A Chance Encounter To CherishA Chance Encounter To Cherish


It was a beautiful Saturday morning and I was busy making arrangements for some guests from my in-laws side to arrive as they were to come for a wedding to our town. After the guests came, had some tea and refreshment, they asked us also to accompany to the ceremony as it was within the family itself. Myself, my wife and parents got ready and reached the venue.

It was a big marriage palace but the guest count was low. We were from the groom side, but the ladies from the bride side were dressed in ultra modern dresses as per the size of town and the society in which the ceremony was being performed. Some of them were looking out-of-place and the one that was standing out was the one in a red saree with a golden back less blouse. I had seen such ladies on TV or pics as models but never in real life. Even though it was winter but she was bold enough to wear it without any woolens over it and was exposing her sexy back.

Let me describe her to you – her complexion was very fair, she was tall (say 5′ 7″), vital stats may be of the order of 36-26-36 (as per visual estimates), sharp features. She was wearing a red saree with a golden back less blouse and some good quality sun-glasses over her eyes. In short she was just stunning and all the men from say 18 to 80 were looking at her only even though everyone cared that his parents and/or wife do not notice. I am confident that all men must have had a hard time controlling heir erections at such a place and later at home they may have masturbated fantasizing her or imagined her during their next few love making sessions with their spouses. In short you can say that “Venus” was on earth that day. She passed near to me and wow…. She was wearing an expensive French perfume as the fragrance was light but arousing.

Well! After attending the ceremony we too came back home but she was on my mind for the next few days and I was thinking that how lucky her hubby would be to have such a beautiful and sexy wife. I was imagining how their love making sessions would be like as I had secretly stripped her with my eyes even though from a distance. It took me about a week to partially wipe her out of my mind and concentrate on real things.

It was after about 2-3 weeks during a trip to the market with my wife that we met a group of people – the couple (who got married that day), the parents of the guy and that lady. Since a coffee shop was nearby, we invited them all for a cup of coffee. During the conversation on the coffee table it was intimated that the lady and her husband had to go to New Delhi the next day and they could not get a booking in train due to heavy winter holiday rush. Since, I and my wife were also to go to New Delhi the next day we offered to take them along in our car. We fixed up the time and place from where we would pick them up.

Later in the evening, due to some reasons the programme of my wife was cancelled and I had to travel alone. I picked up the couple at the appointed time and we started off. Her hubby was somewhat in contrast to her physical beauty – he was not very tall, a bit dark complexion and somewhat bulky too. After exchanging pleasantries and loading the luggage, we started off. She asked about my wife and I informed that due to some reason my wife’s programme was cancelled (and had hoped that her hubby’s also should have been cancelled). Hardly we had gone 15-20 Km that her hubby’s boss called up and asked him to come back as there was some urgent and important work which only he could handle. He tried his level best to convince his boss that he is on his way and can come tomorrow but all his pleas fell on deaf ears. During this era of recession and lay offs, he was given an option of either report in one hour or never at all. Since the lady had some urgent and important work at New Delhi, she could not postpone her programme. Accordingly, it was decided that we will drop her hubby at the next town and we both will proceed further. Initially she was a bit reluctant to travel alone with a stranger (as all Indian women will) but since there was a strike of bus service and train booking was not available and she had two options – travel alone in a taxi or travel with a partial stranger (me) and obviously she chose the latter.

After dropping her hubby for a trip back home that she had to come on the front seat. Now I noticed that she had one of the smoothest skins I had ever seen. Even though my main concentration was in driving yet I stole some moments to have a peek at her exposed body parts like hands, arms, face etc. and I found that she was much sexier than I had thought. That day too she was wearing a saree – light baby pink but the blouse this time was covering her back as the case with conventional Indian blouses. There was stunning silence as we had nothing to talk as there were no common topics. The destination was still over 200 Km away and my worry was that how will the next 4 hrs pass with such silence. I broke the ice by asking her which radio channel I should tune into. She preferred one with new songs. I asked her bursa escort to do some search and she selected a channel of her choice.

Now it was her turn to start off something. She asked my name, profession etc. and answered similar questions about herself. Her name was Navita and she was in her early 40s. She had 2 kids – 12 year old son and 9 year old daughter. Her voice too was very sweet and a bit sexy. The kids were in a boarding school as her husband was in a frequently transferable job. There was an atmosphere of restraint between us as this was practically our first meeting and that too in a very un-expected scenario. The conversation was now beginning to start off and we discussed our hobbies – luckily we had some in common. She too was fond of Indian movies and songs; we had some common favorite authors – Irving Wallace, Sidney Sheldon, Jackie Collins and our own Shobha De. We discussed some of the common novels that we had read and recommended some of those which the other had missed out.

Three out of the above four novelists Irving Wallace, Jackie Collins and Shobha De are well known for the sexy and erotic stuff that they write to a great extent and partially Sidney Sheldon. Slowly and steadily the discussion moved to Wallace’s “The Celestial Bed”. She was initially a bit reluctant to talk about it with a male stranger but I do not how and why she then discussed it explicitly. The novel is about a sex clinic where the doctor hires some volunteers to teach his clients systematic sex – beginning with a caress of hands to intercourse.

During the course of discussion she commented that the said novel should be gifted to every Indian male on his engagement and he should be made to read it completely during his courtship. I asked her the reason and I was shocked by her response, “Indian men do not know how to enjoy sex. They just strip off, fondle, finger, insert, pump, ejaculate, roll over and snore. Majority of Indian love making sessions are over in less than 10 minutes!”

“How do you know?” was my natural query.

“I am a clinical psychologist and deal with such cases daily,” her voice sounded confident.

“Do you have any statistics?” my inquisitiveness was increasing.

She picked up her lap top from the back seat and opened up a presentation with some statistical figures, “70% of Indian couples do not completely strip off before the act, 85% of Indian males do not care whether their wives experience orgasms and 90% of Indian females are not aware as to what an orgasm is what to talk of experiencing it, 25% of Indian couples have not done the act with the lights on, 45% of Indian couples have never experienced oral sex etc. etc.. .”

I was looking at her with astonishment and was amazed at her flow of statistics. Her tone was sounding as if she herself was amongst the majority of Indian women who were not fully satisfied with their sex lives. She continued, “See Sunny! It is just an irony that the couples in the land of Kamasutra are not satisfied with their own sex lives; A classic case of the age old phrase “Darkness under the lamp.” Talking about sex is a taboo in the society as well amongst the couples.”

Now when the ice was broken, I too felt a bit confident and asked, “If you do not mind, may I pay you a compliment please?”

“Go ahead!” she sounded surprised and unsure as to what I wanted to say.

“You were looking really gorgeous on the day we first met in your red saree and the golden backless blouse,” I do not know how such bold words came out of my mouth. I tried to look the other way but my eyes just met hers.

I sensed that her feeling was mixed – she wanted to punch me for such a remark (any Indian lady will in such a situation) and at the same time wanted to give me a ‘Thank you’ kiss. She blushed and her fair complexioned face turned rosy pink and she was stunned for a few seconds. The horn of the car made her come to her senses and she just said “Thank you!”

By this time, I had reduced the speed to have more time with her. She was still thinking about my compliment and twice opened her mouth to say something but could not muster the courage.

“Do you want to say something,” I made her comfortable.

“Did you………….?” She stopped mid-way.

“Yes!” I replied sensing that she wanted to ask “Did you fantasize about making love to me?”

“What yes?” she sounded somewhat disturbed.

“What did you want to ask,” I said in a naughty tone.

“I wanted to ask you whether you ………. Whether you………….” she could not complete.

“Go on……. Ask” now I was in a commanding tone.

She could not speak a word.

“You wanted to ask whether I fantasized about making love to you” I helped her.

The rosy pink complexion turned a bit red and she looked at me again with a mixed feeling. I sensed that she wanted to both punch me in my nose and give me a long lip kiss. Unable to speak anything she just nodded in affirmation. The next few minutes were spent in complete silence as bursa escort bayan we had nothing to speak on any issue. We were both sorry and excited and could not sense how the other will react whatever we do or say.

Meanwhile, there was a good eating joint and I offered her a cup of coffee to have a short break. She agreed and I stopped. This was incidentally her favorite eating joint too. We ordered a cup of coffee each with vegetable sandwiches. There were hardly any people at that time.

“I am sorry for what I said” I tried to douse the fiery mood.

“No probs. All you Indian men are the same. You must have fantasized about a 10 minute session with me; Strip off, fondle, finger, insert, pump, ejaculate, roll over and snore” she spoke in a subdued tone. “No! I had fantasized about a full night, slow seduction, multiple shot session” I do not know what made me speak all this. I did not care about the ramifications of what I said.

“What the “hell” are you talking about” she blurted.

“Now you call it a “hell”, just give me a chance and I will make you feel as if you are in “heaven” on the seventh sky” my tone was a bit flirty.

Her mood was now turning into some thing which was both exciting and fearful. She wanted to ask me as to what exactly was my fantasy, but before she could ask, the waiter came with our coffee and sandwiches. The next few minutes were spent in snacking and thinking. The conversation now turned on to stock market as a business channel was showing the crash of world markets. We discussed the falling crude oil prices.

After paying the bill, we came out. I opened the door of the car for her and made her sit comfortably in my sedan. She was a bit flattered as this is normally an Indian tradition to open the door for a lady. Within minutes we were again on the highway. The “hell” and “heaven” thing again came to her mind but she was a bit reluctant to start the same topic again.

She mustered some courage and shot a straight query, “How did you plan to fuck me?”

I was baffled at the choice of words and the tone she spoke in.

“Well! Let the fantasy remain a fantasy as it can not come true” was my natural answer.

“Let me see how you are different from other Indian men?” she was now in a commanding tone.

“See going by your own statistics 30% of Indian couples DO completely strip off before the act, 15% of Indian males DO care and ensure that their wives experience orgasms, 75% of Indian couples have DONE the act with the lights on, 55% of Indian couples HAVE experienced oral sex etc. I may not be amongst the majority of the Indian men but I may be in the rare 1-2% who prefer slow seduction, are open to experimentation, care about their partners’ likes and dislikes, indulge in a lot of foreplay and after play, ensure that the partner experiences orgasms etc.” I told her in a polite but firm manner.

She glanced at me and without uttering even a single word conveyed a lot for me to understand. She could not believe her ears and wanted me to give a kinky detail of my fantasy.

“Do you want to know what my fantasy was?” I made her comfortable.

“Yes! Indeed.”

“Will the fantasy ever see the light of the day?” I again sounded flirty.

“Depends on whether I like it or not” now she was also in a mood to try something new.

“How will I know you like it or not? How will I know whether you are telling the truth or not” was my natural query.

“That is your headache. You claim to know a woman well. You can tell whether I like it or not. One thing I can assure you that I will not tell a lie” she was now in a mischievous mood.

I started to think deep and after a couple of minutes I was ready with a proposal, “OK! What we will do is that I will narrate my fantasy slowly. You just sit back with your eyes closed and imagine the things actually happening to you. Once I finish, I will ask you to perform a simple test. In case the test result is positive, the fantasy will be turned into reality. In case the result is negative, the fantasy will remain as such as it will not be having any “moral right” to see the light of the day.”

“How can I be sure that you will perform only the test that you have now in mind and not change it later on?” she posed an immature and childish query which was not expected in such a situation.

I stopped the car, pulled out a slip pad and scribbled something. “Now I have written the test on the paper and you can keep it in the glove box without reading it. We will open it just before the test is performed. Is it OK dear?” I assured her.

“OK!” now she sounded confident.

I started off to narrate the fantasy, “Imagine that you are wearing the same saree as on the wedding ceremony day with the backless blouse. We come near to each other; I give you a warm hug…. Kiss you on the eyelids……then on cheeks…..then nibble the earlobes…… kiss the neck and then finally a long smooch……strip the saree……… caress the arms……..remove the blouse escort bursa and play with boobs with the bra still on …….. remove the petticoat……… caress the legs…… strip my clothes one by one…… (details of foreplay)…….. (details of the act)……. (details of helping her to recoup during after play)……. .”

By the time I finished off narrating my first shot, I noticed that she was rubbing her boobs with one hand and caressing her pussy from outside the folds of her saree with the other along with biting her lip. Her concentration was disturbed as I had to blow the horn. She reacted as if she was caught napping.

“So ………is it……….. is it finished?” she struggled with her words.


“Did you…………” I stopped in-between.

“Perform the test!” she sounded naughty.

“Take out the note pad from the glove box and be honest please” I instructed her.

She took out the note pad from the glove box and as she read it, her face again became red. She had a mixed feeling about the innovativeness as well as the crudeness of the test. The test to be performed was – “Is the panty wet and the nipples erect?” She looked at me and before she could say something, I started off, “Be honest dear! You had promised.”

She could not say anything but gave an affirmative nod.

“So when is my fantasy going to see the light of the day?” I shot a straight question.

“Let us see when the opportunity is there!” she tried to evade.

“Why not tonight?” I was getting excited.

“Actually my mother-in-law stays with us. How can we ………… tonight?” she expressed her helplessness.

“This is your headache!” now I was getting a bit impatient.

Just then her cell phone rang. After a few seconds of conversation, she was again excited as well as gloomy.

“What happened?” I tried to comfort her.

“My mother-in-law is going to meet her spiritual guru tonight with a group of followers” she told with a bit of excitement.

“So! Tonight is the Night” my excitement was on cloud nine.

Once again she could not say anything but gave an affirmative nod but this time it was full of excitement and maybe she was now fantasying.

I called up the Guest House to cancel my booking as I was to be staying at her place for the night. Her place was near to the airport to enable me to catch the flight in time. I instructed the care taker of the Guest House to send a driver to drop me to the airport and park the vehicle in the Guest House during the time I was off on business tour.

During the rest of the journey, the topic of our discussion was nothing but sex. We shared our experiences with our spouses and the adventures we had before and outside marriage in graphic details. She had been married for the last 15 years but the level of satisfaction on a scale of 10 was somewhere around 5.5 whereas I had been married for only a couple of years and my level of satisfaction on the same scale was close to 9.5. She was surprised at my limited experience and wanted to something more but I told her to wait till the night and where I can actually display my skills.

We reached her flat by evening tea time and she ordered some snacks from the nearby eating joint. After having the snacks did we decided to get into the mood and start off with some activities. “Let me have a bath first – to freshen up and to relieve the fatigue from travelling”, she proposed.

“Why can’t we have it together” I proposed in a naughty tone.

“Well! That will brutally kill the excitement of slow stripping. We will have a bath together later during the night or in the morning. Let me have a bath first and then I will change into the favorite saree of yours with that golden back less blouse. Actually I have to do some hair removing jobs also which are due for some days. Let me “invest” a few extra minutes to make my body presentable to you to make the night more remember able” she was also getting into the mood.

“Ok! Go ahead. I am also going to the market to get some small things for the night. May I get some condoms too?” I had nothing else to kill time.

“No dear! These are my “safe” days. Do not worry on this front. You can shoot your loads of cum anywhere on my body or in my pussy” she replied back while entering the bathroom.

I went to the nearby market and purchased some small things that were to be used during foreplay. Meanwhile I also took a bath and shaved off the under arms and the hair around my cock with my electric shaver. My cock was dying to have a shot but I somehow asked it to be patient.

It was after about an hour that she invited me into the room, there she was in the same outfit that she was wearing that day when I first saw her. She was also wearing the same perfume. To make the mood romantic, she had also put on some light music. The room had also been neatly made up.

We sat on the bed and I took her hand in mine and caressed it. Her skin was the softest ever that I have encountered. It was pleasure caressing her hand and then I moved up to her arms. I slowly caressed her arms with the back of my hand with a very soft and gentle touch one by one and could sense her feeling of pleasure that she had never experienced before.

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