A Day At The Spa – Chapter ThreeA Day At The Spa – Chapter Three


Sarah had met with Dave and Julie to work out the details of their master/slave relationship. They discussed limits and set a safe word. Afterward, they spent the afternoon and evening in a gratifying, rather vanilla, threesome.The following morning, a courier delivered a letter to Sarah’s home. The letter was written in exquisite calligraphy on luxurious parchment. It contained instructions.Friday morning, she would be picked up and delivered to a spa where she would spend the day preparing for the fundraising Gala on Friday night. * While at the spa, she was not to speak,  * She was not to orgasm, * She was to follow all instructions from the spa staff.Her preparation would end just in time for her to be delivered to the evening event.The letter ended with one word; OBEY. That was the agreed-upon signal for the start of a scene.Sarah melted. She was standing in her front foyer, with big windows open to the street and where any household member could see. It didn’t matter.Her fingers found their way onto her clit and rubbed. Then, she slipped two fingers into her wet pussy, leaving her thumb to rub her clit. She finger-fucked herself aggressively, hunching over and grunting. Her climax arrived quickly. Weak knees sent her to the floor, where she knelt, trembling and catching her breath.Sarah loved how the couple she had just met was able to get into her mind and satisfy her need to be dominated. It was done with an economy of words and actions, never resorting to physical abuse. It was a refreshing change.Sarah was in a state all week. What would they make her wear? What would they make her do? She knew she was in for a day and night of humiliation and fulfillment.~~~Friday morning, Sarah got up at first light and put on a simple sundress. She didn’t bother with her hair or makeup. Sarah slipped on almanbahis a pair of flat sandals and was ready. While waiting to be picked up, she tried to remain calm by reading, but it wasn’t working. Re-reading the letter was no help. No pickup time was listed.Yoga and meditation only helped for short periods. Sarah nervously paced the front foyer for the hundredth time when, finally, a black sedan pulled up. It was now 10 am.She took several cleansing breaths and assumed a submissive demeanor. A uniformed chauffeur escorted her to the Rolls Royce and settled her in the back.~~~The ride was on back roads through farmland until they entered the woods. The spa was nestled among the trees, half structures, and half nature.~~~The spa staff was professional and efficient but did not engage her. She never saw another guest as her body was scrubbed and her hair shampooed. She was placed in several different tubs of mud and mineral spring water. She was kept naked through it all. Her skin was soft and pink when she left the last tub.Next came a massage. The masseuse was evil. In addition to rubbing each muscle group, she would find an erogenous zone and work it until Sarah was squirming and ready to climax. The masseuse always knew when to move to a new area. She kept Sarah on the edge of orgasm for thirty minutes. It was good the masseuse had such skill. Sarah had orders not to orgasm. Sarah knew she would have disobeyed if her masseuse had rubbed her to climax.Julie rushed into the room, mostly wearing a spa robe. She threw the robe off and flopped into an overstuffed chair, knees spread wide.“Sarah, get over here and lick me clean,” Julie ordered.Sarah overcame her surprise at Julie’s presence and scrambled to obey. With her masseuse’s assistance, Sarah climbed off of the table and knelt between Julie’s knees.Julie’s almanbahis yeni giriş pussy was all red and swollen. It was leaking semen. It seemed that Julie had just been fucked. Sarah put her tongue to work, drawing out globs of sperm. Julie prattled about all the treatments she had enjoyed, ending with her masseur, who was hung like a horse.Sarah was delighted to be once again eating this sweet pussy. Especially when it was filled with cum. It was so slutty. No lady would do this! She was also bringing pleasure to her mistress. She was in heaven. Julie roared through her first orgasm, holding Sarah’s head in place and insisting she kept going.Sarah was noisily slurping up more fluids when Julie had a second orgasm. Then she pushed Sarah away, grabbed her robe, and left with a cheery “See you later.”Sarah’s masseuse was beside her, offering to clean her face with a warm, wet towel. When Sarah was clean, the masseuse lifted her spa scrubs, dropped her panties, and sat in the same chair with knees spread.“Watching that got me all worked up! Come pleasure me now,” she insisted.Of course, Sarah had orders to obey. She had no choice, she told herself. I must be a slut and eat this pussy too. It was only the second pussy Sarah had experienced.While her masseuse was older, her bald pussy looked just as inviting. It was not swollen from fucking, but it was wet with arousal. Sarah eagerly went to work pleasuring her masseuse. She ate the woman through three orgasms before her masseuse stood up satisfied.A new bald pussy slid into place. Of course, Sarah had orders to obey. She had no choice, she told herself. She eagerly began pleasuring this unknown woman.Word must have gotten out because Sarah stayed busy through a dozen women. Each insisted on multiple orgasms. The euphoria Sarah experienced almanbahis giriş being on her knees, servicing all of these strangers, acting like a whore, had her high. When the chair was finally empty, she slid to the floor in a limp puddle.A couple of handsome men in spa scrubs lifted her onto the massage table. Her masseuse covered her with a sheet, kissed her on the cheek, and let her know she had a half-hour to recover. She dimmed the lights and left.~~~It was late afternoon when Sarah was dressed in a robe and led into the dining room. She was met by Julie, who gave her a big hug and led her to a table. Sarah sat demurely, eyes downcast, while Julie bounced in her seat and told of all she had experienced in her first trip to a spa. Sarah had orders. She remained silent.They were served large salads full of exotic ingredients. Sarah ate slowly, enjoying each delightful fork. She had a slight smile watching Julie moan and emote over her salad. After the meal, Julie gave Sarah a deep kiss full of promise and another big hug.~~~Sarah was led off and stripped of her robe. She was placed in a chair, and four attendants went to work on her hands and feet. The manicures and pedicures were thorough, finishing with rubbing in a sweet lotion. The result was perfect French nails on toes and fingers.The four attendants left, and the masseuse from before knelt between Sarah’s legs. The masseuse used her tongue to lick Sarah’s pussy and clit, bringing Sarah close to orgasm. Like before, the masseuse knew when to stop. Then, she led Sarah to a hairdresser.The hairdresser was effeminate with a sculptured body. Very much the stereotypical gay hairdresser. He was also nude. His impressive cock was held erect with brass rings and a naval piercing.He curled Sarah’s hair into long tubes. It took time. He had a habit of randomly pinching either of Sarah’s nipples. Then, the curls were collected at the top of her head and tied in place with a black ribbon. They cascaded down evenly around her head. It was a style Sarah had never seen before.

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