Working the Pole Pt. 14Working the Pole Pt. 14


Included kinks:

Futanari, futa x female, anal, auto-fellatio, implied growth, size praise, measurements, size obsession, masturbation

All characters are entirely fictional and all above the age of 18!


“I honestly got no idea how she does it,” Gina said, her emerald eyes glued to the sweaty bodies before her.

“You know, in a way it is probably an artform,” Akari joined in and moaned as the two kept mindlessly rubbing each other while enjoying the spectacle.

It was indeed a literal piece of art before April and the woman who that glorious ass belonged to deserving of all the praise. April was thrusting at full strength and shuck all over each time she pushed her entire shaft into Lizzy to the hilt. How she managed to take well over two feet of such girth up her ass was beyond April’s comprehension, but that was the sort of miracle she was more than thankful for.

Lizzy’s moaning was reduced to a constant whimper when all the strength she could muster was spent on keeping her amazing booty lifted up to the woman fucking her brains out. She had no idea how much April adored the moment. The day she would outgrow Lizzy’s ass would truly be a tragedy, but that day might become a sad reality very soon. For now, she was just happy that she might have found the only girl crazy enough to take up such a challenge… and look this spectacular while being ruined for any other cock.

“Fuuuckkk”, April moaned as her balls started to feel heavenly full again and her cock was pulsing against the tightening walls caressing it from all sides.

She wanted to savour the moment a bit longer and judging by the way Lizzy arched her back even further she was not the only one enjoying herself. A loud smack accompanied April’s husky thrusting and another red imprint was left on the mighty cheeks wobbling before her. That fat bubble butt was simply poetry in motion and deserving of getting fucked every single day! A part of her wanted to lean forward and kiss Lizzy’s proudest asset but Gina made it clear that while she didn’t mind seeing one of her close friends being destroyed by her girlfriend’s giant cock, kissing was a big No-Go.

If anything, she and Akari seemed happy to see Lizzy take on the futa’s urges to the point of being reduced to becoming a shivering, thoroughly ploughed mess. They would usually take on April once she was a few loads in and much less prone to fuck each of them for hours before she had taken care of her heat for good. The seven feet futa was more than fine with that unspoken arrangement and so was Lizzy, who felt the gigantic shaft inside her flex for the glorious crescendo she worked so hard for. She threw her head back, her sweaty hair offered to the woman fucking her into heaven and beyond and found the last remnants of her voice to moan as loud and rewarding as she possibly could. April simply loved the way Lizzy’s mind worked and accepted that offer with one sturdy pull of the blonde’s hair.

“PLEASE!” Lizzy screamed out and came once more all over the already ruined guestroom bed. Luckily Gina had plenty of those to spare.

That poor thing earned that final load, although April promised herself not to waste any more of her cum and use it in the way it was intended. To fuel her growth even further. But Lizzy earned that load. She missed out on the first two and looked like a kid who got her favourite toy broken right before her eyes each time April finished herself off until she felt like bursting.

“I… am cumming! And you… are gonna take it!”


Lizzy’s ass went into overdrive and her wide hips met April’s halfway every time the futa pulled back by just a few inches. She knew exactly how to push April’s buttons and earned another slap as a reward for that.

“God damn! That… fucking… fat… ass… OH FUCK! YES!”

April rammed her entire mast into Lizzy and locked her into place with her hands tightly taking hold of the juicy cheeks she wished she could clap all day. Hell, if she spent her entire life just fucking Lizzy it would have been a life well-spent!

Her output was much reduced from her first two eruptions though. No wonder, considering she came half a dozen times that day just in preparation for tomorrow. So, that was here limit. Seven loads? Now that she thought of it, she was convinced she could go for more, but that might change very soon.

Lizzy’s raucous voice greeted every pulse of April’s juice with joy, until she collapsed forward again and buried her face in the damp cushion right before the impressed eyes of Gina and Akari. Their fingers seized their steady pleasuring when the Japanese leaned forward and caressed Lizzy’s face with all the care she deserved.

“You think you are done for now, April?” Gina asked when her girlfriend stopped shaking in the aftermath of her climax.

“Yeah… my balls… are drained. For now,” she replied with a grin and pulled out from Lizzy.

Her Batıkent Escort cock felt almost out of place in its current state. Lazily dangling in front of her, quickly shrinking down to its smallest 15 inches, stranded in the harsh cold of the world beyond Lizzy’s ass? Yeah, April agreed it deserved to be buried all the way in some willing body every hour of the day. And it would probably yearn even more for such treatment the bigger it got — not that she minded at all.

“They better are. I think you broke her for good this time,” Akari grinned and kept petting the panting blonde before her. “It’s alright, Lizzy. Take your time.”

“I am not … this easily … broken,” Lizzy muttered and rolled to the side, her eyes searching April’s. “That… was… great.”

“It was fucking amazing. You were amazing,” April grinned and stroke over the meaty thighs she began to appreciate so much.

“So… I think I will take over from here,” Gina said and got onto her knees and revealed that Akari’s fingers as well as the show were very much to her liking. Her juices were still dripping along her petite legs and her nipples were still quite engorged.

“What have you got planned?” April asked with a perched eyebrow and felt unsure if she would say ‘No’ to any offer that included taking care of that gorgeous redhead. Tongue, cock or otherwise.

“A bath. I feel like we are both in need of one,” she said and smiled like the angel she was.

She was not wrong though. The dried cum from her previous outings was still stuck between her hefty tits and lingered on her lips.

“Maybe you are right. How about these two here?” April giggled. “We can’t just leave them here.”

Akari shot a quick glance to Gina and smirked knowingly and with a loving gaze.

“It okay, April. We will be fine. I am taking care of her,” the Japanese said and kissed Lizzy on her forehead, probably the only place not trounced in cum. “You two take some time for yourself and I will make sure this one here gets home.”

Lizzy only answered with a deep growl but gave a thumps-up when April almost started to feel bad for going all out on her… three times.

“Alright then. See ya.”

“See ya. Can’t wait what you say about tomorrow,” Akari said.

“Me neither.”

Gina took April by the hand and despite being more than a head shorter dictated the tempo towards the bathroom. They came across Romina, who could not look any more flustered in her maid outfit, even if this was far from being the first time, she caught a glimpse of April’s figure. Still, the sight of an ever-growing futa left a visible impact on her. She would masturbate to that sight no doubt, almost a shame April could not offer her the image of her being fully hard and throbbing as well.

“Don’t get any ideas,” Gina said with a wink.

“Me? I would never.” April’s feigned innocence made herself almost giggle, still her now even thicker booty swayed a bit more enticingly knowing Romina was gazing after them.

Gina brought them to the first floor, with a pool that was just cosy enough for two instead of offering space for two dozen. The water was simply the perfect temperature to treat the fatigue of a day of non-stop fucking and fapping. The petite redhead’s hands scrubbed over April’s plentiful curves and freed her from the sticky stains she covered herself with.

“You are getting messier by the day,” Gina said and grinned at the giant brunette.

“Maybe you are just getting better at milking me dry.”

Gina laughed into the giant rack before her while April casually leaned over the edge of the pool, her slightly more toned arms extended on both sides to offer an even better view.

“That’s hardly just my own accomplishment,” Gina said and grinned warmly when April reached out to her soft lips. “But I love you appreciate it.”

“More than you think,” April whispered softly and knew when she had to kiss Gina.

If anyone would have told her that Gina would be okay with any of this madness, she would have laughed them in the face. While April knew her for their entire childhood, it never occurred to her that her best friend would be this outgoing in sharing her girlfriend with Akari and Lizzy… and others if need be. But she would never share her responsibilities as a girlfriend and April knew she earned her heart at least for that.

“Are you ready for tomorrow?” Gina asked, prompting April to lean back and stare at the ceiling as she thought of an answer.

“I don’t know. It will be weird, but what isn’t at the moment? I am just glad Principal Johnson is a friend of my mom.”

“It certainly helps in getting two or three days off when you need it.”

April was released from school for two days straight. Not because due to misconduct or her … increasingly … distracting appearance, but because the institute had to brace itself for the growing pains of its biggest student. Her new uniform was delivered to her today, as well as the results of her assignments Gina Beşevler Escort handed in in her absence. It was clear that her teachers were now informed by the Principal about April’s projection … wherever she might end up at. It almost pained her to tell to the secretary that she might require new clothes every week … probably even sooner given her current rate.

“Yeah… she is awesome. Ever since I was small,” she said and noticed the mocking grimace silently answering her. “Well, ‘smaller’ doesn’t really narrow it down anymore, doesn’t it?”

Gina shook her head and continued rubbing every bit of April’s body she could get her small hands on. She stood at her toes and looked still tiny compared to the curvy woman chilling before her.

“Speaking of which… how much have you since yesterday? Your doc said its important to keep track of your progress.”

April’s cheeks grew to a devilish smirk. She knew exactly how much Gina was drawn to her size… and more importantly the fact that it was steadily increasing. The first time April snapped her strained bra right before her emerald eyes something must have awoken inside Gina. And April was more than willing to sate that new kink of hers.

“And being the model patient I am, I of course measured anything that needs to be measured,” she said in an almost obnoxiously fake posh accent.

She let anticipation build for a bit and saw the cogs inside Gina’s head turning, the excitement of hers written all over her beautiful face.

“I am now seven feet. Two inches in 24 hours,” she said triumphantly and loved seeing her girlfriend’s eyes widen in shock.

“Two inches?! That’s … insane! And… your cock?”

“14 inches flaccid. But you want to hear about how big it is when it’s REALLY big and hard, right?” Gina’s red hair danced like a bobblehead without requiring any words. “I am about 23 inches before my surge. 27 inches after, with girth to boot. That’s why Lizzy was this loud today. Lucky gal.”

Gina looked like she came on the spot and bit her lips when she groped the giant boobs before harder. April’s idle member took a liking to her reaction and now started to awaken once again.

“And your big, soft boobs? Have you measured them by any chance?” Gina asked with the slyness of a fox and welcomed the hardening shaft growing between her petite legs.

April’s hands joined Gina’s on their quest to cover the now proud set of L-Cups and leaned in once more when she felt her now rapidly expanding shaft settle between her girlfriend’s thighs and grow past her ass.

“I might have, but how about I show you what they can do and then you can measure them yourself. How does that sound?”

Gina couldn’t agree more.


April’s early morning routine turned out to be quite time consuming, but she had prepared for it. Mostly. Ever since getting up way before she usually did and after take care of her raging morning wood the first time in the shower the thought of how her schoolmates welcomed her now that she was officially branded as a futa.

Her imagination ranged far and between, from being greeted with dozens of horny students begging her to breed them or being seen as circus attraction that should better be watched from a safe distance. It’s been a while since she had this sort of thoughts. After using the milking machine, she brought over from Gina’s place for a good 30 minutes she swallowed such questions with her more than hearty breakfast. Irina and her friends had proven to her that there was nothing to worry about and to be totally honest not much had changed in the last few days either. Most people on the campus had already picked up on April’s ongoing development and if Sylvie’s words were proven correct, literally everybody was already aware about the futa in their midst, long before Principal Johnson’s announcement. Another quick wank followed after her daily measurement and after the assurance her body kept on delivering. Another inch over night and more likely she would add another during the day … or probably even more.

The new uniform now reached well below her knees and it proved necessary to say the least. The flaccid cock strapped to her thigh would have peaked out from under the old skirt she used to wear just a few weeks earlier. Not only her most insatiable endowment brought the new uniform to its limits though. While her vest and shirt felt quite comfortable the day before, today the felt awfully tight already… and that already at the start of the day. She wore one of Christine’s ridiculously huge and still snug bras underneath, well knowing she might have to rely on it to make it through the day without going topless. At least she had reassurances from the principal herself that she could leave immediately if such a ‘crises’ arose. If she wanted to leave of course.

April avoided most of the morning traffic and parked her Jeep at the her newly assigned lot right before the Campus. She leaned into the steering wheel and looked at the masses Beypazarı Escort of young women cramming into the institute. Every single one of them would be greeted with the sight of the biggest woman they ever saw in their life, just to be surprised the next day that this was merely an appetizer. She didn’t have to wait long until her phone vibrated and announced her friends’ arrival.

Minutes later Akari and Isabella would knock at her window and the day could begin for good. It’s been only a few days, but it felt like April had returned after a year-long hiatus. This might not be entirely true, but she had never been aware about the entire hallway gawking after her. Obviously, Sylvie wasn’t alone with her opinion. As the three walked towards their first class together the entire hallway seemed to hold its breath when they passed.

“Just ignore them,” Isabella muttered and shot fiery eyes at anyone who openly stared at April top to bottom.

Interestingly enough, April didn’t mind the stares anymore. The prospect of being the centre of attention, despite standing next to Isabella and Akari, turned out to be quite intriguing. Also, knowing that every gaze resting on her well-endowed figure might be one of the same, barely veiled lust that Sylvie spoke about, was just … exhilarating. The futa never paid more attention at the world around her and barely noticed Akari’s and Isabella’s words of encouragement until they stopped in their tracks.

“What’s wrong?” April asked and noticed how everyone stood a few feet apart from her.

She had walked right onto the blue wings that promised detention. Two corridor supervisors were already waiting for their chance to pounce on anyone unfortunate enough to ‘dishonour’ the school mascot. Unlike last time, April had not simply walked into the forbidden ring, but stood right on top of the mascot’s head. But again, she went scot free without even a lecture either of the supervisors had usually plenty of time for. That was interesting.

“Guess not only the teachers received clear instructions to take a blind eye,” she thought and grinned at the two, earning just a nervous nod.

That was certainly very interesting. Isabella headed straight for class, because of the homework she still had to finish in the few minutes that were left. She probably fucked Joaquin the entire night again… and still didn’t look nearly as satisfied as Akari or Lizzy.

“There is nothing more boring than economics in the morning,” Akari complained and grabbed some neglected books from her locker. “You could have stayed at home another day just to skip that snore fest.”

“I knew a few things that would be certainly more interesting either,” April said automatically and prompted Akari’s eyes to lighten up.

“Like what?”

April was well-aware the two stood in middle of the corridor when the hallways were the busiest, but that didn’t stop her — quite the opposite.

“Well, how about fucking someone with my monster of a cock? I wouldn’t mind that,” April said and noticed a few girls picking up on her words and looking at each other and her with wide eyes and sharpened ears.

Akari’s blush was cute enough to make April’s member twitch against the straps that held the beast at bay. The Japanese chuckled nervously and leaned in to a whisper.

“Hey, April. I am the last one to talk you out of using that lovely tool of yours, but do you think that’s a good topic to debate here?”

The brunette futa barely held back a smile when she heard such embarrassed words from someone like Akari, who had no qualms showing off what she and Lizzy were all about.

“Why so shy all of a sudden?” April teased. “Literally everyone here knows that I am growing not just in height.”

“Yeah, but think about Principal Johnson and what she does when you tell everyone how much inches you push into Lizzy’s poor ass. Explicitly that.”

The mental image of Lizzy’s round and firm cheeks wiggling after each of her horny slaps made April’s nipples almost rise to the occasion, with the rest of her if she thought about it a bit longer.

“Alright, alright. I will let everyone come to their own conclusion,” April sighed and stowed Lizzy’s booty into the back drawers of her mind. “Not that they have any room to think about anything else soon.”

“Trust me, they know,” Akari said and slammed her locker shut to further make her point. “But only few have the privilege to see it happen up close and personal, April.”

“For now,” April thought and followed her friend into the classroom.

The entire room fell silent when the futa walked in and when everyone was reminded how much she had surpassed anyone. Her head was level with the whiteboard and all the girls staring back at her looked like dwarfs in their seats. She tried her hardest not to look flustered and greeted the few that addressed her in equally high-pitched almost shy voices. Instead of making her feel like an Alien, April felt like she was some sort of celebrity for a brief moment, until she was brought back to reality.

Her own seat in the last row had been replaced. Of course, it has, otherwise she and her newly grown curves would have put an end to the old thing, but she did not expect the new model that awaited her. Adjustable heights a twice as thick and twice as broad board and everything made out of polished iron not just boring wood.

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