her supple cheek, making it bounce.

She gasps, “Oh!” The pink skin turns red within seconds.

“Did you like that?” You ask as you rub the rounded, rosy cheek.

“I think I did!” she giggles and confesses. “More than I expected to.”

You grin behind her, “Good.” And leave it at that. You run your warm hands over skin, gliding up her waist and up to her shoulders where you grasp. Your hard cock finds her slit and rubs against it making it nice and wet before you place your tip at her entrance. “You sure you want it rough, Darling?” you press your tip through her entrance to ease the impending discomfort of her virgin pussy, but god damn she’s so wet that even though she’s tight as fuck, you will have no issues sliding in and out of her warm tunnel.

“Yes.” she confirms, “I want it.” a simple answer yes, but a confident one.

Your fingers tense on her shoulders and you press in without hesitation feeling the pressure of her tight walls sink down your cock. Her mouth falls open and slowly an, “Ohhhh!” increases in volume, filling the room.

The initial feeling sends a shiver down your spine and a groan from your lips. “Fuck, Selene!” You feel her ass against your pelvis and you pull her shoulders back toward you, really sinking into that last stretch of cunt. You wait only for a few seconds, not wanting to actually hurt her or make Escort Bursa her upset about her experience, but wanting her to feel the pleasure in controlled pain. You pull back and stop just before your tip emerges. You another moment to let her walls constrict back and when they do you thrust yourself into her deeply, feeling her open around you, the pressure just as tight. She moans loudly, surely feeling a tight pressure inside of her. You pull back and ram into her again, this time connecting so hard that she’s thrusted forward, but your hands pull her shoulders back, now finding a rhythm, as you hold her in place, your hands gripping her tightly as you sink repeatedly inside of her. She cries out, as your balls slap against her clit.

“Fuck, Uncle Victor, ye-heh-hess,” she cries out. Her hands are still planted underneath her and help her rock back against you with each spear of your rock hard cock. You watch as a small amount of red liquid forms near her opening. “Yes, yes, yes. It hurts… so good.”

Her affirming words only make you fuck harder, deeper as your hands scratch down her back and grasp the curve of her waistline. As you pound the ever-loving-daylights out of her she falls silent, but you feel her pussy clenching against your cock and you know it’s coming. It’s building inside of her and she’s trying to stifle it. “Give into it, Selene. Don’t fight that feeling.”

“It feels so weird, Uncle Victor… it’s never felt this intense before.” She rocks her hips back against you as you thrust.

“Cum for me, Selene,” you demand. “Let me feel your soak my cock with your cunt.”

You feel her spasming and moans echoing out one after another until she sucks in a breath and cries out one last, “Ohhhhh god yessss,” before her cunt gushes around you, spraying against your groin and running down her thighs. You keep thrusting, her spasming pussy begging for your release. Your stomach muscles are extremely tense as you let her orgasm ride out and refuse to cum just yet. Her breathing slowly comes back down as you stroke in and out of her. You smack her ass once on the left, then on the right, and back on the left again. The stink shocks her and makes her clench against you as you pull yourself out and she huffs already missing the way you filled her.

“Don’t worry, I’m not done yet,” you said in a teasing, amused voice as you spread her cheeks and let the gathered spit in your mouth fall from your lips onto her tight ring. You guide the head of your cock with your pelvis, rubbing back and forth slowly, letting your spit work its way around.

“Mmm, that feels nice,” she whispers.

“Rub your clit, Selene. Rub it for me. It will make this feel so good.” You press your head against the scrunched skin, feeling the pressure fight against you until you pop your tip through her entrance.

“Oo… oh,” she groans.

“Are you okay? Do you want me to stop?” you freeze in place and wait for her response. You don’t want to fuck this up when you have already come this far. “I can stop, if you need me to.”

“No… no. Don’t stop… just give me a moment.” She rubs her clit, dipping her fingers into her cunt and sliding them back around her sensitive bundle of nerves.

“Absolutely.” You wait for her signal and in the meantime, you spit onto your cock, resting inside of her, keeping yourself slick for when she’s ready.

Only a moment passes before you hear a more confident, “Okay… I’m ready, Uncle Victor.” You can feel her tension has eased although she is still so fucking tight. You slide so agonizingly slow into her snug pocket. She can only take you halfway before she warns, “Oh, okay, okay.” You stop and pull back with caution.

“Want me to press in again?”

“Mmhmm.” she nods in front of you.

You ease in again going no further than you had before and take your time going back and forth. The slow pressure against your cock begs for you and you make your way deeper and deeper a little at a time. You are fine going at her pace and don’t want to push her beyond her comfort, especially when she’s already done so well, so it sends a twitch to your cock when she whispers seductively, “Faster, please.” You pick your pace up in a natural rhythm and your hands grip her waist again releasing her cheeks, allowing them to close around your length as you enter her. She begins rocking herself back against you, your bodies starting to crash against each other, filling the air with the sounds of your sex. Her fingers rub faster at her clit and her moans begin to swell from inside of her. “I’m going to cum…” she calls out.

“Yes, baby, cum for me again. Do you want Uncle Victor to fill you, to release my load inside of you?”

“Yes… yes, please… please fill me, Uncle.” she purrs and pushes back against you.

You feel her ass tighten as her pussy contracts, her need dripping from her cunt. The clenching sends your cock into spasms and your seed shoots deep into her ass as she milks your cock, rocking back and forth against you until you are devoid of any remaining cum. You let your cock slide from her hole and you spill from the gaping tunnel.

You pull her up from the desk and turn her face toward you. “How are you feeling? Are you okay?”

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