Young Marine in Japan Ch. 01Young Marine in Japan Ch. 01


Japan — Land of Matures Ch. One

My name is Claude and I was a twenty-year old U.S. Marine stationed in Japan. This is a story about my time there.

I grew up in rural New York. The Upstate region was very pristine to look at but there was not a lot to do in high school except athletics. As I got to reach eighteen, a high-speed Internet connection was made available to our part of the state. I played some video games online with other kids and enjoyed that. Once when I thought that my Internet speed was lagging, I was told by a techie friend that if I looked at Japanese Adult Video online, that it would tell me how fast my Internet was or if it was buffering, such as how slow it was.

It was hard to say if my friend was pulling my leg, but I started to watch the JAV videos and was surprised that I began to enjoy what I was seeing. I was particularly drawn to some of the older women actresses. They really stood out for their well-shaped bodies, and I watched everything that they appeared in these videos. This was around 2010.

Fast forward to my high school graduation. My interest in Japan had expanded and I began to seek out ways that I might travel to that foreign country. The military service was one option and a U.S.M.C. recruiter helped me to get the duty station there after my basic training ended.

I was then living in Japan and was starting to pick up the Japanese language. By then the JAV film stars that I grew up watching were mostly retired. The younger actresses now popular were very beautiful but I still remained beholden to the “MILF” theme movies and scenes.

Through a friend that I met in a Tokyo Plinko Parlor late one weekend, I came to learn that the retired JAV actresses still worked locally, sometimes as dancers. I told him that I had hoped to meet some of them in person some day before I left Japan. Months later, I saw an advertisement that announced one of my favorite retired JAV stars would be appearing at a tea room in a neighboring prefecture. There was some contact information for the establishment and I reached out. I was told that personal appearance appointments were being taken and I could get on the waiting list. Sending in my information to the contact, I kept my fingers crossed that I might make a connection as a true fanboy.

Around this time, my family contacted me and informed me that Çeşme Escort my Aunt would be in Japan and wanted to see me before she left. She was travelling with a high school friend and the friend was taking a side trip for some of the time in Japan.

My Aunt Candy was in her late-40s. Her husband had been older than her and had an accident at home and had passed away, leaving her with an inheritance and time on her hands to spend it. I had helped her with lawn work while growing up and we were fairly close. She was my mother’s older sister.

After getting the details and dates of the trip itinerary, I penciled in the days that I would take R&R personal leave to show her around. This kind of locked me into taking these days off as my duty shifts had to be covered by replacements.

Then out of the blue I was contacted by agency representatives of the retired JAV star who said that she looked forward to meeting me when she was making her personal appearances. The available date for me was during the time that my Aunt would be in town.

My Aunt contacted me when she got to the airport and I picked her up. She had gotten a suite of rooms at a nice hotel in Tokyo and invited me to stay with her to save me the expense of staying off-base during my personal leave.

I carried her bags to the room and she complimented me on how fit that I was to do that. My Aunt had always had a nice figure to go along with her jet black hair. I had heard that we had some Native American blood in our heritage and my Aunt was the family member that most looked to have received that DNA. She was about 5 foot 5 inches tall. She had gained some weight over the years. Where once she had been a 34B cup, she now looked to be a 36C in her bra size, but she wore the weight well. She was not a flashy dresser, and preferred casual business attire even in her time at home. Her lower body was firm but wide in her hips and behind. There was wholesomeness in her physical being.

As I was sitting with her in the hotel suite later that night talking about some of the places that I wanted to take her to, she decided to change out of her travel clothing. She went into the bathroom and a while later came out wearing a nightgown and bathrobe. I am not sure if the clothing was some older things that she was trying to get more wear out of but the clothes kind of Çeşme Escort Bayan hugged her body, especially her bust.

I realized that although the retired JAV actress that I was looking forward to meeting was older than my Aunt, they shared some similar body type measurements. My Aunt was drinking some white wine at this point and relaxing while we continued our conversation. I was kind of lost in my thoughts when I realized that my Aunt was no longer speaking. She had a faraway look on her face and she seemed a thousand miles away right then.

I asked my Aunt if anything was wrong. She took another swallow of wine and admitted that she had been lonely since my late uncle had died. She felt remarrying was unlikely for her but did not know what other options existed for a middle-aged widow. I told that she looked great and that anyone that she wanted to be with would be a lucky man indeed.

Although Aunt Candy had always maintained her composure in my presence she smiled at me while a tear rolled down her cheek. I did not make light of my having seen that tear but she silently stood up and came over to where I was sitting and took me in her arms in a long hug. I could feel her ample breasts pushing up against me as she did so.

When she slowly broke the embrace, she said that she felt tired and suggested that we turn in for the night as we had a long day ahead of us. I agreed that was a good plan. We each had our own room with a queen-sized bed in it. I stood up and walked to the room that I would stay in and opened the door. Looking back at my aunt I saw her staring at me as I moved. I smiled at her and she smiled back at me.

We got up the next morning and began our sight-seeing. At lunch I told my Aunt that I had an opportunity to meet a film actress that I admired in the neighboring Japanese prefecture, but I did not want to interrupt my Aunt’s vacation if it was going to be a problem. My Aunt was pleased to hear that I had this opportunity and she insisted that I make use of my appointment and that she would come with me if I did not mind. We set up an appointment to stay at a hot springs spa in the prefecture to save on more travel time back to Tokyo.

The next day, we took a train to the next prefecture. The weather was rainy and accompanied by some wind. My Aunt had on a skirt with a button-up blouse Escort Çeşme ensemble. She was looking quite good in the outfit.

While walking on some bamboo bridges to the hot springs resort area, the wind kind of kicked up and my Aunt’s skirt blew up. Although she instantly put her hand down to hold the fabric in place, two young Japanese men walking by got an eyeful as they passed. These men laughed openly. My Aunt’s face was reddened by the moment but she composed herself and we continued to the main entrance.

The hot spring spas in Japan are generally a niche level of accommodation. Everything looks like it has been carved out of a bamboo forest as the natural hot springs are surrounded by fencing, gates and copious foliage to ensure the maximum level of privacy. The spa era in Japan was initially reserved for royalty and attracted wealthy Europeans. As the resorts aged, the vacation properties changed hands and a lower level of service became the norm.

We checked into the resort and were given a map to where our adjoining rooms were located. The desk clerk gave me a wink as I signed my registration card but I ignored the overture or acknowledgment. My Aunt seemed pleased by the wide array of hot and cold vending machines in the lobby. A series of chairs ringed the lobby area. Some men sat in a corner reading Tokyo newspapers and drinking from a pot of tea. Otherwise the resort seemed very empty or possibly between bookings.

Pulling on the door of the room’s main entrance, the sun filled the space and lit the room divider opaque rice paper walls which gave off a unique ambiance of dulled embers. Bedrolls were on the floor, a rice cooker machine was on a corner table, and a small temple shrine was against the far wall.

My aunt leaned over to set down her bags. Her top opened up at the top and I see down the entire front of her blouse. Her bra must have been a little loose also since I could see a pair of full shaped breasts hanging with gravity and with a good portion of the top of each of her breasts to be unrestrained. With a little more light I could have possibly seen the top of her nipples, but she turned at that moment while I continued to stand there.

She looked back at me and kind of giggled. She asked me what I was doing. I looked pretty inept with bags at my feet and a rising boner in my trousers that seemed to have a mind of its own. Another night with a favorite chosen mature aunt now in a place that reeked of traditional Japanese eroticism and thoughts of what might come to be amidst lush gardens and rainy forest, in a land far away.

xxxxx (End of Chapter One)

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