A Different SundayA Different Sunday


A lazy Sunday, with not much to do, tired of watching the rerun movies; I decide to head for the mall to do some shopping that I’ve been putting off. As usual the only place to park is the entrance near the ladies underwear. This has to be some vast conspiracy, every time I go to the mall the only place I can find to park. Oh well, it’s always nice to look at the pretty lace.

As I walk through trying not to look to obvious I see her, staring pensively at a matching panty and bra set, black no less. My mind wanders and I wonder what she would look like in it. She lifts her head up and catches me staring and grinning. She looks at me and smiles then walks over to a rack with some teddies on it, quickly she picks up a sheer white on and holds it up against her. I am incredulous, that this is happening to me. She is cute with short dark hair and firm breasts and is looking to me for approval for her lingerie. Almost with mouth agape, I nod and think Oh yes that would look fine on you.

Suddenly she spins away and walks toward the dressing room. My heart is pounding. isveçbahis When a thought comes in to my head, maybe I can see her in it. A childish thought but there’s always hope. I slowly wind my way through the racks until I am near the dressing room entrance. I try to look casual as if I am shopping for something, luckily it’s a slow day at the store and we appear to be the only ones in the area.

As I approach the entrance of the rooms, I glance down the aisle, and notice the door of one stall is slightly open. I can see her in there…trying on the item from the rack. I cannot help to stare, her nipples are large and hard, a small patch of dark hair shows through the shear panties. I watch as she reaches up and squeezes one of her breasts and actually hear her gasp. Her eyes slowly open and as she looks into the mirror she notices me looking. I am petrified with sudden fear that she will start screaming. All I can think of his those guys on COPS, getting put into the back of the police cruiser.

Instead she smiles and raises her hand to beckon me in, stunned isveçbahis giriş I quickly look around and almost against my will walk in. She grabs my hand, pulls me in and quickly shuts the door. One arm wraps around me pulling me into a deep wet kiss, hard and sexy, her tongue forcing itself into my mouth. The other hand reaches down and squeezes my ever hardening cock through the jeans I am wearing. I reach down, and we both fumble with the zipper and I am free. Now it’s pulsing hard in her hand as she strokes it up and down. The precum is oozing from the swollen head. Rubbing her fingers over it she breaks our kiss and brings them to her mouth where she licks them clean.

Suddenly she turns around and pulls down the thin but soaking wet panties of the teddy; she thrust her ass up and leans against the wall, her pussy glistening with wetness. She glances back at me and wordless mouths “Fuck Me”. Only to glad to oblige her request, I take my cock in my hand and push it against her swollen cunt. Her hand reaches back and guides me in. I slide deeper and deeper isveçbahis yeni giriş in her, the warmth and wetness engulfing me. Slowly withdrawing I pause as just the head is in then push back hard and deep, slamming it in. With each thrust into heaven I hear her gasp and feel her squeeze her pussy around me. Her breath is coming faster and faster as I increase my speed our tempo building, as we both feel the cum building. I hear her moan and feel her cunt pulsate with orgasm. I too am ready to fill her pussy with the hot blast of cum from my cock. Suddenly she pulls away with me so close, and turns around dropping to her knees and grabs me, pulling my hips toward her mouth. Stoking my swollen prick with one hand she sucks me into her, her hands move to my ass cheeks and pulls me deep inside her mouth. I pump my hips hard and deep stroking in and out of her mouth until I cannot hold back any more and moaning my cum explodes in her mouth.

As we slowly relax both of us catching our breath, I pull her up to me and kiss her deeply, our tongues dancing together. She smiles at me and with the only words of the encounter, says ” Well that was fun, where should we meet next week?”

Though miles may lie between us, we’re never far apart, for friendship doesn’t count the miles; it’s measured by the heart.

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